Sun in Aquarius

The Sign of the Thinker

The Archetypal Aquarian: The Tin Man who, in spite of his rational, friendly nature, had to search long and hard before he found his heart
Key Quote: “A radical is a man with both feet planted firmly in the air” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

January 20 - February 19

Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Water-Bearer
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 11th
Planetary ruler: Uranus (Formerly Saturn)
Colour: Electric blue, bright pink, pale green
Gemstones: Aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire, chalcedony, amethyst
Metal: Platinum
Perfume: Galbanum
Day: Saturday
Number: 4
Keywords: Independently, detachedly, unconventionally
Rules: The Eleventh House (ideals, group involvements, friends, humanitarianism, hopes and wishes).
Positive traits: Humanitarian, independent, quirky, friendly, willing, progressive, original, inventive, loyal, idealistic, rational
Negative traits: Unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, contrary, tactless, stubborn, perverse, emotionally oblivious
Compatibility: Gemini and Libra Sexual partner:
If you are female: SAGITTARIUS Friendly and giving
If you are male: GEMINI Air-borne delights
Parts of the body ruled: Ankles, calves, shins, achilles tendon, breath, eyesight
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Circulatory system
Acupuncture meridian: Lung meridian
Possible ailments: Injuries to lower legs, varicose veins, poor circulation, blood disorders, nervous disorders Beneficial foods: Pomegranates
Diet: A highly individualistic diet would be best, possibly based on food-combined principles
Flowers, herbs & spices: Orchid, gardenia, pansy, viola, orchid, aconite, cornflower, tarragon, comfrey, golden-rain, hemp, mandrake, moss, parsnips, pine, rushes, spinach
Trees/shrubs: Box, plane, tamarisk, traveller’s joy
Healing with herbs: Sorrel, quince, hearts ease
Comfortable surroundings: Aquarians often choose a blue colour scheme, although many cool colours appeal
Stress areas: Family problems, pregnancy, holidays
Attitude to shopping: Unpredictable, socially aware
Objects: Art deco, bicycle, car parts, comics, computers, electronic equipment, kitchen objects
Party costumes: Dr. Who, Caveman, Greek Goddess
Sports/Hobbies: Collecting gadgets, computer games, debating, discussing, flying, inventing, minority sports, ufology
Professions/Trades: Archaeologist, astrologer, astronomer, broadcaster, charity worker, computer programmer, electrical engineer, inventor, pilot, radiographer, scientist, sociologist, writer
Countries: Poland, Sweden, Russia, Zimbabwe
Cities: Hamburg, Moscow

Archimedes Mythology

Aquarius has various mythological associations, such as the Egyptian god Hapi, who poured the River Nile from his water jars. Another possible connection is the Greek legend of Prometheus, who stole fire from Zeus to enlighten mortal humans. Uranus, the god of the sky, was killed and mutilated by his son Cronos, who had imprisoned him in the Underworld.


Aquarius is a personality that combines detachment and impersonality with a deep sense of care and concern for humanity. As a progressive reformer, Aquarius has humanitarian ideals, but they can be vague and unrealistic, making Aquarius seem like a dreamer. Aquarius is unpredictable and highly individualistic, which can also reflect in their physical appearance. They often disregard society’s conventions and express themselves in eccentric ways. As a fixed air sign ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius has the ability to be inventive and practical. They can use traditional methods to create innovative solutions for the future. Aquarius does not like to reveal their true feelings. They value their independence and take their time to commit to steady relationships. They have difficulty trusting others, but they are very loyal once they find a partner. Some Aquarians may prefer a simple and natural wedding breakfast, such as a picnic in the countryside.

Aquarians can be prone to extreme jealousy, especially towards their loved ones. They might leave without expressing their feelings, or endure emotional situations that other signs would find unbearable, while suffering silently. One of the most appealing traits of Aquarians is their quirky, carefree approach to things that other signs take very seriously. However, potential lovers should be careful: they might be doing it just to impress you, to challenge your intellect and gauge your reaction. Aquarian relationships often begin casually, often from a friendship formed through work, or a common group or interest. Aquarians themselves may not be aware of how deeply they are emotionally invested until it is too late to retreat. Aquarians cherish their freedom and like to do things their way.

