Sun in Scorpio

The sign of the Investigator

The Archetypal Scorpion: The Snow Queen whose icy beauty and jealous heart lured many an innocent child to her frosty fortress
Key Quote: “The heart has its reasons which the mind knows nothing of” – Blaise Pascal

October 23 - November 21

Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Scorpion
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 8th
Planetary ruler: Pluto, (formerly Mars)
Colour: Deep reds, brown, black, purple
Gemstones: opal, malachite, obsidian, smokey quartz, jasper
Metal: Steel
Perfume: Saimeze benzoin
Day: Tuesday
Number: 9
Keywords: Intensively, penetratingly, secretively
Rules: The Eighth House (procreation, birth and death, sex, rebirth, mysteries, the occult, hidden meanings).
Positive traits: Powerful feelings and emotions, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent, determined
Negative traits: Jealous, resentful, obstinate, unforgiving, inflexible, secretive, suspicious, vindictive
Compatibility: Cancer and Pisces Sexual partner:
If you are female: CANCER Inspired fulfilment
If you are male: PISCES Made in heaven
Parts of the body ruled: Genitals, bladder, cervix, anus
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Genito-urinary tract, prostate gland
Acupuncture meridian: Bladder meridian
Possible ailments: Bladder disorders, cystitis, genito-urinary diseases, venereal diseases, piles, prostate trouble, PMT
Beneficial foods: Prunes, hops
Diet: Secret slimming: eat a smaller version of your normal diet and see how long it takes for people to realize you are dieting!
Flowers, herbs & spices: Honeysuckle, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, cyclamen, parsley, gentian, mustard, speedwell, tamarind, aloes, witch-hazel, catmit, geranium, rhododendron, briar, capers, cactus, furze, ginger, ginseng, horseradish, leeks, nettles, radish, tobacco, thistle
Trees/shrubs: Blackthorn, broom, mahogany
Healing with herbs: Broom, hops, basil
Comfortable surroundings: The Scorpio home usually features rather bold and dramatic colours such as maroon
Stress areas: Family problems, change of plans, moving home, public speaking, divorce
Attitude to shopping: Determined, secretive
Objects: Chess set, classic car, crime novel, occult paraphernalia, safe, tarot cards, unusual ornaments
Party costumes: Femme fatale, dracula, gangster’s moll
Sports/Hobbies: Food, investigating mysteries, psychology, patholing, scuba diving, seduction, sex, solving puzzles, occult subjects
Professions/Trades: Analyst, butcher, business man/woman, chemist, detective, farmer, financial consultant, policeman, plumber, psychologist, research scientist, soldier, surgeon, spiritualist healer, tax collector, undertaker
Scorpio represents global resources, international finance, multinational corporations and the death/rebirth of nations. It has strong ties with organized crime, undercover organizations and the recycling of waste products
Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Norway, Syria
Cities: Liverpool, New Orleans, Washington DC

Archimedes Mythology

Scorpio is a constellation that represents the Scorpion sent by Hera from the underworld to kill Orion, a hunter who had bragged to the gods that he could slay any beast on earth. The Scorpion also stopped the horses that drew the Sun-chariot of the gods when Phaidon, Apollo’s son, stole it for a joyride. As a reward, the Scorpion was placed in the sky (where he met Orion again!)


Scorpios have a knack for exploring the depths that other signs would rather avoid. Their keen intuition can see through anyone, but they rarely reveal their insights. Scorpios are highly emotional, but they hide their feelings behind a stoic facade. Sometimes, their emotions get the better of them, and they show a flash of intensity in their nostrils. Scorpios have a powerful emotional drive that fuels their creativity and passion. They have a deep connection to the 8th house of the zodiac, which rules over life, death, transformation and reproduction.

Scorpios may seem cool on the surface, but they have intense passion, both physically and emotionally, hidden underneath. They are very loyal when they are in love, but they can also be vengeful when they are hurt. Scorpios who are newly married might feel the urge to unleash some of the explosive power that is said to simmer in their minds. What makes Scorpios jealous and formidable is their ruthless and methodical way of reacting. They do not strike until they have gathered all the facts and identified the person’s vulnerabilities. They may bide their time for months or even years before forcing a final devastating confrontation.

