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The 12 Ascendant Signs

The strength of the ascendant in the chart depends on two main factors. One factor is how close the ascendant is to the beginning of the sign it occupies. The closer it is, the stronger it becomes, because most of the first house will be in that sign. If the ascendant is near the end of a sign, most of the first house will be in the next sign, which dilutes the ascendant’s power. The other factor is the position of the sun in the chart. The ascendant is more influential when the sun is weak. For example, the sun is traditionally considered weak when it is at the bottom of the chart, near the imum coeli or IC. This means that the sun was on the opposite side of the earth from the subject at birth, hidden from sight. The sun can also be weak if it has no strong aspects or connections to other planets.

Some astrologers believe that the ascendant’s effect changes over time. They claim that people become more similar to their sun sign as they age, especially after 29 years old, because they gain more confidence and do not need to hide behind a mask. They also suggest that the natal ascendant loses its power when the progressed ascendant enters a new sign.

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