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The Moon in the Horoscope

The moon’s position in the horoscope represents those aspects of human behaviour that depend upon automatic responses, whether they be the familiar motions of driving a car or irrational stimulus-response based on past experiences which the individual cannot consciously remember. The moon will have influenced the attitudes you absorbed in childhood. It’s position will affect your home-life in adulthood, and it is thus the key to understanding your relationship with your family, and how you build your life. When interpreting the influence of the Moon and its sign position, remember that the subject will intuitively and instinctively react and respond to all situations in the manner of that sign. The Moon indicates those attributes we inherit from our parents and from earlier generations. We may recognize these, but if we find them inhibiting and undesirable, we often have difficulty in coming to terms with them. However, awareness of these basic reactions is very helpful, and will contribute a great deal to our psychological development and eventual wholeness. The flow of the Moon’s qualities is greatly assisted by positive aspects between it and the Sun and/or ruling planet of the chart: they are strongly supported by a trine or, to a lesser extent a sextile, between the Moon and the planet ruling the sign the Moon occupies. Negative aspects are usually obstructive, while a conjunction adds great strength to the Moon’s sign and house position.

IN WATER SIGN: Highly sensitive, moody IN AIR SIGN: Cool and detached IN FIRE SIGN: Able to express feelings IN EARTH SIGN: You find self-expression rather more challenging.

Moon in Aries

Reactions are extremely quick, and you will respond emotionally (and sometimes rather too drastically) to issues that arouse passionate feelings. There is much that is positive in this placing, and very little chance that you will allow any grass to grow under your feet. You also have a strongly instinctive need for action, that sometimes results in too much haste. A very quick temper can be a problem if the Moon receives negative aspects from Mars or Uranus. In this case, the emotional energy level is very strong and needs to be channelled in positive directions. You may be accident prone, because in dangerous situations, or at times when brave, sudden action is required, you may respond by risking life and limb. It is a good thing, therefore, for you to learn life-saving, rescue and first-aid techniques. An advanced driving course is another good idea, as those with this placing like to drive very fast, and while your reactions to danger are excellent, your driving can become rather aggressive when you are angry. If impulsive tendencies can be controlled, you will be marvellously decisive, and have an excellent broad grasp of most situations. The placing bestows a need for independence and the ability to encourage others to do things for themselves. Sexually, you are an excellent partner, but as in other spheres of your life, you can become easily bored, so you need to experiment and be adventurous. There is a need for patience, especially when dealing with those who are slower than yourself. Selfishness, the worst Arian fault, will emerge when you are challenged in personal matters: you will instinctively put yourself first. However, once other levels of your personality take over, you may regret what you have said or done, and make amends in the manner of your Sun or rising sign.

Moon in Taurus

According to tradition, the influence of the Moon is particularly powerful in this sign, because it is exalted. Bear this in mind when reaching conclusions about the interpretation of the Moon in Taurus. A secure background to life is needed by Sun sign Taureans, both materially and emotionally, and those with this placing will respond very quickly and defensively when their background is threatened. Even if they are not particularly concerned with building up a good bank balance, or rely too heavily on their partner for support, their instinct will be to spring into action when in difficulties, and do everything in their power to ensure that their world is kept intact. The conservatism and conventionality of Taurus may well clash with other areas of your chart. Self absorption will definitely be seen, and an independent, freedom-loving person can suddenly make a complete about-face. lf strict adherence to convention is indicated elsewhere in the chart (e.g. a Capricorn Sun or Ascendant sign) the characteristics of this placing will blend into the personality, and the instinctive responses will not be a source of conflict. The emergence of possessiveness, the worst Taurean fault, may need countering, but this will be hard to do. Practicality will be considerable, and a common sense approach to life will be a great asset, especially if a certain adventurousness is indicated by other planetary positions. The stubbornness common to this sign will be present, but again this may only be an immediate reaction, with flexibility present on other levels. If there is a preponderance of fixed signs, bloody-mindedness and getting in a rut can become on-going problems. The Taurean love of good food and living, and a need to surround the self with beautiful, comfortable objects, may be apparent. Since the Moon is related to the health, it is necessary for you to realize that – especially when under stress – you are likely to indulge in chocolate bars and other comfort food. Weight gain can be the result. The throat, too, is rather vulnerable: this area of your body may easily react to stress or general infection.