Scorpios have an innate curiosity to unravel the mysteries of the universe, which may lead them to flirt with someone who fascinates them – with great intensity, of course. They lose interest quickly if they figure out the person too easily and look for a more enigmatic encounter. Scorpios prefer to keep their affairs discreet, like the rest of their personal lives. This way, they can avoid hurting their pride if they face rejection and also spice up the whole affair with some thrill and suspense. Scorpios are famous for being marvelous lovers with a fiery passion. However, once you fall in love with a Scorpio, you will be completely under their spell – which is exactly what they want, as they value sexual power highly and often pursue it to extremes.

Scorpio is known for being the most seductive sign in the zodiac and marrying a Scorpion can be a thrilling and turbulent experience. Scorpios have intense emotions hidden under their cool exteriors. They also have a venomous sting that they unleash on anyone who tries to leave them. Scorpios don’t forgive or forget, and they will exact revenge for any harm done to them during the relationship. Scorpios are competitive, but not for the sake of fame, success, or money – although they don’t mind having these things. They just enjoy the feeling of being the best or the first in whatever they do.

Scorpios have a reputation for being highly sexual and having an active, secret, and imaginative fantasy life. They fantasize about seducing and dominating others as irresistible ‘femme fatales’ or ‘demon lovers’. They also succumb to fantasies of fear and destruction. Scorpios struggle to let go of the past, and of people and situations that are no longer in their lives. They often create unnecessary suffering and stress for themselves and others by clinging to what is gone. Scorpios have the strongest zodiac energy, and they use it with an intense drive to succeed. Many Scorpios reach the top, but they may do so with ruthless determination and disregard for others.

Scorpios are secretive and do not like to share much about themselves or their interests. They often hide their enthusiasm to avoid being exposed. However, they have a deep and intense passion that surpasses other signs. Scorpios believe that self-knowledge is the source of all power, and they are drawn to explore their own psyche. This gives them insight into the fundamental forces of the universe, which they can use for good or evil. Scorpios enjoy doing research and discovering new things, even if they are mysterious or obscure. They are determined and patient, and they will not give up until they solve the mystery. Scorpios may also be aware of the global issues that affect the environment, such as the poverty of the Third world and the loss of the rain forests. These causes may ignite Scorpio passions.

Scorpio managers have a subtle but effective style of leadership. They seem to know everything that is happening in the workplace, and they set clear and firm boundaries for their employees. However, they rarely reveal their own thoughts or plans, and they may surprise their staff with sudden and dramatic changes. Scorpio bosses also have a mysterious and powerful charisma that can attract romantic interest. They may sometimes misuse this charm and hurt someone’s feelings, but they can also show great self-restraint and limit themselves to playing mind games. Beware of flirting with them! Scorpios are very emotional, but they keep their feelings hidden. They see emotional intimacy as a weakness that could give others an advantage over them, and they avoid it at all costs.

Scorpios have a remarkable blend of intellect and intuition that makes them very perceptive of the zodiac. They can quickly assess people or situations and often see beyond the surface. They are reputed to have psychic abilities. Their strong investigative skills and their ability to sense what others are feeling make them great at professions such as surgery, detective work, counselling and research. Scorpios are usually very private people who have an inner world that only a few can access. They need their solitude and a place to withdraw. They may struggle with emotional decisions, as their feelings can cloud their minds. They may also become jealous or vengeful when they are hurt by others, which can affect their judgement.

They thrive on crises more than any other sign, and they may even create them deliberately to make their rivals struggle. They perform best under pressure, so they find any situation with high stakes or risks stimulating. Their strategy for crises is to win by any means necessary. They have enough persistence to push aside most of the opposition, and only face a crisis when they are blocked on all sides. Then, they look for a weakness in their enemies (they always blame people, not bad luck or circumstances), and exploit it until they break through. They are often perceived as cunning, because they don’t reveal their intentions when dealing with a problem. This is not very accurate. Until they learn self-control, they are hardly aware of the motives behind their actions.

