Sun in Leo

The sign of the Leader, the Ruler

The Archetypal Leo: Mr. Toad, whose stubbornness and extravagant, boastful behaviour cost him his beloved home – and nearly his friends, too.
Key Quote: “From the sublime to the rediculous, it only takes one step” – Napoleon

July 23 - August 22

Ruling Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Lion
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 5th
Colour: Orange, warm yellows, gold, any shade of the sun
Gemstones: Amber, Ruby
Metal: Gold
Perfume: Olibanum
Day: Sunday
Number: 1
Keywords: Creatively, authoritatively, dramatically
Rules: the Fifth House (self-expression, creativity, children, love, pleasure, speculation, recreation)
Positive traits: Creative, generous, enthusiastic, good organizer, broad minded, expansive, dramatic
Negative traits: Vain, proud, bullying, pompous, snobbish, intolerant, dogmatic, stubborn, patronizing, egotistical, conceited
Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius Sexual partner:
If you are female: ARIES Uninhibited passions
If you are male: TAURUS Passionate and erotic
Parts of the body ruled: Heart, upper back, spleen, circulation
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Spinal cord, aorta
Acupuncture meridian: Heart meridian
Possible ailments: Backache, palpitations, fainting, blood disorders, fevers, dizziness, heart problems Beneficial foods: Oranges, peas
Diet: A personalized diet, calorie counted to include a treat each day
Flowers, herbs & spices: Dandelion, sunflower, marigold, almond, angelica, bay, celandine, chamomile, frankincense, juniper, lemon, mistletoe, orange, poppyrice, saffron
Trees/shrubs: Bay, laurel, juniper, walnut, palm
Healing with herbs: Bay, borage, angelica
Comfortable surroundings: Leos like their home environment to be warm, often choosing rich opulent colours like gold and deep yellows
Stress areas: Divorce, public speaking, moving home, accident/illness
Attitude to shopping: Extravagant, luxury-loving
Objects: Cut glass, designer clothes, fireplaces, gold jewellery, limousines, luxuries, perfume, trophies, wood-burning stoves.
Party costumes: Henry VIII, page boy, peasant
Sports/Hobbies: Athletics, amateur dramatics, giving parties, interior design, opera, painting, sculpture, showjumping
Professions/Trades: Acting, astrologer, chairman, charity organizer, commissionaire, dancer, farmer, hairdresser, jeweller, managing director, professional sportsman/woman, teacher, youth worker
Leo represents a nation’s creative activities, its art and culture. It has ties with all forms of sport and entertainment, ceremonies, children, the birth rate, the stockmarket and national lotteries.
Countries: France, Italy, Romania
Cities: Bath, Bristol, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Prague, Rome

Archimedes Mythology

The constellation of Leo commemorates the Nemean Lion – a ferocious beast sent by the goddess Hera to test her enemy, Hercules, in the first of his Twelve Labours. Arrows proved useless against the animal’s thick hide, so Hercules trapped the Lion in its lair and choked it to death with his bare hands despite losing a finger. Afterwards he cloaked himself in the lion’s skin as a protection against all future enemies.


Leos are warm, sunny and outgoing but just love to be adored and looked up to. Those who fail to recognise a Leo’s innate need to be superior may find themselves on the receiving end of a right royal snub, or the victims of typically aristocratic wrath. Leos like grand and theatrical gestures, especially if these enhance the impression they make on others. One of their natural props is their hair; and when thick and abundant, it often closely resembles the mane of a lion. It is perhaps their most dramatic feature. Leo is the sign of the zodiac which has the most abundant vitality and creative energy, for it is ruled by the sun and has a natural urge to express itself. Leo is also the fixed fire sign, which means that creative enthusiasm burns steadily and to great purpose. Leos spare no expense when courting a new love. They are very demonstrative and loyal, and are almost continually in the throes of passion, remaining very faithful. They only lose their sparkle when love begins to fade. Decked out like a Christmas tree and rattling with jewelry at their wedding, Leos show no fear of vulgarity of expense. Jealous lions do not react immediately to the situation, for they will seek to preserve their dignity and bearing at all costs. Playful, and with a marked tendency to exaggerate, Leos flirt extravagantly. Romantic adventures are a crucial part of the existence – without them the Leo sun ceases to shine – and they will expend a great deal of energy in their passionate search for the ideal love. Leos like to live life on a grand scale, and their love affairs are no exception. The object of their heart’s desire will be showered with presents and drawn into a whirlwind of romantic fun, from parties to visits to the theatre – with the best seats, of course. Leos love to be admired, although this is generally not too difficult as the sign is ruled by the sun, usually denoting a warm and affectionate nature.

