Sun in Gemini

The sign of the Storyteller

The Archetypal Gemini: Pinocchio, The naughty puppet whose curiousity gets him into all sorts of scrapes before he at last finds his heart
Key Quote: “I think therefore I am” – Rene Descartes

May 22 - June 20

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Twins
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 3rd
Symbol: gemini symbol
Symbol: The twins
Colour: Sharp yellows, black and white combined
Gemstones: Agate, Peridot, beryl, chrysolite, onyx
Metal: Mercury
Perfume: Wormwood
Day: Wednesday
Number: 5
Keywords: Adaptably, communicatively, variably
Rules: The Third House (short journeys, mental abilities, all communication, perception, peers, siblings, early school)
Positive traits: Versatile, adaptable, intellectual, witty, charming, logical, energetic, spontaneous, lively, chatty, amusing, youthful, up-to-date
Negative traits: Changeable, restless, cunning, inquisitive, inconstant, fickle, inconsistent, two-faced, fidgety, superficial, gossipy, transparent
Compatibility: Libra, Aquarius Sexual partner:
If you are female: AQUARIUS Air-borne delights
If you are male: CANCER Passions of the mind
Parts of the body ruled: Arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Bronchial tracts, trachea, thymus gland, nervous system
Acupuncture meridian: Liver meridian
Possible ailments: Asthma, accidents to the upper body especially the collarbone, bronchitis, pneumonia, nervous exhaustion
Beneficial foods: Lettuce, cauliflower
Diet: ‘Little and often’ diet, with 5 small meals a day and plenty of variety
Flowers, herbs & spices: Lily of the valley, daisy, fennel, forget-me-not, forsythia, aniseed, marjoram, caraway, carrot, cress, dill, garlic, haresfoot, hogweed, lavender, liquorice, mandrake, mulberry, parsley, pomegranate
Trees/shrubs: Beech, laburnum, spindle Healing with herbs: Lavender, haresfoot, fern
Comfortable surroundings: Geminis often have 2 or more favourite colours, such as bright yellow and bright blue, which they often combine in interiors
Stress areas: Divorce, pregnancy, public speaking, success/publicity
Attitude to shopping: Intelligent, Communicative
Objects: Address book, filofax, computer, magazines, newspapers, radio, telephone, television, word processor
Party costumes: Artful dodger, dennis the menace, dunce
Sports/Hobbies: Conjuring, crosswords, doodling, fencing, gossiping, socializing, telephoning, writing
Professions/Trades: Broadcaster, writer, chauffeur, commentator, commercial traveller, journalist, lecturer, light manual worker, linguist, navigator, postman, salesman, secretary, shop assistant, teacher, telephone operator, travel agent
Countries: Belgium, Wales
Cities: London, Melbourne, Plymouth, San Francisco

Archimedes Mythology

The constellation of Gemini is associated with the twins Castor and Pullox, who were born of the union of Leda and Zeus (who disguised himself as a swan). After Castor was killed in a fight, Pollux grieved until Zeus restored his dead twin to life. In payment, the pair were obliged by Zeus to live alternate days in Hades and Olympus.


The self-expressive Gemini personality simply has to communicate, knows everything, forms strong opinions and is always right – except that Geminis can change their minds so quickly that they may end up contradicting themselves. Consequently, Geminis can appear indecisive or hypocritical. They are constantly shifting their agile minds and bodies to new vantage points. Physically, everything about the typical Gemini appears to echo this fear of being trapped. Indeed, there is a restlessness about the eyes and a tension in the body that suggests that they are always looking for some way to escape.

Gemini is the communicative, mutable air sign and Gemini’s greatest talent lies in the use of words. This sign always has creative ideas tumbling from a fertile brain, which can never be expressed quickly enough. For Gemini, creating is an essential and integral part of living: it is life itself. Gemini lovers keep changing their minds. Their flighty spirit means that they do not like to be tied down. Partners may find them unreliable and a constant source of surprise as they are forever dithering, unable to reach a final decision. Most are also incorrigibly flirtatious. At their wedding, they may be weighed down by thoughts of future responsibilities finding themselves consumed with gloom. Jealousy is an emotion which people feel – other people, that is.