Aquarians care deeply about the well-being of humanity as a whole, but they may struggle with one-on-one interactions. However, they can be loyal and fun-loving partners. Aquarians are unpredictable people who have their own unique ways of behaving, and being married to an Aquarian is unlike being married to any other sun sign. They may stand out from the crowd in their appearance or in how their marriage works. They are open to unconventional forms of relationships, such as divorce, free love, hippies and communes. They can handle most relationship issues with ease, and they may have a non-traditional partnership. They are tolerant of – or oblivious to – things that would make other signs demand a separation. Aquarians are naturally kind and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. They respect and appreciate the diversity of people. Aquarians do not like to judge others or to compete with them. They do not understand rivalry.

Aquarius soars on the wings of imagination and explores a world of vivid, escapist fantasy. This sign seems to belong more to the stars than to the earth. Many Aquarians would rather navigate the galaxy in a spaceship or travel to the future in a time machine. Aquarians may seem calm and confident, but they often struggle with nervousness. They find it hard to assert themselves at a party or gathering – they prefer to observe and analyze others. Speaking in public can be unexpectedly stressful for this seemingly sociable sign. They are likely to achieve success in their own way – although the world may not always appreciate their achievements. Eccentric Aquarians are inventors, visionaries and architects of the future, and it may take the world a long time to catch up with them. Friendship is one of the most important things for Aquarians; they usually have many friends and take pride in that. However, their friends are often a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, united only by their loyalty to their Aquarian friend.

Aquarians are the zodiac’s rebels: they can mobilize others to fight for justice and the oppressed. But they tend to lose interest once they have gathered enough supporters and move on to a new cause that appeals to them more. Aquarians are adventurous and inventive thinkers who love to explore the unknown and challenge the status quo. They can bring about radical changes in their own lives and in the world around them. They are guided by their principles, such as boycotting products from countries that violate human rights, or adopting a vegetarian diet to reduce their environmental impact. They despise waste and excess. Aquarian bosses are usually friendly but aloof, offering assistance and feedback when needed, but not meddling in their employees’ personal affairs. The office environment may fluctuate between dull routine and bursts of activity that surprise everyone, but things are never stagnant for long. Employees who try to impress the boss with their charm should not bother. Aquarians are oblivious to such attempts!

They may seem aloof and indifferent on a personal level – sometimes to the point of irritation. They care more about abstract ideas and global issues than about the details that would be obvious to more sensitive signs. Aquarians are eloquent speakers – their intellect and communication skills enable them to spark lively debates among others. At home, they should prioritize emotions over logic, or they might risk losing their loved ones. They have a rebellious streak that they should use constructively to advance in life. They have the potential to create significant changes in the way we live and think, once they learn to use it for the common good. They are fixed in their nature, but ruled by the unconventional Uranus, making them often surprisingly unpredictable. This can cause some difficulties in living harmoniously, as they tend to have eccentric habits that stem from a deep desire to be different. With their detached and objective perspective, they can offer useful advice to friends or colleagues who face emotional dilemmas. However, they may struggle to make decisions for themselves, as they are not very clear about their own feelings.

They cope with crises by creating some distance between themselves and the problem. This is not escapism: it helps them to see the whole picture more clearly, since a close-up view can be partial and distorted. Being distant also benefits them in another way – by freeing them from the influence of others. Members of this sign are deep thinkers, and they like to do it alone; when stressed, the best thing they can give themselves is solitude from external interference. However, the contradictions in their character often cause difficulties. As a fixed air sign ruled by two different planets, they are often conflicted between a desire to improve things for everyone, and a need to stay comfortably in their own little world. Innovative and imaginative, they are often ahead of the curve in their pursuit of the new. For this reason, they often spend large parts of their lives being misjudged by more conventional, conservative signs. Young Aquarian minds often make such huge leaps of understanding that they leave others behind, though they may be impatient with their friends’ mental slowness. They also dislike having to explain how they reached a conclusion; often, they don’t know!

