Ixion is inexhaustable and masculine in love and sex, with an unending erection.

In positive aspects (Casanova conjunct Uranus) it can prolong love making up to several (three) days. This means a great reservoir of personal power, ability to rule over the futurity (future in making) of many.

As concerns health, Ixion is a “snake when lovers disagree”, it needs great loves and it’s phantasmagoria will push him beyond the curtain of reality when circumstances are below his taste. People with afflictions will experience problems with eyes, tongue, funda-mental loneliness, schizoid states, haunting, black majik attacks, disagreeable circumstances wherever they turn to, illusion, disorientation, perverse temptation and isolation. A common cure is to eat in company!

As concerns career, Ixion’s startegy is DIVIDE ET IMPERA, it must destroy existing concerns, clans, lobbies, lodges, clubs, factions, cabals, plots, allegiances, fraternities, cults, newsgroups, web sites, teams, alliances, trusts, blocks, interest groups; and from the resulting chaos choose and pick his own few good men to form it’s own enterprise, not without bitter struggle and a sword hanging over it’s own head. Religious fanatics are born along this line, those well meaning fellows that send humanities to death, schizoid nationalists, new hitlers, media magnates, islamic terrorists, highlanders, beings of war and chaos.

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