Retrograde Planets

A planet is considered retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac from our vantage point on Earth. This perception stems from the relative motion of planets in our solar system, where Earth’s orbit creates an illusion of backward movement for other planets. It’s akin to driving on a road next to another car: if the other car slows down or you speed up, it appears as though the other car is moving backward. Retrograde motion is therefore an optical illusion, as planets themselves never actually move backward or stand still in their orbits.

Retrograde & The Planets

Retrograde periods, while often challenging, are a regular occurrence in astrology. Each planet, except for the Sun and Moon, experiences retrograde motion. Retrograde planets typically indicate a period marked by events that feel fated or unavoidable, related to the planet’s domain of influence. Issues from the past that have not been resolved may resurface during these phases, demanding attention and resolution before progress can be made. Retrograde periods also tend to bring about a series of events that may feel outside of our control, particularly influenced by the zodiac sign in which the retrogradation occurs. For instance, the effects of Jupiter retrograde in Aries will differ from those when it retrogrades into Pisces.

When a planet is retrograde, its energies turn inward, becoming more subjective. This inward focus often leads to deeper contemplation of the energies associated with the retrograde planet. Many geniuses and leaders in history have had retrograde planets in their natal charts. According to Martin Schulman’s work on Karmic Astrology, retrograde planets are thought to transcend the constraints of time. Individuals with retrograde planets may carry memories and experiences from past lifetimes into their current incarnation. These memories can be so vivid that the individual may not even recognize them as memories, feeling as though they are living in a dulled phase of another time zone. This can lead to a sense of reliving experiences related to the particular retrograde planet, as they attempt to resolve unresolved issues from past lives.

Retrograde planets introduce a complex dynamic that operates across multiple dimensions simultaneously. As a result, individuals with retrograde planets may find themselves navigating various temporal and spatial orientations simultaneously. They might feel as though they are lagging behind or progressing ahead in this current life, while another part of themselves seems disconnected from this life entirely. This lack of synchronization with chronological time can be disorienting for many, compounded by a unique spatial orientation experienced on another plane of existence.

Astrologer Martin Schulman defines a “Retrograde individual” as someone meeting one of the following criteria: having three or more retrogrades in the natal chart, having any one of the personal planets retrograde, or having a single retrograde planet near the Ascendant or Midheaven (the 10th house cusp).

According to Schulman, The retrograde planet, with its potent karmic teachings emerging in this life, often accentuates the material or tangible aspects of existence. It plunges individuals into the depths of their primal nature, where the struggle for survival amidst life’s circumstances and interactions takes precedence over the fulfillment of their soul’s journey. This effect is particularly pronounced with the inner retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars), which delve into the intimate, personal, and private aspects of one’s self, echoing struggles that have persisted since the dawn of time.

Knowing that the soul and spirit transcend the laws of karma provides comfort and encouragement, as it suggests that all challenges can eventually be resolved. The process of overcoming the difficulties associated with retrograde planets can lead to significant spiritual growth. It’s worth noting that the Sun and Moon do not undergo retrograde motion, offering stability amidst the fluctuations of celestial energies.

Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde Mercury directs the mind inward, leading to a tendency to revisit past events and lessons frequently. Thought processes are rooted in the subconscious rather than the conscious mind, resulting in a learning style that is more intuitive (Right Brain) than analytical (Left Brain). Individuals with Mercury retrograde may absorb the essence of information rather than focusing on specific details. Consequently, they may perform lower on standardized or fact-oriented tests compared to those without Mercury retrograde. Unfortunately, children with Mercury retrograde may be unfairly labeled as less intelligent, despite possessing unique and valuable learning abilities.

The individual with Mercury retrograde possesses the ability to access the collective unconscious and perceive knowledge from previous eras. However, this process typically occurs at a subconscious level. Due to this unconscious awareness, you may find yourself aware of more information than you can consciously articulate, leading to feelings of frustration. Additionally, you may become overly fixated on the form of your ideas, which can create obstacles to expressing the essence of your knowledge.

Mercury retrograde individuals often find creative outlets that involve non-verbal communication, such as music and painting, to be particularly effective means of expression. Many renowned musical talents possess Mercury retrograde in their natal charts. Additionally, delving into history can serve as a natural outlet for their unique perspective and deep understanding of past events.

MERCURY RETROGRADE KARMA: Mercury retrograde individuals may experience karmic patterns in relationships, characterized by a tendency to react to others as if they symbolize individuals from their past. This subconscious association can influence their interactions and perceptions in the present, leading to patterns reminiscent of previous experiences.

