Sun in Cancer

The sign of the Protector

The Archetypal Cancerian: Snow White, the innocent whose trust was betrayed but who found comfort and shelter in the bosom of her tiny family!
Key Quote: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” – Proverb

June 21 - July 22

Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Crab
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 2nd
Symbol: 69, The Crab
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Planetary ruler: Moon
Colour: Silver, pale blue, pastel tints, white
Gemstones: Moonstone, pearl
Metal: Silver
Perfume: Onycha
Day: Monday
Number: 2
Keywords: Defensively, tenaciously, sensitively
Rules: the Fourth House (home and domestic life, the supportive parent, hidden motivations, old age).
Positive traits: Kind, sensitive, sympathetic, imaginative, maternal or paternal, solicitous, protective, cautious, patriotic, tenacious, shrewd, thrifty, resourceful, good homemaker
Negative traits: Over-emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy
Compatibility: Scorpio, Pisces Sexual partner:
If you are female: GEMINI Passions of the mind
If you are male: SCORPIO Inspired fulfilment
Parts of the body ruled: Alimentary canal, lower ribs, breast bone, womb, digestive tract, upper digestive organs
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Breasts, pancreas
Acupuncture meridian: Stomach meridian
Possible ailments: Gastric disorders, heartburn, indigestion, obesity, ulcers
Beneficial foods: Watercress, milk
Diet: A short period of strict dieting, followed by a calorie-counted diet
Flowers, herbs & spices: Lily, White rose, larkspur, water violet, cabbage, cardamine, chick weed, flax, lettuce, maple, mushroom, olive, pumpkin, saxifrage, turnip
Trees/shrubs: Almond, birch, hawthorn, mimosa Healing with herbs: Saxifrage, hyssop, balm
Comfortable surroundings: Cancerians usually prefer pale colours which they find calming, steering away from bolder shades
Stress areas: Family problems, success/publicity, moving home, public speaking, loss of job, divorce, holidays
Attitude to shopping: Cautious, thrifty
Objects: Boats, cooking utensils, gardening tools, home appliances, photographs, potted plants, souvenirs, swimming pools
Party costumes: Sailor, pearly king or queen, Dick Whittington
Sports/Hobbies: Cooking, DIY, Memory quizzes, sailing, sewing, water-skiing
Professions/Trades: Antique dealer, businessman/woman, caterer, fisherman, food scientist, historian, hotelier, housewife, kindergarten teacher, museum curator, nurse, publican, sailor
Countries: Holland, New Zealand, Scotland
Cities: Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Venice

Archimedes Mythology

Hera, the goddess, had a long-standing grudge against Hercules. She sent a crab to distract him when he was fighting the Hydra, a monstrous snake with nine heads. This was his second task out of the Twelve Labours he had to complete. The crab tried to bite his heels, but Hercules stepped on it and killed it. Hera honored the crab by placing it among the stars as the constellation of Cancer.


Cancerians have a protective shell that hides their vulnerable side. They may seem tough and impenetrable on the outside, but they are actually very sensitive and caring on the inside. They just don’t show this part of themselves to everyone. Their moods are influenced by the moon’s cycles, like the tides of the ocean. This is evident in their expressive features and their fluid, sensitive eyes, which mirror their complex emotions that change with the moon’s phases. Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive of the cardinal signs. They belong to the water element and are ruled by the moon, which gives them a vivid imagination and the ability to initiate creative projects that appeal to the masses. They are loyal and passionate lovers, but they reveal their emotions slowly and carefully.

Cancerians are faithful and loyal, but they need to feel emotionally secure and trusted before they commit to anyone. Their wedding day can be an emotional rollercoaster, as they are overwhelmed by the combination of strong feelings and alcohol. They may shed tears of joy or sadness. Cancerians are ruled by the moon, which makes them crave emotional stability more than anything else. They can become jealous if they sense that their loved ones are drifting away from them. They don’t like direct conflicts, so they tend to withdraw into their shells when they are hurt. This makes it hard for others to communicate with them and resolve the issue.

