Sun in Pisces

The sign of the Dreamer

The Archetypal Piscean: Don Quixote, the knight who was ridiculed for tilting at imaginary windmills but who in the end found spiritual fulfilment
Key Quote: “The easiest thing of all is to deceive oneself; for what a man wishes he usually believes to be true” – Demosthenes

February 20 - March 20

Ruling Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Fishes
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 12th
Planetary ruler: Neptune
Colour: Sea green, lilac Gemstones: Bloodstone, aquamarine, chrysolite, crystal, nephrite
Metal: Zinc
Perfume: Ambergris
Day: Thursday
Number: 7
Keywords: Impressionably, nebulously, compassionately
Rules: The Twelfth House (the unconscious, secret enemies, repressed emotions, dreams, surrendering to a higher cause).
Positive traits: Artistic, kind, sympathetic, intuitive, visionary, sensitive, adaptable, receptive
Negative traits: Impractical, vague, careless, spiteful, confused, weak-willed, indecisive, easily led astray, greedy, immoral
Compatibility: Cancer and Scorpio Sexual partner:
If you are female: SCORPIO Made in heaven
If you are male: ARIES Great intensity
Parts of the body ruled: Feet, toes, glandular system, mucus, gastro-abdominal system
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Pituitary gland, lymphatic system
Acupuncture meridian: Small intestine
Possible ailments: Bunions, chilblains, alcoholism, drug addiction, lymphatic and glandular disorders, forgetfulness, insanity
Beneficial foods: Raisins, dates, cereals
Diet: Make a clear plan and be realistic about calories. Include plenty of hot, calorie-free drinks but reduce salt
Flowers, herbs & spices: Water lily, Iris, dandelion, chervil, chicory, clematis, crocus, lupin, succory, saccharum, aniseed, balm, birch, chestnut, currants, daisy, dock, fig, kelp, marjoram, nutmeg, oak, sage, strawberry
Trees/shrubs: Eucalyptus, linden, lime rowan
Healing with herbs: Dock, sage, fig
Comfortable surroundings: Pisceans feel very much at home with all shades of pale blue, green (the colours of the sea) and violet.
Stress areas: Success/publicity, bereavement, public speaking
Attitude to shopping: Dreamy, compassionate
Objects: Beer glasses, boats, bric-a-brac, fancy dress costumes, objects from work, photographs, shells, watercolours, wigs
Party costumes: Ghostbuster, Priest or nun, Cinderella
Sports/Hobbies: Cinema, darts, day-dreaming, drinking, painting, photography, poetry, storytelling, swimming
Professions/Trades: Acting, artist, chiropodist, fishmonger, hospital worker, photographer, priest, prison worker, sailor, spiritual healer, vet, writer
Countries: Portugal, Tonga, Tanzania
Cities: Alexandria, Seville

Archimedes Mythology

The constellation of Pisces is said to commemorate the fishes who rescued the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros after they hurled themselves into a river to escape the wrath of the giant Typhon. The Fishes were raised to the heavens as a reward, and their tails tied together by the gods so that they should never be separated.


The Piscean personality is the most unworldly one in the zodiac. It is the poet, the dreamer, or the psychic who enjoys being taken away from the mundane reality of everyday life. If Pisceans become trapped by circumstances in any one place, they will seek solace from their own inner world. Physical descriptions of the different Piscean types invariably draw their inspiration from marine life. They are often difficult to categorize into physical types as they tend to blend in with their surroundings. They range from the sylph-like eel to the rather portly basking whale. This sensitive water sign is one of the most imaginative of the zodiac and Pisceans are often natural artists or poets. Pisceans can be inspired to great heights of artistic achievement, alone, or in a partnership, as they express their emotions in a particularly fluid way through the mutable quality of their sign. When in love, Pisceans are filled with aspirations.

