Sun in Libra

The sign of the Diplomat

The Archetypal Libran: Eve, who listened to the Voice of Reason (the Serpent) but could do nothing until she had persuaded her mate (Adam) to join her.
Key Quote: “To be or not to be: that is the question” – Shakespeare, Hamlet

September 23 - October 22

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Scales
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 7th
Symbol: libra symbol
Colour: Pale blue, pink, pale green
Gemstones: Emerald, opal, labradorite, rose quartz, sapphire
Metal: Copper
Perfume: Galbanum
Day: Friday
Number: 6
Keywords: Harmoniously, diplomatically, perfectly
Rules: The Seventh House (the ‘other half’, marriage, all close relationships, open enemies, the legal process).
Positive traits: Charming, easy-going, romantic, diplomatic, idealistic, refined, far-sighted
Negative traits: Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery
Compatibility: Gemini and Aquarius Sexual partner:
If you are female: TAURUS Sexual magnetism
If you are male: SAGITTARIUS Free expression
Parts of the body ruled: Kidneys, lumbar region of the back, skin
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Adrenal glands, lumbar nerves, blood vessels
Acupuncture meridian: Circulation
Possible ailments: Eczema, skin diseases, kidney and bladder infections, diabetes, abcesses, lumbago, vein disorders
Beneficial foods: Strawberries, plums
Diet: Slim by joining a slimming club; make sure food looks pretty and is served attractively
Flowers, herbs & spices: Bluebell, pink rose, lilac, orchid, violet, hydrangea, daffodil, daisy, foxglove, apple, artichoke, chestnut groundsel, lily, mint, parsley, pennyroyal, potato, walnuts, yarrow
Trees/shrubs: Alder, peach, pear, sycamore
Healing with herbs: Daisy, garden mint
Comfortable surroundings: Librans love pastels in the home. They find pale shades of any colour visually pleasing
Stress areas: Divorce, pregnancy, moving home
Attitude to shopping: Balanced, beauty-loving
Objects: Expensive bath oil, paintings, perfume, window garden, sculptures, sports coupe
Party costumes: Bonnie prince charlie, sergeant pepper, rogue
Sports/Hobbies: Collecting objets d’art, cooking, cricket, dancing, decorating, flower arranging, needlework, shopping, socializing, sunbathing
Professions/Trades: Barrister, beautician, designer, diplomat, judge, personnel officer, receptionist, valuer, welfare officer
Countries: Austria, Burma, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Tibet
Cities: Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Vienna

Archimedes Mythology

The Scales constellation derives its name from the ancient Babylonians. They believed that Zibanitu, the Scales god, weighed the souls of the living and the dead in judgement. In Greek mythology, it is linked to the goddess Athene, who defied the arrogant and domineering gods by establishing a court of justice for humans.


Librans have a basic urge to find balance and harmony with others, even if it means neglecting their own needs. They can fall into the trap of ‘people-pleasing’, but they are also excellent diplomats who can negotiate settlements between conflicting parties or propose peace treaties to arguing partners. Librans typically have delicate features that give them a charming appearance. Venus, the ruler of this sign, often shows itself in the form of soft dimples. But Librans are not just pretty faces: they can use their physical allure to get what they want from anyone they please. Libra is a cardinal air sign, which means Librans can think innovatively and express themselves directly. However, Libra is also the sign of union, and many Librans feel that they need a relationship with another person or a joint creative project to fully express themselves.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Librans have a natural affinity for romance. They seek harmony and balance in their relationships, and devote a lot of energy to maintaining them. However, they may struggle with making firm and lasting commitments, as they often weigh the pros and cons of every option. Librans have a refined and elegant style that makes them stand out on their wedding day. They also have a knack for dealing with jealousy in a rational way. They may either try to outsmart their partner by flirting with others, or demand more attention from them to distract them from their rival. Flirting is almost effortless for Librans, who exude a charming and attractive aura. They know how to use their charm to their advantage, and may enjoy a variety of romantic adventures rather than settling down with one person. Libran women enhance their natural beauty with grace and finesse, while Libran men dress impeccably and groom themselves well. Librans have a keen sense of aesthetics, and they dislike anything that displeases the eye. This applies to themselves as well as to their potential partners.

