The Ascendant is the sign’s degree that appears on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. It reveals our true nature. The characteristics implied by the Ascendant in a natal chart only become apparent when we have a deep understanding of the person. It is the inner manifestation of the personality. The Ascendant shows how we adjust to our surroundings and the basis of our character.

The Ascendant & The Elements

The horoscope uses different elements (fire, earth, air and water) to show how people generally react and express themselves. Astrology students know that the elements are essential for understanding our personality. They reveal how we deal with reality and what our temperament is. The Sun and the Ascendant are the two main factors that influence how we present ourselves to others. Therefore, the elements of your Sun and Ascendant are very important for your public image and individuality.

Ascendant Fire Signs

People with fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) on the ascendant are energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic. They have a friendly, uncritical and non-hostile outer manner that makes them good at socializing and public relations. They also project a professional competence that elicits a friendly and respectful response from others. Aries ascendants have a well-organized, slightly military bearing that suits them for military or civil service. Leo ascendants have a dignified and formal manner that inspires confidence. Sagittarius ascendants have a cheerful, pleasant and witty manner that is ideal for teaching, training and public speaking.

Ascendant Earth Signs

People who have Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn as their rising sign are usually practical and security-oriented. They tend to be shy, serious and cautious in their outward behavior. Among them, Taurus risers are more sociable and have a talent for music or art. Virgo risers seek intellectual stimulation from others, while Capricorn risers balance work and social activities well. These rising signs project a pleasant and tactful vibe, indicating that they would rather cooperate with others as a team member than take the lead right away.

Ascendant Air Signs

Communication skills are a common trait of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. People with an air sign rising are friendly and sociable, but also independent and somewhat detached. The Gemini ascendant is always busy, juggling multiple activities at once. The Libra ascendant has business ideas that often require a more practical partner to make them happen. The Aquarius ascendant has great plans for themselves and others, and sometimes executes them.

Ascendant Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs, known for their emotion, intuition and feeling. People with a water sign rising tend to hide their true feelings and protect themselves from the world. They do not always show their real selves to others. They may use different strategies to create an impression. Cancer ascendants are friendly and tactful, and they can handle any situation that requires diplomacy. Scorpio ascendants may act rude or distant with strangers, as a way of keeping them at bay. Pisces ascendants seem gentle, selfless and sometimes helpless, but they are not weak. They will stand up for what they believe in.

Ascendant/Sun combinations

Fire/Fire Combination

A person with both Sun and Ascendant in a fire sign has the purest combination of elements. They are idealistic and faithful, and they do not want any barriers between them and the world. They always react with optimism and honesty, and they expect others to do the same. They are naive and trusting, and they do not see any reason for people to be dishonest or pessimistic. They have high aspirations and ambitions, and they may come across as aggressive or demanding. They tend to assume that their opinions and desires are universal truths, and they have difficulty examining them critically. They have a lot of enthusiasm and passion, and they are resilient and optimistic. They are discouraged by too much dull reality, which dampens their spirit. However, they could benefit from some cynicism and realism.

Fire/Earth Combination

This text is suitable for people who have the Sun in Fire and the Ascendant in Earth, or the Sun in Earth and the Ascendant in Fire. These elements represent the balance between the passionate heart and the pragmatic mind. These people are often ambitious and determined to make an impact on the world. They are warm and enthusiastic, but they also value efficiency and realism over fantasies and distractions. They may struggle with self-reflection and empathy, as they tend to focus on the present and the tangible. This is a combination of action and achievement.

Fire/Air Combination

These people have extroverted and sociable personalities, and they are curious about abstract concepts and innovative ideas. They tend to respond to external stimuli quickly and strongly, without much forethought or planning. They could benefit from being more patient and introspective. This combination of fire and air is not very stable – these people are more dynamic and eager than most, but they lack a solid and grounded sense of self and often overextend themselves. They favor broad overviews over specific details, and they may struggle with intimate and personal issues. The best quality of this combination is the passion and enthusiasm that they bring to their rational thinking.

Fire/Water Combination

People with this combination experience intense and unpredictable emotions. Their moods can switch from optimism and confidence to introversion and elusiveness, creating a “hot and cold” image. They may acknowledge their occasional irrationality. This combination can also produce intuitive creativity and empathy, supported by initiative and determination. If they can balance their explosive side with the cooling, deeply reflective influence of the water element, their honest and colourful personality will be valued. They need to exercise restraint and set boundaries, and adopt some of that good old commonsense thinking.

Earth/Earth Combination

People with earth/earth personality are hardworking and reliable. They value things that are tangible and practical, and they may neglect or dismiss more abstract or spiritual aspects of life. They may struggle to express their emotions or show vulnerability, as they prefer to be rational and sensible. They are loyal and sincere in their feelings and relationships, but they dislike drama and exaggeration. They have a strong desire to create something lasting, but they may get lost in details or resist change. They often enjoy sensual pleasures and nature.

Earth/Air Combination

Earth/Air people tend to be rational and detached, not easily swayed by their emotions. They can think clearly and logically, even about abstract or complex topics. They are good at planning and organizing their interests, but they may miss out on the richness and depth of life if they are too rigid and analytical. They could benefit from being more flexible and open to their feelings, and to embrace the unknown and the unexpected. They should also learn to connect more deeply with others and to trust their gut instincts.

Earth/Water Combination

People who are earth/water types are sensitive and receptive to others, and they can be creative in a relaxed but productive way. However, they may struggle with lethargy and lack of enthusiasm, and they may need to push themselves to get started. They are introspective and composed, which gives them great potential for self-knowledge, but they may find it hard to express some of their feelings and desires. They may also be pessimistic or create unnecessary problems where there are none, just to be safe and prepared. On the positive side, they can turn their dreams and visions into reality. Their patience and insight allow them to delve deep into issues.

Air/Air Combination

People with this personality type are like gusts of wind. They are always curious and changeable in their thoughts and actions. They use their intellect and logic to deal with everything, but they are so distant and impersonal that they struggle to understand deep emotions. They may seem cold or shallow, as if they lack genuine feelings. However, they love people and social interactions, so this is not a big issue for them, except maybe in close relationships. They are communicators and connectors of experiences, fascinated by the human mind and its possibilities. They are outgoing and verbal, but they need more patience and reflection to find their place in the world.

Air/Water Combination

This combination is imaginative and sympathetic – these people are good at interacting with others and have a charming appeal. They enjoy communication and are usually attentive listeners. However, they can sometimes be too accommodating, avoiding harsh and direct confrontation. They will say what people want to hear rather than what they really feel. Air/water people should learn to assert themselves and be less indecisive. They are likely to pursue some creative endeavour – any artistic or intellectual outlet is a potential source of their inner growth. This may not be the most honest and reliable combination; these folks see “truth” as a relative concept, and are tempted to use fantasy to reshape their view of the world.

Water/Water Combination

This text portrays a person who is overwhelmed by intense emotions that transcend any boundaries. A person with water/water personality feels every emotion deeply and personally, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. This high sensitivity is often apparent to others, but some water/water people try to conceal it, becoming withdrawn, timid and mysterious. They are not only in tune with their own feelings, but also with those of others, showing great empathy. They have a longing for a mystical and ineffable unity that they cannot express in words. Their weakness is their subjectivity and irrationality; they need to learn to see the world objectively and rationally, otherwise their compassion and imagination will cause them more harm than good.

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