Sun in Pisces

The sign of the Dreamer

The Archetypal Piscean: Don Quixote, the knight who was ridiculed for tilting at imaginary windmills but who in the end found spiritual fulfilment
Key Quote: “The easiest thing of all is to deceive oneself; for what a man wishes he usually believes to be true” – Demosthenes

February 20 - March 20

Ruling Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Fishes
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 12th
Planetary ruler: Neptune
Colour: Sea green, lilac Gemstones: Bloodstone, aquamarine, chrysolite, crystal, nephrite
Metal: Zinc
Perfume: Ambergris
Day: Thursday
Number: 7
Keywords: Impressionably, nebulously, compassionately
Rules: The Twelfth House (the unconscious, secret enemies, repressed emotions, dreams, surrendering to a higher cause).
Positive traits: Artistic, kind, sympathetic, intuitive, visionary, sensitive, adaptable, receptive
Negative traits: Impractical, vague, careless, spiteful, confused, weak-willed, indecisive, easily led astray, greedy, immoral
Compatibility: Cancer and Scorpio Sexual partner:
If you are female: SCORPIO Made in heaven
If you are male: ARIES Great intensity
Parts of the body ruled: Feet, toes, glandular system, mucus, gastro-abdominal system
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Pituitary gland, lymphatic system
Acupuncture meridian: Small intestine
Possible ailments: Bunions, chilblains, alcoholism, drug addiction, lymphatic and glandular disorders, forgetfulness, insanity
Beneficial foods: Raisins, dates, cereals
Diet: Make a clear plan and be realistic about calories. Include plenty of hot, calorie-free drinks but reduce salt
Flowers, herbs & spices: Water lily, Iris, dandelion, chervil, chicory, clematis, crocus, lupin, succory, saccharum, aniseed, balm, birch, chestnut, currants, daisy, dock, fig, kelp, marjoram, nutmeg, oak, sage, strawberry
Trees/shrubs: Eucalyptus, linden, lime rowan
Healing with herbs: Dock, sage, fig
Comfortable surroundings: Pisceans feel very much at home with all shades of pale blue, green (the colours of the sea) and violet.
Stress areas: Success/publicity, bereavement, public speaking
Attitude to shopping: Dreamy, compassionate
Objects: Beer glasses, boats, bric-a-brac, fancy dress costumes, objects from work, photographs, shells, watercolours, wigs
Party costumes: Ghostbuster, Priest or nun, Cinderella
Sports/Hobbies: Cinema, darts, day-dreaming, drinking, painting, photography, poetry, storytelling, swimming
Professions/Trades: Acting, artist, chiropodist, fishmonger, hospital worker, photographer, priest, prison worker, sailor, spiritual healer, vet, writer
Countries: Portugal, Tonga, Tanzania
Cities: Alexandria, Seville

Archimedes Mythology

According to legend, the Pisces constellation represents the fishes that saved the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros from the giant Typhon. They jumped into a river to avoid his fury, and the fishes helped them escape. The gods honored the fishes by placing them in the sky, and tied their tails together so they would always stay close.


Pisces is the most spiritual and transcendent sign of the zodiac. Pisceans are often poets, dreamers, or psychics who like to escape from the ordinary reality of daily life. They need freedom and variety, or they will retreat into their own inner world. Their physical appearance reflects their connection to the ocean, from the graceful eel to the majestic whale. They are hard to classify by physical types, as they tend to adapt to their environment. This sensitive water sign has a great imagination and creativity, and Pisceans can achieve remarkable artistic success, either alone or with a partner. They express their emotions in a flexible and fluid way, thanks to the mutable quality of their sign. Pisceans are full of hope and inspiration when they are in love.

Pisces are very romantic and spiritual signs who seek a deep connection with their partners. They are caring and sensitive, but they also tend to have unrealistic expectations and dream too much. Their wedding day may be filled with joy and tears, as they feel a mix of emotions. When they face jealousy, they may act like victims who have been wronged and try to manipulate others with their guilt. However, they can bounce back from their wounds if they are given some time. Pisces love to flirt and fantasize, but they often lack the substance and commitment to make their relationships last. They are easily disappointed when reality does not match their idealized vision. Pisces want their love stories to be like novels, with love at first sight, secret rendezvous and passionate letters. They also want a perfect ending, either a happy ever after or a tragic separation.