Being a fire sign, Leo is also exceedingly passionate and can be very sexually demanding within a relationship. Leo is the king of the zodiac and a married Leo, male or female, will want to be the undisputed head of the family. Leos need to be looked up to and admired by their spouses. As long as their partner respects and admires them their marriage will stay sweet. Hurt pride is this sign’s problem following a break-up, particularly if they are the ‘innocent party’ and suffer a bruised ego. Leos hate to fail, and even when they are the ones who brought about the separation, they still feel deep public humiliation. Leos always behave with the utmost dignity and have too much pride to indulge in power struggles.

Leos, like Librans, are very responsive to colour and environment, and their mood can be badly affected if these are wrong. Dreary, dull colours have a negative effect – for Leos respond positively to warm, bright colours and to comfort and luxury. Leos love success. They take very naturally to the centre of the stage and play their part with abundant energy and vitality. Leos know that nothing succeeds like success and so they let the whole world know they have triumphantly reached the top. A leo is naturally generous and gets a boost from giving something to others. Leos also love to feel that they can mould others’ lives and this, combined with their warmth, enthusiasm and liking for children, makes them natural (often passionate) teachers. Leo people regard power as their natural right, and once they have got it they tend to assume their responsibilities in grand style. Providing they remain unchallenged, however, they can also be very generous to those who have helped them reach the top. Leos will happily agree to a trip on the Orient Express, while turning a regal nose up at the thought of travelling by coach. Leo adventures require a touch of glamour and style, including at least one first-class hotel, exciting encounter or luxury yacht.

Warmth is important to Leos: as well as liking warm colours, such as red and orange, they like to be physically warm too. Many Leos love the sun and would live in a hot country if possible. If not, they are sure to insist on an effective heating system! Leo bosses have an air of the benevolent ruler about them. By and large they are warm and supportive to their staff – but only up to a point. When employees get ‘uppity’ or cross the boundaries which leo has set, their royal ruler will be quick to put them back in their place. The same applies to office romance: flirtations with the monarch are all very well but, with the possible exception of the chairman’s daughter, to take things any further would be beneath leo’s dignity. Fiery Leo is a self-confident sign, to whom independence of thought and action comes as second nature. Most Leos have an in-born ability to lead others, using their unfailing belief in themselves to win other people over to their way of thinking. Flamboyant Leos are famous for their big ideas, which often display enormous vision. Even so, their projects generally stand a fair chance of getting off the ground, since Leo thought processes tend to be the most disciplined of the three fire signs.

Their great love affair with life begins with an acceptance and appreciation of what they have to offer the world. Developing their inner talents to the full ultimately gains these energetic people the leading role and stature they feel is theirs by right. In common with the other fire signs, Leos have a firm conviction that they ar always right. People planning to share their lives with someone born under this sign will be expected to concur with this, and to allow them to play the part of head of the household. Their natural pride and a craving for admiration means that they are often highly susceptible to flattery. They need to be aware of this weakness when making decisions involving others, since some might exploit it in order to sway the outcome. They are among the best people to have around in a crises.

Organized and capable, they can usually find a way to lessen the impact of any difficulty without much fuss. Even if the problem is something new, the chances are they will devise some suitable tactic and make it work simply through having confidence in their own abilities. For although they are undoubtedly able, it is the ‘confidence’ bit which is the key. Once it is undermined, they become unsure of their footing and apt to stumble; and once that happens, it is often difficult for them to recover. Big-hearted Leos often fail to notice the problems they cause simply by their rather over-enthusiastic desire to shine in all they do. Often the people around them hit back with personal slights which, ironically, cause Leos an immense amount of distress. As an energetic and resourceful sign, they are the born leaders of the zodiac. Their natural dignity ensures that, as they age, they become regal senior citizens, able to offer sound advice and heaps of encouragement to those around them. Leo children have a knack of getting the attention they crave, and can usually be found right in the thick of things.

They tend to be popular youngsters, but should be encouraged to share their zest for life with others less fortunate than themselves. Adolescent days are often the training ground on which young Leos learn the art of leadership. It may not all be plain sailing, though – classrooms invariably have more than one budding Leo to their credit. The tendency of this sign is to gather around them a small band of followers who are content to let them lead the way. When these teenage groups come face to face, they must flex their muscles and prove their worthiness in the eyes of their peers. Pride is as much an issue as physical strength, and losing the admiration of the faithful can be a hard knock for young lions to take.

