Sun in Virgo

The sign of the Critic, the Technician

The Archetypal Virgo: Cinderella, Enslaved by her ugly sisters, Cinderella’s devotion to duty was finally rewarded when she met Prince Charming
Key Quote: “It is much easier to be critical than it is to be correct” – George Bernard Shaw

August 23 - September 22

Ruling Planet: Mercury, Ceres
Element: Earth
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Virgin
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 6th
Colour: Grey, navy blue, soft browns and greens, dusky hues, pale green
Gemstones: Sardonyx, pink jasper, chalcedony, agate, tourmaline
Metal: Mercury
Perfume: Narcissus
Day: Wednesday
Number: 5
Keywords: Critically, analytically, dutifully
Rules: The Sixth House (work, service, working relationships, health, diet, the balance between mind and body).
Positive traits: Discriminating, fastidious, analytical, meticulous, modest, precise
Negative traits: Fussy, self-conscious, cynical, hypercritical, finicky, over-conforming
Compatibility: Taurus and Capricorn Sexual partner:
If you are female: Capricorn – Perfect understanding
If you are male: Capricorn – Slow sensuality
Parts of the body ruled: Intestines, abdomen, bowels, nails, spleen
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Lower dorsal nerves
Acupuncture meridian: Large intestine
Possible ailments: Anorexia, bowel problems, indigestion, intestinal infections, appendicitis, malnutrition, hernia
Beneficial foods: Lemons, caraway seeds
Diet: Write down all food eaten in a notebook and work out the calories; stop eating once you have consumed your daily allowance
Flowers, herbs & spices: Buttercup, forget-me-not, mimosa, lily of the valley, Larkspur, lavender, oregano, azalea, balm, caraway, fenugreek, endive, fennel, hazel, marjoram, myrtle, sage savory, valerian
Trees/shrubs: Hazel, mulberry, southernwood
Healing with herbs: Caraway, myrtle, fennel
Comfortable surroundings: The Virgo home often features a great deal of white, with subdued complimentary colours
Stress areas: Success/publicity, divorce, loss of job, public speaking, bereavement, moving home, accident/illness
Attitude to shopping: Careful, critical
Objects: Practical clothing, domestic pets, reference books, small objets d’art, miniature paintings, stamp collections
Party costumes: Alice in wonderland, lady of ill-repute, scarecrow
Sports/Hobbies: Ballet, collecting, evening classes, handicrafts, housework, languages, model making, pastry cooking, reading, writing
Professions/Trades: Accountant, craftsman, critic, dentist, doctor, gardener, inspector, nurse, policeman, secretary, statistician, teacher, writer
Countries: Greece, Turkey, Switzerland
Cities: Basle, Boston, Cheltenham, Jerusalem, lyons, Paris, Reading

Archimedes Mythology

Astraea, the goddess of justice, was the daughter of Zeus. He sent her to live with humans and teach them to follow the natural laws. During the ‘Golden Age’, humans lived in harmony and prosperity. But later, they became more and more wicked and Astraea could not bear it. She left the earth and returned to the divine realm. Zeus honored her by making her the constellation of Virgo.


Virgos are often seen as perfectionists. However, this does not mean they are chasing unrealistic goals. Rather, they want to have more control over their surroundings. Virgos also like to dive deep into the details of how things work, as this helps them learn more. Virgos may struggle to relax and express their feelings, because they fear losing their self-control. This can make them appear distant and cold sometimes. Their tight facial muscles and jaw clenching reveal their tendency to keep their worries to themselves.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that combines intellectual curiosity with practical adaptability, influenced by its ruling planet, Mercury. Virgo excels at crafting fine products that are both useful and beautiful, paying close attention to every detail. In love, Virgos are loyal and honest, but not very demonstrative or romantic. They are careful about making the first move and rarely get carried away by emotions. They prefer a realistic approach to matters of the heart. For their wedding, Virgos may not enjoy too much frivolity or indulgence, as it could upset their sensitive stomachs.

Virgos may show their jealousy by criticizing the person who annoys them or by fussing over trivial matters, such as who left the toothpaste cap off or who neglected to empty the ashtray. Virgos can flirt in their own subtle and modest way, but they usually have a clear goal in mind and plan their moves carefully. They are more strategic than spontaneous, and they often succeed where others have failed. Virgos are wary of people who are too aggressive or forward, and they prefer to engage their minds before their bodies in a relationship. A potential lover should be clean, polite and discreet to win Virgo’s trust, but once that is achieved, the passion will follow.

