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I have been fascinated by the intricacy and depth of Astrology since I was a kid. I would sit on my bedroom window sill and stare at the stars, knowing that there were many answers there. When I left home and stumbled across London as a teenager, I embarked on my mission to find out and study as much as I could about Astrology. Every weekend, I would buy a new book, or visit my local library and spend hours drinking coffee, studying the books I had either bought or borrowed, making notes in my journals. This website is a collection of those very same notes. Throughout the years, I lost some “data” unfortunately, and I have had to rely on other sources. As time goes by, I shall replace those external sources with my own notes.

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Moon Phases

Sun in Libra
10 degrees
Moon in Aries
20 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
15 days old