Cancerians are shy and defensive, but they still enjoy flirting. They use their strong instincts to find people who will reciprocate their interest, because they hate being rejected and avoid taking risks. Cancerians are both romantic and practical, so they look for affairs that start with a spark of romance, but also have the potential to last. They love romantic gestures like candlelit dinners, violin music, red roses and moonlit walks by the sea. Cancerians’ sexual style resembles the crab that symbolizes their sign. They don’t go straight for their target, but rather approach them indirectly. They hide their passion behind a cool exterior, but once they grab someone with their claws, they don’t let go easily. Cancer is a sign that likes to take care of others, especially in marriage.

Cancerians are very protective of their partners and will do their best to keep them safe and happy at home. They value mutual closeness and find it hard to cope with even a brief separation from a loved one. They dread losing someone forever and will cling to a relationship until the very end. Cancerians often get into conflicts because they are too sensitive to personal hurts and unfairness, and they hold on to grudges. This can create unnecessary resentment and pain. Cancerians would benefit from being more relaxed. Leo loves to escape into a fantasy world of royal splendor, where they reign with kindness and absolute power. Their kingdom can be anywhere – home, work, or country – as long as Leo is in charge.

Cancerians have a vivid imagination that can make them see potential problems everywhere. A minor challenge can turn into a major worry, with exaggerated scenarios in their minds. They can cope better by planning ahead for any possible difficulties. Cancerians are very private people who do not like to reveal the secrets of their success. They usually prefer to live in a safe and secluded space, away from the outside world and its threats. They may even have a guard dog to protect them. Cancerians are most passionate when they defend a child or a loved one. They are often called ‘clannish’ because they have a strong connection to their roots and are very loyal to their family or friends.

Cancerians are usually shy and tend to avoid direct confrontation in their career advancement. They prefer to take a more subtle and gradual approach to reach the top. However, once they achieve their goals, they are generous and caring leaders who handle power with grace and responsibility. Cancerians are not very adventurous by nature. They often hesitate, withdraw, or change their minds before trying something new or risky. However, the full moon can affect their mood and make them more willing to embrace adventure. Cancerians have a natural affinity for children, whether they are parents or not. They also care deeply about environmental issues that affect the well-being of the young generation. They advocate for clean and safe parks, stricter dog regulations, and food and water free of harmful additives.

Cancerian bosses are usually mindful and responsive to their staff’s needs, as long as they feel everyone is supportive of them. They often earn great respect and loyalty from their employees, and they are very protective of their welfare. Male Cancer bosses may initiate romance in the office, but potential partners should be careful before accepting their advances. They may expect them to work harder than anyone else to prove their love during work hours. Cancerians tend to react and adapt rather than take the lead. They may depend on other people for their sense of identity, just like the moon, their ruler, depends on the sun to shine. Without support from others, Cancerians can lose their vitality.

Cancerians have a remarkable memory and can remember everything from the past, whether trivial, superficial or profound. This makes their mind ‘cluttered’ and, along with their intuition, interferes with their rational thinking. Cancerians are devoted parents who would sacrifice their own comfort for their children’s well-being. Many of them quit their jobs during their children’s early years, preferring to focus on parenting full time. They enjoy taking care of the household needs – especially in the kitchen – as a way of expressing their love. However, they should not be taken for granted; the worst thing for a cancerian is to feel unappreciated.

Cancerians tend to be influenced by the opinions of their loved ones, especially if they have strong personalities. When they have to make a personal choice, they want to have some space to think for themselves, without feeling pressured by anyone. They are good at handling crises. In fact, they may work better and achieve more when they face some challenges or risks than otherwise. However, unlike Taureans, who are also loyal and protective, they are not very good at taking the lead. When a crisis arises, their first concern is to ensure the safety and well-being of their close ones; after that, they may not do much. Their tendency to worry and bottle up their emotions can often lead to health issues – especially stomach ulcers, since Cancer governs this part of the body.

A kindly friend can help Cancerians cope with their troubles. They are one of the more dependent signs, so young crabs may not like to wander far from home. Older ones often maintain strong bonds with their families, sometimes living with an extended family network. Cancerian children should be urged to communicate their feelings, especially when they are worried. They need a warm and loving home life where they feel completely safe. The main challenge of adolescence for them is to outgrow their childhood needs and habits. They know they have to learn to be independent someday, but their instinct is to stick to what is familiar and secure – and that means home. Their amazing memory is their great blessing in old age, as they can relive a lifetime of cherished memories.

