Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant

These people seem like gentle creatures. They have a sense of familiarity — they could be your neighbor. They don’t make a big entrance when they come into a room. They prefer to stay on the edges and move inward gradually. These people have a comfortable vibe to them. However, they are also quite sensitive to their surroundings, and they can easily lose their composure, especially in public.

When they face danger or unfamiliarity, they tend to protect themselves first. They may act shy or withdraw from new situations quickly. In general, they are caring and sweet people, sometimes even naive. They often seem humble and easy to talk to. However, some of them have become so introverted that they are the opposite of approachable.

People with Cancer Ascendant need structure and security from their partner and their relationship. They are attracted to partners who display strength, financial and emotional stability, and know-how. They like to have clear rules in their relationship and are willing to sacrifice some personal freedom for security. They may surprise their partners with their practical approach to marriage, as they appear to be unassuming and family-oriented people.

Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Julia Roberts, and Ben Affleck are some of the celebrities who have Cancer as their ascendant sign. Angelina Jolie also has Cancer rising, with Venus very close to her Ascendant.

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