Libra is a sign that values balance and harmony, and people born under this sign are known for their ability to adapt to the needs of others. They can be charming and gentle lovers, but they also appreciate romance and courtship. A flattering compliment or a candlelit dinner can melt their sometimes reserved demeanor. Libra is a sign that gets along with everyone, and this applies to their marriage partners as well. They try their best to accommodate their spouse’s needs and expectations, as this makes them happy too. However, Libra is also a sign that struggles with making decisions and sticking to them. They may waver between staying and leaving, between wanting to avoid hurting their partner and needing to escape from conflict. They may also feel torn between loyalty to their spouse and attraction to a new love interest.

Librans are usually charming and easygoing, but they can be formidable rivals when challenged. Their cardinal quality gives them initiative and ambition, while their air element makes them rational and objective. They enjoy competition and can be tough adversaries. Libra is a very romantic sign that fantasizes about finding the perfect love. They secretly hope for a Prince or Princess charming who has film-star looks, charm, good manners and undying devotion. Wealth is also a bonus for many Librans who dream of riches. Libra is the sign of partnership and close relationships, which can also be a major source of stress for them. They feel stressed when they lack a close companion or lover to share their life with, or when they face conflict and difficulty in this area.

For Librans, harmony is essential in any relationship. They may seem ‘lazy Libra’ at times, but they actually have a lot of drive and energy that they can use to achieve their goals. Their apparent laziness is mostly due to their indecisiveness, not their lack of skills. Once they decide what they want, they pursue it with determination. Librans are strongly motivated by love, friendship and close relationships. They crave companionship, both personally and professionally. They feel unhappy and incomplete when they are alone. Their love of beauty often leads them to positions of power. They cannot tolerate squalid conditions, and they may overcome their inertia to change them. However, they also need support and encouragement to keep up their efforts. They appreciate praise from others, as it makes them feel valued and important.

Librans are often unsure about practical or long-term decisions, but they are quick to join an unusual trip or holiday adventure. They love to explore and experience new places. This curiosity also influences their social life. Librans value balance and harmony, so they may be troubled by the environmental problems caused by excessive use of pesticides, ozone layer depletion and unnatural farming methods. They may take action to restore the natural balance and become formidable advocates. Libran bosses are usually good to work for, because they try to keep everyone happy and provide pleasant working conditions. Their flirtatious personality adds some fun to the workplace. However, employees should not mistake Libra’s friendly gestures for romantic interest. Librans are charming but not easily distracted by passing attractions – unless they have something to gain from them!

People born under the sign of Libra are usually assertive and freedom-loving, as their Cardinal quality suggests. However, they also tend to rely on their partners more than they admit. Their natural energy often emerges when they are pursuing a romantic interest. They may feel a sense of urgency that contradicts their usual calm demeanor. Librans have a love for beauty and harmony that makes them appreciate art and culture. They enjoy sharing their opinions and preferences with their friends, and they display their considerable mental abilities in these conversations. They can use their potential to foster cooperation and unity among others. However, they should also be careful not to compromise their own identity by trying to please everyone. This would disrupt the balance that is so vital for this diplomatic sign.

Libra is a sign that values tolerance and harmony, and can easily adjust to different situations and expectations. However, this can also lead to them making compromises that ignore their own needs and desires, which can cause them to feel resentful and unhappy later. Libra can be very decisive when they focus on their long-term goals and interests, but they often struggle with making choices about trivial matters in their daily lives. They tend to avoid clear thinking and rely on indecisive reasoning. When they face a crisis, they usually have two thoughts: one is that they need someone else’s support and company; the other is that the crisis is caused by some kind of imbalance or disharmony, and that restoring the balance will solve the problem.

It is easy to understand the need to get help, as it follows the old principle that sharing a problem makes it easier to solve. However, the idea of restoring the balance is typical of Librans: they think that by giving in to someone’s unreasonable demands, they can avoid a crisis. This is like adding more weight to one side of the scales to balance the other. A better solution might be to reduce the weight on the heavy side, but Librans would rather bear the burden themselves than seem rude to anyone else. As a cardinal sign, Librans are good at identifying problems and thinking of ways to solve them. Sadly, when it comes to taking action, they sometimes hesitate, or back out and change their minds. They could benefit from the Arian approach to problem-solving – that is, to act on it.

They have one common challenge, regardless of their age – charm. As the zodiac’s natural diplomats, they strive to create harmony in their own and others’ lives. They are usually willing to adapt to others’ needs and maintain a peaceful atmosphere. These charming children enjoy being praised for their elegance and skill, and often have a talent for activities like dancing and gymnastics. However, they may avoid conflict at all costs, so they might need some encouragement to assert themselves and not compromise their wishes just to keep the peace. Growing up is a major challenge for everyone, but for them it is especially significant.