Pisceans are dreamy lovers who often blur the lines between love and sex. They can be disappointed or hurt when they realize that their ‘perfect’ partners are not as ideal as they imagined, but have many flaws and annoying habits. Pisceans crave a deep and intimate connection with their partners, where they can become one soul instead of two. They have a romantic vision of a lasting and harmonious marriage, regardless of how their spouses feel about it. Pisceans are also very selfless and willing to sacrifice their own happiness for their partner’s sake. They may accept a breakup even if they don’t want it at all. This can lead to long-term suffering for them. Pisceans are not confrontational or competitive by nature. They dislike arguments and conflicts and tend to escape from them as quickly as possible, either physically or mentally, into their fantasy world. This can make them miss out on opportunities and let things go downhill.

Pisces is the sign of the zodiac with the most imagination. They retreat into a world of fantasy and illusion when they are unhappy with their life. They imagine the kind of world they want to live in, and it becomes real to them. Pisces are gentle and compassionate by nature. They are very stressed by harshness and aggression, and they do not respond well to competition. It only makes them feel more stressed, and it prevents them from doing their best. They are not interested in material things or success, although some Pisces may have dreams of achieving great things. However, they have a different definition of success than other signs – which is expected as this is the sign of mystical unity. Pisces enjoy activities that allow them to express their artistic side or explore their imagination. Many young Pisces are drawn to the stage, where they can ‘lose themselves’ by playing someone else. This, along with their sensitivity to people and environments, often makes them natural performers. The Piscean attitude towards power is somewhat fatalistic. They think that if they are chosen to lead, they have to play the role fully and make personal sacrifices for the sake of others. However, once they are in such a role, they may easily believe that they are always right.

Pisceans are adventurous in their imaginative realm. They are drawn to anything that is exotic, romantic or mystical, and they may encounter unusual people and situations in their lives. They like to explore strange places, and they may have some paranormal experiences. They prefer peace and quiet, so they favor the rural charm of the countryside over the busy urban life. They also love being near water, whether it is a river or the sea, but they are not comfortable in places that are too harsh or exposed to the elements. Despite their flaws, Piscean bosses are very lovable and their vulnerability often evokes a maternal instinct in others. They are kind, compassionate and generous, and they will not let their employees face hardship if they can help it. Their kindness is often rewarded by their staff.

Pisces bosses should be careful not to mix work and romance, as they are the most easily seduced sign of the zodiac. Even if they do get into trouble for their sensual escapades, they usually find a way to escape and keep dreaming. As a mutable water sign, Pisces adapts to the flow of events and mirrors the emotions and thoughts of others. This can stimulate their creative and artistic minds, but it also makes them vulnerable to deception. Pisces relies more on intuition and empathy than on facts and logic. They often act on hunches or feelings that they sense on a psychic level. They are very compassionate and can feel the pain of others as if it were their own. This makes them helpful and supportive, but it also exposes them to emotional distress.

They have the potential to be excellent counsellors, as long as they avoid being too self-sacrificing. Pisceans who live with others seek genuine intimacy in any relationship. They do not care much about boundaries or belongings, so they need to be with people who share their views or else they may face emotional conflicts. Pisceans often struggle to make objective decisions about their intimate relationships, because they are very sensitive to their partner’s feelings. Sometimes, they may mistake their partner’s needs for their own and make the wrong choices as a result.

They have a very simple way of handling crises – they avoid them. Crises usually involve making choices under some kind of stress. But they find stress and decision-making not only unpleasant but also harmful, so they try to stay away from such situations. Problems make them want to escape more, and when they encounter something they dislike, they tend to run away. They need to realize that running away does not solve anything; they can only overcome their problems by confronting them. They often show a charming innocence, no matter their age – they see the world with a fresh perspective, like children.

Pisceans have such a vivid imagination that they often transcend the limits of conventional reality. They are very kind and loving, but also very sensitive and easily wounded by harshness or indifference. They need a happy home environment where they feel safe and comfortable. Otherwise, they may escape into their own fantasy world to avoid unpleasantness. Growing up can be challenging for dreamy Pisceans. They are fascinated by the world around them, but they can never fully grasp it. It always seems out of reach or blurry. They often feel like they are trapped in a goldfish bowl, swimming in circles. When they grow old, they cherish the love and kindness that others show them. They enjoy visits from their family, especially their grandchildren, who love their stories and imagination. They can create a magical world of fantasy and make-believe for them. Being with young people also helps older Pisceans reconnect with their own youthful dreams and romance.