Moon in Gemini

A very quick verbal response to situations is characteristic of those who have the Moon in Gemini. You will, especially when young, often express yourself in such a flurry of uords that they can sometimes tumble out in an incoherent muddle. The versatility of Gemini is present , and will be seen particularly when you are confronted with several tasks. Rather than consciously deciding on a particular order of preference or importance, the tendency will be to start all of them at the same time. Our emotional responses are powerfully influenced by the Moon, so there can be conflict, when a contrary instinct to rationalize argues with emotion and intuition. You must come to terms with the fact that intuition and objective rationalism must merge and flow positively. The Geminian tendency of not entirely trusting the emotions will be apparent and, because we are dealing with the Moon, the traits will not be far from the surface when you are challenged. The natural instinct to speak up will be very strong. For example , you will rush to telephone the local radio station in order to join in a discussion on a topic in which you have an interest or firm views. Indeed, this is one of the planetary placings that indicates a chatterbox! A certain impatience and restlessness will also be obvious. While you may well be aware of this and do much to counter it, nevertheless it is to your advantage to realize that your resources of nervous energy are very high and must not be allowed to stagnate . This is where difficulties can be encountered, especially if other areas of the chart suggest a much slower, more stolid personality. In theory. there should be the ability to get the best of both worlds, with the Gemini Moon adding a natural quickness of response and the heavier traits contributing stability and patience. Good aspects between the Moon and other personal planets will help, and there could well be a positive or negative link as a result of Mercury’s influence. Sometimes nervous strain and pressure can lead to periods of tension, and digestive problems may be one of the results. In certain cases because of the Gemini connection with the lungs, asthma (again as a result of tension or worry) may be a problem.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon is always the third most important factor of a birth chart, but because it rules Cancer, its influence is considerably increased when placed in this sign. The well-known natural defensive system which is such a prominent characteristic of those with a Cancerian Sun sign, will be equally – if not more powerfully – present. Defensiveness will be the immediate reaction, not only when you are challenged but also in less threatening situations. The emotional and intuitive levels are second to none, and those with this placing should learn to trust and rely on them – your instincts will not let you down. However. it is important that you look for other practical down-to-earth indications in the chart, so that these marvellous facilities can be controlled and not allowed to dominate in a negative way. The Sun or Mercury in an earth sign, for instance, or perhaps a trine aspect to Saturn from the Moon itself, should be of enormous help. Such a stabilizing influence is necessary because, in addition to a powerful intuition, there is plenty of imagination that, triggered in a negative way, can be expressed through worry. When worried, you will tend to think that the very worst has happened. You may not necessarily have a depressive outlook, but apprehension over loved ones can cause these powerful responses to build up out of control. For instance, if a child is unexpectedly late home from school, you will soon imagine there has been a serious accident. Nevertheless, both sexes tend to make excellent and loving parents. From a physical point of view, the digestive system will be upset by worry, and it is frequently the case that those with this placing have very sensitive skins, whatever their ethnic colouring. Caucasians will quickly turn beetroot-red in the sun while the other races will find it difficult to get rid of even quite minor scar tissue. Protection from the sun, and additional care over cuts, insect bites and so on, is absolutely essential. The past is a frequent subject for reflection and nostalgia, and your childhood background may be allowed to dominate your outlook on life. Coming to terms with the attitude and treatment received from parents, whether that was beneficial or difficult, may take longer than for other Moon sign placings. The family instincts are very powerful indeed, and these people (like those with a Cancerian Sun) often have to face problems when their children have grown up and want to leave home. Such an occurrence runs contrary to much that is of instinctive and genetic importance to them. At such times, they will have to call upon other, more forward-looking, areas of their charts to help them through any period of emotional and physical readjustment that is needed. The Cancerian tendency to hoard is another strong instinct for the subject with this placing. As a result, clearing out the resultant clutter can be a chore that is avoided at all costs, perhaps because hoarding such items adds to your much-needed sense of security. There may be quick changes of mood, which can frequently be disconcerting for loved ones to witness. Women with this placing may suffer in an above-average way from premenstrual tension, but should try hard not to let it dominate their lives. The face is usually round, with a quite literal moon-like shape and glow to it. When the Moon is placed in Cancer, no matter what its house, it can influence the individual’s facial expression: a tiny frown-line may appear between the eyebrows.