This sign has learned to accept and cope with the pains and grievances of the past, even if they have not completely forgotten them. They may sometimes get annoyed when younger people ignore their wisdom or vulnerability, which they have gained through hard-earned experiences. But they can also motivate the next generations to embrace the heritage of the past and the possibilities of the future, by telling stories of their lives with empathy and passion. Despite their occasional gloomy moods, Cancerian siblings tend to stay close to their original homes in adulthood. And emotionally, they never really cut off their early bonds to pursue their own paths. Their family ties are a big part of their identity, and they may feel lost without your support. If this makes you feel burdened with responsibility, think of the happy moments – the family celebrations, births, marriages and deaths when Cancer was kind, loving and full of fun. The cancerian father may be more involved in his children’s upbringing, but his career and financial goals may also demand his attention. The cancerian mother, on the other hand, may prefer to stay at home and take care of the children, since Cancer is the sign of maternal love.

People born under the sign of Cancer appreciate attention from their friends. They cherish small gestures, such as receiving a postcard when you’re away, getting a phone call to check on them, or having flowers delivered when they’re sick. However, they may feel hurt if you forget their birthday, even if they don’t express it. Their ideal car is spacious enough to accommodate their family, their pets, a portable barbeque and a complete set of picnic furniture. Soon after buying it, it will look like someone has been living in it – with scratches on the paintwork, apple cores in the ashtrays and sweets stuck to the seats. It will also have a quirky name like ‘Bessie’ or ‘Roger’. On a deeper level, they like to feel secure in their cars, so they prefer a high driving position and a sturdy frame. Beneath their guarded and somewhat impenetrable exterior, they often struggle with self-doubt. This is why they seek the love of their partners, family and friends – and hold on to it tightly, afraid that it might disappear.

If you observe a crab in its natural habitat, you might get some insight into how a Cancerian thinks. The crab moves sideways and back and forth, and its intentions are not easy to discern. Similarly, Cancerians are often mysterious, and their reasoning can be hard to follow. They are not inherently dishonest – but they can seem secretive when they are in a pensive mood. Their competitive drive is mainly emotional, and it does not follow a logical or factual basis. This is one reason why they often face situations where they have to win or lose, and why losing can be very painful for them. They cannot accept defeat gracefully or rationally, and they do not try to learn from their mistakes. They take any loss personally, and they may retreat into their shells for a long time before they try again.

The state of their emotions and their mood influences their feelings of fitness and individual energy levels, as well as physical factors. This is especially true for female Cancerians. They may also be more sensitive to the moon phases, which is their ruling planet. They prefer to have security in their surroundings, but they may become depressed when faced with uncertainty. They tend to dwell on things, which makes them prone to gastric disorders. They should try to overcome their anxieties by learning to share their problems. They have a great appreciation for good food and they love rich, creamy dishes. They can use low-calorie white cheeses such as fromage frais, and thick, creamy Greek-style yogurts as alternatives for cream and mayonnaise, to keep their spirits high while dieting. They like to express their creativity by accessorizing their basic outfits in interesting and original ways, so that they stand out from the crowd. They often opt for outfits in neutral shades, but they can add some colour with bright scarves and jewelry, which they usually pick with good taste.

Cancerians have a natural talent for making their homes cozy and comfortable. They also enjoy cooking delicious dishes, sometimes more than eating them. They prefer to entertain their guests at home and find pleasure in cooking for them. Cancerians are easy to spot when they enter a pub. They usually peek inside first, scanning the room for familiar faces. If they see someone they know, they confidently walk in with a bright smile and head to the bar as if they belong there. If not, they quickly retreat and wait for their companions. Cancerians love throwing family parties, with a few close friends as well, but they may get overwhelmed by planning anything bigger or more extravagant. They could even stress themselves to the point of getting sick. They are not anti-social people, but they need more time alone than most signs to recharge their energy. Their social life and hobbies often involve shared interests and strong bonds with others.

Cancerians are often seen as shy and home-loving, but they also like to dine out. They are curious about creative cooking and eager to try new dishes made by others. They show their caring nature by cooking for their loved ones. They can be great hosts if they overcome their insecurity that stops them from inviting people over. Their food and environment are always flawless. For their hobbies, they prefer things that replenish their emotional energy. They enjoy home-made meals, reading books and listening to romantic music. They avoid activities that are too lavish or socially demanding.

