The Vertex is the point where the ecliptic and the prime vertical cross in the western half of a chart (the right-hand side). It is an auxiliary Descendant in astrology. The Anti-Vertex is the point directly opposite to the Vertex. Some astrologers call the Vertex the “third angle” of a chart.

The Meaning of the Vertex in Astrology

The Vertex is a controversial point in astrology. Some astrologers believe it is a point of destiny or karma, where we meet people who change our lives. Others doubt its usefulness or accuracy. Some also think it is a point of “wish fulfilment”, where our dreams come true. The Vertex is often used in synastry, the comparison of two birth charts. It is said that the Vertex is activated when we experience major life events, such as starting or ending a significant relationship, or having a birth or death in our lives.

A common feature of significant relationships in synastry is the alignment of one person’s personal planet or ASC with the other person’s Vertex, usually in conjunction or opposition. I use a narrow orb of 2 degrees. These inter-aspects are not always present in important relationships, but when they occur in romantic ones, they tend to follow a similar pattern: the individuals do not fall in love at first sight. They may even feel some hesitation, and unlike South Node connections in synastry, they do not experience an immediate sense of familiarity. Their love develops later, like a sudden revelation, as if they think: “Wow, I really like you: I didn’t see this coming!” Their feelings emerge unexpectedly and intensely.

It is also important to pay attention to the synastry contacts between the progressed Vertex of one person’s chart and the personal planet or the Ascendant of another person’s chart.

I have observed that the Vertex plays a significant role in predictive work when important connections are made. For instance, in my personal experience, all of my major romantic relationships had the following features: the Vertex and the Moon’s Node were in tight hard aspect (conjunction and square) in the Venus Return for the years that I met these partners, and transiting Venus formed a hard aspect to those points on the day of our first meeting. There were also prominent secondary progressions and solar arc directions involving the progressed or directed Vertex and the progressions or directions to the natal Vertex. The Vertex-Node combination in the Venus Returns in my life might be particularly meaningful and striking because Venus is the ruler of my seventh house (and Vertex).

A common misconception is that Vertex-personal planet conjunctions between romantic partners indicate a perfect, fairy-tale relationship. This is not true. However, these conjunctions do imply a strong bond.

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