Sun in Sagittarius

The sign of the Gypsy, the Traveller, the Wanderer

The Archetypal Sagittarian: Robin Hood, whose free spirit and philosophy of robbing the rich to feed the poor made him a hero among his merry men.
Key Quote: “Every cloud has a silver lining” – Proverb

November 22 - December 21

Ruling Planet: Jupiterc
Element: Fire
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Archer
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 9th
Colour: Blue, purple, autumnal tints, true red
Gemstones: Topaz, amethyst, carbuncle, blue john, turquoise
Metal: Tin
Perfume: Lign-aloes
Day: Thursday
Number: 3
Keywords: Extensively, expansively, philosophically
Rules: The Ninth House (the ‘higher mind’, philosophy, further education, religion, all links with foreign cultures)
Positive traits: Jovial, optimistic, versatile, open-minded, philosophical, sincere, frank, visionary
Negative traits: Tactless, restless, careless, boisterous, irresponsible, apt to exaggerate, boastful, lazy, wasteful, moralizing
Compatibility: Aries and Leo Sexual partner:
If you are female: LIBRA Free expression
If you are male: AQUARIUS Friendly and giving
Parts of the body ruled: Hips, thighs, pelvis, femur (thighbone)
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Arterial system, sciatic nerve
Acupuncture meridian: Spleen meridian
Possible ailments: Injuries to hips and thighs, falls, hip problems, obesity, baldness
Beneficial foods: Asparagus, cucumber
Diet: Cut out social drinking and eat normally, but smaller portions. Step up exercise
Flowers, herbs & spices: Carnation, narcissus, pinks, dandelion, aniseed, borage, delphinum, hydrangea, lupin, balsam, almond, apricot, ash, borage, chervil, cloves, mint, myrrh, rhubarb, sugarcane, tomato
Trees/shrubs: Cedar, horse chestnut, maple, oak
Healing with herbs: Moss, sage, dandelion
Comfortable surroundings: Sagittarians often choose warm reds, purples and browns, which provide a welcoming atmosphere
Stress areas: Family problems, accident/illness, pregnancy
Attitude to shopping: Optimistic, spontaneous
Objects: Back-pack, bible, books, evening wear, riding equipment, souvenirs, travel guides
Party costumes: Judge, Peter pan, Robin hood
Sports/Hobbies: All sports, gambling, horse racing, motoring, practical jokes, reading, studying, travelling
Professions/Trades: Barrister, bookseller, explorer, horse trainer, interpreter, jockey, lawyer, lecturer, librarian, philosopher, priest, professor, publisher, professional sports, teacher, travel agent, vet, writer
Countries: Australia, Hungary, Spain, USA
Cities: Budapest, Cologne, Naples

Archimedes Mythology

Chiron, the centaur, is the star of the Sagittarius constellation. He was the son of Philyra and Cronos, the god who transformed into a horse to escape his affair. Philyra was so ashamed of her child’s form that she became a linden tree. Chiron grew up to be a wise and virtuous healer, musician, and oracle. He taught many gods and heroes, including Achilles, before he was honored in the sky.


Sagittarius is a sign of travel and adventure, both in the physical and mental realms. They have an insatiable curiosity about the big questions of life and seek to find the answers. They are usually cheerful and friendly, but they can get irritated if their quest is hindered. They have a zest for life that manifests in their large and lively personality. Whether it is their body size, their practical jokes, or their outspokenness, Sagittarians tend to stand out from the crowd. They are creative and inquisitive by nature, thanks to their mutable fire element. They have the stamina and the flexibility to pursue various creative endeavors, especially in the intellectual domain. Sagittarians can fall in love passionately, but they are not easily tied down.

Sagittarians love the thrill of pursuing a new romantic interest, but they usually prefer casual relationships that don’t limit their freedom. They feel more relaxed on their wedding day when they are surrounded by fresh air and the sky. The good thing about their occasional jealousy is that they don’t hold grudges after expressing their feelings (which they may not even remember later). Sagittarians are attracted to many people of the opposite sex and they like to get to know them better. They use their famous ‘scatter’ technique: they flirt with a lot of people, hoping that with their usual optimism, they will eventually succeed. And they often do.