Quick witted Geminis are much too clever to get ‘caught’ expending energy on anything so obviously wasteful – or so twins like to think. The fact is, Geminis are as vulnerable to the ravages of the green-eyed monster as anyone else. What protects them on a day-to-day basis is their extreme reluctance to get involved with anything, or anyone long enough to feel insecure about it. Blink, and you could easily miss the twins, for the speed at which they move from one flirtatious encounter to another is legendary. Since they cannot bear to think they might miss a chance to exercise their verbal charm, they will just as happily flirt with a passing stranger as their best friend’s partner. Geminian affairs always involve communication, and often blossom while they are travelling away from home. In particular, they thrive on the kind of long distance relationship which obliges them to take off on spur-of-the-moment romantic assignations, although it is likely to cost a fortune in telephone calls.

Geminis never stay still for long: their urge for constant stimulation demands continual movement and an exciting sex life. In fact, it was probably a Gemini who researched and wrote the very first sex manual. They really love talking about sex, and are some of the best exponents of late-night pillow talk. It is almost impossible to predict how a Gemini marriage will function because it will be always changing. This mercurial sign changes mood, interests, location and even occupation seemingly at the drop of a hat, and what was true yesterday is never true today. Geminis like independent partners. Geminis are often in two minds about whether to go or whether to stay, but whichever option they may choose, their restless nature makes them hanker after the other one. For this reason, they may experience parting and reconciliation many times in the course of a relationship, and are usually resigned to the prospect of separation.

Because Geminis can see a situation from many different angles, they do not find it difficult to understand their opponent’s point of view. This, combined with their natural versatility, means they can adapt themselves to other people or use their powers of communication to work out a compromise solution. Cancer is an extremely possessive sign and one of Cancer’s favourite fantasies is of undying fidelity – a partnership lasting throughout eternity. Cancer dreams of cosy togetherness, unmarred by disputes, and looks back to the happy past through sentimental eyes. Geminis are tense and find it difficult to relax – even the thought of relaxing can make a Gemini feel stressed! But they do need to defuse their tension, and they can do this through activities which require the use of their hands: playing a musical instrument or crafts are good anti-stress remedies for Geminis. Impulsive Geminis are quite likely to spend time and effort chasing success, only to become bored and switch to a new direction just as their goal is in sight on the horizon. For them, the grass is always greener elsewhere. Intellectual exploration matters more than success to people of this restless Mercury-ruled sign.

Geminis love heated debates, but have a tendency to take both sides of the argument. In action they can appear to be extremely passionate – until you see them a short while later arguing just as vehemently for the opposite point of view! It is often the challenge of an argument which arouses their passion, rather than the subject itself. Pitting their wits against the most agile of minds and giving as good as they get is what gives Geminis a sense of power. Many have enough information at their fingertips to fill folumes of record books, but their repertoire is so extensive that they rarely spend enough time on a subject to become a powerful leader in one field. The small-scale adventures which arise from having a constant flow of unusual ideas; entertainments and friends are what Geminis thrive on. Partners, friends and colleagues should remember this and maintain the supply of mental stimulation; Twins who are bored can become depressed or self-destructive.

Geminians adapt well to new environments or foreign countries, and usually relish the prospect of setting up home in different places. They are also quick to pick up languages and fit in with local customs, since wherever they are, they like to be able to communicate quickly and easily with all of those around them. Gemini bosses usually survive their ups and downs because of their almost childlike sense of fun, which can inspire strong affection among staff. On the rare occasions when they are not rushed off their feet they are friendly and approachable, and will always lend a sympathetic ear. Twins are, of course, the great flirts of the zodiac, and sometimes their cosy after-work chats lead to emotional entanglements which they later live to regret. The secret is not to take what they say too seriously – they don’t. They often come across as being original and highly independent thinkers, since their active minds are rarely at a loss for words and tend to be exercised at every opportunity. Twins are, however, apt to be swayed by the opinions of others – until, of course a fresh idea comes along to set them off on a new track.

