Sun in Sagittarius

The sign of the Gypsy, the Traveller, the Wanderer

The Archetypal Sagittarian: Robin Hood, whose free spirit and philosophy of robbing the rich to feed the poor made him a hero among his merry men.
Key Quote: “Every cloud has a silver lining” – Proverb

November 22 - December 21

Ruling Planet: Jupiterc
Element: Fire
Mode: Mutable
Symbol: The Archer
Qualities: Masculine/Positive/Extrovert
House Association: 9th
Colour: Blue, purple, autumnal tints, true red
Gemstones: Topaz, amethyst, carbuncle, blue john, turquoise
Metal: Tin
Perfume: Lign-aloes
Day: Thursday
Number: 3
Keywords: Extensively, expansively, philosophically
Rules: The Ninth House (the ‘higher mind’, philosophy, further education, religion, all links with foreign cultures)
Positive traits: Jovial, optimistic, versatile, open-minded, philosophical, sincere, frank, visionary
Negative traits: Tactless, restless, careless, boisterous, irresponsible, apt to exaggerate, boastful, lazy, wasteful, moralizing
Compatibility: Aries and Leo Sexual partner:
If you are female: LIBRA Free expression
If you are male: AQUARIUS Friendly and giving
Parts of the body ruled: Hips, thighs, pelvis, femur (thighbone)
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Arterial system, sciatic nerve
Acupuncture meridian: Spleen meridian
Possible ailments: Injuries to hips and thighs, falls, hip problems, obesity, baldness
Beneficial foods: Asparagus, cucumber
Diet: Cut out social drinking and eat normally, but smaller portions. Step up exercise
Flowers, herbs & spices: Carnation, narcissus, pinks, dandelion, aniseed, borage, delphinum, hydrangea, lupin, balsam, almond, apricot, ash, borage, chervil, cloves, mint, myrrh, rhubarb, sugarcane, tomato
Trees/shrubs: Cedar, horse chestnut, maple, oak
Healing with herbs: Moss, sage, dandelion
Comfortable surroundings: Sagittarians often choose warm reds, purples and browns, which provide a welcoming atmosphere
Stress areas: Family problems, accident/illness, pregnancy
Attitude to shopping: Optimistic, spontaneous
Objects: Back-pack, bible, books, evening wear, riding equipment, souvenirs, travel guides
Party costumes: Judge, Peter pan, Robin hood
Sports/Hobbies: All sports, gambling, horse racing, motoring, practical jokes, reading, studying, travelling
Professions/Trades: Barrister, bookseller, explorer, horse trainer, interpreter, jockey, lawyer, lecturer, librarian, philosopher, priest, professor, publisher, professional sports, teacher, travel agent, vet, writer
Countries: Australia, Hungary, Spain, USA
Cities: Budapest, Cologne, Naples

Archimedes Mythology

The constellation of Sagittarius immortalizes the centaur, Chiron – a creature born out of the union of Philyra and the god Cronos. On being discovered in Flagrante, Cronos turned himself into a horse and galloped away; Philyra, dismayed at her child’s appearance, turned herself into a linden tree. Chiron became a healer philosopher and prophet, formed for his wisdom and righteousness. He instructed the gods in music making and taught Achilles to hunt before being raised to the heavens as a reward.


Sagittarius is a great traveller and adventurer, not only physically but in the mind. It is a sign that simply has to know the answers to life’s big questions. Although they are as pleasant as could be when these answers are discovered, frustrating their quest could produce sparks. A lust for life seems to pervade the Sagittarian presence, and there is always something about this sign that is big and boisterous. If it is not the physical frame or their practical jokes, then it could easily be the mouth, for Sagittarians have been known to fit both feet in there simultaneously. This versatile, mutable fire sign is naturally creative and inquisitive. The fire element contributes stamina to the creative energy and the mutable quality means that Sagittarians range far and wide in their creative activities, particularly in the intellectual field. Sagittarians may plunge into a love affair whole-heartedly, but do not commit themselves too easily.

They enjoy the chase of a new romance and often prefer casual relationships to something more permanent which denies them freedom. On their wedding day, the combination of fresh air and the sky above helps nervous Archers come to terms with what they have just done. The good thing about this sign’s outbursts of jealousy is that once they have had their say (half of which they probably will not remember), that is it. Sagittarians’ fondness for the opposite sex often prompts them to get to know as many of it’s members as possible. To this end, they employ their famous ‘scatter’ technique: if you flirt with enough people, they reason with typical optimism, sooner or later you will succeed. And so they do.