Moon in Leo

The immediate instinct of those with the Moon in Leo is to take over. While there is an active and happy enthusiasm, and a need to express emotions in a positive way, it is all too easy for people with this placing to appear bossy, dogmatic and stubborn. But at best they can be an excellent source of inspiration to others, with the ability to get the most out of them – pack leaders who enjoy the role! Their belief that they can do anything as well or better than anyone else is a mixed blessing. While they will inevitably find plenty of outlets for all their potential (indicated by the characteristics of the Sun sign) and will achieve their aspirations (indicated by the Midheaven), they can tend to overstep the mark and become somewhat overwhelming. If shyness or a lack of self-assurance is shown in other areas of the chart, there will be a conflict which will result in the subject covering up the inhibited areas by showing off, perhaps even feigning extroversion and confidence in a way that can be embarrassing for loved ones. If you are working on the chart of a child with this placing it will be necessary to encourage the parents to steady the youngster’s natural exuberance, which at its best is lovely but can become bombastic. There is a special need to make the right impression, especially when these people are young, and as a result a great many of them will learn the hard way. In spite of this, there is determination and a sense of immediacy which is much in their favour. They will cope extremely well in any emergency that arises, for the powers of leadership and organizational ability attributed to the Sun sign Leo are always present and will be called upon and expressed at just a moment ‘s notice. The emotional forces are strong and the intuition and imagination powerful. These can be expressed creatively through any art form sympathetic to the Sun sign. The tendency to show off, at any age, must be countered by other less extrovert indications in the chart. This is a placing that needs a steadying hand, not only elsewhere in the chart, but also from those with influence over the subject. Even so, this placing is very often found in the charts of big achievers, especially when the Moon is near the Midheaven or situated in the tenth house.

Moon in Virgo

Some similarities with the characteristics of the Moon in Gemini will be obvious in this placing, in as much as the individual will be extremely talkative when nervous or challenged. If anything, however, there will be even greater resources of nervous energy. If this is positively expressed, the individual will have a great deal of practical ability and, because of some extremely quick responses to situations, will be in a good position to keep abreast or ahead of competitors. Worry and a lack of self-confidence may well be present, and because the worry springs from the deepest instinctive level, the subject can develop rather mysterious stomach upsets or digestive problems without realizing what has caused them. Unconscious concern over a problem will probably be the root cause, affecting the subject in a physical way before he or she is consciously aware of what is wrong. Children with this placing will all too often become ill and have very severe, and indeed real, “schoolitis” when there are problems (perhaps an unsympathetic teacher may be the cause?). You will be fundamentally rational, but this extremely practical approach and your instincts do not always marry. Your reactions are very quick indeed, which is a great asset, as are the characteristic reliability a great measure of common sense and considerable helpfulness. Literary talent is often present with this placing, and should not be ignored – it is here that any creativity shown in other areas of the chart may be expressed. There is also a critical streak and, especially if the Moon receives a square aspect from Mercury, a tendency to gossip. More positively, because of the sharp reflexes (usually expressed verbally as well as in practical action) there is talent and an incisive quality in debate; in any kind of argument the individual can stand very firmly on her own two feet.