For these people, memories are vivid and real, and as they reflect on a life devoted to spiritual growth, they often see the answers emerge in their mind’s eye. Having a Piscean sibling can be both a blessing and a curse, and can trigger conflicting emotions in childhood. On one hand, their tendency to cry easily and often may seem to attract more attention than they deserve, causing resentment among the more resilient family members. On the other hand, Pisces is the child who loves unconditionally and never minds sharing toys or comforting others in pain. It is a rather perplexing combination. The Piscean father may be hard to reach; but when he pays attention to his child, he can inspire a deep appreciation for music, art and poetry. The Piscean mother can delight her children with fairy tales and let them enter her rich and imaginative world, while exposing them to new concepts. Pisceans enjoy friends who can appreciate their cultural interests, such as poetry, music, ballet, nature and the countryside. A person who can spend an afternoon visiting an art gallery or relaxing in nature, dreaming, painting, reading or exchanging ideas is the ideal friend for a Piscean.

Pisceans have an advantage when it comes to ideal cars, because they can always imagine a ‘dream machine’ even if they are poor. For fishes, any car can be a Rolls-Royce Corniche with a little creativity – and they are the best at that! In fact, most Pisceans don’t mind if their car is old, slow or falling apart; as long as they have an emotional bond with it, it is a masterpiece on wheels and nothing else matters. It is difficult to criticize them. They are so empathetic with people and their flaws that you feel bad for pointing out their lack of practicality. However, there are times when their tendency to escape reality for the fantasy world in their minds is very frustrating. You can restrain them, lock them up, and lose the key, but they will always find a way to slip away. Poor old Pisces!

People of this sign often get entangled in lies and schemes without knowing how or why. They are not inherently dishonest – in fact, they care deeply about others when the situation allows. But they are influenced by their surroundings and ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. They can imagine success and failure in vivid detail, without ever taking real action. They fantasize about heroic triumphs and glittering rewards, but also fear the worst-case scenarios and the world’s hostility. To reduce their fluid retention problem, they should avoid salt rather than limit their fluids.

Pisceans usually prefer food that is not too spicy or rich, and they often feel healthier when they follow this preference. However, they struggle with maintaining a regular routine or schedule, which would also benefit them with exercise. A bit of planning ahead could help them with this. Some structure is good for them, even if they resist it. Their feet and toes are their main sources of worry. This makes sense symbolically, as the feet anchor this imaginative sign to the earth. They might find it healing to walk barefoot sometimes, or to use massage and reflexology to relieve the tension. They like romantic styles that inspire their creativity. They are drawn to lace, frills and delicate details, which make the ‘ballerina’ look ideal for them, with its wrap-around tops, full skirts and flat pumps. They may also like wearing vintage clothes, especially in soft colours such as cream, greys and sea-tones.

Pisceans are compassionate and empathetic by nature, and they often express this by engaging in charitable activities in their spare time. They share the idealism of their co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, and they feel most fulfilled when they can make a positive difference for others. Pisceans are likely to be among your friends if you participate in a local theater or creative writing group, as they enjoy socializing through artistic pursuits. Their gentle nature endears them to those around them, and they are always ready to help their peers. Pisceans are also frequent visitors of pubs, where they can relax and mingle.

This sign likes to be near the exit, ready to flee if things get too tough. Talking to them can make you laugh or cry, or both on a good night. A pub without them is like an empty fishbowl. Their parties are fun and fascinating, usually for a special occasion, but also reflecting their diverse interests. They can’t imagine a party without booze, and they become more charming and charismatic after a few drinks. For Pisces, dining out is more than just eating. It’s one of their favorite ways to escape from reality. They may splurge on a fancy restaurant when they feel happy or sad. They are creative cooks who improvise with whatever they have. They don’t follow recipes strictly and can whip up something original. Shopping is also based on their intuition. They rarely plan what to buy and often end up with things they don’t really need. They prefer activities that spark their imagination over intellectual ones, though they do enjoy reading and learning about topics that interest them. They also like to live it up, as this helps them forget the mundane aspects of life.