Retrograde Venus

Retrograde Venus suggests challenges in freely expressing love and affection towards others. Individuals with this placement may feel a lack of emotional fulfillment and tend to interpret life events based on their perceived level of love or deprivation of it. Emotional relationships can be challenging as they tend to internalize and exaggerate hurts experienced in relationships.

VENUS RETROGRADE KARMA: Your relationships may reflect memories of past-life painful experiences, leading to a misunderstanding about the true nature of love. This may result in a tendency to shield yourself from fully experiencing the depth of love, out of fear of being hurt again. You might react to present situations as if they were repetitions of past hurts, thus influencing your current relationships. This tendency to block yourself from happiness by striving too hard to attain it could be a recurring pattern.

Parents can support their Venus retrograde child by encouraging engagement in activities that cultivate beauty, art, and love in daily life. Since Venus symbolizes beauty, fostering a mindset that seeks to enhance life’s situations can be beneficial. Encouraging affection toward animals can also be helpful, provided the child learns to extend love freely to people within the present context.

Retrograde Mars

Mars retrograde redirects the typical outward energy of Mars inward, leading you to expend a significant amount of energy revisiting past experiences internally. This inward focus may cause you to project past life roles onto the people in your present environment. There’s a strong inclination to prioritize spiritual fulfillment over physical needs, necessitating intentional focus on holistic growth. Sexual experiences may feel less fulfilling due to this inward energy, but when rooted in love and aimed at mutual spiritual connection, they can become a more natural expression for Mars retrograde individuals.

Mars retrograde karma suggests that your actions often aim to recreate situations from your past lifetimes. You may expend energy trying to find individuals in the present who symbolize those who fulfilled you in the past. There’s a tendency to act out everything you couldn’t express in prior lifetimes, and when your efforts fail to yield desired results, you may overreact. This overreaction can lead to coming on too strongly, causing people to pull back.

Parents can support their Mars retrograde child by helping them establish a daily routine that includes plenty of sleep, a nutritious diet, and ample outdoor exercise. Since Mars retrograde individuals tend to be more focused on spiritual desires, it’s important to help them understand that the physical body is the “Temple of God” and must be cared for accordingly.

Parents can offer valuable support to both Venus and Mars retrograde children by engaging in discussions about the distinction between past life memories and present experiences. Encourage your child to discern moments when they might be overreacting, helping them navigate their emotions with greater awareness and understanding.

If you opt to help your child with Venus Retrograde or Mars Retrograde to distinguish past life memories from present experiences, avoid denying the existence of past lives. Denial could lead to further confusion. Instead, acknowledge the reality of past life memories, then assist your child in determining whether the events they recall occurred in the current environment.

Retrograde Jupiter

Retrograde Jupiter governs the Eternal Self, serving as the planet of wisdom. Jupiter serves as a wellspring of enthusiasm, optimism, and the drive to embrace life’s opportunities.

JUPITER RETROGRADE redirects its expansive energy inward, fostering deep inner growth, often through spiritual pursuits. Individuals with this placement may tend to procrastinate and over-plan, sometimes to the point of not making progress on their well-thought-out projects. However, JUPITER RETROGRADE offers the potential for a profoundly spiritual life path. Those with this placement are urged to seek their own truth, as conformity to the mundane or status quo may leave them feeling unfulfilled. They are free spirits who resist following the paths of others and may possess great wisdom and prophetic insight, especially as they mature spiritually. JUPITER RETROGRADE may also bring frequent déjà vu experiences, allowing individuals to feel a sense of belonging anywhere on the planet.

PARENTS, your child with JUPITER RETROGRADE may not find much value or meaning in societal traditions deemed important by others. They are here to experience life’s richness both externally and internally. A too rigid environment may lead to inner restlessness and discontent, which your child might struggle to express. Understand that they need the freedom to explore different places, activities, and philosophies to discover their own sense of lasting significance. Embrace the versatility and unique insights that your JUPITER RETROGRADE child brings into your life.

Retrograde Saturn


SATURN, the planet of self-discipline, aims for perfection in your life.

SATURN assists us in bearing our karma and navigating our tests successfully. Until we willingly accept self-discipline, SATURN might manifest as feelings of limitation, deprivation, delay, and disappointment. However, SATURN’s ultimate aim is to bestow upon us wisdom and compassion.