Unlike the more careful, stable signs of the zodiac, Geminis are both quick to form opinions and quick to change them again. Their restless minds are ever-hungry for new stimulation, and if they should uncover facts which defeat their own argument, they will not think twice about altering their point of view to fit. The mental agility, love of words, and inquisitive brain so basic to the Geminian make-up should be trained and then used to the full. Education is vital for these natural communicators whose potential and individual happiness can be severely hampered without the benefit of learning a basic skill or discipline. Geminis love a good gossip, but they are not always too particular about what they discuss or who they discuss it with. Those who confide their most intimate secrets in a Geminian flatmate should be warned – by the following day they may find that their revelations have become the property of the entire household! Although they can get stuck when faced with having to make a decision, they are better than most at accepting when they have got something wrong.

As a mutable sign, they have no trouble adjusting to change, while their air element enables them to think around the problem and see the error of their ways. Their approach to crises is to see whether they can be made to disappear by looking at them from a different angle. ‘Crises? What crises?’ is their classic response. First they will turn a situation on its head to see if it has any hidden benefits. Then, if it does, they will invariably concentrate their attention and energy on these instead of the original troubles. Their habit of having several things on the go at once means that they often have neither the time not money to complete things. When the pressure builds up they skip on to something else and leave a trail of unfinished business behind them – hence their not altogether justified reputation for superficiality.

Mercurial Geminis have the ability to remain youthful even into extreme old age. This is almost solely thanks to their agile brains, which remain active and lively right up to the very end. They never ever think of themselves as old or decrepit; they firmly believe that you are as old as you feel. Gemini youngsters are usually so inquisitive that they not only want to know what you are doing, but also why. The best way of getting them to do what you want is to use a reasoned argument, but it is also important for these children to have a good education so that their abundant mental energy can be channeled constructively.

During their teenage years, young Geminis tend to avoid having to face the future by pursuing a policy of constant distraction on classmates and teachers alike. Having rapidly absorbed their share of the ‘three Rs’, many will be eager to display their mental prowess at the most inappropriate times. This may become annoying to more serious students as well as to those in authority, and the label of ‘class nuisance’ often follows young Geminis around as a result. In fact, keeping things light and superficial is their way of covering up – of avoiding the question: ‘What do i do with my life?’ In the later years Geminis often become irritable, for without a diet of varied ideas and experiences to sustain them, they can easily feel ‘lost’. The secret is to find less strenuous ways of feeding their hungry minds – for example, by catching up on all those books they never found the time to read when they were younger.

Older twins also tend to spend a lot of time talking (often with much repetition) about their younger days. It is as if they sense that time is running out on them, and that they must impart all the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years before it is too late. If your siblings included a Twin or two, it is most unlikely that your childhood was dull. Gemini is the youngster who is into everything, who keeps a running commentary on life in the neighbourhood, and who can impersonate even the most eccentric of characters at the drop of a hat. Books, games and fun with friends probably formed the backdrop for a life full of surprises. In short, If Gemini didn’t keep you in stitches, the chances are you weren’t listening! The Gemini father takes the time to talk to his children and genuinely tries to understand them. The Gemini mother spends a lot of time with her children and particularly enjoys reading to them. More easily bored than most other signs, however, she may well crave the intellectual stimulation of a job outside the home.

Geminis like change in any aspect of their lives and enjoy the stimulation and excitement that new friends can bring them. As they are not the most consistent of signs they are not particularly good at sustaining friendships. However, they do better at this if they share an activity or particular interest with the person. There comes a point in every Gemini’s life when they realize that the old banger they have relied on all these years is more trouble than it is worth – or that the half-restored sports car in the garage is never going to get finished. Valuing speed and manoeuvrability above all else, and preferring what they own to come in neat, compact packages. Twins are quite likely to turn to one of the new breed of ‘Turbo’ hatchbacks. A convertible would be even better, since it appeals to ever-youthful Gemini’s undying sense of fun. They seem to live for collecting and communicating information, but beyond this, they don’t always see very far. Content with their five newspapers, three radios, portable telephone and daily helpings of chatter, they often find it hard to understand why friends want them to stick to one thing at a time. They much prefer to leave doors – and options – open. They like to think that by doing so, they are being true to themselves. In classical mythology, their ruler, Mercury, was the patron of tricksters and thieves. It would be unfair to imply that all Geminis should be tarred with the same brush, but there is no escaping the fact that this dual-natured sign has a crafty side – full of low cunning and, at times, too clever for its own good.

