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Neptune Aspects to the Sun

Both harmonious and stressful aspects can enhance imagination. Stressful aspects may reveal Neptune’s negative traits, such as deception and addiction. It’s important to be cautious of substance abuse and not to let your sympathies be exploited by a hard luck story. There may be a tendency for the men in your life to act irresponsibly. Be aware of the “Savior-Savee” syndrome, where you might feel compelled to rescue others.

You may find yourself constantly trying to “save” others, or repeatedly in situations where you need saving. Engaging in charitable activities can be beneficial for balancing these tendencies and satisfying Neptune’s influence.

Neptune Aspects to the Moon

The Moon reflects our emotions and needs. When influenced by Neptune, there arises a need for imagination and escapism. While excessive daydreaming can be risky, it may also foster creativity. Avoid jobs that don’t engage your imagination; if unavoidable, ensure you take regular breaks. Harmonious aspects often result in others frequently assisting you. However, with any “harmonious” aspect, moderation is key to not squander your fortune. Otherwise, you risk becoming overly dependent, unable to fend for yourself. Stressful aspects may draw in distant or preoccupied women, beginning with a mother possibly too caught up in her own dreams to provide proper care. Be wary of female “friends” who consistently exhaust you emotionally with their endless “problems,” many of which are self-inflicted. And importantly, do not fall into the trap of believing you can “rescue” these individuals through love.

Neptune Aspects to Mercury

Gives a really good imagination, with both the stressful and harmonious aspects. The stressful aspects, however, can have peculiar effects on memory, enabling one to recall things that are usually forgotten while causing them to forget things that are typically remembered, such as those right in front of them.

Neptune Aspects to Venus

Enhances artistic sensibilities. Both harmonious and challenging aspects tend to perceive what they want to see in romantic relationships. Those with stressful aspects, in particular, need to be cautious about frequently falling in love with a new “I’m-sure-this-one-is-my-soul-mate” every other week. Since no one can realistically live up to their idealized vision of love, individuals with Venus aspecting Neptune often resort to frequent masturbation.

Neptune Aspects to Mars

Increasing “charisma” is possible. Napoleon possessed this conjunction, as does Bill Clinton. It leads people to follow you, often without understanding the reason. The square and the opposition may lead you to begin in one direction and end up in another. Similarly, like the pull of the ocean’s tide, Neptune guides you to its desired destination.

Neptune Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter is known for its cheerful influence, expanding whatever it comes into contact with. Neptune, on the other hand, is associated with dreaminess, idealism, and a sense of the other-worldly. Harmonious aspects often foster idealism, making your imaginings seem practically applicable more often than not. However, stressful aspects may heighten the likelihood of gullibility. It’s important to remember that reality is defined by existence, not merely by one’s imagination. Consider studying logic to sharpen your discernment.

Neptune Aspects to Saturn

Saturn is often associated with pessimism and has a contracting effect on what it influences. Neptune governs illusions and delusions, leading to what I refer to as the “Woody Allen Aspect.” Individuals influenced by a Saturn/Neptune combination tend to brace for the worst outcomes. If you possess a stressful aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) between these planets, it’s reassuring to know that over 90% of your worries are unlikely to materialize. Furthermore, the rest is often exaggerated. On a brighter note, the interaction between Saturn and Neptune can enhance the capacity to transform dreams (Neptune) into tangible achievements (Saturn).

Neptune Aspects to Uranus

Any aspect involving these two planets will persist for several years and may influence an entire generation. Neptune governs the ideals, dreams, and illusions of the generation we are born into. When it forms any aspect with Uranus, the planet of radical change, it heralds a generation that is unlikely to be conservative. Uranus embodies the desire for freedom and independence, and these ideals are likely to be prominent, whether for better or worse.

Neptune Aspects to Ascendant

The conjunction bestows upon you a dreamy and ethereal appearance. Even if you’re not a Pisces by your Sun Sign, you might often be mistaken for one. You have a tendency to embark on one path only to find yourself on another. Alcohol doesn’t suit you, so it’s best to avoid it, and the same goes for drugs. Those influenced by Neptune often seek an escape from the ordinary; channel this desire through your imagination instead.

Neptune Aspects to Midheaven

A career can take unexpected twists and turns. You may begin with one goal in mind and find yourself pursuing a completely different path. Careers influenced by Neptune include (1) roles in the film industry or other artistic fields, especially dance and music, (2) professions dedicated to helping the disadvantaged, such as medicine or social work, (3) occupations related to the sea, from oceanography and marine biology to commercial fishing, and (4) periods of confusion, uncertainty about which career path to choose, or settling for a job that doesn’t match one’s abilities. Parents in this scenario may be, on the positive side, idealistic or artistic, or on the negative side, irresponsible or prone to substance abuse.

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