Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Ascendant

A Pisces rising person may have a motto of “go with the flow”. They are gentle and vague in their movements, and they appear as lovers of art and peace. However, they can also adapt to different situations and people, depending on their mood and inspiration. They may be quiet and shy one day, and talkative and passionate another day. They are easily influenced by their surroundings, have a dreamy nature, and show a kind-hearted personality. Pisces rising does not always see the world objectively, but rather according to their own wishes and feelings. They also tend to struggle with making decisions.

People who have Pisces as their rising sign do not like to be defined or categorized in any way. They have changeable personalities and do not want to be restricted or limited by others’ expectations. They have a restless and curious nature that seeks variety and exploration in life. They avoid confronting harsh realities or cold, hard facts as much as possible. They do not plan ahead or stick to a schedule, but rather follow their intuition and feelings. They may seem unfocused or dreamy to others, and often lose themselves in their imagination. They desire a stable and reliable partner who can provide them with some grounding and security.

People with Pisces rising are attracted to partners who challenge them and keep them interested. They tend to delegate the mundane tasks and reality checks to their significant other. They seem to require a practical, realistic partner. Pisces Ascendants are often sensitive to drugs, and may experience allergies that come and go. They usually have weaker physical constitutions than most. People with Pisces rising have a quiet and soft charm that is irresistible to others. Their appearance and mannerisms are often intriguing to others.

Famous people with this position include George Clooney, Robert Redford, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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