Moon in Libra

A reputation for bestowing tact and natural diplomacy on the subject accompanies this placing. Here is the peacemaker of the zodiac. There is an immediate response to, and ability to identify with, other people’s problems and points of view. This is excellent, but unless strong signs such as Capricorn or Leo are emphasized elsewhere in the chart, or there are indications of the ability to rationalize and detach the self from showing the emotions, the placing can lead to indecision or in some cases may even weaken the character. Its strength lies in the individual’s immediate sympathy and very natural understanding. Kindness is complemented by a willingness to listen to people who have problems, encouraging them to relax and calm down. Decide for yourself just how much practical, active help your subject would be in a crisis – remembering that the natural reaction is to remain calm rather than join in the fray, and that the tendency to panic is low on the list of characteristic responses to such situations. Do not forget that the polar, or opposite. sign of Libra is Aries, which will encourage a slightly aggressive tendency in the subject. For example , he can provoke an argument when annoyed, and the Libran Sun sign cry of “It isn’t fair!” will definitely be heard. Loved ones will usually be called upon to reassure the subject that nothing is seriously wrong and all is well. The Libran identification with balance and harmony is also present, and a need to put matters right, and make amends if necessary will be an immediate and natural response when there are problems with partners, friends or colleagues. Bringing out the best in others is a most positive characteristic of this placing. It can be especially strong when the subject meets someone for the first time. She will make strangers feel immediately at ease, partly because she herself is usually relaxed. However, do look for sources of tension or nervous apprehension in other areas of the Birth Chart. There is an immediate charm which is extremely beguiling, and it is often possible to identify those with this placing because the speech tends to be slow and drawling – something that can also occur with a Libran Sun or Mercury sign.

Moon in Scorpio

The emotional energy resources, which are strong when the Sun or Ascendant Sign is Scorpio, are in some ways even more potent with a Scorpion Moon. They will surface at once when the individual is challenged, and the response to all kinds of situations is influenced in an extremely powerful way. Because the feelings are so instantly on tap, the subject can overreact when provoked; all kinds of reactions, both positive and negative. will be laced with vivid emotion. There may be outbursts which will surprise those confronted with them, since other areas of the personality usually present a very different sort of person. Not only emotional but also physical energy is boosted by this placing, which adds determination and the instinctive urge to achieve. The subject can also encourage others (particularly loved ones) to achieve more. Laziness in a child, for instance, will be denounced by the Moon-in-Scorpio parent, and in the end the child will be bullied into action. There may also be a tendency to show a certain harsh reaction such as taking an extreme line in the discussion of the treatment of criminals. Here, the immediate response of the Moon will home in on the cruel streak of Scorpio. It is very important indeed that the subject realises how many situations in life will prompt his instinctive response of jealousy. Rather as the individual with a Taurean Moon will react possessively and regret it, so the subject with the Moon in Scorpio may well loathe expressing any form of jealousy, but will simply not be able to help it. Again, it is the powerful influence of the Moon encouraging an immediate response and reaction. It will not be easy for the individual to control this negative trait, and the feelings will most certainly be heartfelt. An awareness that jealousy can be easily aroused, however, is essential, and will help the subject to cope with it. This will also enable the partner to fully understand the reaction of the loved one, and if you, as the astrologer, can explain this both to his or her partner, you will be fulfilling your role very well indeed. If these extremely, powerful sources of emotional energy and intuition can be channelled in positive directions, there will be great inner strength and resourcefulness. Without a doubt, your ability to probe the emotional depths is keenly intense. While others ignore their emotional shadows, you know that you must embrace yours, and your penetrating gaze conveys your awareness to anyone who dares to look into your eyes. You may have always been fascinated by or curious about concepts that “polite” society considers taboo: death, birth, sex, pain, power, and anything easily denied or swept under the carpet. You know that life is a transformational experience, and you accept these realities, because when you do not, they haunt your dreams. In many ways, you are the natural psychologist and healer, ever probing the depths of human consciousness, ever curious about what lies beneath the surface. Never satisfied with a shallow relationship – whether with a lover, friend, or family member – you sense the unspoken and would just as soon deal with it. But you’re not so keen on anyone else knowing all of your secrets! When your feelings grow too intense, you can stuff them into that hidden place which is filled with all your doubt, shame and guilt. Then, to avoid being found out, you can erect barriers which keep everyone else out of your inner sanctum. Although this protects your vulnerability, it can be the source of monumental frustration when you want to let someone inside, or when you need the intimacy and closeness. You possess a secret weapon: If you’re willing, you can be reborn. Before it’s all said and done, you’ll realize that rebirths have occurred over and over again; it’s the only way you can get to the core of yourself. Much like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis, your life is filled with phenomenal changes. You know all the emotions, from despair to ecstasy. Yet, you’ll probably always want to be sure you have that cocoon handy – just in case. You boast many creative talents, and it can be hard to pin you down to one hobby in particular. You usually have several projects on the go at any one time, plus a host of outside interests to occupy your active mind. If your hobbies involve the coordination of both mind and body, then all the better.

