Sun in Gemini

The sign of the Storyteller

The Archetypal Gemini: Pinocchio, The naughty puppet whose curiousity gets him into all sorts of scrapes before he at last finds his heart
Key Quote: “I think therefore I am” – Rene Descartes

May 22 - June 20

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Twins
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 3rd
Symbol: gemini symbol
Symbol: The twins
Colour: Sharp yellows, black and white combined
Gemstones: Agate, Peridot, beryl, chrysolite, onyx
Metal: Mercury
Perfume: Wormwood
Day: Wednesday
Number: 5
Keywords: Adaptably, communicatively, variably
Rules: The Third House (short journeys, mental abilities, all communication, perception, peers, siblings, early school)
Positive traits: Versatile, adaptable, intellectual, witty, charming, logical, energetic, spontaneous, lively, chatty, amusing, youthful, up-to-date
Negative traits: Changeable, restless, cunning, inquisitive, inconstant, fickle, inconsistent, two-faced, fidgety, superficial, gossipy, transparent
Compatibility: Libra, Aquarius Sexual partner:
If you are female: AQUARIUS Air-borne delights
If you are male: CANCER Passions of the mind
Parts of the body ruled: Arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Bronchial tracts, trachea, thymus gland, nervous system
Acupuncture meridian: Liver meridian
Possible ailments: Asthma, accidents to the upper body especially the collarbone, bronchitis, pneumonia, nervous exhaustion
Beneficial foods: Lettuce, cauliflower
Diet: ‘Little and often’ diet, with 5 small meals a day and plenty of variety
Flowers, herbs & spices: Lily of the valley, daisy, fennel, forget-me-not, forsythia, aniseed, marjoram, caraway, carrot, cress, dill, garlic, haresfoot, hogweed, lavender, liquorice, mandrake, mulberry, parsley, pomegranate
Trees/shrubs: Beech, laburnum, spindle Healing with herbs: Lavender, haresfoot, fern
Comfortable surroundings: Geminis often have 2 or more favourite colours, such as bright yellow and bright blue, which they often combine in interiors
Stress areas: Divorce, pregnancy, public speaking, success/publicity
Attitude to shopping: Intelligent, Communicative
Objects: Address book, filofax, computer, magazines, newspapers, radio, telephone, television, word processor
Party costumes: Artful dodger, dennis the menace, dunce
Sports/Hobbies: Conjuring, crosswords, doodling, fencing, gossiping, socializing, telephoning, writing
Professions/Trades: Broadcaster, writer, chauffeur, commentator, commercial traveller, journalist, lecturer, light manual worker, linguist, navigator, postman, salesman, secretary, shop assistant, teacher, telephone operator, travel agent
Countries: Belgium, Wales
Cities: London, Melbourne, Plymouth, San Francisco

Archimedes Mythology

According to Greek mythology, Gemini is the constellation of the twin brothers Castor and Pollux. They were the sons of Leda, who was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan. When Castor died in a battle, Pollux was so heartbroken that he begged Zeus to bring him back to life. Zeus agreed, but on the condition that they would spend one day in the underworld and one day in heaven. This is how they became the stars of Gemini.


Gemini is a self-expressive personality that needs to communicate, knows a lot, has strong opinions and is always right – or so they think. However, Geminis can change their minds so fast that they may end up saying the opposite of what they said before. This can make them seem indecisive or hypocritical. They are always moving their sharp minds and bodies to new perspectives. Physically, everything about the typical Gemini reflects their fear of being stuck. They have restless eyes and tense bodies that suggest that they are always looking for an escape route.

Gemini is a sign of communication, creativity and change. People born under this sign have a gift for words and a restless mind full of ideas. They see life as an endless adventure of expression and discovery. Gemini lovers are unpredictable and playful. They don’t like to feel trapped or bored in a relationship. They may change their opinions often and flirt with others. They may have doubts about committing to someone for the long term. They don’t understand why others get jealous, because they don’t take things too seriously.

Geminis are quick-witted and clever, and they don’t like to waste their energy on anything that seems pointless – or at least that’s what they tell themselves. The truth is, Geminis can be just as jealous as anyone else, but they usually avoid getting too attached to anything or anyone that might make them feel insecure. Geminis are always on the move, flirting with anyone who catches their eye, whether it’s a stranger or their best friend’s partner. They love to use their verbal skills to charm and impress others. Communication is essential for Geminian relationships, and they often start when they are travelling away from home. They enjoy the thrill of long distance romance, which gives them an excuse to fly off to meet their lovers at a moment’s notice, even if it means spending a lot on phone bills.