Sagittarians are sporty and adventurous, and they approach love as another exciting activity. They enjoy physical, challenging and dynamic affairs that keep them on their toes. They often find their romantic partners through outdoor or sporting hobbies. Sagittarians value their freedom and dislike being constrained by routines or commitments. They are prone to cheat and seek new experiences. They are impulsive and love to have spontaneous and passionate encounters. However, they are also optimistic and resilient, and they can move on from a failed relationship with ease. Sagittarius is a sign that prioritizes personal freedom over everything else, even love. Sagittarians may hesitate to get married, and they may leave their spouses if they feel restricted or bored. Sagittarians cherish their independence, which may lead to frequent changes in their romantic partners.

Sagittarians are optimistic people who always think that their ideal partner is just around the corner. They pursue their love interests with enthusiasm. They are honest and straightforward, and they do not resort to any dishonest or sneaky tactics to win a competition. They may be too candid and naive for their own good, assuming that others will follow the same rules as they do. They enjoy intellectual debates as a form of friendly rivalry. Sagittarians love to read about travel and exotic destinations. They can spend hours imagining themselves in different places, without leaving their cozy armchair. They just need some holiday brochures to fuel their fantasy. Sagittarians value freedom and spaciousness in their thoughts and feelings. They feel tense when they are restricted or confined, and they may become very stressed if the situation persists. They seek success as a way to travel more, either by choosing a career that allows them to do so or by using their spare time to satisfy their wanderlust.

Sagittarians are restless and crave novelty. They dislike routines and the constraints of success. They love starting new projects or hobbies, but they quickly lose interest and move on. They often leave things unfinished or neglect the details. They avoid the responsibilities that come with power and status. They value their freedom and flexibility more than their public image. They are always looking for the next adventure that might be around the corner. Sagittarians need travel and learning to be happy. They feel suffocated by restrictions or limitations. They enjoy wide open spaces and nature, but they also like socializing with others. They would rather live in the countryside than in the city, as long as they are not too isolated.

Working with a Sagittarian boss can be relaxed and informal, as long as employees don’t take their occasional blunt remarks too personally. Sagittarians dislike being constrained, so they usually give others a lot of freedom and fun. They also enjoy the chance to flirt with different people in the office, but they may not be very committed to any of them. Beware of their fickle hearts! Sagittarians have a strong urge to explore the world, which reflects their independent and fiery personalities. They may do this intellectually, by pursuing higher education and learning; or more often, they may do this physically, by travelling to various places around the globe. Sagittarians are driven by a restless quest for knowledge and truth, both in the material and the abstract realms. They have open minds that can grasp all kinds of possibilities and generate amazing insights.

These people have a positive outlook and a strong faith in humanity, driven by their unquenchable desire for knowledge and truth. However, they need to preserve their freedom of self-expression. They may rebel if they feel restricted. Sagittarians are adaptable and easy to get along with, and they have a knack for cheering up those who are feeling low. Still, they should be careful not to hurt others with careless words or insensitive remarks. Sagittarians are open-minded and willing to listen to different perspectives before making a decision, as long as they have the final say. They do not appreciate being criticized after the fact, though. They handle crises by relying on a mix of intuition and luck. It often works out for them. It may seem that crises are the universe’s way of bringing them more blessings, since they rarely go through them without gaining something. But they are as genuinely surprised by this as anyone else. They tend to ignore their problems until they become too urgent to avoid. Then, they will seek to escape as far and fast as possible; they lack the discipline or the interest to deal with difficulties as they come up.

Sagittarians, who are influenced by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and broad horizons, have a restless quest for meaning and truth. They enjoy sharing their insights with others when they discover something new. They have a sense of adventure since childhood and can create imaginary worlds from ordinary things. They may not pay much attention to rules or schedules, as they value their freedom. They also rely on the stability of their home and family for a longer time than most people. They may take a while to find their passion in life, but they will choose it based on love rather than necessity. They ask themselves, ‘Why settle for a boring job when life has so much to offer?’ Their parents may have to be patient and supportive of their dreams, which may eventually come true. Sagittarians are not hopeless dreamers, but visionary explorers.

