Sun in Leo

The sign of the Leader, the Ruler

The Archetypal Leo: Mr. Toad, whose stubbornness and extravagant, boastful behaviour cost him his beloved home – and nearly his friends, too.
Key Quote: “From the sublime to the rediculous, it only takes one step” – Napoleon

July 23 - August 22

Ruling Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Lion
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 5th
Colour: Orange, warm yellows, gold, any shade of the sun
Gemstones: Amber, Ruby
Metal: Gold
Perfume: Olibanum
Day: Sunday
Number: 1
Keywords: Creatively, authoritatively, dramatically
Rules: the Fifth House (self-expression, creativity, children, love, pleasure, speculation, recreation)
Positive traits: Creative, generous, enthusiastic, good organizer, broad minded, expansive, dramatic
Negative traits: Vain, proud, bullying, pompous, snobbish, intolerant, dogmatic, stubborn, patronizing, egotistical, conceited
Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius Sexual partner:
If you are female: ARIES Uninhibited passions
If you are male: TAURUS Passionate and erotic
Parts of the body ruled: Heart, upper back, spleen, circulation
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Spinal cord, aorta
Acupuncture meridian: Heart meridian
Possible ailments: Backache, palpitations, fainting, blood disorders, fevers, dizziness, heart problems Beneficial foods: Oranges, peas
Diet: A personalized diet, calorie counted to include a treat each day
Flowers, herbs & spices: Dandelion, sunflower, marigold, almond, angelica, bay, celandine, chamomile, frankincense, juniper, lemon, mistletoe, orange, poppyrice, saffron
Trees/shrubs: Bay, laurel, juniper, walnut, palm
Healing with herbs: Bay, borage, angelica
Comfortable surroundings: Leos like their home environment to be warm, often choosing rich opulent colours like gold and deep yellows
Stress areas: Divorce, public speaking, moving home, accident/illness
Attitude to shopping: Extravagant, luxury-loving
Objects: Cut glass, designer clothes, fireplaces, gold jewellery, limousines, luxuries, perfume, trophies, wood-burning stoves.
Party costumes: Henry VIII, page boy, peasant
Sports/Hobbies: Athletics, amateur dramatics, giving parties, interior design, opera, painting, sculpture, showjumping
Professions/Trades: Acting, astrologer, chairman, charity organizer, commissionaire, dancer, farmer, hairdresser, jeweller, managing director, professional sportsman/woman, teacher, youth worker
Leo represents a nation’s creative activities, its art and culture. It has ties with all forms of sport and entertainment, ceremonies, children, the birth rate, the stockmarket and national lotteries.
Countries: France, Italy, Romania
Cities: Bath, Bristol, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Prague, Rome

Archimedes Mythology

Leo is a constellation that represents the Nemean Lion, a fearsome beast that the goddess Hera sent to challenge her foe, Hercules, in his first of Twelve Labours. The Lion’s thick hide was immune to arrows, so Hercules had to trap it in its den and strangle it with his bare hands, losing a finger in the process. He then wore the Lion’s skin as a shield against any future foes.


Leos have a warm, sunny and outgoing personality, but they also crave admiration and respect. They may snub or lash out at those who don’t acknowledge their superiority. Leos enjoy making grand and theatrical gestures that impress others. Their hair is often their most striking feature, resembling a lion’s mane. Leo is ruled by the sun and has a lot of vitality and creativity. Leo is also a fixed fire sign, which means that their enthusiasm is steady and focused. Leos are generous and loyal in love. They are passionate and faithful, unless their love fades. Then they lose their sparkle. Leos don’t mind being extravagant or flashy at their wedding. They value their dignity and try to avoid jealousy. Leos are playful and prone to exaggeration. They flirt a lot and seek romantic adventures. They are essential for their happiness – without them, the Leo sun dims. Leos like to live large and have fun with their lovers. They spoil them with gifts and take them to exciting places, like parties or theatres – always with the best seats. Leos are easy to love, as they are ruled by the sun, which gives them a warm and affectionate nature.

Leo is a fire sign, which means they have a lot of passion and a high sex drive in a relationship. Leo is also the king of the zodiac and expects to be the leader of the family, whether they are married to a man or a woman. Leos want their partners to respect and admire them, and this keeps their marriage happy. Leos are very proud and hate to lose face, especially if they are not at fault in a break-up. They feel ashamed and humiliated in front of others, even if they are the ones who ended the relationship. Leos always act with dignity and do not engage in petty fights and power struggles.

Leos and Librans share a sensitivity to colour and environment, which can affect their mood adversely if they are not pleasing. They prefer bright, warm colours and cozy, luxurious settings, which uplift their spirits. Leos are drawn to success and enjoy being in the spotlight, where they display their energy and vitality. They are proud of their achievements and make sure everyone knows about them. Leos are generous by nature and feel good when they can share something with others. They also have a passion for teaching, as they like to shape other people’s lives with their warmth, enthusiasm and fondness for children. Leos see power as their natural right and take their responsibilities seriously once they attain it. They can also be magnanimous to those who have supported them along the way, as long as they do not challenge their authority. Leos love adventures that have a touch of glamour and style, such as travelling on the Orient Express, staying in a first-class hotel, meeting someone exciting or sailing on a luxury yacht. They would disdain travelling by coach or anything that lacks elegance.

