Sun in Aries

The Sign of the Pioneer, the Warrior

The Archetypal Arian: “Adam in the garden of Eden”. First in everything, his impetuousness and desire always to go one better eventually proved his undoing.
Key Quote: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Astronaut Neil Armstrong, 1969

March 21 - April 19

Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Ram
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 1st
Colours: Bright reds, Scarlet
Gemstones: Diamond, Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby
Metal: Iron
Perfume: Dragon’s Blood
Day: Tuesday
Number: 9
Keywords: Assertively, energetically, urgently, enthusiastically, impulsively, independently
Rules: The 1st House (outer personality, appearance, self-image, made of expression and action)
Positive Traits: Forceful, pioneering, adventurous, enterprising, courageous, direct, energetic, freedom-loving, self-assertive
Negative Traits: Selfish, unsubtle, impulsive, rash, quick-tempered
Compatability: Leo, Sagittarius
Sexual Partner:
If you are female: PISCES – Great intensity;
If you are male: LEO – Unhibited passions
Parts of the Body ruled: Head, brain, face-bones, eyes, face, muscles
Glands, Nerves & Arteries: Pineal gland, arteries to head and brain
Acupuncture Meridian: Kidney meridian
Possible Ailments: Accidents, acne, brain disorders, burns, fainting, headaches, head injuries, inflammation, neuralgia, stress, swellings, sunstroke
Beneficial Foods: Rhubarb, tomatoes
Diet: Trim normal eating and combine with more exercise Flowers,
Herbs & Spices: Honeysuckle, geranium, anemone, basil, briony, chillies, coriander, crow’s foot, flaxweek, garden cress, garlic, ginger, mustard, onions, peppers, tobacco
Trees/Shrubs: Gorse, holy, monkey puzzle, redwood
Healing with Herbs: Honeysuckle, cowslip, rosemary
Comfortable Surroundings: Arians tend to feel most in tune with themselves in a room in which some scarlet is featured
Stress Areas: Pregnancy, accidents, illnesses
Attitude to Shopping: Impatient, rash
Objects: Sharp instruments, sports goods, cars, knives, fires, motorbikes, tools, weapons
Party Costumes: Fireman, tarzan, little-bo-beep
Sports/Hobbies: Sketching, writing, poetry, drama, photography, jewelry, sewing, knitting, papercraft, sculpture, woodwork, calligraphy, acting, car maintenance, dancing, hockey, football, hang-gliding, martial arts, metalwork, motor racing, rugby
Professions/Trades: Armed forces, blacksmith, butcher, dentist, explorer, engineer, engine driver, fireman, trade union leader, mechanic, metal-worker, professional sports, self-employment, steeplejack
The World: Aries represents the idea of nationhood, national characteristics and self-image
Countries: England, Germany
Cities: Florence, Marseilles


The ram was a supernatural being sent by Zeus to rescue Phirxus and Helle from their wicked stepmother. Helle fell from the Ram’s back and was drowned in the sea, but Phirxus arrived safely and sacrificed the beast to Zeus who placed its form in the heavens. The Ram’s fleece turned to gold and was hung in a sacred grove protected by a dragon. This was later found and captured by Jason in the course of his adventures with the Argonauts.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and ‘Me first’ is the Arian motto! Active and outgoing, the Arian personality is all set to make its mark on the world – but this can lead to a selfish, egotistical attitude to life. In a vulgar manner, this often proves successful: because the simple fact of the matter is what Arians want, they usually tend to get. Aries is symbolized by the horns of the ram; and in all their actions, true Arians meet life head on. Physically, the impression they make is immediate. The confident posture, the firm handshake and the instant smile all speak of the physical vitality that fuels the forceful and direct approach of the Arian personality. Aries is the dynamic, initiatory cardinal fire sign and self-expression is an innate urge which demands release through a creative lifestyle. For Arians, creativity cannot simply be a leisure activity – their whole way of life must actively express their inner nature and their highly innovative creative potential. Ardent lovers, Arians have a heedless attitude to love and are not content with half measures. They are true optimists, refusing to accept defeat, and frequently rush in without thinking when they believe they have found true love. They are sentimental and impulsive, sometimes to the extent of being foolhardy. As far as their wedding celebrations are concerned, these generous souls want to be certain they are at the epicentre of a hurricane of hilarity. Arian jealousy often starts as envy, when someone they see as a rival has something they desire. This brings out their competitive streak. In love, their reactions can be more variable: they may contemplate murder, produce a counter rival, or become aloof and disappear for weeks on end. When Arians flirt it is a serious matter: any kind of challenge appeals to the Ram, especially if it has to do with capturing someone’s attention. Aries flirtations are conducted flamboyantly and are designed, like their favourite colour, red, to catch the eye. They are unlikely to let up until the love object finally responds to their advances.

