Moon Node Aspects

Aspects are split into 3 different groups:

Neutral Aspects – Conjunct/Vigintile/Semi-Sextile/Semi-Quintile/Nonagon/Septile/Tridecile
Positive Aspects – Sextile/Quintile/Trine/Bi-Quintile
Negative Aspects – Semi-Square/Square/Sesquare/Inconjunct/Opposition

Moon Node Aspects to the Sun

North Node Square Sun

Building a physical or intellectual connection with others.

North Node Aspects to the Moon

North Node Trine Moon

Psychological feedback rooted in childhood experiences or emotional turmoil can be surmounted by taking the time to articulate your fears. This will make you receptive to the karmic lessons of this lifetime. It is in this space that your instincts may feel limited. You must transcend and leave behind past issues to progress. The North Node trine Mercury signifies the exchange of ideas and intellectual connection with others.

North Node Aspects to Mercury

North Node Semi-Square Mercury

Understanding the true value of your possessions and balancing the significance of your discoveries against the importance of your loved ones is essential. Utilize your intellect to achieve your objectives, but be ready for challenges. A fulfilling social life, possibly facilitated by your workplace, can be greatly beneficial, as it often fosters positive relationships with parents.

North Node trine Mercury

The exchange of ideas and the development of mental connections with others.

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