Young Aquarians may stand out as ‘class oddballs’ at school, but not in obvious ways. They will do the exact opposite of following fashion, while everyone else is trying desperately to fit in; they will stay behind in the classroom or science lab to pursue their latest pet project, while everyone else dashes off at the end of the day. Of course, some of them do rebel quite openly, but that is not unique to this sign. For most of them, it is a matter of ‘live and let live’, and they will breeze along quite contentedly into adulthood as long as no one tries to stop them from going their own inimitable way. Their independence is what sustains them in their old age. They do not like being looked after or fussed over, and they may become quite cantankerous if physical circumstances require it. The eccentric streak found in many Aquarians often becomes more pronounced in later years, and they may take pride in it. Older members of this sign may enjoy reminding everyone how ‘different’ they are and have always been; at least it ensures them a hearing, which is what they spend their lives trying to achieve. You should remain friends with your Aquarian sibling if you can deal with problems by talking them over. They are likely to have something interesting to say, even if they don’t practise what they preach, but how well you get to know them intimately will depend on how well they get to know themselves.

Aquarian fathers should get to know their children as individuals, otherwise they may seem too aloof. Aquarian mothers may act zany and eccentric at times, which could embarrass some children. They commit to relationships from the heart, not from duty. If they feel constrained or overwhelmed by emotions, they will leave. But if they are respected for their freedom, as they respect others, they will be loyal and wonderful friends. Their ideal car is unconventional in some way. It could be fast or slow, large or small, as long as it stands out and shows their independent mind. Some may opt for an old car that looks eco-friendly, but actually pollutes the air with its faulty engine!

They have a cool and detached perspective that makes them proud of their ability to accept people’s flaws. They understand that human beings are imperfect and they often show remarkable tolerance for faults that would annoy other signs. However, this detachment also causes them trouble repeatedly. They don’t realize that flaws and feelings are often connected. As a fixed sign that values stability and personal freedom, they are usually honest. They don’t resort to deception – they prefer to persuade others with logical arguments. But they may also agree with the Uranus-inspired motto that ‘rules were made to be broken’ (especially if they encounter a rule that doesn’t suit them!). And that’s the crux of the issue – once Aquarians are convinced that they are right, they ignore other people’s moral standards. Their approach to winning and losing can seem very contradictory, like many aspects of their personality.

Some people might think that competition among individuals is useless and say: ‘We are all equal in the end, so why bother highlighting the differences.’ Aquarius often forgets that they are human beings with limitations and emotions, just like everyone else. Despite their rational and detached demeanor, they secretly want to win as much as anyone else. They should follow the basic principle of food combining, which means avoiding eating meat, fish, cheese and other concentrated proteins with carbohydrates. They usually have fresh fruit for breakfast, and one protein-based and one carbohydrate-based main meal per day. Varicose veins is a common Aquarian problem that reflects a feeling of being overwhelmed and overburdened. Sociable Aquarians also tend to get into emotional situations where they feel stuck. They feel like they cannot move around freely. They usually have their own preferred way of exercising. It is unlikely to involve other people, expensive equipment, or fixed schedules. So they enjoy activities like walking, jogging, running and trampolining.

They enjoy stirring things up and often dress in a way that shocks others, whether they intend to or not. They quickly get bored of a look once it becomes popular and loses its originality. They are trendsetters in their hobbies as well. They may seem eccentric to others, but they are just ahead of their time. They are interested in innovative, humanitarian and scientific fields. They have many acquaintances but few close friends. They are too busy with their diverse activities to commit to anyone or anything. And they prefer it that way. You can spot an Aquarian by their odd socks and solitary corner, or by their striking features and lively group of misfits. They may not know each other, but they share a common spirit.