Virgos tend to resist intense passions that could shake their world, which makes it hard for them to let go and enjoy the physical aspects of love-making. However, they crave love and acceptance, and they can open up emotionally and sexually in a stable relationship that allows them to experience moments of passion. Virgos have high standards of perfection and look for the ideal partner and marriage. These standards are often unrealistic, but Virgos are willing to work hard to achieve them and make their marriage work. Virgos usually enjoy socializing with other couples. Virgo is a very loyal sign and often maintains friendly relationships with their former partners, despite the reasons for their breakup. Virgos are practical and helpful, and they may continue to assist their ‘ex’ with household chores or repairs, since they probably kept the appliances. Virgos do not pretend to be humble or modest to trick their rivals or make them overconfident. Virgos genuinely undervalue themselves and doubt their abilities, because they always set very high expectations for themselves and others. Virgo is a practical sign, but also an intellectual one, influenced by Mercury. Their fantasies reflect this combination, as they creatively apply their practical skills to their dreams. For example, a Virgo may happily imagine designing and building a new house, or restoring an old one.

Virgos experience a lot of stress from anxiety and fear. However, they handle the unexpected changes and difficult circumstances that life brings well. Their sign’s Mutability makes them adaptable, and their natural intelligence and practicality help them plan for the future. Virgo is a modest and introverted sign that does not seek fame, even though they appreciate good fortune. They are usually competent, methodical and productive, which often attracts success, but they remain humble and sensible. Virgos have a surprising amount of passion for things that others may find trivial. They can get very worked up about the smallest details. One thing that most Virgos care deeply about is the proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

They are not power-hungry, but they appreciate recognition and implementation of their work. They seldom claim that their success is solely due to their own merit. Humbly, they acknowledge the system that they have devised or discovered. Often, their systems are valuable and worth following. Virgos are self-reliant and do not see any fault in their careful, and sometimes fearful, attitude towards adventure. They tend to judge those who act impulsively or recklessly. Virgos believe that someone has to be dependable and stay behind the scenes. Usually, that someone is them. With their smart, inventive approach to life, Virgos are mindful of the environment and seek practical ways to live in harmony with the earth. Recycling bottles and other items, conserving energy where possible, and using eco-friendly cleaning products are all typical of this sign.

A Virgo boss can be a challenging person to work for. They are not only strict about punctuality and formality, but also very particular about their working conditions. For instance, they might annoy their staff by demanding that their desks are always neat and clean. However, Virgos in charge are also very discreet, and they will listen sympathetically to anyone who has a problem. They also have a soft spot for minor dramas – especially those involving romance. They may not participate themselves, but they enjoy hearing about them as much as experiencing them. Virgos are shy and reserved, and they focus more on the details of a project than on the big picture. Therefore, they tend to let others take the lead and initiative, while they devote themselves to the systems of the organization. To them, the details are equally important.

Virgos have a curious mind that likes to dissect and examine everything, whether it is a physical object or a mental problem. They do not jump to conclusions, but rather take their time to gather and process every detail. They are not satisfied with mere knowledge, but want to apply their thinking skills to serve the society. They also have a long-term vision and hope that their work will have a lasting impact on the future. Virgos are known for being neat and organized, and they cannot stand any disorder or chaos. They expect others to meet their high standards and may criticize them if they fall short. They should seek partners or friends who share their sense of cleanliness, otherwise they may annoy them with their constant nagging. Virgos are practical and realistic, and they are aware of the risks and consequences of making hasty decisions. They are especially careful about personal matters, because they tend to worry a lot – sometimes to the point of getting sick – if things do not go as planned.

Virgos tend to face crises unexpectedly. While other signs might anticipate them, Virgos will persist in doing their tasks diligently and gradually, until they reach a point where no further progress is possible and their world falls apart. They can create problems for themselves by being too critical of things that other signs deem irrelevant. To Virgos, however, such details are crucial, but they can improve their situation by acknowledging that others may have different perspectives and that diversity enriches the world. Virgos share the timeless quality of Mercury, their ruling planet, as well as the youthful spirit of this ever-young god. At the same time, earth gives them a sense of responsibility that balances out Mercury’s playful immaturity. The outcome is a combination of the vitality of youth and the wisdom of experience. As children, they are gentle and helpful, and they abhor seeing anyone suffer. They will make every effort to ease the lives of others, but they can become stressed or even sick if they are constantly exposed to chaotic situations; they need stability and order in their lives. Living with the inhibitions that afflict them can be quite unpleasant.