Finding a suitable ‘other half’ is their life’s ambition, and that is where it all starts. Before falling in love, however, they need to make a conscious effort to attract as many potential partners as possible. Youngsters of this sign soon become known for their habit of checking themselves out in every mirror they pass. ‘Attract and be attractive’ is their motto during their formative years, and as a cardinal sign, they waste no time pursuing it. In later years, they may feel rather lonely – especially if they have lost their partner. But if they can learn to appreciate their less visible talents – such as high ideals, diplomacy and a knack for bringing people together – their lives can still be meaningful. One option might be to offer their service to others, perhaps as an advisor. This would not only make good use of their life experience, but also help them keep their self-respect, which is very important to them. Old age gives Librans the opportunity to achieve what they have always wanted – harmony and tranquility in their surroundings.

Librans have a unique gift of resolving old family conflicts and making the world a more peaceful place once they are inspired. Growing up with a Libran sibling might have been challenging! This is the child who always appeared clean, tidy and attractive, and who knew how to charm adults with their eloquence. The Libran father values harmony and is usually either playing with his children or retreating to his study. The Libran mother, though not very expressive, is loving and courteous with her children, and tries her best to help them develop good manners, social skills and confidence. Librans generally enjoy activities that relate to culture or intellect, but they avoid getting too absorbed in any topic because of their innate sense of balance.

Librans enjoy a wide range of artistic pursuits and activities. They like to visit exhibitions and art galleries, as well as shop, eat and socialize. They prefer cars that are elegant and comfortable, with a touch of romance – the kind of sports coupes that attract attention wherever they go. They also like convertibles, because they love the feeling of driving through the countryside on warm summer evenings with the wind in their hair. They would not forget to have a large rear-view mirror – not to see the traffic behind, but to check their appearance before they reach their destination! Librans have their own needs and desires, but they are not very good at expressing them unless they have a partner to support them. When they are alone, they tend to compromise too much and then feel resentful because they think they have been ignored in their efforts to please others.

The label of diplomats of the zodiac may not be a compliment for them. They know that diplomats, like politicians, often avoid giving direct answers. They dislike the idea of promoting themselves or competing with others. They think it causes conflict and disharmony, which they hate. They also value co-operation and friendship among people. They like to exercise with others, as it fulfills their social needs. Joining a gym or a work-out class could benefit their fitness. They can also participate in team sports, where they show good team spirit. However, they may lose motivation or attention if they get bored.

They may experience great stress from difficulties in their close relationships, which can result in nervous tension, irritability and possibly sexual problems. They can benefit from exercises that require mental and physical balance – such as the graceful martial art of Aikido, the movement meditations of Hatha Yoga or T’ai Chi – as they can help them achieve more self-control, which they likely need. To keep their morale high, they should include plenty of colourful, low-calorie ingredients like fruits and vegetables in their meals, to make them more appealing. They can also enhance their enjoyment of a meal – and their motivation to lose weight – by setting an attractive table with flowers and even candles. They prefer a classic look composed of well-chosen and well-matched separates. They insist on the best, natural fabrics and usually opt for a combination of soft, neutral colours and muted pastels; with pink and blue being especially favoured. Their sense of style is really expressed in their selection and use of accessories. They rarely have fun with hobbies unless they involve the company of at least one other person, no matter what they choose to do.

Librans enjoy socializing and sharing their hobbies with others. They like to be admired for their skills and charm. You can spot them in a cozy pub, where they alternate between gazing lovingly at their partner and laughing loudly to catch everyone’s attention. They are well-dressed, polite, and keep their ash-tray clean. They are Librans. They excel at making conversation and flirting with the opposite sex. They have impeccable manners and a natural sense of etiquette. They feel comfortable and happy at any kind of party.

Librans may seem dull and ordinary at work, but they often have some unusual and quirky hobbies and social activities. They like to spice up their spare time with some fun and adventure, and they always welcome a partner. They have a strong need for company, which makes them dine out often – especially if they live alone. Living alone is hard for them, as they lose their motivation and ability to buy food. They seek comfort and companionship in restaurants, with a guide in hand. The best way for a Libran who wants to lose weight is to eat simple meals at home, such as salads, steamed vegetables and fruit (without any fattening toppings or dressings), and then eat moderately when they go out – enjoying the atmosphere and the people more than the food.