Sporty Sagittarians look on love in much the same way as their other leisure activities – affairs need to be physical, challenging and full of the thrill of the chase. There is also a good chance that they will meet their new lover through some kind of outdoor or sporting pastime. Freedom loving Sagittarians are natural philanderers who hate to be tied down to a routine for too long. They are impetuous and positively revel in spontaneous, inflammatory encounters. This sign is ever-optimistic, however, and will happily soldier on from the last grand passion. Sagittarius is a sign which values personal freedom above all things, even love. Sagittarians only reluctantly consent to marriage and at the first hint of a curtailment of their freedom, they are off to the wide open spaces where they believe a wealth of possibilities await. Sagittarians value freedom above all else. This does not stop them having relationships, but it may mean that partners come and go with alarming regularity!

Optimistic Sagittarians always believe Mr or Mrs Right is waiting just around the corner and head off in enthusiastic pursuit. Sagittarians will not engage in any kind of trickery, deception or subterfuge to help them in a struggle. In face they may be too open and frank for their own good, expecting others to play by the rules as they do. The only kind of rivalry they enjoy is that of intellectual argument. Sagittarians’ favourite fantasy reading is travel books and they can while away the hours indulging their passion for faraway places, all from the comfort of their own armchair. Give them a pile of holiday brochures and they are transported into the wonderful world of the imagination. Sagittarians need wide, open spaces and freedom of thought and feeling. Without them they can experience tension immediately, and if the situation continues, they may become highly stressed. For them, one of the main perks of success is the opportunity to travel and they will either seek a job where this is possible or spend their spare time indulging their need to be on the move.

Restless Sagittarians want to escape routine, and even the trappings of success. Sagittarians hate finishing things! It is the challenge of a new project or interest that excites them, and though they may start something with great eagerness, they soon get bored. By the time they get to the finishing touches, their hearts and minds are usually elsewhere. They tend to shun the kind of responsibilities that power and status bring with them. They would much rather keep their options open or go their own way then be committed to their public – after all, who knows what adventure might be waiting just around the corner? Without the prospect of travel or the exploration of new ideas, Sagittarians can be very unhappy creatures. For this sign, freedom is essential; even the most settled of Sagittarians longs for adventure from time to time, and a wise partner will let them go – if they want to see them again. They cannot bear cramped living conditions. They prefer wide open spaces and, given the choice, would probably prefer living in the country to city dwelling. However, they also like being in contact with other people, so wherever they live must not be too remote.

As long as employees can survive the odd tactless comment without cringing under their desks, day-to-day life with a Sagittarian boss is likely to be relaxed and informal. Because they hate restriction themselves, they seldom try to impose it on other people, ‘all for fun and fun for all’ is their motto. Where romance is concerned, Sagittarians love the opportunities for spontaneous exchanges with the opposite sex which working in an office provides. But in practice, the swashbuckling hero who draws in countless admirers may back off again just as fast. You have been warned! They have a great desire to explore the world, reflecting their independent, fiery natures. This may be achieved mentally, by drifting into the higher realms of learning; more often, it is the mark of the traveller who voyages to the four corners of the globe. Sagittarians’ chief motivation is a restless search for knowledge and truth – both in the physical world and the world of ideas. The result is a mind which is open to all possibilities, and is often capable of making the most astounding leaps of innovative thought.

Their positive personal philosophy and faith in humanity is inspired by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth. But it is important for these people to retain their freedom of self-expression. If deprived of it, they may kick over the traces. Adaptable Sagittarians are refreshingly easy to live with, and one of their most endearing features is their ability to uplift the flogging spirits of those around them. Even so, they need to take care not to upset others with ill-chosen words or tactless remarks. Approachable Sagittarians will happily discuss all aspects of an issue before making a decision, so long as they are free to take or leave the advice on offer. They do not, however, respond kindly to comments made with hindsight, especially critical ones! They react to crises by trusting to a combination of inspired tactics and pure luck. It usually works. There is good reason for thinking that crises are the universe’s way of bringing Archers yet more good things, since they hardly ever go through them without gaining some benefit. But in fact, the process is as genuinely surprising to them as it baffling to the rest of us. Most of them display a reckless disregard for their problems until the day dawns when they are too pressing to be ignored. At this point, they will travel far and fast to escape; few of them have the discipline or the inclination to deal with difficulties as they arise.

Since they are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and broad horizons, restless Sagittarians will search constantly for meaning and truth. If they find what they are looking for, they will take a delight in dispensing their wisdom freely to those around them. As children they sense adventure in just about everything. They have wild imaginations, and can easily make a horse from a broomstick or a prairie out of a lawn. Keeping them in check could be the biggest problem – time has little meaning for them. Despite their much-vaunted independent spirit, young Sagittarians tend to need the security of home and family longer than most. It may take them some time to find their vocation in life – and even then, it will be chosen out of love rather than necessity. ‘Why settle for a boring job,’ they argue, ‘when life has so much to offer?’ It is only to be hoped that their long-suffering parents understand. While young Sagittarians often come across as hopeless dreamers, the passing of time can see their visions turned into reality.

