The asteroid Eros can provide insights into our erotic turn-ons. In mythology, Eros was the god of sexual love and desire, known for being irresistible. In Roman mythology, he was called Cupid. “In Greek art, Eros was depicted as a winged youth, slight but beautiful, often with eyes covered to symbolize the blindness of love. Sometimes he carried a flower, but more commonly a silver bow and arrows, with which he shot darts of desire into the bosoms of gods and men.” Eros overwhelms the mind with love and sex, representing sexual objectification, passion, desire, and creativity. It’s important to note that Eros is not always purely sexual, as it also symbolizes creative passion. In the chart, Eros can indicate areas where we invest a lot of our passion.

Eros in Astrology

Eros Ephemeris

Interpreting a person’s sexual nature using their natal chart requires a nuanced approach, as sexuality is complex and multifaceted. Finding a straightforward formula to ascertain an individual’s sexual preferences, fantasies, and modes of sexual expression is not an easy task. While instinct plays a role, human sexuality is complicated by our intelligence and the influence of society, since sexuality is primarily a social behavior. Although reproduction is a function of sexuality, humans do not engage in sexual behavior solely for reproductive purposes. A major element of our sexuality is governed by Mars. The sign and house position of Mars in the natal chart, as well as the aspects Mars makes with other planets and points, provide insight into our personal sexual style. Venus, the planet of love, romance, and pleasure, also influences our sexuality. Additionally, the Moon, which represents our emotional nature, affects our sexual behavior. Given that sexuality is a powerful motivator and a core part of our identities, all of our planets and points in the natal chart contribute to our sexuality in some way. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s sexual nature involves considering the interplay of all these celestial influences.

When exploring the astrology of sexuality, it is important to consider the entire natal chart of an individual. However, there are certain factors that tend to play a larger role than others. These key elements include:

Mars: Governs our sexual drive, desires, and style of sexual expression. The sign, house position, and aspects of Mars provide significant insights into these areas.

Venus: Influences our approach to love, romance, and pleasure. The position and aspects of Venus reveal much about what we find attractive and how we express affection.

The Moon: Represents our emotional nature and how we seek comfort and security. The Moon’s placement affects our emotional needs and how they intersect with our sexual behaviors.

The 5th House: Governs romance, love affairs, and the joy we derive from sexual and creative expression. The planets in this house and its ruling sign offer clues about our romantic inclinations and sexual playfulness.

The 8th House: Associated with deep intimacy, sexual relationships, and transformative experiences. The planets in this house and its ruling sign highlight how we approach sexual intimacy and the deeper connections we form.

The Ascendant and its Ruler: Influence our outward behavior and first impressions, including our sexual magnetism and how we present ourselves in romantic situations.

Aspects Between Key Planets: Interactions between Mars, Venus, the Moon, and other significant planets (like Pluto for intensity or Neptune for fantasy) can further define the nuances of our sexual nature.

Eros. The sign where the asteroid Eros is positioned can uncover some of our erotic preferences and reflect the depth of our erotic inclination.

By focusing on these primary factors, alongside the overall chart, a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s sexual nature can be achieved.

Eros in Aspect

When Eros is prominent in the natal chart (for instance, if Eros is conjunct the Ascendant, or conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars), Eros themes are particularly strong in the individual’s life. Such individuals often exude sexuality in some way. Their minds are frequently focused on sex and infatuation.

Famous individuals provide intriguing examples: Justin Timberlake’s Venus is conjunct Eros within a 2-degree orb in Capricorn and forms a square with Pluto. Elizabeth Taylor’s Eros is notably potent, located in Pisces, conjunct both the Sun and Mars, and in opposition to Neptune. Pamela Lee Anderson’s Eros is conjunct the Moon in Aries, opposite Mars, square Mercury, and trine Venus. O.J. Simpson’s Eros is in Sagittarius, opposing Mars. Marilyn Monroe’s Eros, situated in Capricorn, forms a square with Venus. Prince’s Eros, in Pisces, squares both the Sun and Saturn.

Eros in Love

Eros symbolizes our consciousness of mortality. Knowing that death is inevitable, we constantly seek affirmation of our vitality. This can manifest in a Leonine manner, such as through romance, procreation, and creative endeavors. Eros love is inherently self-focused. Indeed, Eros is stimulated by the notion of exciting another, yet this form of “feedback” primarily serves to satisfy our own desire to feel alive and essential.