Librans are passionate about art and culture, and they immerse themselves in these fields as other signs do in sports or careers. They often express their aesthetic preferences through interior design, and they enjoy sharing their artistic opinions with others. However, they also have a strong sense of justice, which can make them vulnerable to conflicts or troubles when they travel to places with different norms. They should also be careful not to overeat rich or exotic foods that they are not used to, or to succumb to their craving for sweets. Librans value harmony and balance, which are symbolized by their sign of the scales. They may seem extravagant, especially in their home decoration, but they actually need balance in their surroundings. They can even get sick if the colors around them do not match. For Librans, finding a balance between their Sun-sign traits and the more practical demands of the Nodes is a delicate task. They need to harmonize the two sets of principles, but this may not happen naturally. Sometimes, they have to adopt a more assertive and direct attitude towards life.

They can create their own luck with their persuasive powers. They negotiate with tact and diplomacy, sometimes manipulating their opponents to share useful suggestions or advice. They use their diplomatic skills to get what they want from others. They can also spend a lot on things that please them. They claim to balance their spending, but the bank manager pays for the beautiful objects they buy. They care about their personal appearance, which is elegant and tasteful, but not flashy.

They enjoy indulging themselves, and they may cherish the costly beauty products in their bathroom cabinet. They prefer a stylish residence that is not too isolated from their surroundings, whether in the city or the countryside. They care about the harmony of the neighborhood and keep their exterior immaculate. They also value light, so they have large and abundant windows with splendid views. Inside, each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom and fully equipped dressing room, with mirrors everywhere. However, they are moody and prone to depression when they lose their energy. This affects their cheerful attitude and those around them. Therefore, they are better suited for jobs that accommodate their mood swings and that require a balanced perspective. They are very aware of other people’s needs.

They thrive in partnerships that demand a balanced and cooperative approach, and they often go beyond their fair share to avoid conflicts or to restore harmony in disagreements. They may have a natural healing ability, especially for mental and nervous disorders. They can be excellent counsellors, as long as they can listen objectively and offer support rather than pressure someone to make a choice. They should let their patients find their own solutions. They fluctuate between two extremes and they are not very trustworthy with secrets. A Libran might keep your secrets, but you cannot always count on that. They are easy to confide in, but this can also lead to them revealing secrets to others. They may sometimes have a hidden agenda in sharing secrets with you. While they firmly believe that ‘love makes the world go round’, they also acknowledge that ‘love hurts’. Cultivating self-love, so that relationships are desired rather than required, is a positive step towards achieving the kind of fulfilling long-term intimacy that this sign both longs for and fears.

Librans tend to avoid direct conflicts and seek harmony instead. They may use humor to lighten the mood or smooth over a disagreement. They act as if nothing is wrong and distract themselves with funny media. They like animals that have smooth and glossy fur and are aesthetically pleasing. The size of the animal is not a big factor, as long as they have enough space. They may favor dogs with unique features, such as Afghan hounds, poodles, or Pekinese. They also enjoy birds that sing, especially white doves. Librans are social shoppers who like to have friends with them. They appreciate the feedback of others to help them decide, since they often struggle to make choices alone. They also find it fun to share a meal during their shopping spree.


ARIES: You know perfectly how to get round rams when they get out of hand. But has it ever struck you how alike you are deep-down?
TAURUS: You share many common interests, yet you pursue them in very different ways. This could prove intriguing – or exasperating.
GEMINI: Here’s someone you can talk to about anything without the fear of being challenged. But this may not be as good as it sounds.
CANCER: You find it hard to understand why crabs are so much at the mercy of their feelings when for you, there is always a rational answer.
LEO: You love Leo’s sparkle – and also the way they take up your suggestions on how they can improve their lives.
VIRGO: Here is someone as rational and as fussy as you are, so why are things so difficult? Perhaps too many cooks…
LIBRA: Despite being incredibly nice to one another, you achieve little. The reason? Neither of you is prepared to make a decision.
SCORPIO: An uneasy relationship. You have a habit of saying what the Scorpio feels, but the trouble is Scorpio means it – you don’t.
SAGITTARIUS: Plenty of fun, lots to talk about and a never-ending supply of not-too-heavy attention. The perfect combination.
CAPRICORN: You may find the idea of living under a houseful of rules and regulations quite appealing, but remember – they won’t be yours.
AQUARIUS: A friendly, easy-going and talkative combination. No jealousy, which suits you. No passion either, which may not.
PISCES: For some inexplicable reason you go out of your way to help keep Pisces on an even keel – and even when it doesn’t work you keep on trying.

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