Archers often discover their intellectual and spiritual potential later in life, but when they do, they may achieve remarkable things. They also become more relaxed as they age, as their quest for understanding is replaced by the joy of wisdom. They may even find stability, happy to know that their life’s journey is almost complete. Having this charming adventurer as a sibling probably led you to many troubles when you were young. Sagittarians are not the type to sit around and watch TV; they prefer to initiate midnight snacks, improvised tents and all kinds of escapades that kids can’t help but join. You need to be in good shape to keep up with them, though – they are always ready to move on to the next destination. The child of a Sagittarian father will likely have traveled a lot by the age of two, as this sign believes that travel enriches the mind. The Sagittarian mother will probably enroll her child in preschool by then, too, as she thinks it is the perfect balance of work and play.

Sagittarians are known for their frankness and honesty. They don’t hesitate to say what they think, even if it might offend someone. They are not very good at being diplomatic or tactful. Sometimes they say things that are unintentionally rude, such as: ‘You look wonderful – for your age.’ Sagittarians are always looking for new and exciting experiences. They like cars that are fast and sleek, but they also have a fondness for big, old-fashioned American cars. They love their extravagant design and powerful engines. They don’t care if others think they are flashy or vulgar. They believe that life is for living, and the faster the pace the better! Sagittarians are interested in philosophy and travel because they both involve exploration and discovery. They want to find meaning and direction in life. They don’t like to stand still or waste time on trivial things. However, they often forget how their actions affect other people. They can be insensitive and oblivious to the feelings of others.

Sagittarians are known for their honesty, which can sometimes be too blunt. But they are not always straightforward, especially when they see a chance to benefit from a clever or shady plan. They can justify their own deception and persuade others to trust them with their charming personality. They are the most cunning frauds in the whole zodiac when they decide to break the rules. ‘You win some, you lose some’ reflects their attitude towards success and failure, as well as their approach to life in general. As a Fire sign, ruled by the positive planet Jupiter, they always hope for the best and believe in their own potential. They do their best to make their dreams come true.

Exercise is essential for slimming, weight-control and overall health. Sagittarians need a sport that works out their legs and hips, such as cycling, jogging or walking. They enjoy doing these activities outdoors and by themselves. They are also good team players. Cricket, a gentlemanly game, suits this sign very well, and one of its finest players, Ian Botham, is a Sagittarian himself. Other team sports, like football and rugby, also appeal to this athletic sign. They can accept defeat gracefully. Sagittarians are known for their vitality and passion for sport. However, they can also be lazy and neglect their diet, relying on their natural physique. Getting a Sagittarian in poor shape back to fitness is not easy, but acupuncture might help.

Sagittarians often have a sporty or rustic appearance, but they are not pretending. They wear practical clothes for their games or activities, without caring much about fashion trends. They prefer good quality and reliable brands over flashy designers. Their favourite hobby is travelling. They don’t mind where they go, as long as they enjoy the journey and the sights. They love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. This outgoing sign is a delight to be with – always cheerful, with a great sense of humour and many funny jokes and stories. You will have a memorable time with them, whether you join them for a swim in the Adriatic or a shopping spree. To find them in your local pub, look for the guy sitting sideways on his bar stool (so he can see everyone else in the room).

He scans the door for any important friends he might have overlooked, then regales everyone with his latest insights on life, louder than the rest of the patrons combined. His jokes are terrible, but that doesn’t matter – he makes the pub more lively. They might show up at a party in an old college scarf and worn-out clothes. But once they’re in, their laughter fills the room, and they make even the most tedious topic seem fascinating. They are curious and sociable, and they love the thrill of dining out. Their generous ruler, Jupiter, gives them a boundless appetite for exploration, and they will try anything, anywhere, with anyone. They cherish their freedom and the outdoors, and they prefer eating in the open air. They like foods that are satisfying and easy to eat, such as baguettes; and they enjoy cooking over a real campfire – not a grill – in the countryside or on the beach.