For all their forcefulness and directness, Arians are romantics and idealists at heart. There is something of the knight in shining armour about the Arian male, as he cuts his way through the thicket and vanquishes dragons to rescue his beautiful princess. Arian women, meanwhile, love to be wooed with old fashioned charm. Aries is perhaps the most sexually demanding sign of the zodiac: the Arian ego simply cannot take no for an answer. The Arian male can be motivated more by lust than love when pursuing his ideal partner, and the Arian lady is also renowned for having a particularly strong sex-drive. Arians can be very exciting lovers. Arians are prone to doing things on impulse, and this includes getting married. The impetuousness does not cease with marriage either. Partnership with Aries is never dull, as Arians are always starting new projects and expect their spouses to be equally enthusiastic. They always bring a great zest for life to the marriage. Aries is not a sign given to compromise; when Arians are unhappy they generally react by leaving, so separation is by no means an uncommon experience for them. The break-up may well be followed by an impetuous ‘quickie divorce’ since Arians also find it difficult to tolerate the ambiguity of a trial or ‘legal’ separation.

Arians are competitive in almost any sphere. They tend to be fast, assertive drivers, and so enjoy rivalry in the form of motor racing. Because of the energetic way they aim for a goal, Arians are often involved in competitive sports or in physical education, either as a hobby, or professionally, and this acts as a channel for their natural rivalry. Arians like romantic fantasy and often hark back to the chivalrous ways of the Middle Ages. Aries men would like to be bold knights riding out to save a lady. More modern Arians content themselves with fantasies of sports cars with which to sweep a lady off her feet, while female Arians yearn for adventure.

Because Arians have so much energy, they always need to be physically active. This can be particularly helpful at stressful times, giving them an outlet for their anger and frustration. Indeed, Arians can feel tense and stressed if their life-style keeps them too confined and does not offer the opportunity for the exercise they so much need. Successful Arians do not hide their light under a bushel. When they make good, they tell the world. The trappings of success appeal to them, and they revel in big, flashy cars and showy designer wear that declares ‘I have made it’. But they should try not to offend others by their ostentation. However, their success is often well-deserved.

People born under this sign of Aries are not only extremely passionate, but also highly impatient. When they become enthusiastic about something, they want to have it or do it immediately and find delay frustrating. For this reason, they tend to rush into things quickly when a little more thought and planning could bring about a better result. To the majority of Arians, power means physical strength and domination through competition. Pushing themselves to the peak of achievement is what exhilarates them. They may enjoy the help and applause of a small band of supporters, but the concept of power over others in any broader sense tends to leave them cold.

Arien enthusiasm in the pursuit of adventure can cause its fair share of accidents or difficult situations, but with their innate energy and short memories, such experiences rarely stop Arians from taking up fresh challenges. Without such stimulus, however, their powerful Martian energies turn inward, and they become depressed or frustrated. They dislike wasting time on anything which delays them from getting on with whatever enthusiasm or enterprise currently happens to be occupying them. To this end, they tend to surround themselves with any equipment or gadgets which will enable them to do their essential chores as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Despite their often abrupt manner (which is simply their way of getting things moving), Arian bosses are by nature democratic and informal. In Aries’ book, performance is what counts – not how people dress, talk or spend their free time. The fact that Arians never put any great distance between themselves and their employees means that for this sign, office romance is always on the cards. But those who feel their heart strings tugging as dynamic Rams charge headlong through the office should watch out: Arians are not great ones for mixing business with pleasure, and unless you can hold down your job as well as your budding relationship, you could be given your marching orders in a fiery flash. Arians have a natural urge to express their individuality and will strongly resist any attempt to curb what they see as their right to exercise free choice and independent action. If you stand in their way beware: when Aries is restricted in any way, frustration can all too easily turn to aggression – and their fiery tempers are notoriously explosive!

