Midheaven in signs

Midheaven in Signs

The Midheaven, or MC, is the intersection of the ecliptic and the meridian at the exact time and location of birth. In other words, it is the highest point in the sky when and where you were born. The MC reveals what you aspire to in life. You will value and emulate the traits of the sign on the MC, whether or not they match your own sign. For example, if you have a Capricorn MC, you may not be a Capricorn yourself, but you will identify with the qualities that Capricorns cherish.

Midheaven in Aries

Throughout your life, you have pursued different career paths, leaving behind some that did not work out. This gives you an advantage in the current climate, where changing careers is necessary, and a readiness to explore new domains. Your desire to be in charge leads you to self-employment. You are a charismatic leader in various fields, such as stage, military, sports, business, law, or politics. Your competitive (and sometimes aggressive) public image helps you succeed in roles that require fighting. You are not afraid to take bold risks, and that makes you stand out. You enjoy being a pioneer, and you can inspire others to make great leaps into the evolutionary future.

Midheaven in Taurus

You are drawn to a stable and practical career that can help you accumulate wealth. You have a talent for working with physical materials and creating beautiful forms — such as sculptures, gardens, buildings, antiques and farms. Your Midheaven is influenced by Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony. You excel when you express your natural abilities in visual arts, music, crafts, decorating or performance arts. You have a keen eye for business opportunities and know how to make the most of them, either as a financier, an investor or an entrepreneur.

Midheaven in Gemini

You have a curious and creative mind that seeks to gather, transform and share information in various ways. You can excel in fields such as journalism, performance, teaching, writing, the arts, design and fashion, where your communication skills and versatility are valuable. You thrive in work environments that are dynamic, stimulating, diverse and full of ideas. You can connect seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a coherent whole. This makes you a useful contributor to society, as you can inform, entertain, educate and inspire others with your insights. Your flexible and adaptive intelligence can challenge and expand the perspectives of more rigid minds. This gives you a significant role, as a messenger of new ways of thinking.

Midheaven in Cancer

You have an intuitive, caring and empathetic public image. You can read situations deeply and understand others’ feelings. You could excel in fields such as pediatrics, healing therapies, child care and education, intelligence services and social support. You have a talent for influencing others, which is useful in public service or commercial fields like advertising and marketing. You are trustworthy and likable, and you can build supportive networks that help you advance your career through word-of-mouth. You enjoy mentoring others and find it natural. You have a creative flair that can be expressed in the arts, and you could become known as a translator of human emotion through your work.

Midheaven in Leo

Whether you work in government, teaching, acting, sales, or management, you have a commanding presence that suits many fields. You also have a colorful leadership style and a possible creative talent. Your over-the-top personality brightens up any room and helps you make the right connections. You might enjoy fun jobs such as wedding or party planning, import-export, or being your own boss. You like to cultivate a public image and be in the spotlight. You are likely to be popular and influential in your community. You aim to be in the “Who’s Who” and don’t hesitate to use your contacts to get ahead. Flashy, dynamic, warm, and generous — these are the traits that make you unforgettable.

Midheaven in Virgo

You enjoy having a consistent routine in your work and engaging in activities that require fine-tuning and attention to detail. You have an analytical mind that makes you a meticulous researcher, writer, teacher, librarian, public servant or data collector. You are not opposed to specializing in a certain domain and you may have an interest in specific fields of science or medicine. If you have a strong earth element in your chart, you may express your love of daily rhythm through farming, healing or alternative medicine. You are known for your hard work, integrity, sense of duty and service. Your work may involve healing the Earth, restoring the body’s health, educating others about the interdependence of systems. You may find satisfaction in holistic health fields, literature, creating healing environments such as spas, health food stores or yoga centres.

Midheaven in Libra

You have a refined and friendly public image that helps you build good relationships. You convey a sense of fairness and adaptability. You can change your career direction as needed, thanks to your flexible attitude. You have a flair for what’s fashionable, which suits you for careers in image consulting, decorating, the arts, or entertainment media. You may also pursue intellectual fields, such as law, politics, public policy, diplomacy, or writing. Your balanced and honest approach makes you a desirable business partner. Your charisma makes you excel in interviews and motivates others to support your success.

Midheaven in Scorpio

You have the ability to delve deeply into a field and become an expert researcher, leaving no stone unturned. Your penetrating mind is both respected and feared by your colleagues. You excel in areas such as depth psychology, criminal investigation, hypnosis, dramatic arts, and social sciences. You prefer to have long periods of uninterrupted solitude to work. You might make a difference by transforming waste into something reusable. You illuminate the dark corners of the psyche and explore the primal and hidden aspects of human nature. This could lead you to work in energy healing, sex therapy (Tantra), or soul retrieval. You are good at detecting hidden motives, which helps you in any endeavour. You are likely to undergo several transformations in your life, possibly changing careers.

Midheaven in Sagittarius

You have a broad and curious mind that enjoys learning from different disciplines. You also like to share your knowledge with others, whether through teaching, counselling or spiritual guidance. You never stop learning, and you seek a career that allows you to research, explore, philosophize and connect the dots. Some possible fields for you are higher education, clergy, journalism, languages, writing, photography, film-making and theatre. You also love to travel and discover new possibilities, as you integrate cross-cultural influences, ideas and wisdom.

Midheaven in Capricorn

You have the stamina and perseverance to climb your own personal mountains and achieve your goals. You may be drawn to fields such as farming, real estate, food production, or horticulture if you have a lot of earth elements in your chart. This is a very ambitious Midheaven that guides you toward stability, wealth, and gradual success. You have a serious and determined public image that earns you respect. You use your time and resources wisely and know how to gain support from others.

Midheaven in Aquarius

You have a unique approach to your life’s work, and you enjoy excitement, glamour and originality. You are not afraid to pursue a brilliant idea to its completion, even if that means challenging tradition and being seen as a rebel in your field. You may achieve sudden breakthroughs that make you famous. You are fascinated by gadgets and cosmic science, and you may be interested in astronomy, astrology, computer science, engineering. Alternatively, you may follow the trends in fashion, design, experimental art and music. You could also make an impact as an advocate for social change, especially progressive causes that you think will improve humanity. You may be curious about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, and explore it as part of your quest to go beyond the usual boundaries of thought.

Midheaven in Pisces

You excel in fields that allow you to explore the depths of your imagination. You have a creative Mid-heaven that makes you suitable for artistic, healing, or compassionate careers. You can use your intuition as a powerful tool and share your insights with others through various forms of expression. Your sensitivity is your strength, but it can also hold you back from reaching your full potential. You have the gift of influencing the collective consciousness with your songs, stories, nurturing, spiritual teachings, or simply by being yourself. You may feel a connection to water and its inhabitants, and have the ability to communicate with non-verbal beings (animals, marine life, nature spirits, elementals, inter-dimensional beings). Pisces also rules the feet, which could lead you to work as a reflexologist, podiatrist, or someone who enjoys giving or receiving foot massages!

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