They place a high value on achievement, and will only rest happy in their twilight years if they know they have made the most of their talents. They like to look back and feel they have made a positive contribution to the world. If this is so, they will be content to hand over to younger generations, as well as giving them generous encouragement and support. As adults, there is a chance you may work with your leo sibling to make a joint impression on the world. Leo will probably always feel that you are the one with the more pleasant and harmonious lifestyle (whether or not this is true), leading to a certain amount of on-going resentment. But if you remember the lessons of childhood and let them know you are fighting with them, not against them, you should always be able to rely on their support.

The Leo father is definitely the head of the household, although he usually has something endearingly childlike about him to which his children eagerly respond. The Leo mother loves to spend time with her children dramatically acting out stories. A desire for fun and the ability to turn seemingly simple activities into something special make Leos delightful friends. An ordinary meal can become a celebration in the hands of a Leo, and a simple trip to the theatre or the cinema, something to be remembered. With money no object, what other car could satisfy lordly Leos but a Rolls-Royce or Bentley complete with personal number plates? Large, luxurious and with a definite showbiz feel to it, the King of Cars suits this sign’s grandiose ambitions down to the ground. In the front is the chauffeur, complete with uniform and monogrammed cap. In the back is Leo, sipping champagne between mobile phone calls. Never mind if the car lacks tinted windows – anyone is welcome to join the party! It might help Leos on their journey through life if they popped out of the womb compete with a placard saying ‘I’m the boss and you’d better believe it!’ They confront every situation with an in-born sense of their own superiority. The trouble is, those around them are not always privy to this valuable piece of information. It would greatly distress them to be thought of as dishonest.

These proud people make no secret of their desire to be admired and recognised for their unique qualities. Even if they occasionally resort to telling the odd white lie in the interests of creating a favourable impression, their natural dignity generally prevents them from stooping so low as out-and-out deception. In fact, the majority of Leos are simply too big-hearted and generous for thoughts like this to even occur to them – most of the time. They look upon winning as their divine right. They expect to win, whatever the contest, whatever the prize; coming second is unthinkable. But much more than that, they want to win in style – to show the world why they are number one and be applauded for their achievements. A victory which passes unnoticed is no victory at all. Because of their great enthusiasm, they need to watch a tendency to pull muscles and strain tendons, particularly in the lumbar region. If there is weakness there – and this is a typical Leo problem – they would find some back-strengthening exercises helpful. They do not like to be reminded that they are made of all-too-brittle bones, and will often moan about a bad back while doing very little about it. It is sometimes drink rather than food which is the biggest source of calories for them. This does not mean that they drink excessively, for this is not usually a Leo problem. But the odd sociable glass of wine or gin and tonic can certainly add up without them realizing.

Their love of jewelry embraces all types. Of course they prefer the real thing, preferably in gold and with some sparkle, but they also enjoy the bold effect of costume jewelry. They particularly like necklaces, but surprisingly subtle earrings. Flamboyant Leos love drama and will happily while away the hours indulging their love for the theatre – if not as a member of the audience, then on stage in an amateur production. Few are happy to take supporting roles, though; they all want to be the star! The archetypal English pub landlord, slightly overweight with a ruddy complexion and a voice that booms above the general din, has ‘Leo’ written all over his face. Rarely to be found pulling pints, he keeps a paternal eye on the staff while entertaining his customers with the latest in bar humour. He may be a little fierce at times, but his readiness to apply for licence extensions and join in the general fun makes him a big hit with party-givers! They love any amount of pomp and circumstance, and on only the slightest of pretexts they will throw a party which nobody is going to forget in a hurry. They will devote themselves wholeheartedly to the preparations for the occasion.

Oozing charm and a natural air of confidence, they need to be in charge of any situation. Their drive to be number one plays a key part in their leisure activities, and by aiming for the best they ensure they perform to increasingly high standards. Eating out and Leos go hand in hand, and it is hard to imagine any member of this sign turning down an invitation to dine. But like the other fixed signs of the zodiac, they do have certain requirements, and should a place or gathering fail to radiate that essential Leo quality – glamour – it will rapidly be crossed off the list. They love issuing invitations and planning celebrations. They like to present the food dramatically, and make sure that it is good and plentiful. The colour scheme and decorations will often get as much attention as the food. Their leisure tastes tend towards the theatrical, for as long as they have an appreciative audience for what they are doing, they are happy. Quality, too, is important to this luxury-loving sign; no Leo is ever likely to be content with second best. They often go out of their way to seek fame and fortune; and, if travel is a way of achieving that, they will exploit their opportunities to the hilt. However, if a trip is unsuccessful, they should try not to ruin the experience for everyone else.