Their mental agility is often expressed through their famous sense of humour, which can range from the bitingly sarcastic to the downright quirky. When reasoned argument fails them, Arians are generally quick to spot the comedy in a situation, and may use this quick-wittedness to score points over slower opponents. These dynamic people have the potential to be brilliant self-starters, and should develop this ability to the full, yet once a project is up and running, they often become bored. They should try to make sure they exercise their talent for delegating day-to-day organization so that they have the freedom to work on their next run of creative ideas.

Their tendency to sudden outbursts of temper is not the best guarantee of peaceful co-existence, although a raging argument is often the most effective way of clearing the air with people born under this sign. Harmony is soon restored, however, as Arians are quick to forgive, regardless of what is said in the heat of the moment.

In their headlong rush to become masters of their own destiny, Arians are apt to make quick-fire decisions which take too little account of other people’s opinions and needs. It is this inability to see what effect their decisions have on those around them which has earned them a reputation as one of the most self-centred signs of the zodiac.

They are by nature quick to respond in times of crises. There is no question of ducking the issue or hoping that somehow it will go away: they will face it (whatever it is) head-on and without delay. Once Rams have decided how to tackle a problem – a process which rarely takes them more than a few minutes – they will give it everything they have. In most cases the sheer force of their attack is enough to remove the difficulty, and a longer or more sustained effort is seldom needed. However, strangely for such a decisive sign, one of their greatest problems is procrastination – if they cannot see an immediate solution, their impulse is to shelve the problem indefinitely. They need to spend more time thinking about things, then ensure that they see their plan through to conclusion.

Since dynamic Aries is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars, many members of this sign have the capacity to be extremely rash and impulsive. Their tendency to indulge in physically active sports and hazardous occupations means that whatever age they are, their lives are quite likely to be in perpetual danger.

Aries children are loving and giving, and have enormous enthusiasm for life. They make popular group leaders among their peers, but as a parent you may have to bite your tongue more than once if you do not want to crush their exuberant spirit. Give them as much of a free rein as you possibly can and they will be eternally grateful. At school, they will readily use their great energy reserves to fight the establishment or pit their physical prowess against rivals. However, a better approach would be to become involved in daring, rigorous sporting activities like hang-gliding or motorbike racing – the more dangerous the action, the faster their adrenalin flows. Just taking part gives Rams a sense of achievement, as well as focusing their energy in a constructive way. There is precious little chance of them growing old gracefully. They are usually determined to go out with a bang – the way they came in. The impetus to live life to the full is etched deeply into their soul, and elderly Arians will continue to meet challenges wherever they find them. Their role model is ‘Supergran’ – bespectacled and wrinkled, waving her walking stick in heroic fashion as she cycles on through life at full speed ahead!

Keeping pace with an Aries sibling is a pretty tall order. This is the child who wants first place in the family hierarchy, no matter where they happen to come on the age ladder. Fundamentally, the Aries father is very proud of his children and deeply attached to them. He is likely to have a powerful influence on their development, and secretly may long for them to follow him into the family business or a similar profession. Even so, he will encourage their independence from an early age by helping them to think for themselves. Aries is a warm, enthusiastic sign with a reputation for approaching things directly, and motherhood is no exception. Most Arian mothers are utterly determined to rise to the challenge.

Fire sign friendships are usually marked by a distinctly competitive edge, and this is especially true in the case of Aries and Leo. They seem to thrive on the rivalry that inevitably arises from such a friendship, whether it is in the work place, at home or when out socializing or doing any sort of sporting activity together.

When it comes to ideal cars, Arians are not ones to hide their light under a bushel – they like to cut a dash, and don’t care who knows it. The Aries dream machine is red, flashy and very, very fast – the kind of driver’s car that drives gentler souls round the bend. Screaming ‘Don’t even bother to try’ at anyone foolhardy enough to challenge it at traffic lights, it can be found breaking speed limits all over the country. Top on their list of accessories – if you could still buy them – would be a set of Ben Hur chariot-wheel knives. As it is, many rams make do with giant air-horns to frighten others out of the way. Adult Arians can be tyrants if they do not find an outlet for their energetic, head-on way of tackling life. They can learn much from their opposite sign of Libra about the art of compromise and diplomacy. Above all, rams need to canvass others’ opinions before continuing to battle against all the odds. They also need to let what they say sink in. In the stealthy world of the double dealer, they have all the finesse of a rogue elephant. But what they lack in style and subtlety, they certainly make up for with courage. Recklessness might be another word for it, though it makes not difference to them; Rams on the make would far rather win – or lose – by brass-necked acts of piracy than play the safe percentage game. And if they get caught in the act, they do at least have the consolation of knowing that, if nothing else, they were honest with themselves. Winning is what being an Arian is all about. Rams might not admit it – even to themselves – but deep down they see little point in doing anything at all unless it offers them the chance to come out on top.