With minds like hungry mosquitos, most of them confine their criminal activities to teasing their victims with irritating games of bluff and counterbluff. Their attitude to winning and losing is as changeable as the sign itself. Some days they want to win – and with a passion; on other days they simply couldn’t care less and will give a good impression of being the most uncompetitive sign in the entire zodiac. One thing more or less guaranteed to switch Twins into competitive mode is boredom, for when they feel restless they will lock horns with people just to bring a bit of spice into their lives. The same applies to taking risks, although it is not in their nature to put all their eggs in one basket – they are much too afraid of committing themselves!

They will use brain-power to make up for any lack of brawn and may out-manoeuvre more powerful types as a result. The technique of the brilliant footballer of the 1960’s, George Best, is an example of the sharp, quick, Gemini mind, combined with their natural grace of movement to achieve success. For them, colds can be a persistent problem, since congestion in the respiratory organs is a reflection of their tendency to block the mind with too many thoughts at once. They should learn that correct breathing also helps to decongest the mind: and an orderly mind means a healthier body. They tend to eat absent-mindedly when they are doing something else, like talking on the telephone, or working at their desk. The calories clock up and they may not be aware just how much they are eating until they get on the scales one day or try to put on some tight jeans and get an unpleasant shock. They particularly enjoy reversible fabrics and garments which give them extra variety. They also prefer easy-care clothes which pack well, to suit their busy lives. They often make a feature of their spectacles, and other accessories which spice up their outfits, such as rings, brooches and scarves. They boast many creative talents, and it can be hard to to pin them down to one hobby in particular. They usually have several projects on the go at any one time, plus a host of outside interests to occupy their active minds. If their hobbies involve the co-ordination of both mind and body, then all the better.

Geminis are not noted for late drinking: they are more likely to be spotted early on in the evening at a table so overcrowded that there is hardly space for everyone’s glass. Don’t hold your breath while they go to the bar, and make sure you have plenty left in your glass – they are almost certain to get sidetracked into other conversations en route. They are so versatile, interesting and full of curiosity and witty conversation that they are sure to be high on your invitation list. They are bound to accept, too. And even if they happen to have another engagement on the same evening, they will probably pop in for a quick drink with you afterwards, or on the way. Not without good reason are they known as the chatterboxes of the zodiac: they love to be in light-hearted company, where the topic of conversation ranges across a wide spectrum of activities. Life is never dull around these sharp-witted people – their quick humour can keep the rest of us amused for hours. They enjoy experimenting with a wide range of cuisines, trying out the latest places, and dragging their friends off to diverse locations. But one thing which all of them share is a pathological hatred of waiting, and if the service is slow, they will either cause a scene or get up and leve. The same goes for boring company; it gives them chronic indigestion. They shop for food, as they cook, on the spur of the moment, often being tempted by interesting foreign foods and unusual or exotic ingredients. They enjoy the fun and banter of street markets or the convenience of the 24 hour corner shop which can cater for their erratic lifestyle. As far as entertainment goes, anything fast-moving and mentally stimulating appeals to them.

Words, written or spoken, never fail to fascinate them, and their judgement is sharper here than in any other area of their lives. But they do not like anything too ‘heavy’ – their taste is, above all, light-hearted. They are very observant when interested in something, such as understanding the ways of the locals, but they tend to move around a lot to prevent boredom setting in. This habit means that few become seriously committed to one culture, preferring to visit as many places as possible when travelling. Their dual personality can mean that one minute they may be enjoying planning an event in their house, and the next wishing they had never had the idea. Their moody, unpredictable side sees strong attachments as unnecessarily restrictive, and the home with its permanence is the perfect example of this. The challenge presented to them by the Nodes is to combine the mental agility of their ever-active minds with a project that is worthy of their true commitment. Once such a project has been found, their communicative skills will ensure that everyone gets to hear about it – probably in a very entertaining way.