Eros in Signs

Eros in Aries

Individuals with Eros in Aries instinctively and rapidly develop infatuations. Their sexual attractions form swiftly, and they revel intensely in the sensations of the moment. In relationships, there’s often a burst of initial strength and passion, though follow-through may not always be consistent. Others might perceive them as somewhat erratic due to the quick fluctuations in their passions. While not particularly emotionally expressive in their sexual encounters, they exhibit fervor while it lasts. Eros in Aries individuals are strongly connected to the immediate sensations of the moment, sometimes viewing their partner as an object or an extension of themselves. They typically prefer to take the lead in relationships and may feel a thrill in the pursuit of their desires. They are often excited by initiating things swiftly, being the first to act on an idea, engaging in physical activities, and pursuing enterprising, self-directed ventures.

Eros in Taurus

Individuals with Eros in Taurus are highly sensual lovers who may seek to possess their partners. Sexual possessiveness can be a significant issue for them, unlike those with Eros in Aries who are more drawn to competition. These individuals often have primitive desires and are not as attracted to complex sexual experiences. They find simple, earthy, and comfortable pleasures most appealing. Eros in Taurus individuals tend to be most unhappy without a stable partner. Their sexual nature is deeply rooted in the senses. They derive pleasure from sustained, long-term pursuits and enjoy seeing the results of their efforts over time. Physical arts and tangible experiences are particularly enticing to them.

Eros in Gemini

Individuals with Eros in Gemini are sexually curious and intellectually stimulated. They enjoy being knowledgeable about sexual matters and are often aroused by the written and spoken word. They may express their desires through writing letters to their lover or by indulging in writing and reading erotica. Due to their active minds, it can be challenging for these individuals to completely let go during sex, and there is often a voyeuristic element to their sexual expression. Many Eros in Gemini individuals find pleasure in talking and being talked to during sex, placing significant importance on communication. This position may also indicate a love for learning and engaging in special-interest projects. Making lists, teaching, and guiding others can be significant interests for them. They thrive on mental stimulation and seek variety in their intellectual pursuits.

Eros in Cancer

Individuals with Eros in Cancer feel a need to infuse emotional care and nurture into the sexual act. When their self-image is low, they may use others as sexual objects, likely due to a fear of rejection. They are often orally fixated and may be attracted to themes of domination. However, when their self-image is stronger, intimacy and warmth become powerful stimulants. Eros in Cancer lovers seek psychic and emotional renewal through sex and can be highly intuitive bed partners. Sexual possessiveness is common, and they may desire their partner to be relatively chaste while not holding themselves to the same standards. These individuals often develop deep emotional connections with their sexual partners. Additionally, this placement may indicate a passion for domestic projects, history, real estate, food, protecting and nurturing others, or building a secure home environment.

Eros in Leo

Fantasies for individuals with Eros in Leo often revolve around their partner’s desire for them. They derive excitement from imagining their partner’s feelings and desires towards them. These lovers are inclined towards autoerotic behavior and frequently engage in flirtation and infatuations, yet they can be remarkably loyal. Eros in Leo individuals live for love and attraction, feeling threatened when passion settles down in their relationships. They are driven to keep passion alive and may resort to flirting with others to feel vibrant and potent. These individuals have a significant ego investment in their relationships. Additionally, Eros in Leo lovers find fulfillment in activities that make them proud or distinguish them, as well as in celebration, acknowledgment, adornment, drama, creativity, and competition.

Eros in Virgo

Individuals with Eros in Virgo possess a blend of earthiness and intellectuality, resulting in sensual lovers, particularly when they are not overthinking. However, due to Virgo’s tendency to analyze, there may be a propensity to be one’s own voyeur during sex, leading to vicarious enjoyment of sexual experiences. A meeting of minds is crucial for these individuals, who value intellectual connection in their relationships. Eros in Virgo lovers tend to experience distinct phases between promiscuity and celibacy and may exhibit sensitivity and tenderness towards their partners. They often go to great lengths to please their partners but may struggle with awkwardness and shyness in fully letting themselves go. While Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, this should not be taken literally. Instead, there is a sense of purity and independence in their approach to sexuality. Despite occasional promiscuity and kinkiness, these individuals emerge from their experiences with a sense of purity. They are highly attuned to the body and its functioning, viewing sex as physically healthy and beneficial. On another level, Eros in Virgo finds pleasure in activities that involve organizing, editing, and fixing. Their passion projects may revolve around organizing, correcting, attending to details, sorting, and helping others find information.