Geminis crave constant stimulation and variety in their lives, especially in their sex lives. They are likely to be the ones who explore and write about sex, and they enjoy discussing it with their partners. Their pillow talk is unmatched by any other sign. Gemini marriages are unpredictable and ever-changing. Geminis can switch their mood, interests, location and even occupation in a blink of an eye, and they don’t stick to one thing for long. They prefer partners who are independent and can keep up with their pace. Geminis often struggle to decide whether to stay or leave a relationship, and they may regret their choice either way. They may go through cycles of breaking up and getting back together, and they are not afraid of separation.

Geminis have the ability to see a situation from many different perspectives, which makes it easy for them to understand where their opponents are coming from. They can use their natural versatility to adapt to different people or their communication skills to negotiate a compromise. Cancer, on the other hand, is a very possessive sign that fantasizes about eternal loyalty and harmony in a relationship. Cancer longs for a cosy and peaceful bond, and views the past with nostalgia. Geminis are often restless and anxious, and they may find the idea of relaxing stressful. However, they do need to release their tension, and they can do this by engaging in activities that involve their hands, such as playing music or doing crafts. These are good ways for Geminis to calm their nerves. Geminis are also impulsive and tend to lose interest in their goals once they are close to achieving them. They may abandon their projects and pursue something else that seems more appealing. They are more interested in intellectual exploration than in success. This is typical of the curious and restless sign of Mercury.

Geminis enjoy engaging in heated debates, but they often switch their positions and argue for both sides. They may seem very passionate about their opinions, but they can easily change their minds and defend the opposite view later. They are more interested in the challenge of the argument than the topic itself. They like to match their wits with the most agile minds and hold their own in a verbal duel. They have a wealth of information on various subjects, but they rarely focus on one area long enough to become an expert or a leader. They prefer to have small-scale adventures that result from their constant stream of creative ideas, fun activities and diverse friends. This is what makes Geminis happy and fulfilled. Their partners, friends and colleagues should keep this in mind and provide them with enough mental stimulation. Otherwise, Geminis may become depressed or self-destructive when they are bored.

People born under the sign of Gemini can easily adapt to new or foreign environments, and they often enjoy living in different places. They can learn languages and follow local customs quickly, because they want to communicate well with everyone around them. Gemini bosses can overcome their challenges with their playful and fun-loving attitude, which can earn them the loyalty and affection of their staff. When they are not too busy, they are friendly and accessible, and they are willing to listen sympathetically. Gemini people are also known for being flirtatious, and sometimes they get involved in romantic situations that they later regret. The key is to not take their words too seriously – they don’t. They seem to be original and independent thinkers, because their active minds always have something to say and they like to share their thoughts. However, Gemini people can also be influenced by other people’s opinions – until they find a new idea that sparks their interest.

Geminis are quick to form and change opinions, unlike the more stable and careful zodiac signs. They have restless and curious minds that crave new stimulation. They can easily adapt their views to fit new facts, even if they contradict their previous arguments. They have a natural talent for communication, which can be enhanced by education and training. They need to learn a basic skill or discipline to fulfill their potential and happiness. Geminis enjoy gossiping, but they are not very discreet or selective about their topics or listeners. They may share their flatmate’s intimate secrets with the whole household the next day. They may struggle with making decisions, but they are good at admitting their mistakes.

They are a mutable sign, so they can adapt to change easily. Their air element helps them think creatively and realize their mistakes. They don’t panic when faced with crises. Instead, they try to find a different perspective and ask, ‘Crises? What crises?’ They look for hidden benefits in every situation and focus on them rather than the original problems. They like to multitask, but they often lack the time and money to finish what they start. They tend to move on to something else when things get tough and leave behind unfinished tasks. This is why some people think they are superficial, but that’s not entirely fair.

Geminis are known for their youthful spirit that lasts even in their old age. This is mainly because of their sharp minds, which stay active and lively until the end. They never see themselves as old or frail; they firmly believe that age is just a number. Gemini children are usually very curious and want to know not only what you are doing, but also why. The best way to persuade them is to use logic and reason, but it is also essential for these kids to have a good education so that they can use their mental energy in a positive way.

Young Geminis tend to distract themselves from facing the future during their teenage years. They often seek constant attention from their classmates and teachers. They learn the ‘three Rs’ quickly and like to show off their mental skills at the wrong times. This can annoy their more serious peers and authority figures, and they may earn the reputation of being ‘class nuisances’. This is actually their way of hiding their insecurity – of dodging the question: ‘What do I do with my life?’ Later in life, Geminis may become restless, as they need a variety of ideas and experiences to keep them satisfied. They may feel ‘lost’ without them. The trick is to find less demanding ways of nourishing their curious minds – for example, by reading all those books they missed out on when they were younger.