They are real wheeler-dealers and can turn their clever minds to almost anything. Their winning ways and child-like enthusiasm are contagious, although they do tend to exaggerate in order to make a pet plan seem more appealing than it really is. If they can cultivate patience, then investments often pay off. They are the thinkers of the zodiac. They are very clever, extremely inventive, and love to spend time dreaming up ideas for new schemes. ‘I think’ is their slogan. But they will never concentrate on one thing for very long, and they certainly have little time to think seriously about the making of money. They are attracted to anything clever and modern. They find it hard to resist buying gimmicky new gadgets, and are easily taken in by appearances. Ornaments and furniture are less appealing – indeed, this sign would far rather redecorate or change the layout of a room than invest in new belongings.

Twins come with two of everything and that includes houses – ideally in different countries. Homebase is a large, airy town house on a busy street corner where they can watch the world go by. The sitting room looks like a main-line station at peak hour – sparse on furniture, but full of interesting people from all walks of life! Their second home, a high-rise penthouse in a foreign city, lets them lead a double life with their head in the clouds and provides the perfect setting for an impromptu party. If it has its own helicopter pad, so much the better! Versatility is one of their best talents, but it can also be their downfall. On the one hand, they have the aptitude and intelligence to pick up new skills in an instant, often causing them to do two or more things at once. But they also have a low boredom threshold, and run the risk of becoming a ‘Jack of all trades; Master of none’. Thriving on variety and new experiences, they are happiest in careers which allow plenty of time for their impressive communication skills, and will make it their special purpose to know exactly what is required of them. Perhaps not surprisingly, they particularly enjoy working freelance. They will instinctively know about a new trend or fashion almost before it has happened. It is as if they have antennae, like an in-built radar system, and are constantly scanning the area around them for anything new and interesting. They may also pick up thoughts from outside or respond to impressions quite readily. They like nothing better than a good gossip, so you can be sure that a secret shared with them in the morning will be all around the neighbourhood by the afternoon.

With all that mutable air, they cannot really help talking incessantly about everything and everybody. To be committed to a particular viewpoint or course of action necessarily means excluding all other options, which is anathema to free-thinking Gemini. They must scatter its energies around in order to fulfil its life’s purpose, so commitment of any kind becomes symbolic of an actual threat to life itself. With their great gift of mimicry they are sometimes unaware when they have overstepped the mark. Since sending someone up is just an enjoyable game for them, they tend to forget that their target has feelings. But their charm usually manages to put things right in the end and leave people smiling. A truly Gemini pet is slim, intelligent and highly strung. They may like a clever cat such as a Siamese or Burmese, or a clever and streamlined dog such as an Afghan hound, greyhound or lurcher.

Some Geminis purposely choose pets which talk, or are a talking-point, such as birds or an exotic species. Gadgets of all kinds appeal to them; they like them for the kitchen and the car, and for anywhere where they will make their lives more efficient and labour-saving. They are particularly fond of desk-top gadgets: such things as a new stapler, the most modern telephone or an adhesive tape dispenser.


ARIES: Always full of bright and lively new ideas, Aries provides the enthusiasm to spur you on to act out your fantasies.
TAURUS: You may tolerate Taureans, but you find it hard to slow down long enough to really understand them. No spark in this relationship.
GEMINI: If you could get a word in edgeways when you meet it might help. As it is, you are both so busy, you keep missing each other.
CANCER: You may sometimes feel a little envious of Cancer’s home comforts, but you are too short of time to worry about them for long.
LEO: There is no one better to pass on your news and views to than Leo. A great relationship if you can afford the phone bill!
VIRGO: You may feel tense and slightly disapproved of in the company of Virgos. They are so clever and precise, it gets on your nerves.
LIBRA: A jolly, understanding person to air your views to. Libra will put forward some very appealing logic, but expect more talk than action.
SCORPIO: You feel frustrated by not getting the snap-happy answers you want. But somehow their deep, meaningful replies are worth waiting for.
SAGITTARIUS: You may feel you have a lot in common, but this is a pairing that relies on give and take – and neither or you are too keen on that!
CAPRICORN: You find Capricorns inexplicably interesting and reassuringly unemotional. Together, you may be able to make a bob or two.
AQUARIUS: A genuine ‘made in heaven’ match. You can talk into the small hours without either of you committing yourselves to anything at all!
PISCES: An all-too-willing ear to listen to what you have to say, but Pisces expects you to mean it tomorrow – and that is most annoying. 

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