Pluto Aspects

Pluto, often considered a planet of extremes, represents the concept of ‘all or nothing,’ embodying the highest highs and the lowest lows with no middle ground. Its influence on other planets is as follows:

Pluto Aspects to the Sun

Pluto’s aspects, particularly the stressful ones like conjunction, square, and opposition, can provoke strong, immediate reactions from others, who may either take an instant liking or disliking to you without fully understanding why. Such gut reactions are common with this astrological combination. Moreover, any aspect of Pluto to the Sun can endow one with healing abilities, suitable for professions such as a doctor or psychotherapist, and enhance investigative skills, making one an adept detective. Indeed, no planet surpasses Pluto in revealing secrets.

Pluto Aspects to the Moon

The tendency for sudden, extreme mood swings is notable. From personal experience, 2 people I knew exhibited this opposition. It’s important for women with such stressful aspects to be wary of potential jealousy from other women, which can lead to betrayal even after years of friendship. This doesn’t imply that every woman will act this way, but the likelihood of encountering such incidents is higher. Typically, the mother figure is characterized as strong-willed and straightforward. In women’s horoscopes, there’s a tendency for the mother to be jealous and to behave in a manner influenced by that jealousy.

Pluto Aspects to Mercury

Pluto represents power, while Mercury governs communication. Individuals with this aspect tend to communicate with more intensity than others. This trait can enhance success in sales roles. It’s also beneficial for therapists, as their words have the potential to heal. However, caution is advised, as they possess an above-average capacity to inflict emotional wounds. For a popular songwriter, this aspect amplifies the likelihood that their lyrics will resonate and be sung by millions, persisting even posthumously. John Lennon had a square between Mercury and Pluto, both of which were in stressful alignment with the Moon at his birth, adding emotional depth. Similarly, Linda Ronstadt’s Mercury and Pluto conjunction, opposed by the Moon, produces an equivalent impact.

Pluto Aspects to Venus

Challenging aspects of Pluto to Venus may lead to a propensity for hypoglycemia. Similar stress can arise from hard aspects between Venus and Saturn or Uranus, as Doris Hebel noted in her 1976 lecture. When Pluto aspects Venus, love is intense and absolute, either reaching the highest highs or the lowest lows. This aspect has been observed in the charts of some prostitutes, but it does not imply that all with this aspect engage in sex work. It suggests a choice to embrace Pluto’s power and control, rejecting Venusian qualities. Pluto, governing Scorpio, seeks strength and dominance, despising vulnerability. Venus represents our capacity for tenderness, pleasure, and joy. Yielding to Pluto’s influence may lead to exerting control and sabotaging happiness due to perceiving it as a weakness. This path inevitably leads to unhappiness. Alternatively, one might suppress deep emotions to maintain a veneer of charm and propriety, which can result in an attraction to unsavory characters and self-loathing, thus denying oneself the experience of true passion.

Pluto Aspects to Mars

Individuals with stressful aspects never fight by halves. The impact is akin to possessing Mars in Scorpio. Their creed in any conflict is “Win at any cost.” Such individuals are likely to excel in professions that involve elimination or destruction. Naturally, they must manage their temper, which can be explosive. Stressful aspects often lead to the premature destruction of their projects. A beautician I know, who has this aspect, transitioned to cellulite removal and found success. Conversely, harmonious aspects provide strength without the associated stress.

Pluto Aspects to Jupiter

One does not take ideas lightly. There is often a strong inclination to completely transform the principles with which one was raised.

Pluto Aspects to Saturn

Being young can sometimes be a real drag, especially when it feels like all the other kids in the neighborhood get away with mischief except for you. You’re usually the one who gets caught, and retribution is swift.

Pluto Aspects to Uranus

This usually occurs during periods of significant social turmoil. The square appeared in the early 1930s, coinciding with the Great Depression. Between 1965-67, amidst the Vietnam War, there was a conjunction of these two. Pluto intensifies the Uranian drive for innovation. While Pluto seeks transformation and elimination, Uranus imparts a swift impetus. Positively, this pairing facilitates adaptation to swift changes and new technologies, particularly when either planet aspects the Sun, Moon, or Mercury in one’s horoscope.

Pluto Aspects to Neptune

It will add a significant spark to your imagination, particularly if any of these planets also form an aspect with your Moon.

Pluto Aspects to Ascendant

The conjunction of Pluto with the Ascendant may endow you with an intimidating presence, capable of deterring a mugger with a mere glare. The trine or sextile also confer strength, albeit in a more harmonious manner. You’ll be conscious of your influence, yet more composed than with the square aspect. The square and opposition might make it challenging to contain your power. It’s crucial to practice moderation with these aspects, as relationships can easily devolve into battles of wills. It’s wise to avoid escalating minor marital disagreements into full-blown conflicts.

Pluto Aspects to Midheaven

If this is the dominant aspect (regardless of whether it’s harmonious or stressful), it may predispose you towards professions associated with death or transformation, such as medicine, psychotherapy, or employment with a demolition company. Careers that involve power are also preferred. Pluto desires to be in a commanding position. Becoming a venture capitalist, as Pluto governs the finances of others, is another potential career path.

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