The discovery of Sedna on November 14, 2003, signifies a leap forward in our understanding of the solar system’s outer planets. With a diameter of approximately 1,000 miles (about 1,600 km), Sedna is currently the largest planetary body found in the solar system since Pluto’s discovery in 1930, surpassing the recently discovered Quaoar. Sedna’s highly elliptical orbit of 10,500 years places it so far from the Sun that it appears smaller than a pinhead, making it the most distant object in the solar system identified to date, three times farther from the Sun than Pluto.

For astrologers, this marks the addition of another distant transpersonal planet alongside Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Quaoar, and Orcus. Our entire perspective on astrology is experiencing a fundamental transformation, which will alter our self-perception, our spiritual development, and our position in the universe.

Sedna in Signs

Sedna in Aries

Maintain a firm hold on your desires and be aware of the repercussions of your actions. Acting on impulse with self-centered intentions can lead to significant consequences.

Sedna in Taurus

Greed and materialism inevitably lead to consequences. Do you render yourself miserable by desiring creature comforts beyond your means? Do you accrue debt to such an extent that you cannot emerge from it unaided, then anticipate others to rescue you?

Sedna in Gemini

Valuing your neighborhood, the daily tasks, the neighbors, and the educational opportunities along with the learning experiences you’ve encountered.

Sedna in Cancer

Could your expectations, whether from family members or a desire for a lavish home, be setting you up for disappointment? How do you leverage your relationships with family members? Are there hidden agendas behind your actions, leading to emotional manipulation?

Sedna in Leo

Is it too self-centered to have high expectations for your children, creative pursuits, ego satisfaction, and romantic experiences? Do you anticipate receiving more from others than you are willing to contribute?

Sedna in Virgo

Does the concept of work merely represent a four-letter word to you? How do you perceive productivity? Is it reasonable to anticipate top compensation for subpar work? Can one expect to maintain good health without adhering to proper dietary and exercise routines?

Sedna in Libra

In relationships, how do your expectations compare to what you’re willing to contribute? Are these expectations reasonable? When unmet, do you dwell on the shortcomings instead of valuing what you possess?

Sedna in Scorpio

Greed and selfishness in matters of sex, death, or finances are potential issues, as are transformative experiences stemming from trauma in these aspects.

Sedna in Sagittarius

Might your expectations, whether from family members or aspirations for an extravagant home, be paving the way for disillusionment? How do you utilize your family connections? Are there concealed motives guiding your actions, resulting in emotional manipulation?

Sedna in Capricorn

Are you prepared to exert significant effort to realize your aspirations? How do you view authority figures? Do you tend to mention influential names? Do you anticipate special treatment? Will you attribute your shortcomings to a lack of connections or assistance?

Sedna in Aquarius

Do you anticipate greater contributions from your friends, coworkers, or group affiliations than you offer in return? Do you primarily join groups for personal advantage and networking opportunities? Do you take advantage of your friendships? Are you inclined towards rebellion? Are your aspirations solely self-serving?

Sedna in Pisces

Do you play the martyr when your demands aren’t fulfilled? Do you endanger others in some way only to swoop in at the last minute, expecting to be hailed as a savior? Do you lean towards forgiveness or seek retribution? Do you embrace positivity and growth, or do you pursue vengeance? How often do you indulge in “pity parties”?

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