Often seeking a spiritual life with their partner, they are probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac and can be very caring and sensitive. But the fact that they are dreamers can cause problems since expectations may be too high. For all the laughter and joy, a tinge of melancholy is inevitable at their wedding, and Pisces may weep for inexpressible reasons. When Pisceans are confronted by jealous feelings they cannot escape, their ultimate weapon is to play the role of the ‘victim’ who has been cruelly betrayed. Those on the receiving end of this sort of emotional blackmail should realize that Pisces can and will recover, given time. Romantic fantasies – something which Pisceans possess in abundance – can bring almost exquisite pleasure to Piscean flirtations, both for themselves and for other people. Unfortunately their dreams are often too insubstantial to sustain for any length of time, and Piscean romantic encounters frequently end in disillusionment for all parties concerned. The perfect love affair, as far as Pisceans are concerned, will ideally contain all the elements of a romantic novel – starting off with love at first sight, followed by clandestine meetings and secret letters. Similarly, the affair will either end ‘happily ever after’ or in a harrowing parting of the ways ‘Brief Encounter’ style.

Pisceans in love are completely lost in their dream world. They often see love and sex as one and the same, which can make their dreams turn into nightmares if they discover their ‘perfect’ partners are not who they thought they were at first but in reality have a host of unattractive faults and irritating habits. Pisceans are the most romantic marriage partners and they have a deep yearning to merge totally into another person and become one, rather than simply being a couple. They invariably see themselves as having the indissoluble bond of a blissfully happy union – no matter how their spouses view it. While dreamily romantic Pisces tends to yearn for a relationship that will outlast time, those born under this sign are self-sacrificing enough to want only what is best for their partner. They may agree to a separation even though this is the last thing they themselves want. Often the result of such compromises is that they suffer long-term pain. Pisceans are not by nature aggressive. They do not enjoy the cut and thrust of argument and competition. Their natural reaction to any kind of disagreement is to withdraw as rapidly as possible, either physically, or mentally, into a dream-world. As a result they may let things slide and miss out on opportunities.

Pisces is the most imaginative sign of the zodiac. If Pisceans find that their life is unhappy in any way, they will withdraw into an inner world of fantasy and illusion. They create within their minds the kind of world they would like to live in, and to them it is real. Pisceans are by nature gentle and compassionate. They find any kind of harshness and aggression very stressful and, unlike people of other signs, they are not spurred on to greater effort by competition. This merely makes them feel stressed, and prevents them from producing their best results. They are the least materialistic people, with little interest in success, although some Pisceans do indulge in dreams of high achievement. In any event, they measure success in far less individual terms than people under other signs – which is not surprising as this is the sign of mystic unity. Pisceans love activities which let them express themselves artistically or delve into a world of imagination. The stage, in particular, has a strong appeal for many young Pisceans; they enjoy ‘losing themselves’ by portraying someone else. This, along with their responsiveness to people and atmosphere, frequently makes them natural actors and actresses. The Piscean attitude towards power is rather fatalistic. They feel that if they are picked to lead, they must act the part to the full and make personal sacrifices in the interests of giving their all to those who need them. Once established in such a role, however, they can easily convince themselves that their decisions are infallible.

Pisceans seek adventure in the world of imagination. Greatly attracted by anything exotic, romantic or mystical, they may become involved with unusual people and situations during the course of their lives. This sign also enjoys visiting strange places, and may possibly experience adventures of the paranormal kind. They are fond of peace and quiet, so they are more attracted to the rural idyll of the countryside than to hectic town life. They also love to be close to the water, whether by a river or the sea, but even so, they are none too comfortable in any place which they feel is unnecessarily harsh or over-exposed to the elements. Despite their shortcomings, Piscean bosses are among the most lovable in the zodiac, and their vulnerability often brings out the mother in those around them. Kind, compassionate and sharing, they will never let their employees suffer hardship if they can possibly avoid it, and more often than not their little kindnesses are amply repaid.

There could be trouble if the mothering turns to romance, since Pisces is also the most eminently seducible of the 12 signs. Yet even when they lose control of their senses and cause an upset in the office, Piscean bosses usually manage to wriggle out of it and live to dream another day. As a mutable water sign, Pisceans tend, quite literally, to ‘go with the flow’ and let themselves be carried along by whatever is happening around them. This reflection off others can be enormously rewarding for their imaginative, artistic minds, but they must be aware of the potential pitfalls – Pisceans are easily taken in. Pisceans have one of the most fluid and impressionable minds in the zodiac: they soak up ideas and feelings from others, preferring to base their view of the world around these nebulous impressions rather than hard facts. Many of them also tend to act on vague hunches or elusive ‘feelings’ which they pick up on a psychic level. When other people are suffering, they tend to feel their pain almost as if it were themselves. This makes them enormously sympathetic to problems, although it also risks them becoming too emotionally involved.