They have a curious nature and want to explore everything they encounter, but this can also make them naive and vulnerable to deception. They should be cautious of people who might exploit them or let them down when they reach their desired goals. They tend to be passionate and devoted to their interests, but they may also lose their balance and neglect other aspects of their lives. They should be careful not to take on too much responsibility or burden for their families, because they are very compassionate and selfless. They need some time for themselves to relax and recharge. Creative and visionary Pisceans may find it hard to follow the path of their North Node, as they may prefer to stay in their comfort zone. However, they often only need to take one courageous step into the unknown to realize that their empathy and kindness are valuable gifts for the world.

Pisceans are the most intuitive of all signs, and they often succeed when they take a chance on their luck. They enjoy the excitement of gambling and do not mind much whether they win or lose. They have a knack for making inspired guesses that pay off, as they would wager on something that no one else would think of. They love helping others with their problems. Their own financial issues do not bother them much, even when they face serious challenges with cash flow or debt. Pisceans say ‘I flow’, but sometimes their finances dry up, with dire consequences. It is hard to ask them what their dream home is – they have so many! One would probably be near water – spacious and atmospheric, with an artistic or spiritual vibe, but not too isolated. Another would reflect their attraction to glamour – maybe a yacht in the Mediterranean. There, well-dressed waiters would serve champagne to guests and romantic music would fill the air – a fantasy, in fact, of the perfect life. They have an almost supernatural sensitivity that allows them to experience different aspects of reality at the same time. This can sometimes create confusion, but it can also be a source of inspiration.

They are devoted to their work and can offer a selfless quality of service to others. However, their sensitivity makes them vulnerable to exhaustion and emotional distress. They need to learn how to detach from the vibrations that tend to linger on them. A good hot shower or bath can help them relax after being with other people or in a difficult atmosphere. They are fascinated by secrets and easily swayed by confidences. They are the most naive of all the zodiac signs, and they have a tendency to believe almost anything. This makes them natural targets for unscrupulous people who exploit their impractical dreams. Their sensitivity and imagination can also generate fears from nowhere: they can be deeply affected by things they read or watch on TV. But once they recognize what is happening, they have already won half the battle. They can cope with the world, but only after they understand their own psychological make-up. Many Pisceans have a talent for creating illusions. When they are unhappy, they can use their humour as a shield to keep the world out.

These clever clowns can fool anyone except the most discerning friend. They may even fool themselves for a while, but eventually they have to face their intense emotions. The personality of an animal – and how much it depends on them – matters more to them than the kind or breed. They do not favor any specific dogs, though they find golden retrievers and spaniels attractive. They often enjoy having an aquarium and watching the fish swim around. With their selfless, humanitarian attitude and their empathetic perspective, they especially like charity shops and products that are eco-friendly and ethically made. They usually prefer to buy things like recycled paper products and coffee that comes from co-operatives.


ARIES: Rams can make you forget your problems for a while in their enthusiasm to live for the present. But remember – only for a while.
TAURUS: Someone to give you practical advice and support in times of emotional distress. But possibly a trifle dull when you are feeling inspired.
GEMINI: Frustrating how you can never find a Twin when you need one. And when you manage to pin them down, they treat life far too flippantly.
CANCER: Someone you can really relate to on an equal footing. Crabs understand your emotional needs and appreciate your concerns, too.
LEO: There are certain leo qualities that you admire. But when it comes to the crunch, their problems always seem to take priority. Depressing.
VIRGO: You appreciate the value of having a practical Virgo around, but the subtler issues you want to discuss seem to be completely lost on them.
LIBRA: They are surprisingly understanding of you innermost feelings, but remember – Librans see things from a very different perspective.
SCORPIO: A compatible partnership. Not only do you encourage and support each other – you can even accept one another’s shortcomings.
SAGITTARIUS: There is something a little frightening about Archers – they seem to threaten your peace of mind. Not really recommended.
CAPRICORN: Here is someone you can confide in who won’t let you down. Goats appreciate your emotional support and repay it with interest.
AQUARIUS: Your greater understanding of what really matters in life can help Aquarians to put their own views in perspective. A real ego booster.
PISCES: You may spend so much time feeling sorry for each other that you jump off the wheel of life. Still, the good times are great.

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