Twins who are older often reminisce (with some repetition) about their past. They seem to feel that their time is limited, and that they need to share all the wisdom and lessons they have learned over the years before it is too late. Having a twin or two among your siblings would have made your childhood anything but boring. Gemini is the curious child who explores everything, who narrates life in the neighbourhood, and who can mimic even the most quirky of characters on a whim. Books, games and fun with friends were likely the backdrop for a life full of surprises. In short, Gemini would have made you laugh a lot, unless you weren’t paying attention! The Gemini father communicates well with his children and tries to understand them sincerely. The Gemini mother spends quality time with her children and especially likes reading to them. However, she may get bored more easily than most other signs, and may desire the intellectual challenge of a career outside the home.

Geminis enjoy change in any aspect of their lives and the stimulation and excitement that new friends can offer them. However, they are not very consistent and may struggle to maintain friendships, unless they have a common activity or interest with the person. At some point, every Gemini realizes that their old car is more trouble than it is worth – or that they will never finish restoring the sports car in the garage. They value speed and manoeuvrability above all else, and they like their possessions to be neat and compact. They might choose one of the new ‘Turbo’ hatchbacks, or even better, a convertible that suits their youthful and fun-loving nature. They love to collect and share information, but they don’t always have a long-term vision. They are happy with their newspapers, radios, phone and daily gossip, and they don’t understand why their friends want them to focus on one thing at a time. They prefer to keep their options open, thinking that this way, they are being true to themselves. Their ruler, Mercury, was the god of tricksters and thieves in classical mythology. This doesn’t mean that all Geminis are dishonest, but it does suggest that they have a cunning side – sometimes too clever for their own good.

Most of them have minds like hungry mosquitos, and they limit their criminal activities to playing irritating games of bluff and counterbluff with their victims. Their attitude to winning and losing varies depending on their mood. Some days they are passionate about winning; on other days they seem indifferent and act like the least competitive sign in the entire zodiac. Boredom can trigger their competitive mode, as they will challenge people just to spice up their lives. The same goes for taking risks, but they are not the type to stake everything on one outcome – they are too afraid of making a commitment!

They rely on their mental agility to compensate for their physical weakness and may outsmart stronger opponents as a result. The skill of George Best, the brilliant footballer of the 1960s, illustrates the clever, fast, Gemini mind, along with their natural elegance of movement, to achieve success. They are prone to colds, as congestion in the respiratory organs reflects their habit of cluttering the mind with too many thoughts at once. They should learn that proper breathing also helps to clear the mind: and a tidy mind leads to a healthier body. They tend to snack while they are multitasking, such as talking on the phone or working at their desk. The calories add up and they may not realize how much they are eating until they weigh themselves one day or try to wear some tight jeans and get a nasty surprise. They especially like reversible fabrics and garments that give them more options. They also prefer low-maintenance clothes that travel well, to suit their hectic lives. They often accentuate their glasses and other accessories that spice up their outfits, such as rings, brooches and scarves. They have many creative talents and it can be difficult to commit them to one hobby in particular. They usually have multiple projects in progress at any given time, plus a variety of outside interests to engage their active minds. If their hobbies involve the integration of both mind and body, then even better.

Geminis are not late-night drinkers: they prefer to join a crowded table early in the evening, where they can barely fit their glasses. Don’t expect them to return quickly from the bar, and keep your glass full – they will likely chat with other people along the way. They are so adaptable, fascinating and curious, with witty remarks and diverse interests, that you will always want to invite them. They will gladly accept, too. Even if they have another plan for the same night, they will probably stop by for a drink with you before or after. They are the zodiac’s chatterboxes: they love to mingle in cheerful company, where they can talk about anything and everything. Life is never boring with these clever people – their sharp humor can entertain us for hours. They like to try different cuisines, explore new places, and take their friends to various locations. But they all have one thing in common: a deep aversion to waiting. If the service is slow, they will either make a fuss or leave. The same goes for dull company; it makes them sick. They shop and cook on a whim, often attracted by foreign foods and exotic ingredients. They enjoy the fun and banter of street markets or the convenience of the 24-hour corner shop that suits their erratic lifestyle. For entertainment, they like anything fast-paced and mentally challenging.

