Selena - The White Moon

It’s intriguing to explore the concept of the Black and White Moons in astrology and how they are believed to influence our karmic journey. The idea that these hypothetical planets represent accumulations of our dark and light karma adds depth to our understanding of astrological influences.

According to this belief, the position of Lilith, or the Black Moon, in the Zodiac signs and houses can indicate the negative acts from our past lives that we need to work through. These negative actions may manifest as challenges or tragedies at specific ages in our current lives, offering us the opportunity to choose between succumbing to dark impulses or fighting against them.

For example, if someone experienced tragedies or misfortunes at certain ages, it could be seen as evidence of them working through negative karma. The type of misfortune experienced may mirror the negative actions from their past lives. However, if they resist giving in to negative impulses, they may still face challenges but without tragic endings.

On the other hand, Selena, or the White Moon, represents positive karma and light forces. Its cycle lasts for seven years, during which individuals may experience moments of luck or opportunities if they have deserved them. The position of Selena in the chart can also indicate special talents or abilities.

Astrologers debate the nature and significance of Selena, but generally agree on its seven-year cycle and its potential to represent the possibility of transcending karma and entering the eternal world of the spirit.

In essence, the Black and White Moons offer a framework for understanding the complexities of karma and how our past actions may influence our present experiences. They remind us of the importance of conscious choice and personal growth in navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.

The first level
A person who does not perceive, acknowledge, or follow Selena’s expression and the guidance of spiritual plans, either misses the signs of Selena’s activity or faces misfortune instead of support. This is because of the process of purification.
The second level
When Selena’s influence affects a person, they can tap into its inspiration. But this is often a shallow, subconscious, and intuitive process. Selena’s expression remains imperceptible on some levels.
The third level
The spheres of Selena’s expression are consciously perceived by a person. He strives to reveal their power and to connect with the spirit and the Creator. Selena inspires him and grants him success and strength. He can share the light of the spirit that Selena brings with more and more areas. This skill becomes aware and enables him to collaborate with the spirit. It also helps him to fulfill his mission, to break free from the karma cycle, and to enter the eternal realm of the spirit.

Selena in Aries

As an active sign, Aries likes to take action in life. You don’t like to sit back and let things happen on their own. You prefer to stand up and make things happen. You have the ability to protect yourself and others, and people may admire your leadership, courage, and strength. Aries is the sign of the warrior, so you may have some luck when you face challenges, but only if you fight for noble causes and missions that benefit everyone. The areas of life where you may express your fighting spirit and take action are related to the house where your White Moon Selena is located.

Selena in Taurus

As a Taurus, you are a grounded person who needs stability and security in your life. You can act in a slow and steady manner, and you can stick to your commitments until you finish them. You enjoy living in the present moment, and you can appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday life. You can also use your resources creatively to help yourself and others, and you may have a deep spiritual bond with the Earth. The areas of life where you may apply your grounding and resourcefulness depend on the house where your White Moon Selena is located.

Selena in Gemini

As a Gemini, you have a sharp mind and excellent communication skills. You feel more secure when you can express yourself clearly and effectively. You have easy access to the information and people you need, as long as you keep your mind open and receptive. You can also share your knowledge with others and inspire them with your ideas. The house where your White Moon Selena is located may indicate the areas of life where you are most interested in learning and communicating.

Selena in Cancer

As a Cancer, you are highly emotional and can use this to your advantage. You can connect deeply with yourself and others, and offer them your care and support, especially your family members (even if they are not always grateful!). Your emotions also give you a powerful intuition, and you can pick up on subtle energies, past memories, and karmic influences. The house where your White Moon Selena is located may show where you channel your emotions the most.

Selena in Leo

As Leo governs the heart, you can benefit from connecting to your heart and expressing love and affection. Be warm, caring, giving, and kind. You can also harness your creative energy and express yourself creatively to help you feel stable and secure. You can brighten your inner light and share it with others to assist them on their own journey. You may need to work on being more self-aware, and this can keep you on the right track. The areas of life where you may focus your love and creativity most may depend on the house where your White Moon Selena is located.

Selena in Virgo

As an analytical sign, Virgo can benefit from applying reason and practicality to any endeavor. By creating order and structure, Virgo can achieve more. Virgo can be a diligent worker and can improve the performance of others who work with or for them. Health and healing can be significant for Virgo, and they can use their knowledge and experience to help others heal as well. Virgo can also discover information that others may miss with their keen attention to detail. Virgo may express their practicality, orderliness, work ethic, and healing abilities in the areas of life ruled by the house where their White Moon Selena is located.

Selena in Libra

As a Libra, you thrive on relationships and the benefits they bring. You may have a strong desire to help others and to create harmony among them. You have a knack for diplomacy, peacemaking, and persuasion. You can quickly assess people’s personalities and motivations, and use this skill to get them to cooperate. The house where your White Moon Selena is located shows which areas of life you may apply your relational talents to, and where you may seek balance, compromise, and justice.

Selena in Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you have the potential to transform and evolve in remarkable ways. Transformation can teach you valuable lessons from your defeats and failures, and help you rise with more power. You can overcome many challenges and become stronger. You can harness the power within you and assist others in discovering their own. You can cultivate a deep spiritual connection. The house where your White Moon Selena is located may indicate the areas of life where you can focus on transformation and power.

Selena in Sagittarius

Your beliefs are important to you as a Sagittarius, and you can thrive by aligning your actions with your values. Living inauthentically can backfire and undermine your credibility. Be honest and authentic, and you will earn respect from others. You may have a gift for teaching, and you can use your life experiences and wisdom to help others who can learn from you. Be confident but humble, and you will go far. The house where your White Moon Selena is located may indicate the areas of life where you can best express your truth and share your knowledge.

Selena in Capricorn

As a Capricorn, you have a strong sense of purpose and ambition. You work hard and persistently to achieve the goals you set for yourself, even if it takes a long time. You also have a high sense of responsibility, and you may willingly take on the burdens of others. You know that you can handle what others can’t, and this can bring you rewards and respect in the future. You can also set an example for others by showing them how to do things right. The areas of life where you may apply your goal-oriented and responsible nature most are the ones governed by the house where your White Moon Selena is located.

Selena in Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are a rebel who thrives on doing things differently. You are authentic and inspire others to be themselves. You value your freedom and excel when you have the space to be creative and innovative. You seek positive changes for yourself and the world, and you challenge others to break free from conventional norms. You have a deep compassion for all living beings and a champion spirit. The house where your White Moon Selena is located may indicate the areas of life where you express your unconventional, independent, and champion qualities the most.

Selena in Pisces

As a Pisces, you have a strong intuition that can guide you in subtle ways. You may not always be aware of how you sense the energies around you, but you can trust your inner voice. You also have a lot of compassion for others, especially those who are in need of your help. You may be willing to do what others won’t, and make a positive difference in the world. Your artistic and creative talents are another gift that you can use for yourself, for your career, or for helping others. You have a vivid imagination that can inspire you and others. The areas of life where you may express your intuition, compassion, and creativity the most are related to the house where your White Moon Selena is located.

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