Fortune in Signs

Fortuna in Aries

Here the individual experiences the need and energy for activity. If he flows with this, he will find there are very few obstacles in his path that he cannot overcome. An inherent bravery pushes him onward so that he is able to transcend all of his self-doubts. His great successes come from realizing that this energy is strong enough to grant him independence. Cultivate courage, inspiration and patience. You have an abundance of energy and need outlets of activity–focus your energy and you self-determine your life. Your joy is found in courageously taking up challenges and leaping over obstacles. Your gifts are a keen focus and the ability to see your direction clearly. Trust your intuition.

Fortuna in Taurus

The person with this placement seeks all that is solid and enduring and does not care for those pleasures which are fleeting and superficial. He desires to know the meaning and uses of all things, so that he many construct a firm future. His joy is based on the ability to sustain and develop the substance of life. Seek that which abides but is not necessarily tangible. Like peace. Delve into the usefulness of all things and construct a solid foundation, for your joy is based on the ability to build and sustain. Your gift is patience and the ability to experience peace no matter what is going on around you.

Fortuna in Gemini

The Part of Fortune placed in Gemini gives one great joy through communication and learning, and the connection with people these engender. This person is seeking and gleaming new understandings from everyone he meets. The people in his life are more important for the ideas they convey than for who they are. Here, too, there is an attempt to keep things at a light level without becoming enmeshed in emotions. Many people come and go in his life, and he receives stimulation and information from all of them. Your joy is found in indulging your curiosity. Have fun with life, let it surprise you on a regular basis. Cultivate versatility, flexibility and freedom of movement. Cultivate your unique sense of humour. Live fully in the moment, unrestrained by the judgments of your mind.

Fortuna in Cancer

This individual is given great joy when expressing the deep felt impulse of devotion. He seeks people and circumstances through which he can experience warmth and closeness. This is an energy of feeling. There is much happiness derived from being close to nature, for it is through nature that one can feel the very essence of unity and cooperation with the universe. There is a desire for a childlike simplicity in all actions. Cultivate being gentle and nurturing. Experience the joy of nurturing others and being nurtured. Remember your innocence and the innocence of others.Your greatest joy is derived from experiencing the process of giving birth–be this a birth of a child, a business, a creative exercise, an idea/vision, or anything that did not exist before you invested your energy into its becoming.

Fortuna in Leo

Here there is a great yearning to act as the “center” and be in command. Through self-mastery the individual seeks to be a source of inspiration and guidance to others. A leader must lead, and he must not shirk the problems and responsibilities which only he has the will and power to solve. Great joy comes from accomplishing large scale achievements which in some way stand as shining examples and symbols of what man is capable of when he uses his potential. This person not only seeks self-betterment, but also the improvement of the society as a whole. Cultivate enthusiasm, generosity, and optimism. Focus on self-mastery for you will find joy in being a source of inspiration for others. You understand that everyone must find their own path and therefore you led by example and walk your talk. You give for the sheer joy of giving, without any expectation for a return. There can be great achievements that result from the focused direction of your abundant creative energy.

Fortuna in Virgo

Here the individual achieves great happiness by creating a sense of “organized purity” in his environment. He seeks cleanliness, not only in personal hygiene, but also in the living and working quarters. He also experiences a kind of cleanliness in the way in which thoughts are organized. Highly sensitive to the external environment, this person is very aware of how much he is affected by personal responses to apparently negative emotion.Cultivate discrimination, logical analysis, and tolerance. You’re most happy when your environment is orderly. Your greatest joy is derived from knowing that your life is functioning efficiently. You know better than to allow little things to pile up and become extra baggage you carry from the past into the future.

You find that self-criticism is the most effective form of learning and adapting to situations. This placing stresses the importance you feel for ‘the self’, it’s growth and how to perfect it. You are always searching within yourself for better ways of adjusting to life’s many complications.

Fortuna in Libra

Here the individual reaches his greatest happiness through cooperating with an energy which can be called “non-self-assertion” He is most comfortable going along with others, rather than expressing personal desires which might disturb the harmony sought from the company he keeps. There is an attempt to blend with the desires of others. This results in a continual shifting of the point of view in an attempt to gain acceptance.Cultivate diplomacy, balance, and grace. You understand how to create win-win situations. Your joy is found in knowing that you belong. Your gift is the ability to maintain equilibrium in a dualistic world and to feel at one with all.

Fortuna in Scorpio

Here the individual reaches his greatest joy by participating in the process of regeneration. This is linked with sexuality, on the physical plane, and the spiritual quest on the higher mental and emotional levels. Sexuality, the essence of life and the creative force, becomes a very important factor in this individuals make up. There is an intense desire to probe into the meaning of life. Cultivate efficiency, ambition, and organization. Your joy is found by stripping away the outer layers of experiences and getting to the core. A life lived without pretence is the ultimate benefit. Your gifts are a keen perception, penetrating insight, and a fearlessness of the unknown.

Fortuna in Sagittarius

Here the individual feels the energy of abundant freedom. He seeks both mental and physical open spaces and avoids confining situations and circumstances which limit his possibilities. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, this has the greatest ability to experience a joyful life. The existence here can be naturally happy and bountiful. Cultivate openness, honesty, directness, and an understanding of natural law.You are not afraid to take risks and try your luck because you know whatever comes, it will be an adventure and you’ll learn something from the experience. It is quite possible that your greatest fortune is found in places far from your home.

Fortuna in Capricorn

Here an individual reaches greatest happiness watching his life assume a definite form and structure. This person has many ambitions and hopes, but remains discontented until the necessary steps for their enactment have been formulated and set in motion. He seeks to keep in touch with his ultimate purpose at all times. Cultivate responsibility, patience, perseverance and practicality. Your greatest joy will be derived from observing your progress through life and seeing it take a form and structure that will outlive you. Your gift is that you understand what it means to be the master of your own destiny. You will allow nothing to prevent you from manifesting what you know to be possible.

Fortuna in Aquarius

Here the individual experiences his greatest happiness by flowing with the energies of awareness and enlightenment. Unfettered by the bonds set by society, unlimited by the confines of predictable expectation, he is able to experience all that exists outside of the limits of established society. He seeks to know ALL-about man, the world, the universe. Cultivate objectivity, originality, and humanitarianism. Your gift is your unconventionality and ability to understand that difference is neutral. For you, one thing doesn’t have to be better or worse than another. You are not bound by convention. Rejoice in your own uniqueness and that of others.

You need to learn more about human nature to expand yourself in many respects. A little more patience is required here and to watch and accept people a little more – that way you can learn how people ‘tick’. You will find that it would open the door to many, many things. You need to expand yourself by independently using your creativity.

Fortuna in Pisces

The part of Fortune placed here allows one to experience the joy of transcending time, space and thought. The powerful intuition and atonement to cosmic forces which comes from the part of Fortune in Pisces gives an individual a mysterious, magnetic quality. There is a sense that this person knows the unknown intimately. He also experiences the restrictions of living in a finite consciousness in which the only reality is thought to be that which can be seen, touched, or felt emotionally. If he is to be happy, he is not to identify with that kind of reality. Cultivate compassion, faith, and your imagination and experience the joy of rowing gently, gently, gently down the stream of life. You know all is one for you are able to transcend the finite. You are naturally attuned to spirit and know how to be one with all.

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