As in other areas of their lives, when it comes to choosing the right way to keep fit, they like something that will bring quick results, but that is at the same time challenging and energetic. They enjoy competition, whether this is against themselves – trying to beat their own record, as in gym or golf – or in a one-to-one situation. If frustration gets out of hand, Arians may fall victim to their own impetuous behaviour. They always seem to be at war with themselves, and have the cuts and bruises to prove it. They have to learn the Libran art of co-operation since, even if this slows them down, it will be less damaging to their emotional and physical health in the long run. Arians sometimes put on weight because they are too busy to eat regular meals, and resort to boosting their energy with sweet or calorie-laden convenience foods when they are tired. Taking time to eat proper meals during the day can therefore help them to slim or to maintain a healthy weight. They always seem to dress with an eye to what is in fashion, and they prefer to buy for instant impact rather than longevity. If they do go for a classic look, they will spice it up with inexpensive accessories which bring it bang up to date. When shorter hemlines come into fashion, they are among the first to expose their legs.

Naturally intrepid, they belong to one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac. This means that their hobbies are quite likely to include challenging, and possibly even dangerous, activities which test out their razor-sharp reactions – anything from fencing to war games, high speed cars to action photography.

When they walk into a pub they take the direct approach – after all, they are there for a reason. After marching in a straight line from the door to the bar, and without even looking to see who else is in, they order a drink to quench their thirst. After this, they are most likely to prop up the bar and see who gravitates towards them. A bar stool may occasionally be used for leaning purposes, but only after a particularly exhausting day. They just love the attention they attract on social occasions, and they do not really need any excuse at all to live life to the full. They will throw a party on their birthdays or at Christmas or anytime in between, just for the fun of it. And of course, if you invite them along to yours, you can be sure they will turn up and stay to the end. The larger the company gathered to encourage these ebullient people, the happier and more adventurous they become. Try challenging Arian friends to something daring, their nerve will surprise you.

Extravagant and extrovert, they love restaurants. Many of them devote huge quantities of Martian energy to organizing outings with friends, and woe betide anyone who fails to give an immediate answer – they need to know there and then. They particularly like the immediacy to cooking in front of their guests, and enjoy serving fondues and flambe dishes – very appropriate styles of cooking for a fire sign. Many Arian men, who are usually far too macho to be seen cooking at the kitchen stove, are in fact dab-hands with the barbecue. Where leisure tastes are concerned, the livelier the entertainment the more they enjoy it – whether it is the circus, pop concerts, motor racing or films in which the hero/heroine triumphs against all the odds. These people are not renowned for their subtlety, and many rams like practical jokes – as long as they are played on them! Because they do not have the patience to wait for their more earth-bound friends to agree to their plans – which may change overnight in any case – they often set off on trips on their own and can become distanced from those around them. Some Arians need to realize that they must find the patience to wait for others occasionally.

Because people born under the sign of Aries have a very strong urge to prove themselves as individuals, they need to be careful not to become too domineering in the home. They are instinctively loyal, but often prefer to use their home more as an operational base than as a retreat where they spend their leisure time.

In broad terms the Nodal challenge for them is to focus their natural talent for initiative and enterprise into bringing about the worldly achievements demanded by the North node. Arians who currently feel ‘lost’ will find that by developing these qualities they gain a renewed sense of purpose and psychological wellbeing.

They are very good at following hunches, and they love card games such a bridge, that combine luck and skill, although their lack of attention to detail often means that their losses tend to match their gains. What they hate is to be down on their luck, as this depresses their natural impulsiveness and joie de vivre.