Many Archers don’t become aware of their intellectual and spiritual potential until the second half of their lives, but when they do, their achievements may surprise everyone. They also mellow in later life, as their thirst for understanding gives way to the satisfaction of wisdom. They may even settle down, content in the knowledge that their life’s journey is almost over. Having this lovable rogue for a brother or sister probably got you into all sorts of trouble when you were young. Not content to sit around watching television, Sagittarian children are the type who encourage midnight feasts, makeshift camps and just about every other adventure that youngsters simply cannot resist tagging along with. You have to be pretty fit to keep up, though – no sooner have you reached your destination, than off you all go again into the wild blue yonder. The child of a Sagittarian father will probably be a seasoned traveller by the age of two, as this sign firmly believes that travel broadens the mind. The Sagittarian mother will probably have her child enrolled at play school by this age, too as she feels it is the ideal combination of work and play.

They always say what they think and don’t mince words. They are very honest in their opinions and not particularly sensitive at expressing them. In fact if they try to be tactful they can make matters worse, coming up with such classic howlers as: ‘You look wonderful – for your age.’ Pinning down Sagittarians to an ideal car can be difficult, for no sooner have they found one than their eyes turn to something bigger and better. Anything sleek and fast is likely to appeal, but big, old-fashioned American cars often hold a fascination for this sign, thanks to their sheer over-the-top design and mighty reserves of power. To them, it matters not a lot that other people might think they are being flash and vulgar. As far as they are concerned, life is for living, and the faster the pace the better! SAGITTARIUS It is no coincidence that philosophy and travel are associated with this sign. What both have in common is a sense of exploration – a feeling that life is going somewhere. Likewise, they cannot bear to stand still or do anything which they regard as meaningless in their lives. Unfortunately, in the course of putting their beliefs into practice, they often remain startingly oblivious to the effects their actions have on those around them.

Open-faced and open-hearted, they are renowned for their honesty – which they often carry to alarming lengths. But do not be fooled, for those born under the sign of the Archer are equally open to just about any wheeze or dubious scheme which stands to profit them. Once they have decided that a little honest to goodness trickery is the only way to get what they want, they have the capacity to become the most disarming cheats in the entire zodiac. Having talked themselves into believing that it is OK to bend the rules, they seldom have much trouble convincing their hapless victims. ‘You win some, you lose some’ not only describes the Sagittarian attitude to winning and losing – it also sums up the way many Archers live their entire lives. As the third of the Fire signs, ruled by optimistic Jupiter, they live in perpetual hope that whatever they do will turn out to be a winner. Moreover, they have enough confidence in their own abilities to give their dreams a head start on the rest.

Exercise is a key to successful slimming and weight-control and, indeed, to general health for them. They need a sport which really exercises their legs and hips, such as cycling, jogging and walking. They also prefer one which they can do in the open air on their own. They make good team members. The gentlemanly game of cricket is a particularly Sagittarian sport, and one of its best exponents, Ian Botham, is himself a Sagittarian. But most team sports, including football and rugby, are suited to this athletic sign. They are also graceful losers. They are traditionally known for their energy and love of sport. But they can also be lazy, expecting a naturally fine physique to absorb the excesses of a careless diet. It is not easy to get an out-of-condition Sagittarian back to fitness, although acupuncture might help.

Typically Sagittarian looks sporty or countrified, but this effect is usually genuine and not contrived. Sports wear will be the correct gear for the game or activity, with few concessions to fashion. It will be good quality, and from well-established suppliers rather than a designer. One hobby that appeals to them above all others is travel. The destination is never as important as the journey and they may well set out with no fixed goal in mind. But they will thoroughly enjoy the sights along the way, and meeting people from other lands. This extrovert sign is great fun to have around – full of good humour, with an excellent repertoire of jokes and amusing stories. Whether you are planning on joining them for a swim in the Adriatic or a shopping spree, you will not forget it in a hurry. If you want to spot them in your local hostelry, look no further than the chap perched sideways on his bar stool (giving him a perfect view on everyone else in the room).

With one eye on the door to make sure he hasn’t missed any influential friends, he treats all and sundry to his latest observations on life and makes more noise than the rest of the customers put together. His jokes are awful, but no matter – the pub would be a much duller place without him. They may turn up to a party wearing an old college scarf and clothes that have definitely seen better days. But once inside, their infectious laugh will fill the room, and their stimulating conversation will get you interested in the most boring subject on earth. Curious as well as gregarious, they enjoy sheer adventure of eating out. Blessed by their expansive ruler, Jupiter, with an unquenchable thirst for exploration, they will eat almost anything, anywhere, with anyone. With their love of freedom and the outdoors, they like nothing better than eating alfresco. They like foods which are filling and easy to eat, such as French sticks; and enjoy cooking over a genuine campfire – rather than a barbecue – either in the countryside or on the beach.