Leos value warmth in every sense of the word. They are drawn to warm colors, such as red and orange, and they like to feel physically warm as well. Many Leos adore the sun and would choose to live in a hot country if they could. Otherwise, they make sure to have a good heating system. Leo bosses act like benevolent rulers. They are generally warm and supportive to their staff, but they have their limits. If employees overstep the boundaries that Leo has set, they will face their royal wrath. The same goes for office romance: flirting with the monarch is fine, but anything more would be beneath Leo’s dignity, unless it’s the chairman’s daughter. Leo is a self-confident sign that values independence of thought and action. Most Leos have a natural ability to lead others, using their strong self-belief to persuade them to follow their vision. Leos are known for their big ideas, which often show great foresight. Moreover, their projects have a good chance of succeeding, since Leo is the most disciplined of the three fire signs.

These energetic people have a great love affair with life, which begins with accepting and appreciating their own gifts to the world. They strive to develop their inner talents to the fullest, and they ultimately achieve the leading role and status that they believe they deserve. Like other fire signs, Leos are firmly convinced that they are always right. Those who want to share their lives with a Leo should agree with this, and let them be the head of the household. Leos have a natural pride and a desire for admiration, which makes them vulnerable to flattery. They should be careful of this weakness when making decisions that involve others, as some might use it to influence the outcome. They are among the best people to have around in a crisis.

They are organized and capable, and they can often mitigate the effects of any challenge with ease. Even when they face a novel problem, they are likely to find a suitable strategy and make it work by trusting their own skills. Their confidence is the key to their success, but also their vulnerability. If it is shaken, they may lose their balance and falter, and it may be hard for them to bounce back. Leos have a big heart, but they may not realize the trouble they cause by their excessive eagerness to excel in everything they do. Sometimes, others may resent them and hurt them with personal insults, which Leos find very upsetting. As a dynamic and resourceful sign, they are natural leaders of the zodiac. Their innate dignity makes them graceful elders who can offer wise counsel and plenty of support to those around them. Leo children know how to get the attention they want, and they are usually at the center of the action.

These youngsters are often popular and have a zest for life that they should share with others who are less fortunate. Adolescence is a time when young Leos learn how to be leaders. However, they may face some challenges – there are usually other aspiring Leos in the same classroom. This sign tends to attract a loyal group of followers who are happy to let them take the lead. When these groups clash, they have to show their strength and prove their value to their peers. Pride is as important as physical power, and losing the respect of their followers can be a tough blow for young lions.

Leo siblings value achievement highly and only feel satisfied in their later years if they have used their talents to the fullest. They want to look back and see that they have made a positive difference in the world. If they do, they are happy to pass on the baton to younger generations and offer them generous encouragement and support. As adults, you and your Leo sibling may collaborate to make a joint impact on the world. Leo may always think that you have a more pleasant and harmonious lifestyle than them (regardless of the reality), which may cause some lingering resentment. But if you recall the lessons of childhood and show them that you are on their side, you can always count on their support.

Leo fathers are definitely the heads of their households, but they also have an endearing childlike quality that their children love. Leo mothers enjoy spending time with their children and acting out stories with drama. Leos are delightful friends who have a desire for fun and can make simple activities special. A Leo can turn an ordinary meal into a celebration and a trip to the theatre or the cinema into a memorable event. If money is no object, Leos would be satisfied with nothing less than a Rolls-Royce or Bentley with personalized number plates. These cars are large, luxurious and showy, matching this sign’s grandiose ambitions perfectly. Leos can sit in the back, sip champagne and make phone calls, while a chauffeur in a uniform and a monogrammed cap drives them. They don’t mind if the car has no tinted windows – they are happy to share their party with anyone! Leos might find it easier to navigate life if they were born with a sign that says ‘I’m the boss and you’d better believe it!’ They approach every situation with an innate sense of superiority. However, not everyone around them is aware of this important fact. Leos would be very upset if someone accused them of being dishonest.

These people are proud and want others to admire and acknowledge their distinct qualities. They may sometimes tell a harmless lie to make a good impression, but they usually have too much dignity to resort to outright deception. In fact, most Leos are too generous and kind-hearted to even think of such things – most of the time. They believe that winning is their destiny. They strive to win in any competition, no matter the prize; second place is unacceptable. But more than that, they want to win with flair – to show the world why they are the best and receive praise for their achievements. A victory that goes unnoticed is worthless. They have a lot of enthusiasm, but they should be careful not to injure their muscles or tendons, especially in the lower back. This is a common Leo problem, and they could benefit from some exercises to strengthen their back. They don’t like to admit that they are vulnerable, and they often complain about back pain without doing much about it. Sometimes, they get more calories from drinks than from food. This doesn’t mean that they drink too much, as this is not a typical Leo issue. But a few glasses of wine or gin and tonic can add up without them noticing.

