Planet of the Third Ray

Esoteric ruler of Sagittarius

Earth Positions

First, if you’re wondering, the Earth is placed directly opposite the Sun in your chart— in the exact degree and minute of the opposite sign and house. Thus for every aspect the Sun makes, the Earth makes a corresponding and complementary aspect. (E.g., If the Sun trines Uranus, the Earth sextiles it.) Very little attention has been paid to the astrological implication of the Earth in the natal horoscope. Yet in the words of Alice Bailey author of Esoteric Astrology…

“There is one aspect of energy for which the modern astrologer makes very little allowance, and yet it is of paramount importance. This is the energy which emanates from or radiates from the Earth itself…astrologers have always emphasised the incoming influences and energies as they beat upon and play through our little planet, but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces which are the contribution of our Earth…to the larger whole”

As the Earth is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, and the latter points the way to the Mountain top of Initiation with his bow and arrow, the Earth in the natal chart represents the physical location of a person’s Path. The house position in the natal chart will reveal this location. The meaning of that house position by traditional definitions, will show where the Pathwalker must ~tread the ways of men~ The one who is walking upon the Fixed Cross, the Earth’s position indicates where service to humanity takes place. The esoteric meaning of the house will point to the inner journey that is taken simultaneously.

This balance between the inner and outer journeys – between the envisioned goal and the actual field of service that we have to create in our physical reality. We must be able to function with equal ability through both the inner, mental life and the outer, physical one. This is inherent in the fourth ray quality of Sagittarius (and Mercury) and is part of the basic constitution of the Fourth kingdom. The polarisation and the eventual synthesis of the animal nature and the Presence of the Soul, the battle and the fusion, takes place on the Earth.

The position of our planet in the natal chart thus reveals two things; the area of One’s life where Active Intelligence anchors into the form of our daily existence; and the place where the work of the present incarnation has to be expressed, via our physical presence and influence on others.

As the Sun in the esoteric chart indicates the ~creative equipment~ a person brings into the present lifetime, the Earth, 180 degrees opposite, reveals where that equipment ~lands~ for its proper use. This indicates the nature of an individual’s personal life experience as a Soul contributing to the whole of Humankind. As Saturn is the other planet of the Third Ray, its influence is always present, wherever the Earth may be. The Lord of Karma accompanies the Earth’s placement and motivates the outworking of one’s personal responsibility to the planet. We could therefore infer that Saturn represents one’s karma, while the Earth represents one’s dharma – that is, what one has to accomplish, and the way one goes about accomplishing it.

The goal of life on Earth is to become an Initiate, and unfold that aspect of the Christ Consciousness which dwells within each of us. The form of that expression differs from person to person, relative to the nature of individual dharma and karma, but the ~essential~ Love/Wisdom of that unfolding consciousness is the same for us all. This is our unifying link. Sagittarius and Capricorn, sign of the Initiate, are linked through the Third Ray association of the Earth and Saturn, and provide us with yet another insight into the importance of the experience gained through life on this planet. The two signs also point to the relationship of the Path to the Goal.

Earth in Aries

A position which points to a life that serves to release or stimulate Active Intelligence (the energy of the “Mind of God”) into the environment. This is accomplished by awakening first oneself and then others to the more spiritual uses of the Earth’s (and one’s own) physical resources. The position of the Sun in Libra in this respect, shows that such resources have to be distributed for the benefit of the collective (Uranus as esoteric ruler of Libra) and for the purpose of Right Human Relations (Venus as Libra’s esoteric ruler).

Earth in Taurus

A most potent position for the dispelling of material glamours and illusions! The soul-centered person would be constantly involved in the process of breaking down those forms and structures that are no longer able to transmit Light. The Earth in Taurus serves to reveal the inner spiritual reality of life that is all too often hidden in the material.

Earth in Gemini

Venus, planet of the Love which unites all of life into a higher purpose, is the esoteric ruler of the Twins. This position gives the individual the opportunity to communicate the Path of Union into the world. It is accomplished through higher learning (Sun in Sagittarius) and the Path of healing and teaching (the Second Ray quality of Gemini).

Earth in Cancer

Cancer is also a Third Ray sign as is Capricorn, the position of the Sun when the Earth is in this position. Thus Saturn plays an essential role here and requires the individual to create a clear and precise foundation for the work of the soul in the present incarnation. The dharma of the incarnation is worked out through the creation of those thoughts and structures which nurture other people’s Path towards Light. By so doing, one’s own Path is clarified and focused.

Earth in Leo

The highly personalized focus of Leo helps the Sun in Aquarius to shape his individualized path of service. It is then that the Water Bearer can move out into life and distribute his waters to the whole of humanity, thus releasing his “burden of consciousness” into a waiting world.. Leo brings out both the First Ray of Will/Power and along with Aquarius, the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. The right use of will has to be incorporated into this task so that the drives of the personality comes under the will of the soul.

Earth in Virgo

A very healing position as the sign Virgo on the soul level stimulates synthesis and thus, wholeness. The Earth in Virgo gives an intuitive perception of what “works” in a given life situation, thus bringing about a focus of practicality that aids in the expression of service to the Plan. As the Moon is the esoteric ruler of this sign, the combination of Mother Earth and Mother Moon bestow and incredible degree of nurturing and compassion to the already empathetic Sun in Pisces.

Earth in Libra

The Sun in Aries releases its urge to stimulate and uplift the ideas in the mind of humankind through Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra. When the Earth is in this position, a soul-centered individual comes into contact with those relationships, both on personal and group levels, to allow this purpose the opportunity for fulfillment. Thus the Earth in Libra provides a vehicle for the birthing of those ideas “whose time has come”.