Moon in Sagittarius

People with this placing will respond in a very, positive, optimistic and enthusiastic way to circumstances (especially those that are challenging), for the sheer enjoyment and need of challenge is quintessentially Sagittarian. They give the impression that they will not dither around or bother too much with the pros and cons of a situation. In face, they not very good at recognising small details or problems, and will tend to ignore them when they are pointed out by others. The urge to move forward physically and intellectually is very strong – impatience when waiting in traffic jams, for instance, is common! These individuals will enjoy feeling that their intellect is being stretched, but can sometimes give the impression of knowing and understanding much more than is really the case. Hope and optimism run high, until other more sober elements of the personality take over (if they are present elsewhere in the birth chart). Balance is needed if the individual is not to incline towards bluster, with blind optimism clouding common sense. Nevertheless, he or she has general keenness and enthusiasm, and is the complete reverse of the “wet blanket”! A tendency to be off-hand is a fault that often emerges with this placing, however. “See if I care” is the sort of statement that is characteristic of the Moon in Sagittarius, usually, followed by a turn and toss of the head, with the individual already thinking of something, or someone, else. Sagittarian restlessness will almost inevitably be present, and must be countered, or recognised at the very least. There is marvellous potential, especially intellectually, and it is up to the individual to develop a consistency of effort by fully using other areas of her personality. She must aim to calm her reactions even though these are positive, so that the Sagittarian sage-like qualities and the subject’s own sound, possibly even unique philosophy of life can be used to their full and best advantage. Digestive problems and liverishness can affect the health, as those with this placing like to enjoy food which is a little too rich for their systems.

Moon in Capricorn

There is a very cool, calm reaction to situations for individuals with this placing, and the emotional responses are rather low, or at least very much under control. There can also be a tendency to aloofness which gives the impression that these people want, for reasons of their own, to distance themselves from other (sometimes, in their eyes, lesser) mortals. However, the marvellously off-beat Capricorn sense of humour surfaces very spontaneously and does much to soften this unfortunate impression. The urge to fulfil aspirations and ambitions is considerable, and if this need is supported by practical and intellectual flair (shown in other areas of the birth chart), there will be considerable ability to achieve those aims, with success being the eventual reward. The Capricorn tendency to moan will be evident, as will lunar moodiness, and sometimes the subject’s immediate reaction to a situation will be negative. This may be due to a lack of confidence (especially if the Moon makes a square or opposition aspect to Saturn, or the weakness shows up in other areas of the chart). In this case, someone close to the individual must always attempt to inspire her by encouraging her to think positively about her ambitions and aspirations, which will no doubt be formidable. If the negative attitude is immovable, the subject will tend to live safely but unadventurous. There is also an inner desire to impress other people, and a sense of pride, making the subject unwilling to accept help when it is offered. This is because it could be considered charity, and so acceptance may be seen as a sign of weakness. When the Moon is working in a positive way for the subject (with trine aspects to lively Mars, Saturn, the Ascendant, Sun or chart ruler), this placing will work extremely well. All the strong, practical qualities (including common sense, determination. ambition and the ability to enjoy the good things of life, will then be used at a moment’s notice, and to full advantage. There is a natural tendency to self-preservation and usually only well-calculated risks will be taken.