SATURN RETROGRADE indicates that you are revisiting a lifetime, offering you a second chance to navigate your journey. This incarnation may feel like managing two lifetimes simultaneously, leading to inner doubts about your self-worth and ability to overcome challenges. However, your soul recognizes your spiritual maturity and past achievements through significant struggles and sacrifices. Embracing SATURN’s discipline allows you to unlock vast wisdom and tap into your accumulated talents from previous lives. SATURN RETROGRADE suggests an old Soul advanced on the spiritual path, now focused on perfecting lessons learned.

PARENTS: Your SATURN RETROGRADE child may exhibit a serious demeanor and feel burdened by excessive responsibility. Incorporating regular playtime into their daily routine can help alleviate this pressure. Reassure your child that you will handle parental responsibilities while they enjoy being a child. Encouraging self-discipline through playful activities can be beneficial. Consider individual sports like swimming, track, or tennis, as competitive sports might exacerbate the child’s sense of responsibility. Observe your child’s interests and trust your intuition when guiding them. Activities like sculpture, sewing, and woodworking can provide a playful outlet while satisfying the need for structure associated with SATURN.

SATURN RETROGRADE KARMA involves revisiting and reworking a lifetime, carrying the additional weight of past experiences. Individuals with SATURN RETROGRADE are deeply committed to getting things right this time around.

Retrograde Uranus

URANUS RETROGRADE makes it challenging to recognize and express your inner individuality. However, it also prompts a rediscovery of ideas from past lifetimes. Those with URANUS RETROGRADE feel a strong sense of responsibility toward personal growth, believing it contributes to the advancement of humanity. They are pioneers of the future, deeply connected to the richness of life. Originality and exploration are paramount, and sharing ideas with others is essential. Despite a winding path, happiness is found in embracing this journey.

URANUS RETROGRADE KARMA involves grappling with familial and societal karmic challenges. Balancing relationships and the urge for reform can lead to inner transformation. However, inconsistency may strain relationships, giving the impression of hypocrisy. Conflict between the mental and emotional realms is common, prompting a shift towards intuitive awareness as a means of resolution.

PARENTS: Embrace your free-spirited child’s uniqueness and creativity. Avoid stifling their individuality; a child with URANUS RETROGRADE values independence and will resist any attempts to restrict them.

Retrograde Neptune

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE prompts a yearning to uncover mysteries and reveal religious deceptions. While you possess intuitive awareness of your subconscious, making conscious connections may prove challenging. However, utilizing tools like astrology or engaging in tasks can facilitate subconscious attunement. Pay attention to insights that seemingly arise spontaneously.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE signifies a drive to perceive the material world through its relevance to the soul’s growth. This orientation presents an opportunity for significant spiritual advancement in this lifetime. Living within the material realm while maintaining detachment from it is essential. While others may perceive you as lacking common sense, you resonate with a higher frequency, directly attuned to your soul’s essence. Your connection with the cosmos surpasses your ability to articulate in words.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE KARMA entails navigating a journey of discerning between dreams that lead to genuine fulfillment and those that merely present illusions of fulfillment. This process may involve pursuing various dreams sequentially. Despite being highly intuitive, the confusion associated with Neptune retrograde on the personality-centered level can lead to a lack of trust in one’s intuition.

PARENTS: Your child with Neptune retrograde may seem unconventional compared to societal norms. You might feel inclined to discourage or dismiss your child’s dreams as unrealistic. It’s important to recognize that your child inhabits two worlds simultaneously. Offer support and allow their uniqueness to flourish. Encourage their inclination towards serving others, even from a young age, and engage them in artistic and musical activities that they find fulfilling.

Retrograde Pluto

PLUTO RETROGRADE intensifies its transformative force, delving deeply into the superconsciousness, fostering inner enlightenment long before it manifests outwardly. This placement suggests a continuation of psychic abilities from past lives, emphasizing their constructive use. You’ll sense humanity’s collective struggles within yourself, feeling a profound responsibility to elevate consciousness, both personally and for humanity as a whole.

PLUTO RETROGRADE KARMA suggests a karmic obligation to humanity, linked to the era indicated by Pluto’s zodiacal placement. This debt is to be repaid through selfless service to humanity. It offers an opportunity for profound spiritual advancement, enabling you to transcend the collective karma of humanity and potentially achieve liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Like Neptune Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde calls for living in the world while maintaining a sense of spiritual detachment.

PARENTS – It’s important to recognize and nurture any psychic abilities your child may naturally possess, without stifling them. Encourage your child to use these abilities for constructive purposes, but avoid making too big a deal out of them. Treat your child as you would any other child, while providing support and guidance as needed.

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