From a young age, they feel that their ultimate purpose is to serve others, but they struggle to find a way to do it without compromising their own values. Adults should encourage young Virgos to care more about themselves and to acknowledge their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Otherwise, they may become disillusioned and transform from the most diligent and helpful youngsters into the most messy and rebellious teenagers on earth. The twilight years are usually happy ones for Virgos, who often experience an inner sense of freedom that they may have missed before. Freed from their duties and responsibilities to others, they discover that they can finally serve themselves. Some will seize the opportunity to pursue the studies and knowledge that they did not have time for when they were young. Others may explore the world and marvel at the wonders that life still has to offer. Virgos deserve credit for being the siblings who are always ready to help, especially with practical matters. Young Virgos are skilled at making things out of string and tape, and they are likely to be very sorry if their efforts fail to work.

Virgo fathers may not be very demonstrative with their children, but they show their care by spending time on things that matter to them, such as schoolwork or hobbies. Virgo mothers express their love by being attentive to details, especially cleanliness, which they value highly. Virgos enjoy activities that produce concrete and useful outcomes. They like to share these practical projects with their friends. They tend to make friends through their work or through learning new skills, especially in crafts. They have high standards and expect their friends to be equally committed. Virgo drivers are not interested in showing off and they rarely buy a car based on its appearance. They care more about practicality and quality, and they would prefer a mid-range hatchback from a reliable manufacturer. They would also consider the after-sales service and the insurance policy, as they value peace of mind over other factors. They get anxious when their plans are disrupted, and they often fail to realize that order and disorder are natural cycles that cannot be always controlled. They would worry less if they learned to accept things as they are and to ‘go with the flow’ more. They would also worry less people. Virgo may not seem very confident or cunning at first glance, but they have a sharp and observant mind that can spot any opportunity. They are not easily fooled by others.

Virgos tend to rationalize their defeats and act as if they are unaffected, even though they are deeply hurt by them. However, this pain can also motivate them to do better next time. A Virgo who is determined to succeed is rare but powerful. Virgos are interested in health and the workings of the body, so they like to use advanced gym equipment that gives them feedback on their performance. If they don’t have access to such equipment, they can also do simple exercises at home, such as using a mini trampoline, an exercise bike, or stretching. Virgos are often very hard on themselves, which can cause them stress and stomach problems. These issues stem from their need for control and their fear of letting go. They can prevent these problems by eating well and relaxing regularly. They can also massage their tense muscles or do yoga. If they want to lose weight, they should learn to be more assertive and prioritize their own needs. They should express their feelings to their friends and colleagues instead of suppressing them and eating for comfort. This can help them achieve a lasting and significant weight loss.

A Virgo is meticulous about the quality of a garment and will not purchase it if it has sloppy seams, hems, or fabric. They like to combine affordable items from chain stores with more expensive accessories that are well-made and stylish. They appreciate precision and dexterity in their hobbies, such as model-making or needlecraft. Some of them even create their own designs with intricate patterns and colors. A Virgo can be easily spotted at a working lunch in a pub. They will order a (likely non-alcoholic) drink, ask for their table to be cleaned, and inspect the food counter for the healthiest option. They will not hesitate to complain if the service or the food is unsatisfactory; Virgos are the reason customer complaints departments exist!

They can organize and prepare a party on short notice with ease, but they would rather do it for you than for themselves because of their low self-esteem. They tend to fret over minor flaws that only other Virgos can spot with their critical eye. They are not very outgoing and they like to feel useful instead of relaxing. They need a lot of coaxing to unwind. They may open up to you and share some of their secrets if they sense your genuine interest. They feel more at ease with old friends than new ones. Despite their drawbacks, they can be surprisingly amusing dinner guests – especially when a few drinks have loosened their usually tight-lipped tongues. After a good meal and some lively conversation, they might even tolerate some vulgarity along with their vegetables – and even if they don’t, they will surely enjoy gossiping about the other guests later on.