As long as they guard against this second tendency, they have the potential to make excellent counsellors. Pisceans who live with others strive for genuine intimacy, regardless of the relationship. Distinctions such as ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ do not come naturally to them, so it is vital that they share their lives with people who do not worry too much about privacy or possessions otherwise awkward emotional undercurrents could develop. When making decisions about their intimate relationships, caring Pisceans often find it extremely difficult to stand back from the issues and see things as they really are. In extreme cases, they may be so receptive to the emotional demands of their partner that they confuse these with their own and make entirely the wrong decision as a result.

Their method of dealing with crises is extremely simple – avoid them. Most crises present two or more different choices, usually in a situation of some pressure. However, since pressure and decision-making are not just uncomfortable for them but actually harmful, it makes sense to try to avoid such things altogether. Problems only serve to heighten their naturally escapist tendencies, and when they are faced by something they do not like, their immediate reaction is to head for the back door. What they must learn is that by doing so they take their troubles with them; only by standing and facing up to problems can they hope to resolve them. No matter how old they are, they often have a rather endearing naive quality – a fresh way of looking at the world through childlike eyes.

The highly sensitive Piscean imagination sees so far beyond the bounds of accepted reality that many born under this sign seem too good to be true, even though in some ways they are! Kind, loving Piscean children experience depths of emotion unequalled by other signs, and can easily be hurt by harsh or unsympathetic treatment. A happy home environment is also essential to ‘atmospheres’ and will withdraw into their private fantasy world at the slightest sign of unpleasantness. For dreamy Pisceans, growing up into adulthood can be very much like living in a goldfish bowl. All around them is the world – mysterious, alluring, inviting, even frightening – yet try as they might they can never quite touch it. When they get near, the vision starts to blur. The rest of the time, they tend to find themselves swimming round in circles. When they reach old age, they greatly appreciate the love and kindness that others have to offer. Visits from the family will be much enjoyed – especially if the party includes grandchildren, who will be enthralled by their ability to transport them into a magical world of fantasy and make-believe. In fact, contact with youngsters is always an enjoyable experience for older pisceans, since it enables them to recapture the romance and dreams of their own youth.

Memories are very real to these people, and as they look back over a life spent in search of spiritual fulfilment, the answers often start to flash before their eyes. Having a Piscean brother of sister is a mixed blessing, and can evoke very contradictory feelings during childhood. On the one hand, their habit of bursting into tears for no apparent reason often seems to earn them more than their fair share of attention, giving rise to petty jealousies among the more robust members of the family. Yet by the same token, Pisces is the child who is ever-loving and never complains at sharing toys or sympathising with others’ distress. It all adds up to a rather confusing package. The Piscean father can be very elusive; but if he focuses on his child long enough, he can instil a deep love of music, art and poetry. Fairy stories are an excellent way for the Piscean mother to entertain her children and to enable them to share the richly imaginative world she inhabits, while introducing them to new ideas. Pisceans like friends who can share their love of culture, of poetry, music, ballet, nature and of the countryside. Someone who will enjoy spending an afternoon going round an art gallery or sitting in the countryside dreaming, painting, reading or discussing ideas is the perfect companion for a Piscean.

Pisceans are lucky when it comes to ideal cars, for no matter how impoverished they might be, they can still conjure up a ‘dream machine’ in their heads. For fishes, the difference between a 2CV and a Rolls-Royce Corniche is but a leap of the imagination – and no sign makes those leaps better! In fact, most Pisceans do not care if their car is old, slow or falling to bits; as long as they feel an emotional attachment, it is poetry in motion and that is all that counts. It is hard to be nitpicking with them. They have such an instinctive rapport with humanity and its weaknesses that you feel guilty picking up on their inability to get to grips with everyday life. Nevertheless, there are times when their readiness to flee reality for the dream world inside their heads is wholly exasperating. You can tie them to a chair, lock them up, and throw away the key, but they will always find a way to slip through your fingers. Poor old Pisces!