Family is very important to them, so they may put up with trips or holidays that are not to their liking, just to please others. However, they should be careful not to ruin the fun for everyone else, as they tend to show their displeasure easily. They may also have a habit of keeping things they don’t need, because they feel emotionally attached to their belongings. They may have trouble letting go of anything, even their first teddy bear. As Cancerians are sensitive to their destiny, they cannot ignore the influence of the Nodes. But even if they have an early intuition of their true purpose in life, they may not embrace it until life forces them to pay attention. They also have a talent for finding hidden treasures. They can spot a valuable painting or a real diamond among the junk at a garage sale or a flea market. They often have a passion for antiques and history. They like to collect things – people, objects and money – and they are not very generous with their money, because they feel insecure without it. They live by the motto ‘I protect’, and they save money for a rainy day. As sentimental hoarders, they hold on to every little souvenir because of its emotional meaning. They may not look at them for years, but they will always remember where they came from and how much they paid for them.

They dream of living near water, ideally with a stream flowing through their backyard. They want a secluded house, perhaps at the end of a dead-end street in a gated community, where they can screen all visitors through an intercom at the front gate. They value a cozy home, filled with collectibles in every room. They keep their children’s bedrooms as they were when they moved out, hoping they might come back someday. Their empathic nature can be both a blessing and a curse. They have to be careful not to get too absorbed in other people’s problems or complaints, and they get easily distressed by any tension or conflict at work. They have a knack for understanding and alleviating the suffering of others, and they enjoy helping whenever they can. Therefore, careers that require a caring and discreet attitude are sure to give them the sense of security and warmth that they crave. Some Cancerians have psychic abilities and can see auras or get visions of the past, present and future, as if they were watching a movie in their mind. Others may intuitively know what someone is going to say before they say it. They are adept at keeping secrets. Like their symbol, the crab, they approach life sideways.

They tend to be secretive and things are not often simple with them. They are very hard to know well because they hide their true selves. They are afraid of being unloved and they hold on to things – or people – that they should have let go long ago. They need to understand that others’ mistakes are not always their own fault. They are usually very sensitive about their mothers, whether they love them or have a lifelong conflict with them. Sometimes, this sensitivity also affects other close relatives. So, they will not appreciate jokes about their family. They like both cats and dogs, but they may prefer dogs slightly more because they are more loyal and less independent. They might have a soft spot for a working breed like a sheepdog. They may also like family pets such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils or a tortoise. They may not like regular food-shopping, but they do like browsing in specialty shops for interesting and unusual ingredients. And they often enjoy buying recipe books and attractive and useful kitchenware in traditional designs.


ARIES: A tricky combination, but great for those who thrive on a challenge. Arians may need Cancer’s protection, but they don’t always want it!
TAURUS: In different ways, each of you will provide the support and security the other is looking for. An ideal combination.
GEMINI: Twins seem so uncommitted and fickle, you feel it your duty to help them understand their own emotions. Sadly, they may not agree
CANCER: You may feel inspired by other crabs, but you also fear being swamped by a tidal wave of emotion. OK in small doses.
LEO: You widh you had the Lion’s confidence. A happy result of this relationship could be that you resolve to take self-assertiveness lessons!
VIRGO: Here you find a soul mate who seems to have the right answer for all of your dilemmas – emotional and otherwise.
LIBRA: Librans strike you as calm, cool, and irritatingly ‘just so’, perhaps to the point where you feel like purposely ruffling their feathers.
SCORPIO: An undeniably strong empathy. You alone know how to cope with Scorpio’s emotional power games – you play them yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: Intrigued by the Archer’s optimism and seeming wealth of knowledge, you nevertheless fear you may be out of your depth.
CAPRICORN: You find Goats’ stability reassuring, while finding it hard to believe that they have no feelings at all.
AQUARIUS: There is something appealingly sexy about this aloof sign, but you find it very hard to talk to them about your feelings.
PISCES: The chances of harmony here are excellent. A relationship built to last, even if you don’t see each other too often!

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