These children have a keen sense of crisis and often experience dramatic events triggered by the cycles of the outer planets. However, these traumas also motivate them to overcome their inertia and move forward. Scorpio children value commitment above all; they offer it and demand it back. If they face disappointment or betrayal in their early lives, they may struggle for a long time to understand why. As they approach adolescence, young Scorpios tend to become more quiet and withdrawn, making it hard or impossible for adults to connect with them. Behind their deep, dark eyes, there seems to be a battle that consumes their time and attention. The root cause of this inner conflict is often their early encounters with love. The awakening of latent passions can stir up in them a surge of emotions that they cannot conceal, yet fear to reveal.

As they approach old age, they feel both anxious and curious. They worry that they have not lived fully or intensely enough – that they have missed out on the great emotional experiences that give life meaning. But they also have a deep longing to explore all of life’s mysteries. For some of them, aging is the key that reveals a thousand secrets – and they are eager to use it. Young Scorpios try to take control, preferably in a subtle or hidden way. In extreme cases, they may harbor resentment and seek revenge on their siblings. More often, though, they pretend to be affectionate with them: ‘Keep your friends close, your enemies closer,’ is their motto.

A Scorpio father can be very strict and opinionated, which might scare his children; but he can also love them deeply and sincerely. A Scorpio mother feels the same way, but she might put too much pressure on her kids. Scorpios value trust above all in their friendships, and they only open up to those who prove to be loyal and discreet. If they share their emotions with you, you can be sure that they see you as a true friend. Scorpios are not flashy, but they have a strong attraction to classic cars – the ones that ‘they don’t make like they used to’. They enjoy finding a damaged car and restoring it to its original beauty – a trait that comes from their ruler Pluto, the planet of change. They also like to have a powerful engine – not because they speed, but because they like to have the option. And they always prefer tinted windows: this sign likes its privacy!

Scorpios are mysterious about their emotions. They learn from an early age to hide their desires and motives to avoid getting hurt, and this becomes a habit. Eventually, they may not even know their own feelings, and they may have to explore their dark side to discover what lies there. For Scorpios, the challenge is not to be honest with others, but with themselves. They often go through hard and painful life experiences before they find the answer. Meanwhile, they often end up in situations where they feel compelled to cheat. They may not understand why they do it, but they do it anyway. Despite their reputation for being relentless, they usually sense when something is hopeless. Then, they may get rid of everything in a drastic way – including themselves. This self-destructive attitude may seem noble to some, but it also makes the stakes too high.

The main lesson they need to learn is that they can achieve what they really want without risking everything. They have a natural desire to win, supported by unmatched will-power and determination. When they decide to win, they usually succeed. This attitude is evident in the impressive careers of Olympic swimmer Sharon Davies and others like her. They tend to be very aware of their sexual nature, but sometimes they feel guilty about their intense feelings. In such cases, they need to release the tension from frustration with a suitable distraction. They are very proud and often dislike being told that they need to lose weight. They may even deny the fact and resist. They need to come to the realization that they need to slim down on their own, for them to succeed. The Temptress is a style that a Scorpio woman can master if she wants, with seductive, low-cut dresses or tight mini-skirts, high heels and sheer black or fishnet stockings. However, she can also look very classy and elegant.

They enjoy hobbies that involve some risk and thrill. They love reading crime novels when they are at home, or engaging in simulated combat or martial arts that challenge them physically and mentally. They are not easy to spot in pubs, as they prefer to stay discreet and observant. They can probably spot you before you notice them. The best place to look for them is a dark corner near the cloakroom entrance. There, they can watch everyone’s movements and drinking patterns without being seen. And who knows what other secrets they might discover during the night? They have a knack for dressing attractively and seductively, and they always draw attention from the opposite sex. They are also good dancers and can move slowly and sensually at a party to make people notice them or wonder about them. They love partying.

They have many interests and commitments, but not enough time in the day to pursue them all as they wish. They should not feel that they are giving up one thing for another, because that can cause guilt or resentment. They need a purpose for eating out, not just hunger. In fact, they can skip meals for days without any problem. They may enjoy dining with business contacts who reveal secrets after drinking too much wine. However, their favorite dinner date is the one where they can outsmart a poor soul who just loves good food. They will frequent a restaurant that they like and expect special treatment. But the restaurant must take good care of them, or they will never come back. They like challenges in life, and they may explore the arts or the occult to understand the minds behind them. These subjects may also inspire the decoration of their home.