Earth in Scorpio

Mars enters into an intimate relationship with the Earth when in this position and reveals how the breaking down of our attachment to the material nature of life (Sun in Taurus) may be accomplished. This is never a simple task! It requires the devotion to the soul’s desires (brought about through the Six Ray quality of the Red Planet) and the ability to withstand the pressures and tensions of transformation inherent in the signs Scorpio and Taurus and their Ray, the Fourth.

Earth in Sagittarius

As this is the sign of the Earth’s rulership, the potential gift of this placement is very great. When the soul-centered person anchors his feet firmly on the Earth, Sagittarius opens the Path very wide not only for this particular individual but for many others to follow along the Way. The communicative energies of the Sun in Gemini bring the most potent Ray force into this combination. This is the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. The purpose and intent of the incarnation become very clear: let the knowledge of the Higher Way be distributed to all who can hear and learn.

Earth in Capricorn

Saturn intimately joins the Earth in this combination. It points to the challenges in life that involve the proper structuring and discipline of our life force so that it is placed directly on the Path of the Will-to-Good. The emotional energies of the Sun in Cancer must also be directed to this outcome as there is no room for duality when the Earth is in this position.

Earth in Aquarius

The developed sense of self-consciousness found in the life of the soul-centered individual with the Sun in Leo finds ample opportunity for world service when the Earth occupies the sign of the Water Bearer. This position also gives one the ability to channel and distribute many innovative concepts into the collective consciousness that serve the well being of humanity.

Earth in Pisces

The idealism and compassion of Jupiter and Neptune, the esoteric rulers of this sign are joined with the potent First Ray energies of Will/Power found in Pluto, the soul-centered ruler of the Fish. This brings about the need to work selflessly in order to release people from the illusions of the astral nature. The Sun in Virgo gives balance to this placement by focusing such efforts in very practical realms. One of the healing professions will be a very natural outlet for this combination.

Earth in 1st House

The soul’s physical purpose emerges as a result of the struggles and achievements in the realm of our personal relationships (Sun in the Seventh House). The person is to learn how to individualize Active Intelligence and then use his or her awakened intelligence for the common good. This requires a clear prioritization of one’s field of service so that the dynamics of relationship support (and do not interfere with) the higher goal of life.

Earth in 2nd House

A wonderful position of the Earth as it reveals that the individual has a great reserve of life energy, spiritual resources and “prana” (solar vitality). The goal of this life is to be able to shape the various forms of matter so that they express spiritual values and soul purpose. The challenge has to due with the transmutation of desire (Sun in the Eighth House).

Earth in 3rd House

This position reveals where in your life the duality between the soul and the personality is anchored and where such duality may be united. This is accomplished through the link between the higher and lower minds and the field of activity (one’s service to the planet) where such unification may take place. The sign on the cusp of the Third House will tell you a great deal about how to go about bringing such healing into your own and other people’s lives.

Earth in 4th House

One’s own biological inheritance has to become a stabilizing force for life’s achievements (Sun in the Tenth). This may require the transformation of one’s attachment to one’s physical mother (and hence to one’s psychological matrix) into a clearer relationship with “The Mother”: mother nature, the female quality of Divinity, and the mother of humanity. When in this position, one is literally “standing on the Earth” and a positive relationship with the nurturing dynamics of our planet is absolutely required.

Earth in 5th House

It is in this position that the Earth stimulates those creative activities which bring about an increase in the development of the Will of the soul, the Will-to-Good. The soul-centered individual with this placement may find that her sense of contribution to humanity (Sun in the eleventh house) is geared to all the world’s children.

Earth in 6th House

The door to the collective resources of the planet, so evident to a soul-centered individual with the Sun in the twelfth house, take on a more precise form of usefulness when the Earth is in this position. The work of the soul becomes one’s job, and the release of the healing powers of the soul become one’s purpose.

Earth in 7th House

The emphasis on the individual self, so much the meaning when the Sun is in the first house, is modified and focused when the Earth is in the seventh. It will be through the tests brought about in the urge to unite oneself with others, that a clear indication is given as to how the nature of partnership will fulfill the Path of one’s higher goals.

Earth in 8th House

This is the area in life where the transformational process indicated in the previous paragraph takes place. It is the battle ground for the development of one’s talents and resources (Sun in the second) so that they may find their usefulness for the collective good of humanity. The results that are achieved from the potential victory of the Earth in the eighth is that our life energy in general and our material resources in particular become more potent vehicles for the fulfillment of our dharma.

Earth in 9th House

Education will be at the center of one’s life. Learning will be the most important occupation and teaching what is learned will follow. There is a great need to bring about a sense of unity to the diversity of human religions and belief systems so that humanity will come to understand that the basis of all truth is Love.

Earth in 10th House

The culmination of our efforts to secure a firm foundation for our spiritual purpose (the Sun in the fourth) is indicated by this placement of the Earth in the natal chart. Our vocation must become our avocation and the direction of our Path is such that our use of our social position in life is geared to the precise purpose of world service.

Earth in 11th House

It is here that the highly creative energies of the Sun in the fifth house find an outlet through group activities. This position of the Earth is a fine testing ground to see how the soul-centered individual can contribute his or her individualized field of service into a wider sphere of participation. There is no room here for the emphasis of the personality as the fulfillment of one’s personal dharma is directly connected to the collective purpose of humanity’s evolutionary development.

Earth in 12th House

The formative qualities of the Third Ray have ample opportunity for expression when the Earth is in this position. The individual has a wide choice of possible ways to manifest his or her dharma, a factor further emphasized by the sixth house placement of the Sun. The need to align the personal will with the will of the soul is absolutely required so that the application of Active Intelligence yields precision in the expression of the urge to serve.

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