Time and again, members of this fishy sign find themselves caught in a net of deceit and intrigue without ever really understanding how they came to be there. It is not that they are born dishonest – indeed, given the right circumstances no sign cares more about the welfare of its fellow human beings. But because Neptune-ruled fishes have a habit of absorbing whatever influences surround them at the time, the sad fact of the matter is that they can only ever be as honest as their current situation allows them to be. As the eternal dreamers of the zodiac, forever reaching beyond the bounds of reality, they can win and lose a thousand times without ever leaving the safety of their own home. Thoughts of fabulous victories, of glittering prizes claimed in heroic fashion, are a regular feature of their life. So, too, are nightmare defeats, when the world suddenly conspires against them and squeezes very ounce of breath from their bodies. Rather than restricting fluids, they will find that their fluid retention problem is greatly eased if they reduce their salt consumption as much as possible.

Since most Pisceans do not like highly seasoned or flavoured food, they do not usually find this too difficult to do, and they usually feel much better for it as well. It is difficult for them to keep to any routine or schedule, but they, like anybody else, benefit from regular exercise; a little advance planning could help them to achieve this. A certain amount of structuring is good for them, even though they may feel it is the last thing they want! Their feet and toes cause them the most anxiety. This is perhaps not surprising as, symbolically, it is the feet that keep this fanciful sign earthbound. They might find it therapeutic to ‘feel the ground’ beneath them by walking barefoot occasionally, or to use massage and reflexology to ease the strain. They like romantic looks which stir their fertile imaginations. Lace, frills and dainty trimmings appeal, making the ‘ballerina’ look perfect, with its wrap-around tops, full skirts and flat pumps. They may also enjoy wearing antique clothes, particularly in gentle colours such as cream, greys and sea-tones.

They are sensitive and soft-hearted by nature and show this by involving themselves in charity work during their hours of leisure. In keeping with their idealistic co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, they are happiest when they feel they are contributing to a good cause – something that allows them to do something for (and with) other people. You will be sure to number plenty of Pisceans among your friends if you join a local amateur dramatic or creative writing group, since their social life tends to revolve around artistic expression. Their sensitive nature makes them popular with those around them, and they will do almost anything for fellow members. Seldom is it possible to walk into a pub without passing Pisces on the way.

This is the sign that likes to sit close to the door, ready to make good its escape if the going gets too rough. Join them in conversation and you may not know whether to laugh or cry. On a good night you’ll probably end up doing both – but a pub without a Piscean in it is like a goldfish bowl without the goldfish. Their parties are fascinating and fun. They are normally held for traditional reasons, but often encompass the whole spectrum of their activities. A party without alcohol is unthinkable, and after one or two drinks they will let their hair down and charm in their inimitable style. For Pisces, going to a restaurant means far more than simply filling up with food. Eating out is one of their favourite ways of escaping from the realities of everyday life. When they feel inspired, optimistic and on top of the world, they are quite likely to head straight for the nearest five-star restaurant to celebrate. The same applies when they are feeling down. They are inspired cooks, guided by the mood of the moment. They do not slavishly follow recipes, and can be very creative. Shopping, too, is often instinctive. They rarely take a list, and tend to go into the shop for one ingredient but may end up coming back with a variety of things they do not really need. Activities which stimulate the imagination are more to their taste than mental pursuits, although many Pisceans enjoy reading and finding out facts about subjects which interest them. They also have a taste for the high-life, since this is one of the best ways for them to escape the humdrum reality of everyday existence.

They need to sample everything they come across, which can lead to disappointment because of their gullibility. They need to make sure that they are not being taken in by people or they may well arrive at their chosen destination only to find it does not live up to their high expectations. They can sometimes lose their sense of proportion and throw themselves totally into things. Unless they are careful, their families may find that, because they care so much, the Piscean members have taken over all the nasty tasks and the family problems, leaving them little time for themselves in which to relax. Imaginative, dreamy Pisceans can easily become confused as to the destiny mapped out by the North Node, preferring instead to remain with what is safe and comfortable. yet often all it takes is one brave step forward into the unknown for them to discover that their sensitivity and kindness have an important part to play in the world.