Moon in Aquarius

Those with this placing are magnetically attractive, yet send out signals suggesting they are cool and distant, and don’t want the rest of us to come too close. This is their immediate reaction, and it is only when we break through this brittle, bright but somewhat frosty barrier that we actually experience the characteristics of the Sun, and eventually the Ascendant sign. It is as if, in some ways, the subject is on the defensive, and wants to appear enigmatic and mysterious. The flow of emotion is very controlled, although if anyone needs help the subject will immediately respond and want to do as much as possible, just like his or her Aquarius Sun sign cousins. The subject’s reasons for helping will be severely practical, and he will at once see a way through any difficulties that may cloud the issue for the person in trouble. The unpredictability of Aquarius will be seen when the subject is confronted with any aspect of life that could be considered controversial. His reaction may be totally unexpected, and quite different from what was anticipated. Similarly, the subject may take an unexpected line of action, on the spur of the moment, that is completely out of character with other areas of his personality. In retrospect, he may well have problems attempting to justify this to himself. Anything glamorous will strongly appeal to the subject who, interestingly, also has a romantic streak. However, this is detached, and the way emotions are expressed, especially in love (as opposed to strong feelings relating to worldly issues) must be assessed from the positions of Venus and Mars, and their strength in the chart as a whole. Originality and often a spark of genius are present. Sudden bright ideas should be acted upon and carried through to completion. If stubbornness is shown in the positions and aspects of the other planets, it could become a serious problem, for it will not blend happily with a tendency to unpredictability. Nervous tension can also cause problems, the likelihood of which will be affected by the influence of Uranus in the birth chart. The humanitarian qualities of Aquarius, linked with kindness, will be very evident and contribute much that is positive in the subject.

Moon in Pisces

This placing of the Moon shows the coming together of two forces that are extremely highly charged. The emotional content of Pisces is powerful, and when the Moon falls in this sign, the responses to all situations will also be emotional. This is not the type of emotion found, for instance, in fiery Aries: it is a very different force, discharged through very different channels and for different reasons. The individual is easily moved, whether to great happiness or sadness. He or she may be moved to tears by a piece of music that rings nostalgic bells or affected in an above-average way when scenes of disasters flash on to the television screen. The response will be to do something kind and charitable, perhaps sending hard-earned cash to aid those in distress, even to the point of self-denial. If creativity is shown in other areas of the chart, this placing will add sensitivity and imagination to the way in which it is expressed. However, the Moon in this sign may weaken the character, encouraging the subject to take the line of least resistance, especially when challenged. As a result, there will be a tendency to tell lies and to be very deceptive – not only towards others but to the self as well. When the subject does deceive others, her excuse will be that lies are less hurtful than the truth, and those lies will be told with an astonishing spontaneity. Parents with children who have this placing must be kind and understanding, but very firm indeed, in making their offspring realize that truthfulness is essential. A warning should be given to the subject that. like those with a Piscean Sun sign or Ascendant, she may react adversely to medically administered drugs. When under stress, she must be strong enough to resist the extra cigarette or drink. Giving way to any form of negative escapism can become a habit that is hard to break. The positive, caring, sacrificial qualities of this placing will contribute much if the individual has a sense of vocation. They are also valuable traits if she is involved in any of the caring professions, since the subject will have an understanding of those needing help, and an ability to give a favourable and sympathetic impression to anyone who is underprivileged.

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