They like to cook their food by baking, steaming or grilling instead of frying, and they choose whole foods whenever they can. They also prepare healthy dressings and toppings that are low in fat. Some Virgos are gourmet cooks who can balance health and flavour very well, making them ideal hosts for those who watch their weight. Their entertainment preferences often show their difficulty in expressing their emotions, and many Virgos will vicariously experience the opera or ballet they are watching. They are not fond of loud or rowdy activities, because they are too restrained to let loose. They are practical and careful travellers who like to plan their trips in detail. Their lack of spontaneity can make them boring companions, but they are also calm and patient travellers. They know that travel enriches the mind and they may have a strong desire for it.

Virgoans are often very self-critical, which makes them struggle with their own imperfections. This can sometimes spoil the friendly atmosphere they have created in their homes and drive people away. However, they can boost their confidence by receiving generous compliments. Their analytical skills and introspective nature help them to understand the meaning of life and the destiny described by the Nodes. They aspire to create a more perfect world on different levels. The challenge is to make this ideal a reality. They have orderly and meticulous minds and they enjoy collecting and storing facts and figures. They also like to devise complex systems, whether for the office computer or the roulette wheel. They are careful and organized with their finances and they want to know what they get for their money. They declare ‘I analyze’ and they apply their practical minds to run a business efficiently. They are tidy and make endless lists to help them. Losing their filofax would upset them more than breaking an old porcelain plate, unless the plate was part of a set – they like their belongings to match.

They envision a modest yet high-quality house with vast lawns that are well-maintained, numerous flower beds that are neatly arranged, and no weeds at all. The house would have a fresh paint smell and a paved or asphalt driveway (gravel is too messy!). If they had unlimited money, they would have a separate room for each hobby, a library with a double-referenced cataloging system, and a live-in librarian to keep everything organized. Their earth element and Mercury ruler give them a natural talent for practical matters. They often have an interest in health or diet, and many of them choose careers such as nursing that allow them to serve society. They seek order in their work lives and aim to improve their efficiency and productivity. They are also very self-critical and work hard to optimize their work habits to achieve job satisfaction. This may create the impression that they are arrogant about their work.

They may experience their psychic sense as a physical sensation in their body. This could be a tingling, a tightness in the throat or a feeling in the stomach. This physical sign can help them access their own innate wisdom if they learn to recognize, understand and heed it. They want to know every detail of your secrets when you confide in them. They do not tolerate vagueness or glossing over anything, because they think all details are important. They need information to be orderly and clear. They seldom share their own secrets. They fear that chaos will overwhelm them if they express their feelings, so they tend to suppress them. This can backfire and make them sick with worry. They need to learn to relax and go with the flow emotionally. The healing power of laughter is especially relevant for them, as they are associated with service and working for others. They can use their humor to help others see the truth in the old saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’. A good laugh can also help tense Virgos unwind. They may like sleek, smooth-haired cats (but not the moody ones) or small dogs, such as dachshunds, miniature poodles or Chihuahuas. Other small animals, such as white mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils or hamsters may also appeal to them. They prefer lively pets. They shop smartly. They check labels and fine print, and examine the goods carefully, rejecting any that do not meet their high standards. This could be fruit that is slightly damaged, a can of baked beans that is dented or a blouse with a poor seam. They are frugal but will pay for quality.


ARIES: While you may be envious of Arians’ emergetic, enthusiastic approach to life, you appreciate the peace and quiet when the depart!
TAURUS: A calm, happy combination. You share similar interests and philosophies, although you may find the bull a bit inflexible at times
GEMINI: Despite Gemini’s unreliability and inability to sit still, there is a mental rapport between you which guarantees that life is never boring.
CANCER: There is a true understanding between you which will provide a solid basis for your relationship through thick and thin.
LEO: You always seem to end up trying to teach Leo something. Usually the ‘something’ has to do with modesty, which is asking for trouble.
VIRGO: You feel a strange attraction, possibly because it is fascinating to come under somebody else’s microscope. And they are so clean.
LIBRA: Watching Librans in action makes makes you realize you have a lot to learn about other people – and just when you thought you had it all worked out.
SCORPIO: There is no lack of conversation between you, and you love the way they trust you to give them advice on their emotional problems.
SAGITTARIUS: You may admire their fiery spontaneity, but you hate the way they make you feel such a stick-in-the-mud.
CAPRICORN: Here is a real friend – someone who will always be supportive and understanding. Effortless harmony for ever and ever (and ever)
AQUARIUS: There is no denying it – those chiselled looks promise something you cannot wait to explore. Be careful, though – you may have to!
PISCES: Fishes are wonderful when you feel like deep, meaningful conversations. It is just that they never know when to call it a day.

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