Eros in Libra

Individuals with Eros in Libra possess a flirtatious and charming disposition. Their tendency towards a “tit for tat” attitude translates into a desire for equality on a sexual level, although in practice, they may often prioritize their partner’s sexual needs over their own. Communication is particularly seductive to these lovers. Eros in Libra individuals can become hopelessly addicted to the romantic trappings of falling in love, to the extent that a settled relationship may seem mundane to them. Highly romantic and charming, they revel in the social game of making connections with lovers and can be quite seductive in their approach. Additionally, Eros in Libra reflects a great love of beautiful things, art, and pleasure, further enhancing their romantic allure and appreciation for aesthetics.

Eros in Scorpio

Individuals with Eros in Scorpio possess an especially erotic disposition. They are drawn to the thrill of deeply connecting with someone on an emotional and physical level, as well as to the intense power of love and sex. These lovers prioritize intensity in their relationships, seeking not only their partner’s body but also a connection to their soul. Eros in Scorpio individuals exhibit very little fear when it comes to sexual intimacy and are willing to explore a wide range of experiences with a willing partner. They are passionate and thrive in relationships that are deeply intense and transformative. Their animal magnetism is strong, stemming from their frequent contemplation of sex and intimacy, which others may pick up on. They have a knack for tapping into their partner’s desires and can easily stir up intense emotions. Additionally, Eros in Scorpio may manifest as a love or passion for analysis, psychoanalysis, investigation, research, alchemy, mystery, and dark or multi-layered topics, further adding depth to their character and interests.

Eros in Sagittarius

Individuals with Eros in Sagittarius exude an enthusiastic and exuberant charm. They view sex as a fun and enjoyable activity, often incorporating roughhousing and hearty laughter into their intimate encounters. Sexuality is approached with a sport-like mentality by these lovers, who may surprise others with their open and almost innocent attitude toward sex and intimacy. For Eros in Sagittarius individuals, sex is akin to a game, and how this perspective is received depends largely on the audience. They may exhibit some addiction to the thrill of the chase and may avoid intimacy if it feels constraining in any way. While tenderness and romance may not come as naturally to them, laughter and fun serve as powerful aphrodisiacs. These individuals prioritize sexual exploration and freedom, valuing sexual honesty and authenticity over frills and superficialities. Eros in Sagittarius may also manifest as a passion for knowledge, a hunger for new experiences, a love of the outdoors, competition, exploration, philosophy, worldviews and beliefs, or a deep-seated love of travel and cultural exploration.

Eros in Capricorn

Individuals with Eros in Capricorn are sensual and grounded in their sexual desires. They possess a strong libido, but it is often tempered and controlled. Being ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is a sign that values control, not necessarily over others, but over themselves. Many individuals with Eros in Capricorn channel their desire nature into achieving significant goals and accomplishments. This placement is characterized by a high level of focus, principles, earthiness, and sensuality. There is often a deep love for accomplishment and competence, driving these individuals to strive for success in various areas of life. Additionally, Eros in Capricorn may manifest as a strong appreciation for precision, organization, work, business, and performance, further emphasizing their disciplined and goal-oriented nature.

Eros in Aquarius

Individuals with Eros in Aquarius are drawn to the unusual and find excitement in variety. The detachment characteristic of Aquarius may lead them to derive sensuality from non-contact scenarios as well as contact ones. Sexual creativity is a notable strength of this placement, and their open-mindedness can stimulate creativity in their partners. These lovers are interesting, intriguing, and excel as strong communicators. Eros in Aquarius may also manifest as a great love for people and their quirks, as well as for causes and unusual hobbies. They have an appreciation for what is odd, different, or shocking, further emphasizing their unique and unconventional approach to sexuality and relationships.

Eros in Pisces

Individuals with Eros in Pisces exhibit a chameleon-like quality in their approach to love and sexuality, being highly adaptable to their partner’s desires. However, this adaptability does not diminish their own sexual preferences or sense of identity. Instead, their Piscean compassion and ability to understand and accept a wide range of experiences and expressions are reflected in their romantic and sexual interactions. These lovers feel most comfortable and at ease when their partner is confidently expressing themselves. Additionally, this placement suggests a passion for Pisces-ruled subjects, including art, mystery, movies, music, humanitarian and compassionate pursuits, rescuing and saving, emotionally-complicated topics, and unusual endeavors and hobbies. Their romantic and sexual experiences are often deeply intertwined with their appreciation for these Piscean themes, further enhancing their emotional and spiritual connections with their partners.

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