They are fascinated by words, whether written or spoken, and they have a keen judgement in this area of their lives. However, they prefer light-hearted and humorous content over anything too ‘heavy’. They are observant when they are interested in something, such as learning about the local culture, but they also like to move around a lot to avoid boredom. This habit makes them less likely to commit to one culture and more likely to explore as many places as possible when they travel. They have a dual personality that can make them change their mind quickly. For example, they may be excited about hosting an event at their home one moment, and regret it the next. They see strong attachments as limiting and the home as a symbol of permanence that they dislike. The challenge that the Nodes present to them is to find a project that can engage their agile minds and inspire their true commitment. Once they find such a project, they will use their communication skills to share it with everyone in a very entertaining way.

They have a knack for business and can apply their clever minds to almost any challenge. They have a charming and playful personality that spreads joy to others, but they also tend to embellish the truth to make their ideas seem more attractive than they really are. If they learn to be more patient, they can benefit from their investments. They are the intellectuals of the zodiac. They have a brilliant and creative mind, and they enjoy coming up with new ideas and projects. Their motto is ‘I think’. However, they lack focus and persistence, and they rarely think deeply about money matters. They are drawn to anything smart and innovative. They love to buy new gadgets with fancy features, and they are easily impressed by appearances. They are not very interested in decorations or furniture – in fact, they would rather change the color or arrangement of a room than buy new items for it.

Twins enjoy having two of everything, including homes in different countries. Their primary residence is a spacious town house on a lively street corner where they can observe the passing crowds. The living room resembles a busy train station – minimal on furniture, but full of diverse and fascinating people! Their second home, a skyscraper penthouse in a foreign city, allows them to live a dual life with their head in the clouds and host spontaneous parties. A helicopter pad would be an added bonus! They have a remarkable talent for versatility, but it can also backfire. They can learn new skills quickly and easily, often multitasking with ease. But they also get bored easily, and risk becoming dilettantes who master nothing. They crave variety and novelty, and excel in careers that give them ample opportunities to use their excellent communication skills. They will always know what is expected of them and how to adapt. They have a knack for spotting trends and fashions before they become mainstream. It is as if they have antennae, like a built-in radar system, that constantly scan their surroundings for anything new and intriguing. They are also very receptive to thoughts and impressions from others. They love a good gossip, so don’t expect them to keep a secret for long. A word whispered to them in the morning will spread across the neighbourhood by the afternoon.

Gemini people love to talk endlessly about everything and everyone, because they have so much mutable air in their charts. They don’t like to stick to one point of view or action, because they want to explore all the possibilities. Commitment feels like a restriction or a danger to their freedom and curiosity. They have a great talent for imitating others, but sometimes they don’t realize when they have gone too far. They may hurt someone’s feelings with their jokes, but they usually make up for it with their charm. A typical Gemini pet is slender, smart and nervous. They may enjoy a clever cat like a Siamese or a Burmese, or a sleek and intelligent dog like an Afghan hound, greyhound or lurcher.

Geminis often prefer pets that can communicate or attract attention, such as birds or exotic animals. They enjoy gadgets that make their lives easier and more efficient, whether in the kitchen, the car, or anywhere else. They especially like gadgets for their desks, such as a new stapler, a modern phone, or a tape dispenser.


ARIES: Always full of bright and lively new ideas, Aries provides the enthusiasm to spur you on to act out your fantasies.
TAURUS: You may tolerate Taureans, but you find it hard to slow down long enough to really understand them. No spark in this relationship.
GEMINI: If you could get a word in edgeways when you meet it might help. As it is, you are both so busy, you keep missing each other.
CANCER: You may sometimes feel a little envious of Cancer’s home comforts, but you are too short of time to worry about them for long.
LEO: There is no one better to pass on your news and views to than Leo. A great relationship if you can afford the phone bill!
VIRGO: You may feel tense and slightly disapproved of in the company of Virgos. They are so clever and precise, it gets on your nerves.
LIBRA: A jolly, understanding person to air your views to. Libra will put forward some very appealing logic, but expect more talk than action.
SCORPIO: You feel frustrated by not getting the snap-happy answers you want. But somehow their deep, meaningful replies are worth waiting for.
SAGITTARIUS: You may feel you have a lot in common, but this is a pairing that relies on give and take – and neither or you are too keen on that!
CAPRICORN: You find Capricorns inexplicably interesting and reassuringly unemotional. Together, you may be able to make a bob or two.
AQUARIUS: A genuine ‘made in heaven’ match. You can talk into the small hours without either of you committing yourselves to anything at all!
PISCES: An all-too-willing ear to listen to what you have to say, but Pisces expects you to mean it tomorrow – and that is most annoying. 

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