They enjoy a simple and fun lifestyle. They dislike anything that seems fake or snobbish, whether it’s a restaurant or a clothing store. However, they express their outgoing and cheerful personality through their purchases. They are curious and eager to learn about everything in their world, so they often travel to faraway places. They should be careful not to get into trouble because of their adventurous spirit when they are abroad. They are hard to commit to anything. This applies to their home life as well. But when they do focus on their home, they will spend money and decorate it with style. Sagittarians with an open mind should use their insight to find their true purpose in life according to the Nodes. They should not ignore the past as they rush towards the future, because without it they may lose their meaning of life.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known as gamblers who can get addicted to any kind of risk-taking. They are said to be abundant in Las Vegas, where they can win or lose fortunes in an instant. Sagittarius is a sign of extremes. Some Sagittarians think money is the only way to freedom, so they gamble big: others think money is beneath them, and spend recklessly. Their motto is ‘I seek’: but they often seek adventure, not money. As the zodiac’s adventurers, they value their travel essentials, such as luggage, passport, camera and so on. They also keep their collection of maps and guide books; they might need them again someday. If they had unlimited money and freedom, they would choose something grand but not flashy – fitting for their ruler, Jupiter.

Perched on the top of a hill, the property commands a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. It is a spacious and well-maintained estate with stables and a tack room on one side, and a fully equipped gym on the other. The place is always bustling with activity – people come and go during the day, and parties last until dawn. The owners detest bureaucratic obstacles in their work, and resent being supervised or monitored. They value their honesty and expect others to trust them. They have an unshakable confidence in their own skills and an intuitive sense of opportunity, foreseeing the consequences of their actions before anyone else. This quality often helps them to be at the right place at the right time. They seek the truth and have faith in a higher power. They are especially fascinated by the intersection of the psychic and the religious, and they may explore religions or cults that originate from different cultures.

Sagittarians are known for their honesty and integrity, but some of them only pretend to have these qualities. The ‘Honest John’ at the racecourse might be one of those dishonest Sagittarians who cheat you and take your money. They often fear being restricted, but they can restrict others by being stubborn and dogmatic. They like to play practical jokes on people, such as making them fall into pools or tricking them on the phone. They find these pranks funny, even if the victims don’t. They prefer pets that can join them in their sports, such as working dogs, falcons or horses. They enjoy shopping at markets, where they feel they can get good deals and be outdoors. They also like bookshops and stores that sell outdoor equipment.


ARIES: The perfect partner for a riotous night out whenever you are in town. It could even work on a permanent basis if you decide to settle down!
TAURUS: Reliable, if you need somebody to type you latest manuscript; a definite no-no if you feel like having fun (which is often)
GEMINI: Superficially, you were made for each other. But in time, the Twins’ lack of depth and constant changes of tune could get on your nerves.
CANCER: Having somebody to care for your every whim and fancy might sound appealing, but be careful – a housekeeper could be a better bet.
LEO: A winning team. You could actually settle down with a leo and live happily ever after. (For w while anyway).
VIRGO: You could probably do with a Virgo around to pick up the pieces and point out all your careless mistakes. But who cares? You don’t.
LIBRA: These people have a marvellous knack of making you feel great just being yourself. Keep one around in case your confidence wilts.
SCORPIO: You can understand why Scorpios want to latch on to you, and you don’t mind. The trouble is, they could mind you not minding.
SAGITTARIUS: The perfect playmate, but what chaos when it comes to keeping your daily lives together. Call in a Virgo to clear up the mess.
CAPRICORN: Why is it these people resent your luck and your willingness to take chances. If only they had a bit more faith in themselves…
AQUARIUS: A wonderful friend to have around – someone who will never try to pin you down or squeeze a commitment out of you. Go for it.
PISCES: Interesting and fun in small doses, but you don’t really understand what makes them tick. Nor are you likely to find out.

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