Sun in Aries

The Sign of the Pioneer, the Warrior

The Archetypal Arian: “Adam in the garden of Eden”. First in everything, his impetuousness and desire always to go one better eventually proved his undoing.
Key Quote: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Astronaut Neil Armstrong, 1969

March 21 - April 19

Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Ram
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 1st
Colours: Bright reds, Scarlet
Gemstones: Diamond, Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby
Metal: Iron
Perfume: Dragon’s Blood
Day: Tuesday
Number: 9
Keywords: Assertively, energetically, urgently, enthusiastically, impulsively, independently
Rules: The 1st House (outer personality, appearance, self-image, made of expression and action)
Positive Traits: Forceful, pioneering, adventurous, enterprising, courageous, direct, energetic, freedom-loving, self-assertive
Negative Traits: Selfish, unsubtle, impulsive, rash, quick-tempered
Compatability: Leo, Sagittarius
Sexual Partner:
If you are female: PISCES – Great intensity;
If you are male: LEO – Unhibited passions
Parts of the Body ruled: Head, brain, face-bones, eyes, face, muscles
Glands, Nerves & Arteries: Pineal gland, arteries to head and brain
Acupuncture Meridian: Kidney meridian
Possible Ailments: Accidents, acne, brain disorders, burns, fainting, headaches, head injuries, inflammation, neuralgia, stress, swellings, sunstroke
Beneficial Foods: Rhubarb, tomatoes
Diet: Trim normal eating and combine with more exercise Flowers,
Herbs & Spices: Honeysuckle, geranium, anemone, basil, briony, chillies, coriander, crow’s foot, flaxweek, garden cress, garlic, ginger, mustard, onions, peppers, tobacco
Trees/Shrubs: Gorse, holy, monkey puzzle, redwood
Healing with Herbs: Honeysuckle, cowslip, rosemary
Comfortable Surroundings: Arians tend to feel most in tune with themselves in a room in which some scarlet is featured
Stress Areas: Pregnancy, accidents, illnesses
Attitude to Shopping: Impatient, rash
Objects: Sharp instruments, sports goods, cars, knives, fires, motorbikes, tools, weapons
Party Costumes: Fireman, tarzan, little-bo-beep
Sports/Hobbies: Sketching, writing, poetry, drama, photography, jewelry, sewing, knitting, papercraft, sculpture, woodwork, calligraphy, acting, car maintenance, dancing, hockey, football, hang-gliding, martial arts, metalwork, motor racing, rugby
Professions/Trades: Armed forces, blacksmith, butcher, dentist, explorer, engineer, engine driver, fireman, trade union leader, mechanic, metal-worker, professional sports, self-employment, steeplejack
The World: Aries represents the idea of nationhood, national characteristics and self-image
Countries: England, Germany
Cities: Florence, Marseilles


According to myth, the ram played a pivotal role in the rescue of Phrixus and Helle, who were fleeing from their malevolent stepmother. Sent by Zeus as a supernatural aid, the ram carried the siblings to safety. Unfortunately, Helle fell from the ram’s back and perished in the sea, while Phrixus arrived unharmed and expressed his gratitude by sacrificing the ram to Zeus. In honor of its heroic deed, Zeus immortalized the ram’s image among the stars. The ram’s fleece, imbued with magical properties, transformed into gold and was safeguarded in a sacred grove, guarded by a fierce dragon. This legendary fleece was later sought after and captured by Jason as part of his legendary quest with the Argonauts.


Aries, as the inaugural sign of the zodiac, embodies the motto “Me first!” Characterized by their active and outgoing nature, individuals born under this sign are driven to leave their mark on the world. However, this assertiveness can sometimes manifest as selfishness and egotism. Yet, in many cases, this bold approach proves successful because Arians are determined to achieve what they desire.

Symbolized by the horns of the ram, true Arians confront life head-on with unwavering confidence and vitality. Their physical presence commands attention, evident in their firm handshake, confident posture, and ready smile. As the dynamic cardinal fire sign, Aries is driven by an innate urge for self-expression, seeking outlets for their creative energy in every aspect of life.

In matters of love, Arians are passionate and impulsive, refusing to settle for anything less than wholehearted commitment. Their optimism leads them to rush into relationships with fervor, often disregarding caution in pursuit of true love. However, their ardor can lead to jealousy and competitiveness, particularly when they perceive a rival as having something they desire. Arians approach flirting with seriousness, relishing the challenge of capturing someone’s attention and conducting their advances flamboyantly until they receive a response.