They are pioneers, have to keep moving, and constantly work at setting up new schemes. ‘I want’ is their watchword. They have a tremendous need for money, power and influence, but rarely take account of other people’s wishes. Faced with a choice between money and authority, their love of power will usually win out. They are usually highly attuned to the mood of the times, and like their possessions and clothes to be up-to-the-minute. They are quick to pick up new ideas and will probably be the first of their set to buy the latest trendy gadget. Later, they will also be the first to reject it in favour of something new. Their dream home does not have to be the size of a palace – but it helps. They need big, bold, brash homes that shout ‘Me, me, me!’ from every window. Inside, there should be space for rainy-day amusements – pool table, pinball machine, computer games and so on. Outside, a theme park would fit the bill nicely: by the time they have finished whooping it up on the Big Dipper or challenging their friends to non-stop Dodgems they are unlikely to care where they sleep.

Nothing appeals to them more than being called upon to solve a difficult problem that has everyone else at work in a dither. There is something of the hero/heroine in their temperament, and they are at their best when asked to ‘rise to the occasion’ or to prove themselves by carrying out some challenging task. They are also extremely good at rescuing seemingly lost causes. Because they thrive on challenge, they are happiest in careers which present them with obstacles to overcome, battles to win and puzzles to sole. Easily bored and frustrated if unable to prove their special abilities on a regular basis, they enjoy a working environment where personal targets and pressing deadlines can be pursued.

Meditation can be a particularly helpful technique for Arians who would like to increase their psychic abilities. Even as little as 20 minutes at night or first thing in the morning will have a calming effect, helping them to make better use of their physical and mental energies as well as enabling them to develop their powers of intuition.

On the whole, they are much too direct with people to enjoy secrets and they find it difficult to be secretive for long. Even when they try to be discreet, and keep someone else’s confidence, they will forget about it and sooner or later will blab out the secret, usually ending up by saying, ;’Oh dear, I should never have told you that!’

Secretly, they are terrified of not coming up to their own fiery expectations, although often this fear is expressed by challenging – or even bullying – other people. What this sign needs to learn is that ‘no man is an island’ and that, like it or not, there will be times when they have to rely on others in order to get what they want out of life.

Despite their reputation for dynamism and marked extrovert qualities, there are quiet members of this sign. These types display a subtler sense of humour altogether, although they are still likely to use it as a means of motivating others. Shyer Arians may be more effective in the long run than their more rombustious counterparts.

With their active lives, they do not like to tied down by extra commitments. It they have pets at all they like animals which they can take with them wherever they go and which need the minimum of fuss and attention. A small, lively dog for company and exercise, such as a Jack Russell or a bull terrier, would be ideal.

An Arian will normally feel bored at the thought of day-to-day shopping in a local store, but may enjoy shopping if an element of challenge is involved. Competing with a friend to see who can get their Christmas shopping finished first or haggling over a bargain in a foreign market make a dull job much more interesting for the average Arian.


ARIES: This could be where the Mutual Admiration Society first started – but others should be ready for fireworks and double trouble!
TAURUS: Determination meets stubbornness. You may respect the bull’s strengths, but they may not combine too easily with your own.
GEMINI: Fun and frolics are the order of the day. Friends to the end, you egg each other on with your childlike antics and make a brilliant sales team!
CANCER: A challenging combination: you lose your temper, Cancer sulks. But the kindly crab can make you feel wanted if your moons are compatible.
LEO: You are full of encouragement and admiration for the Lion, which is just what he wants. But watch it: if you compete, you may come unstuck.
VIRGO: To headstrong rams, conscientious Virgos are just about the most boring sign going. But there again, someone has to pick up the pieces!
LIBRA: Perfect sparring partners. Both want their own way, but Librans are clever enough to let you think you are getting yours all the time.
SCORPIO: Innocent, forthright Arians have a sneaking admiration for the controlled passion of secretive, scheming Scorpios – but don’t tell them!
SAGITTARIUS: A natural – you can fan each other’s flames and tread where angels fear to. Life together offers excitement and adventure.
CAPRICORN: A truly cardinal dilemma: your fiery spontaneity is brought crashing to earth by chilly Capricorn’s methodical, practical approach.
AQUARIUS: Aquarian ideas inspire and stimulate you to action. With you as a partner, there is even a chance some of them may become reality!
PISCES: If you must push someone around, who better than a gentle Piscean! But remember – still waters run deep, and you could get stuck in the mud.

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