They have a passion for all kinds of jewelry. They prefer genuine pieces, especially those made of gold and adorned with some sparkle, but they also appreciate the striking effect of costume jewelry. Necklaces are their favorite, but they opt for subtle earrings. Flamboyant Leos enjoy drama and can spend hours indulging their love for the theatre – either as an audience member or as an amateur performer. However, they rarely settle for supporting roles; they all want to be the star! The typical English pub owner, slightly overweight with a rosy face and a loud voice that rises above the noise, is a clear example of a Leo. He doesn’t usually serve drinks, but he watches over his staff like a father and entertains his customers with the latest jokes. He may seem a bit intimidating at times, but his willingness to extend the licence and join in the fun makes him popular with party-goers! They adore any kind of pomp and ceremony, and they will throw an unforgettable party for any reason. They will dedicate themselves fully to the preparations for the event.

They have a natural charm and confidence that makes them want to take charge of any situation. They are driven to be the best in everything they do, and they constantly raise their standards in their leisure activities. They enjoy dining out and rarely refuse an invitation to a restaurant. But they are also selective and loyal to their preferences, and they will quickly dismiss any place or event that lacks the glamour they seek. They are generous hosts and love to organize parties. They pay attention to the presentation and quality of the food, as well as the colour and decoration of the venue. They have a flair for the dramatic and like to entertain others with their talents. They value luxury and quality and never settle for less than the best. They often pursue fame and fortune and use travel as a means to achieve them. However, they should be careful not to spoil the fun for others if a trip does not go as planned.

They balance their career and home life well. Family matters a lot to them, so they can spend generously on their home. They think it is a smart investment. They should use their fun-loving and creative attitude to support their goals defined by the Nodes. Sometimes, Leos may benefit from looking inward and following their intuition, which can guide them to less obvious paths. Many people see Leos as lucky, but it is partly because of their natural charisma that attracts others and boosts their image. Their luck also comes from their optimism and persistence. They are proud of their vitality and creativity, which give them power. They say ‘I create’ and want others to acknowledge their money-making and influential skills.

For them, price is not the main factor when they buy things. They care more about how their belongings show their taste and status – they always prefer the extravagant over the subtle. They are the royal sign, and they dream of living in a sparkling fairy-tale palace that overlooks their whole kingdom. If they can, they will make even the simplest home look majestic – from the ‘Private property: entry by invitation only’ sign at the gate to the crews of workers who take care of the garden, clean the car, and set up the tent for their next lavish party in Hollywood style.

Their most valuable asset at work is often their self-confidence. They know how to present and sell themselves effectively, and they use this skill to gain support for their business ventures or to impress potential employers. They are proud of their work and crave constant recognition for their creativity. They express themselves freely and trust their own worth, which helps them pursue positions that require individuality. They can enhance their psychic sense by listening to their heart. They are generous by nature, and by following their inner impulses, they can strengthen their intuition and make it a reliable guide. They are open-minded and magnanimous people who can handle secrets that might shock others. The only secrets they cannot stand are those that would expose them to ridicule if they were revealed.

People with this fear of losing their inner power may constantly seek validation from others. However, this strategy often backfires; Leos thrive on spontaneity and creativity. They also have a strong desire for attention and use humor to attract others. Even the quieter ones enjoy making people laugh with their jokes, whether it is a large crowd or a single person. They may adopt stray animals, but they usually prefer those with high quality or pedigree. They might opt for a Persian cat, a fluffy chow-chow, or a sleek racehorse. They tend to spend lavishly on shopping. Their warmth, exuberance, generosity, and taste for the best make them choose the highest quality and the largest quantity.


ARIES: Aries’ outrageous ideas stimulate you and encourage you to stride forward and attain your goals. Chores may be neglected, but so what?
TAURUS: The Bull’s sluggishness can grate on your nerves. Not the sort of person you feel you can let yourself go with – and so stubborn!
GEMINI: Now here is somebody who always comes up with brilliant ideas to set you off in a new direction. And you know how to deal with children!
CANCER: Since crabs seem to be genuinely concerned with your welfare, the least you can do is to tolerate their totally different outlook on life.
LEO: Mutual respect, but the odd baring of teeth will remind you that your relationship may not be big enough for the both of you!
VIRGO: You may feel the odd pang of guilt when you consider Virgo’s well organized affairs, but you certainly don’t envy the way they worry!
LIBRA: The perfect companion. Librans will always find logical justification for your actions – and they won’t mind you paraphrasing their words!
SCORPIO: A difficult match. Scorpios seem so fixed in their ideas: no matter how many times you tell them they are wrong, they take no notice!
SAGITTARIUS: A fun partnership at work or at play – but preferably at play, otherwise things may get a little out of hand.
CAPRICORN: Reliable yes, but why are goats so totally unspontaneous? You feel like lighting a fire under them, then feel guilty afterwards.
AQUARIUS: Though original and inspiring, they lack the warmth and enthusiasm you so badly need. What is more, they don’t appreciate yours.
PISCES: Charismatic and sexually haunting Pisceans may be, but you find their fluctuating emotions a heavy burden to bear.

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