When it comes to lifestyle, their taste is for honest-to-goodness fun. They have no time for anything which smacks of being pretentious, whether in a restaurant or a clothes store, but their extrovert good humour often shows itself in what they buy. Because they are consumed by a burning urge to study everything about their world, they often set their sights on discovering distant shores. They should take care that their natural sense of adventure does not lead them into trouble when they are travelling abroad. They will probably be very difficult to pin down. This hatred of close ties applies to their home life as much as anywhere else: but when they do decide to concentrate on the home, they will splash out and decorate in style. Broad-minded Sagittarians must use their depth of understanding to seek out the true purpose of their lives as defined by the Nodes. They should beware of overlooking the past in their rush to meet the future, for without it they may be deprived of a reason for living.

Sagittarian is the sign of the gambler; and those born under this sign have a reputation for becoming addicted to any form of speculation. Las Vegas is said to have a preponderance of Sagittarians, and they have been known to both win and lose fortunes at the flick of a switch. Sagittarius is a sign of extremes. Some Sagittarians see money as their only road to freedom, and so they take big risks: others see it as beneath them, and spend without responsibility. ‘I seek’ is their motto: but the quest is often for adventure not cash. As the adventurers of the zodiac, they tend to place a high value on their luggage, passport, camera and anything else to do with travelling. They will also hang on to their store of maps and guide books; they never know when they might be needed again. Left to their own devices, and with money no object, they will plump for something grand without being glitzy – as befits the nature of their ruler, Jupiter.

Standing majestically on the peak of a hill, overlooking open countryside in every direction, it will be a large and well established property with stables and tack room to one side, fully equipped gym to the other. The atmosphere is likely to be busy and lively – many comings and goings during the day, parties into the small hours at night. They have a deep loathing for ‘red tape’ in connection with their job, and hate to work with someone breathing down their neck. Nor do they like being checked up on: as an essentially truthful sign, they like to feel that their honesty is appreciated. They have an indestructible faith in their own abilities and on intuitive nose for opportunity, recognizing the possible outcome of a course of action long before others. This particular quality often enables them to be in exactly the right place at the right time. They are great truth-seekers and need to believe in a power outside themselves. They are often particularly interested in the combination of the psychic and the religious; and they may be intrigued by religions or cults that are based on teachings originated in other cultures.

Many Sagittarians pride themselves on their honesty and integrity but others display these attributes falsely. The secret of the ‘Honest John’ at the racecourse may turn out to be that he is the other kind of Sagittarian – the unscrupulous one who betrays your trust and runs off with your money. Ironically, their fear of restriction can lead them to restrict other people. By refusing to entertain the notion that they could be wrong (and therefore limited), they sometimes display the unfortunate habit of ramming their ideas down people’s throats. Practical jokes were probably invented by them. Most of them relish comedies where people fall into swimming pools, or walk under ladders at just the wrong moment. Subtler Sagittarians also enjoy hoaxes perpetrated by telephone or letter, often amusing even to the victim. Working dogs, such as setters, pointers or retrievers, usually appeal to them, or, of course, greyhounds, if they want to race them. They like pets who can share their sport with them, including falcons. Horses are favourite animals for affluent Sagittarians. The love going to markets, partly because they enjoy the feeling of shopping out-of-doors and partly because if makes them think that they must be getting good value. But they love bookshops and shops which sell things for camping, hiking and other forms of outdoor activity.


ARIES: The perfect partner for a riotous night out whenever you are in town. It could even work on a permanent basis if you decide to settle down!
TAURUS: Reliable, if you need somebody to type you latest manuscript; a definite no-no if you feel like having fun (which is often)
GEMINI: Superficially, you were made for each other. But in time, the Twins’ lack of depth and constant changes of tune could get on your nerves.
CANCER: Having somebody to care for your every whim and fancy might sound appealing, but be careful – a housekeeper could be a better bet.
LEO: A winning team. You could actually settle down with a leo and live happily ever after. (For w while anyway).
VIRGO: You could probably do with a Virgo around to pick up the pieces and point out all your careless mistakes. But who cares? You don’t.
LIBRA: These people have a marvellous knack of making you feel great just being yourself. Keep one around in case your confidence wilts.
SCORPIO: You can understand why Scorpios want to latch on to you, and you don’t mind. The trouble is, they could mind you not minding.
SAGITTARIUS: The perfect playmate, but what chaos when it comes to keeping your daily lives together. Call in a Virgo to clear up the mess.
CAPRICORN: Why is it these people resent your luck and your willingness to take chances. If only they had a bit more faith in themselves…
AQUARIUS: A wonderful friend to have around – someone who will never try to pin you down or squeeze a commitment out of you. Go for it.
PISCES: Interesting and fun in small doses, but you don’t really understand what makes them tick. Nor are you likely to find out.

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