The most intuitive sign of all, they are often very successful when they choose to flirt with luck. They find the thrill of gambling exhilarating and do not seem to care too much whether they win or lose. Their inspired guesses often pay off, as they would bet on something that nobody else would dream of. They are very much concerned with solving other people’s problems. Mere personal financial problems hardly bother them, even when difficulties over cash flow or an overdraft, for instance, are potentially serious. ‘I flow’ declare Pisceans: but their finances sometimes ebb, with disastrous results. Asking them to name their dream home is difficult – they have so many! One would almost certainly be near water – rambling and atmospheric, with an artistic or even spiritual feel, but not too secluded. Another would reflect their fascination with all that glitters – a yacht in the Mediterranean perhaps. On board, impeccably dressed waiters would serve champagne to guests and dreamy romantic music would fill their air – an illusion, in fact, of the perfect existence. They possess an almost other-worldly sensitivity which enables them to experience many different aspects of reality simultaneously. This can at certain times lead to chaos, but may also prove inspirational.

Devotion to work means they are able to offer a selfless quality of service to others. Because of their sensitivity, they can get very tired and emotionally battered. They need to learn how to cut off the vibrations which tend to cling to them. Having a good hot shower or bath after being with other people or in a difficult atmosphere is particularly helpful and relaxing. They are a sucker for secrets and are easily impressed by shared confidences. They are the most gullible of all the signs in the zodiac, and they believe almost anything. They are therefore natural victims, who are very open to being taken in by unscrupulous people who take advantage of their impractical dreams. Their combination of sensitivity and imagination can draw in fears from nowhere: even things they read about or watch on TV can affect them deeply. Yet once they begin to realize what is taking place, the battle is half won. They can survive the world, by only once they have got to grips with their own psychological make-up. Many Pisceans have a talent for creating illusions. When they are unhappy, they can use their humour as a barrier to keep the world out.

These gifted clowns can convince all but the most perceptive friend. They may even convince themselves for a time, but sooner or later they must deal with their powerful emotions. The temperament of an animal – and whether or not it is needy – is more important to them than the type or breed. They do not have any particular favourite dogs, although golden retrievers and spaniels appeal. They often like keeping an aquarium and find it soothing to watch the fish swimming around. With their altruistic, humanitarian approach to life and their compassionate outlook, they particularly like charity shops and ecologically sound, ethically produced goods. They will usually make a point of buying such things as re-cycled paper goods and coffee which has been produced by co-operatives.


ARIES: Rams can make you forget your problems for a while in their enthusiasm to live for the present. But remember – only for a while.
TAURUS: Someone to give you practical advice and support in times of emotional distress. But possibly a trifle dull when you are feeling inspired.
GEMINI: Frustrating how you can never find a Twin when you need one. And when you manage to pin them down, they treat life far too flippantly.
CANCER: Someone you can really relate to on an equal footing. Crabs understand your emotional needs and appreciate your concerns, too.
LEO: There are certain leo qualities that you admire. But when it comes to the crunch, their problems always seem to take priority. Depressing.
VIRGO: You appreciate the value of having a practical Virgo around, but the subtler issues you want to discuss seem to be completely lost on them.
LIBRA: They are surprisingly understanding of you innermost feelings, but remember – Librans see things from a very different perspective.
SCORPIO: A compatible partnership. Not only do you encourage and support each other – you can even accept one another’s shortcomings.
SAGITTARIUS: There is something a little frightening about Archers – they seem to threaten your peace of mind. Not really recommended.
CAPRICORN: Here is someone you can confide in who won’t let you down. Goats appreciate your emotional support and repay it with interest.
AQUARIUS: Your greater understanding of what really matters in life can help Aquarians to put their own views in perspective. A real ego booster.
PISCES: You may spend so much time feeling sorry for each other that you jump off the wheel of life. Still, the good times are great.

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