Lilith - The Black Moon

Lilith - The Black Moon

The fictitious planets known as the Black and White Moons are conceptualized as manifestations of your dark and light karma. Their positions within the Zodiac signs can be indicative of the most negative and positive actions from your past lives. Simplistically, karma implies that you will face consequences, either punitive or rewarding, for your prior deeds. However, the reality is more nuanced. The outcome is influenced by the positioning of Lilith in both Sign and House. Individuals with a weak Black Moon might not perceive any influence, while those with a potent Lilith will experience its effects across various life scenarios. The Lilith cycle spans approximately nine years, with Lilith spending around nine months in each sign. Whenever it returns to its birth position in the horoscope, individuals face a choice between yielding to dark impulses or resisting them. Engaging in criminal behavior or even minor transgressions leads to the accumulation of past karma, albeit often with tragic outcomes. Opting to resist these urges may still result in encountering dark forces in the form of punishment or adversity. Recollections of significant events at ages such as 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, etc., serve as evidence of karmic debt repayment. 

Remarkably, these events often mirror the negative actions of previous lives. For instance, past gossipers or thieves might face robbery or slander. While karmic debts are seldom settled at age 18, experiences such as being attacked at 27 suggest past transgressions. Seeking revenge at 36 may lead to further adversity, while refraining from aggression can mitigate the severity of subsequent challenges. This cyclical pattern repeats every nine years, with the nature of the events determined by Lilith’s placement in the natal chart. Conversely, the White Moon’s (Selena) cycle lasts seven years, heralding periods of good fortune at ages such as 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, etc. Lilith symbolizes one aspect of the female trinity, embodying original, earthy, and untainted feminine power. In astrology, the Dark Moon represents the darker facets of human nature, encompassing guilt, shame, hatred, envy, and vengefulness. These traits often stem from personal wounds and are manifestations of concealed desires and thoughts. Lilith’s presence in the natal chart correlates with feelings of anguish and distress, as well as uncontrollable emotions and a penchant for revenge. 

Individuals with prominent Lilith placements typically lead unconventional lives, defying societal norms and conventions while remaining emotionally vulnerable. Lilith’s transits can precipitate painful or traumatic experiences, including miscarriages, abortions, or violent encounters. Moreover, Lilith exerts a profound influence on relationships, often fostering intense, obsessive, or tumultuous connections. Such liaisons, characterized by fatal attraction, underscore Lilith’s karmic implications, alongside other astrological factors like Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars, and Lunar Nodes. Interpretations of Lilith in a chart typically evoke themes of danger, darkness, deceit, destruction, and envy, among others. Websites offering natal chart readings often include Lilith’s position at birth as a crucial component of their analyses.

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