They usually manage to achieve a good balance between their career and their home life. The family is very important to them and, as a result, they can be very extravagant. They tend to see money lavished on the home as money well spent and wisely invested. Their fun-loving and creative approach to life must be used to assist the overall purpose defined by the Nodes. At times, though, Leos may find that looking inwards helps them to understand the intuitive impulses which can direct them along less obvious routes. Although many people consider Leos to be particularly lucky, this can to some extent be explained by their natural magnetism which draws people to them and enhances their ‘lucky’ image. In reality their luck is based on an optimistic nature and determination. They are proud, but their vitality and creativity has a price – that of power. ‘I create’ is what the Leo affirms, demanding recognition of a distinct ability to make money and to influence how things will proceed.

When it comes to choosing possessions, cost tends to be a secondary issue for them. Far more important is that they reflect their owner’s sense of style and status – they will always go for the overblown in preference to the understated. They, of course, are the sign of royalty, and when it comes to dream homes, what better place for a king or queen than a glittering fairy-tale palace overlooking the entire royal domain! Given the chance, they will add a palatial touch to even the humblest residence – from the ‘Private property:entry by special invitation only’ sign at the gate to the teams of workmen tending the garden, washing the car, and erecting the marquee for that next lavish showbiz-style party.

Self-confidence is frequently their most valuable asset at work. They have a natural talent for presenting and selling themselves, and know instinctively how to use it when enlisting support for business ventures or being interviewed for new jobs. They take tremendous pride in their work and need constant recognition for their creative gifts. Their uninhibited self-expression, combined with an absolute trust in their own self-worth, enables them to cultivate positions which require individuality. They can encourage their psychic sense by paying heed to the heart. They are naturally generous; and, by following their inner promptings in this way, they will encourage them to grow stronger and to become a reliable source of guidance. They are broad-minded and generous-spirited people, so that secrets that might well horrify other people will find a ready listener in Leo. The only kind of secret Leos cannot tolerate is one which would make them look foolish if it ever became public knowledge.

Their fear of losing their own inner power may cause these people to try to prove themselves at every available opportunity. In fact, it seldom works; Fiery Leo is a spontaneous sign, and it is under these conditions that Leos give of their best. With their deep-seated need for attention, many of them use humour as a means of attracting others. Even the quieter types like nothing better than a laughing audience who appreciate their jokes, and that includes an audience of one. Although they may collect strays, given the choice, they prefer quality and good breeding in their animals. They might choose a Persian cat, a striking looking dog, such as a fluffy-furred chow-chow, or a powerful streamlined racehorse. They are not usually the most thrifty of shoppers. With their natural warmth and exuberance, together with their generosity, and their liking for the best, they always choose the best quality, and they think in terms of a dozen rather than just one of two.


ARIES: Aries’ outrageous ideas stimulate you and encourage you to stride forward and attain your goals. Chores may be neglected, but so what?
TAURUS: The Bull’s sluggishness can grate on your nerves. Not the sort of person you feel you can let yourself go with – and so stubborn!
GEMINI: Now here is somebody who always comes up with brilliant ideas to set you off in a new direction. And you know how to deal with children!
CANCER: Since crabs seem to be genuinely concerned with your welfare, the least you can do is to tolerate their totally different outlook on life.
LEO: Mutual respect, but the odd baring of teeth will remind you that your relationship may not be big enough for the both of you!
VIRGO: You may feel the odd pang of guilt when you consider Virgo’s well organized affairs, but you certainly don’t envy the way they worry!
LIBRA: The perfect companion. Librans will always find logical justification for your actions – and they won’t mind you paraphrasing their words!
SCORPIO: A difficult match. Scorpios seem so fixed in their ideas: no matter how many times you tell them they are wrong, they take no notice!
SAGITTARIUS: A fun partnership at work or at play – but preferably at play, otherwise things may get a little out of hand.
CAPRICORN: Reliable yes, but why are goats so totally unspontaneous? You feel like lighting a fire under them, then feel guilty afterwards.
AQUARIUS: Though original and inspiring, they lack the warmth and enthusiasm you so badly need. What is more, they don’t appreciate yours.
PISCES: Charismatic and sexually haunting Pisceans may be, but you find their fluctuating emotions a heavy burden to bear.

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