They may throw big and impersonal parties, but they always have some surprises in store. Be ready for anything when you join their celebration. You might find yourself at a breakfast party or a costume party with a very original theme. Whether at home, at a restaurant, or somewhere else, they have a quirky taste in food. Eating is not very important to them, but socializing and sharing ideas are, so they often dine out. They choose unusual places to eat, and avoid anything that is too trendy or fashionable. They like ethnic cuisine, and prefer places where they can just show up without a reservation, so they can feel free and spontaneous. They are not very attached to material things, so their homes are a eclectic mix of items from their years of diverse interests and activities.

They are prone to sudden shifts in their preferences and opinions. Their affinity for the wind and air waves makes it difficult for them to conform to norms. This attitude may expose them to some prejudice and suspicion, especially in places where non-conformity is not tolerated. Their destiny, as marked by the Nodes, is intertwined with their progressive and humanitarian values. When they can integrate these values with their practical activities, they will find true fulfilment. They have a unique way of dealing with problems and misfortune. They are innovative thinkers who can achieve great things in various fields when motivated. They can often turn bad luck into an opportunity. They enjoy the flexibility of switching between different jobs and dislike being restricted. They value the freedom that money provides, but they are more driven by ideals than by wealth. ‘I innovate’ is their motto, but not for the sake of money. They do not care about conventional respectability or material status. Their belongings often reflect their current passion for a certain cause.

They value things for their symbolic meaning, not for their intrinsic worth. Money is not a concern for Aquarian house buyers, who have a natural flair for eccentricity. They don’t want to be seen as ordinary or conventional, so they use their homes to showcase their originality and creativity. They are drawn to unusual work that aligns with their high ideals, rather than their personal ambitions. They may pursue New Age careers such as healing, or anything that allows them to express their innovation and ingenuity. They are idealists who always look for new and original ways to contribute to their fields. To do so, they equip themselves with the latest gadgets to reduce any mental strain. They prefer subjects that have some scientific basis, however vague, such as astrology and biorhythms. They are more interested in abstract ideas than in concrete tools such as crystal balls and runes.

They are known for their unpredictability. No one can guess how they will behave or what kind of secrets they will reveal – except that they will likely be visionary projects. However, many of their brilliant ideas to transform the world fail because they avoid their own emotions. They do not understand the irrational forces that drive others. Like Capricorns, they enjoy repetition – and they often watch very fast and witty comedies more than once. They also laugh harder at their own jokes every time they repeat them. This childlike trait is evident in their choice of pets, which can range from the common to the exotic. They may like birds, as all air signs do. If they have a dog of a specific breed, it may be something unusual or amusing, such as spotty dalmations or Russian wolfhounds. Although they can be sociable and friendly, they love to observe others from the sidelines at a gathering. This is also one of their favourite parts of shopping. They never get bored of studying human nature.


ARIES: You find Rams helpful without being too restrictive, but there could be times when their fiery ardour leaves you cold.
TAURUS: Forget it. You will never get a Taurean to join your cause – they won’t even have the faintest idea what you are talking about!
GEMINI: A sparkling relationship. Amazingly, Twins not only appreciate your ideas – they can even figure out the logic behind them!
CANCER: It is fascinating to watch Cancerians in action, but remember – experiments are best left to the laboratory. These are human beings!
LEO: Interesting if you can hit the right trigger button. If not, you could find yourself at war with a permanent foe.
VIRGO: You find Virgos physically attractive and share the same kind of detached understanding. But Virgo will want you to commit yourself.
LIBRA: For intellectual rapport and shared interests, chose a Libran. This sign can give you everything you need (which isn’t that much really).
SCORPIO: You can take Scorpios in – perhaps even without realizing it – but there will be hell to pay then they find out. Dangerous.
SAGITTARIUS: Here is someone to share in a voyage of mental discovery. Archers definitely bring out the best in you. Or is it the beast?
CAPRICORN: You are unusually patient with Goats. You may even be able to help them shake off some of their rather conservative views on life.
AQUARIUS: A mutual support team as long as you share the same views. But once you start arguing, the end will not be long in coming.
PISCES: Another fascinating sign, but don’t let them get too close, or you could find yourself drowning in a sea of confusion.

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