Despite their forceful and direct nature, Arians harbor a romantic and idealistic core. The Arian male embodies the archetype of the knight in shining armor, fearlessly battling obstacles to rescue his beloved princess. Arian women, on the other hand, are drawn to old-fashioned charm and appreciate being wooed in a traditional manner.

Renowned as one of the most sexually demanding signs of the zodiac, Aries individuals refuse to accept rejection when it comes to matters of intimacy. The Arian ego cannot tolerate being denied, and both Arian men and women possess a strong sex drive, making them passionate and exciting lovers.

Arians are known for their impulsive nature, which extends to decisions regarding marriage. This impulsiveness persists even after tying the knot, as Arians continuously seek new challenges and projects to pursue. Their zest for life infuses their partnerships with excitement and energy.

Compromise is not a forte for Aries individuals, and when they are unhappy, they are inclined to react by seeking separation. Thus, it is not uncommon for Arians to experience breakups or quick divorces, as they struggle to tolerate the ambiguity of trial separations.

Arians thrive on competition in almost every aspect of their lives. They exhibit their competitive nature even in activities like driving, where they tend to be fast and assertive behind the wheel, relishing the rivalry inherent in motor racing. Their energetic pursuit of goals often leads them to participate in competitive sports or physical education, whether as a hobby or professionally, providing an outlet for their natural competitiveness.

In addition to their competitive spirit, Arians possess a fondness for romantic fantasy, often idealizing the chivalrous ways of the Middle Ages. Aries men envision themselves as bold knights, riding out to rescue a damsel in distress, while their female counterparts yearn for adventure and excitement. Modern Arians may indulge in fantasies of sports cars to impress their partners or sweep them off their feet with grand gestures.

Given their abundant energy, Arians thrive on physical activity and require regular exercise to maintain balance, especially during stressful periods when they need an outlet for pent-up emotions like anger and frustration. Feeling confined or lacking opportunities for physical exertion can leave Arians feeling tense and stressed.

Successful Arians are not shy about showcasing their achievements; they proudly announce their accomplishments to the world. They are drawn to the trappings of success, indulging in lavish displays such as flashy cars and designer clothing that reflect their triumphs. However, they should be mindful not to alienate others with excessive ostentation, though their success is often well-earned.

Individuals born under the sign of Aries are characterized by their intense passion and impatience. When they become excited about something, they desire immediate action and find delays frustrating. This impulsive nature often leads them to rush into situations without adequate planning, potentially hindering the outcome.

For many Arians, power is synonymous with physical strength and domination through competition. They are driven by the pursuit of peak achievement and thrive on challenges that push their limits. While they may appreciate support from a small group of allies, they are generally indifferent to the notion of exerting power over others on a broader scale.

Arians’ enthusiasm for adventure can sometimes lead to accidents or challenging situations, but their innate energy and short memories enable them to bounce back quickly and embrace fresh challenges. Without stimulation, however, they may become depressed or frustrated. They prefer to streamline their tasks and surround themselves with efficient tools and gadgets to minimize delays and maximize productivity.

Despite their direct and sometimes abrupt manner, Arian leaders tend to be democratic and informal, prioritizing performance over superficialities like appearance or social status. Their approachability and lack of hierarchy in the workplace can sometimes lead to romantic entanglements, but caution is advised, as mixing business with pleasure may lead to complications.

Arians strongly resist any attempt to restrict their individuality or curtail their freedom of choice. When faced with obstacles, their frustration can quickly escalate into aggression, and their fiery tempers are notorious for their explosiveness. Therefore, it’s wise to tread carefully when challenging an Arian’s autonomy or pushing them beyond their limits.

People born under this sign are mentally agile and have a famous sense of humour, which can be sarcastic or quirky. They can use their wit to win arguments when logic fails them. They have the potential to initiate brilliant projects, but they may lose interest once they are launched. They should delegate the routine tasks to others and focus on their creative ideas.

They may have sudden bursts of anger, but they do not hold grudges. They can resolve conflicts by having a frank discussion and moving on. However, they may also act impulsively and disregard the feelings and opinions of others. This makes them seem self-centred and insensitive.

They are quick to react in a crisis and face it head-on. They can solve most problems with a swift and decisive action. However, they may struggle with procrastination if they do not see an immediate solution. They should learn to be more patient and persistent.

Children born under Aries are affectionate and generous, and they have a huge zest for life. They are popular among their peers as natural leaders, but they may also test their parents’ patience with their bold spirit. They need as much freedom as possible to express themselves and feel appreciated. At school, they tend to challenge the authority or compete with their rivals using their physical strength. A better way to channel their energy is to engage in adventurous, demanding sports like hang-gliding or motorbike racing – the more thrilling the activity, the more they enjoy it. They don’t care about winning as much as participating, and they find satisfaction in doing something constructive. They are not likely to age quietly or gracefully. They have an innate drive to live fully and intensely, and they will keep seeking new challenges even in their old age. They aspire to be like ‘Supergran’ – a feisty old lady who rides her bike at full speed, waving her cane and wearing glasses!