Scorpios are often on a quest for self-knowledge, which may make them disregard others’ opinions or feelings. They may enjoy solitary adventures, such as exploring haunted places, ancient ruins or exotic locations. They have a zest for life and want to experience everything they can. They are not afraid of changing their residence, but they can be very attached to their current home and its details. This sign is very emotional and seeks to fulfill its life purpose. They experience both pain and pleasure as they face the challenges of the Nodes and use them to grow in self-awareness. They like to be in charge of their own fate. They tend to see luck as a result of their own understanding and control of the situation. They can be very manipulative and power-hungry. They have a knack for spotting a good opportunity and exploiting weakness. Scorpios say ‘I master’, and they will not hesitate to use others for their own benefit. They often clash with others over shared or inherited possessions.

These people form strong emotional bonds with things and have a hard time letting go. Their ideal home is a secluded country house that looks mysterious and isolated from the outside. It is surrounded by fog and wind that make their sign – ‘Trespassers will be shot’ – redundant; who would dare to approach it anyway? But inside, it is the most comfortable of places. They like having corridors, passages and rooms that are hidden or revealed by buttons. They may not show it, but they are very competitive at work and will use any strategy – ethical or not – to gain control. They have both good and bad qualities when they face rivals – and they are formidable foes. They need to be fully engaged in their career goals. No sign is more passionate about assessing the value of an activity or more determined to dominate their surroundings and co-workers.

They have a keen interest in exploring mysteries, especially those related to psychic phenomena, such as birth or near-death experiences. They may also be drawn to occult topics, such as the lost continents of Atlantis and Mu. They are the most mysterious of the signs, hiding a depth of emotion that is unmatched in the zodiac. They protect the secrets of the universe, the cycle of life, death and rebirth, and the mysteries of power and self-knowledge. They are aware of the strength of their own feelings – which may explain why they are so hesitant to reveal them. If they can learn to trust that other signs can handle their emotions, they will have happier relationships. They have a knack for making light of scary situations, which can help them cope with their hidden fears. They have powerful imaginations that can conjure up terrifying scenarios and turn them into humor. They tend to have a personal preference for pets. They usually favor dogs over cats, and they like strong, working dogs and good guard dogs. They may also like unusual pets, such as spiders, snakes, lizards, alligators and other reptiles. They are confident in their own choices and they often have strong and immediate likes and dislikes when shopping. They are not easily persuaded to buy something they don’t like, but if they really want something, they don’t care about the price.


ARIES: You admire the way Rams put their heart and soul into everything, but resent the way they lose interest so quickly.
TAURUS: You and the Bull make good team-mates. The possibility of a lasting match as long as you don’t expect too much excitement.
GEMINI: There is something sexually exciting about the Twins. But don’t imagine for a moment you can change their annoying ways. You can’t.
CANCER: Crabs seem to understand where you are coming from, even if you don’t. Supportive, trustworthy and good for a lasting relationship.
LEO: Lions seem to think they are the bee’s knees, and you find that infuriating. What do they know about the really important issues?
VIRGO: They can be enormously helpful when it comes to understanding your feelings. Sometimes, that touch of detachment is just what you need.
LIBRA: You have little in common. You can see right through their charming way with words, which in turn makes them feel deeply uneasy.
SCORPIO: This combination is a bit like living under a volcano – fertile and fruitful, but liable to reupt at any time.
SAGITTARIUS: You get vacarious pleasure from watching the happy-go-lucky Archer in action. But jealousy could easily spoil the whole show.
CAPRICORN: Fun in the bedroom, practical solutions to your emotional crises outside it. The Goat makes a helpful friend and dutiful partner.
AQUARIUS: Is anyone more self-opinionated and infuriatingly detached from their feelings than this sign? How can they be so devoid of passion?
PISCES: Fishes are superb ar reassuring you, providing comfort in times of need, and urging you to see the best in others. You love them!

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