Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius Ascendant

People with Sagittarius rising have an unmistakable faith and enthusiasm for life. They are always looking for adventure, new experiences, and hope. They have grand visions, make big promises, and are willing to explore and experiment. However, they are not very good at following through on their plans. They are somewhat restless and active people. They seem to be always chasing something that is beyond their reach — and this can be a lifelong quest.

People with this position are often direct, but they have a charm that makes them easy to forgive. They usually have a lot of interesting and exciting things to share, though they may not be very detailed. They have an opinion on everything and they enjoy expressing it to others. They are not all outgoing, but they all move with confidence. Some may seem naive or overly optimistic. They don’t shy away from life and experience.

People with Sagittarius rising have a great sense of humour that helps them cope with life’s challenges. They always try to have fun and enjoy what they have, even when they are feeling low. Their ruling planet, Jupiter, influences how they express themselves. For instance, Jupiter in Capricorn may make them more sarcastic, but they still have a hopeful and lively spirit.

Famous people with this position include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicolas Cage.

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