Having an Aries sibling can be exhausting. This is the child who wants to be the leader of the family, regardless of their birth order. The Aries father is very proud of his children and loves them deeply. He has a strong impact on their growth, and he may secretly wish that they follow his footsteps in his career or a similar one. However, he also supports their independence and teaches them to think for themselves. Aries is a warm and enthusiastic sign that likes to be straightforward, and this applies to motherhood as well. Most Aries mothers are determined to overcome any challenge.

They want a quick, challenging and energetic way to keep fit, as they do in other aspects of their lives. They enjoy competing with themselves or others, whether in the gym, golf or other activities. However, they may act impulsively when frustrated and harm themselves. They need to learn to cooperate with others, like Librans do, even if it slows them down. This will benefit their emotional and physical health in the long run. Arians may gain weight because they skip regular meals and rely on sugary or high-calorie snacks when tired. Eating proper meals during the day can help them lose weight or stay healthy. They dress fashionably and buy clothes for immediate effect rather than durability. They add inexpensive accessories to update their classic outfits. They are not afraid to show their legs when shorter skirts are in vogue.

They are adventurous by nature and belong to one of the most daring signs of the zodiac. They like hobbies that challenge their quick reflexes and involve some risk, such as fencing, war games, fast cars or action photography.

They are straightforward when they go to a pub. They head straight to the bar without looking around and order a drink to quench their thirst. Then they stay at the bar and wait for others to approach them. A bar stool may occasionally b

People born under the sign of Aries have a strong desire to assert themselves as individuals, so they should avoid being too bossy at home. They are naturally loyal, but they tend to use their home as a base for their activities rather than a place to relax and enjoy.

Generally, their Nodal challenge is to use their innate initiative and entrepreneurship to achieve the worldly success that the North node requires. Aries who feel ‘lost’ will discover that by cultivating these qualities, they will gain a new sense of direction and well-being.

They have a knack for following hunches, and they enjoy card games such as bridge, which combine luck and skill. However, their lack of attention to detail often causes them to lose as much as they win. They dislike being unlucky, as it dampens their natural spontaneity and zest for life.

They are pioneers who need to keep moving and creating new projects. Their motto is ‘I want’. They have a great need for money, power and influence, but they seldom consider other people’s wishes. When faced with a choice between money and authority, they usually prefer power. They are very aware of the trends of the times, and they like their belongings and clothes to be fashionable. They are quick to adopt new ideas and they are likely to be the first ones in their group to buy the latest trendy gadget. Later, they will also be the first ones to discard it for something new. Their ideal home does not have to be huge – but it helps. They need homes that are big, bold and flashy, that announce ‘Me, me, me!’ from every window. Inside, there should be room for indoor entertainment – pool table, pinball machine, computer games and so on. Outside, a theme park would suit them well: they would love to have fun on the Big Dipper or challenge their friends


ARIES: This could be where the Mutual Admiration Society first started – but others should be ready for fireworks and double trouble!
TAURUS: Determination meets stubbornness. You may respect the bull’s strengths, but they may not combine too easily with your own.
GEMINI: Fun and frolics are the order of the day. Friends to the end, you egg each other on with your childlike antics and make a brilliant sales team!
CANCER: A challenging combination: you lose your temper, Cancer sulks. But the kindly crab can make you feel wanted if your moons are compatible.
LEO: You are full of encouragement and admiration for the Lion, which is just what he wants. But watch it: if you compete, you may come unstuck.
VIRGO: To headstrong rams, conscientious Virgos are just about the most boring sign going. But there again, someone has to pick up the pieces!
LIBRA: Perfect sparring partners. Both want their own way, but Librans are clever enough to let you think you are getting yours all the time.
SCORPIO: Innocent, forthright Arians have a sneaking admiration for the controlled passion of secretive, scheming Scorpios – but don’t tell them!
SAGITTARIUS: A natural – you can fan each other’s flames and tread where angels fear to. Life together offers excitement and adventure.
CAPRICORN: A truly cardinal dilemma: your fiery spontaneity is brought crashing to earth by chilly Capricorn’s methodical, practical approach.
AQUARIUS: Aquarian ideas inspire and stimulate you to action. With you as a partner, there is even a chance some of them may become reality!
PISCES: If you must push someone around, who better than a gentle Piscean! But remember – still waters run deep, and you could get stuck in the mud.

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