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Uranus may cause unusual effects on other planets, making them appear hyperactive. Any influence Uranus has tends to disrupt conventional norms and behaviors.

Uranus Aspects to the Sun

It fosters independence and the urge to approach things uniquely. In its positive expression, it can emerge as a brilliance that nearly reaches the level of genius. Conversely, in its negative aspect, it may lead to eccentric behavior that revels in shocking others, or to sheer madness.

Uranus Aspects to the Moon

To my knowledge, Faith McInnerney was the first to observe that individuals with tense Moon-Uranus aspects often experience abandonment fears and exhibit hysterical tendencies. In any astrological chart, the Moon represents relationships with women, especially the mother. Tense aspects, such as the conjunction, square, and opposition (0, 90, and 180 degrees), typically indicate that the mother had an unpredictable schedule during the individual’s early years, often due to her own erratic behavior. Consequently, the child learns to emotionally detach, adopting an “I don’t need her” attitude. This coping mechanism persists until adulthood, when forming romantic attachments triggers a resurgence of dependency needs, prompting a flight response.

If they cannot run, they will do or say something to prompt the other person to run. There’s also a tendency to be drawn to someone who is unavailable, such as being married or living out of town. In fact, the less available the love interest is, the stronger the attraction seems to be. These characteristics are often more evident in women. Men, on the other hand, may adopt a “love them and leave them” approach, or they may attract hysterical women as partners. In my experience, this interpretation has never failed; it has a 100% success rate. Even the harmonious aspects tend to foster an attraction to what is new and unusual, though there may still be instances of the hysterical syndrome.

Uranus Aspects to Mercury

A mind drawn to novelty and the unconventional tends to exhibit increased brilliance and moments of genius. C.E.O. Carter noted that harmonious aspects, such as the sextile and trine (60 and 120 degrees), frequently appear in astrologers’ horoscopes. I possess a trine myself. Stressful aspects, however, enhance stubbornness. Individuals with such aspects should strive to remain open-minded a bit longer than usual before reaching a decision, as their opinions, once formed, are rarely altered. They might reconsider their stance multiple times daily (particularly if these planets are in mutable signs), but it is unlikely for others to sway their views.

Uranus Aspects to Venus

Attracting unusual and eccentric lovers is just one aspect; the stress goes much deeper. Uranus craves independence and freedom. When a relationship becomes too conventional, it shatters. Uranus doesn’t simply depart; it exits abruptly. Elizabeth Taylor’s Venus and Uranus conjunction in Aries intensifies this volatile and unstable mix. Such stressful aspects between Venus and Uranus are among the combinations that may lead to blood sugar fluctuations and a tendency toward hypoglycemia. Other combinations include Venus/Saturn and Venus/Pluto. However, the harmonious aspects often succeed in being unique and avant-garde without the inconsistency.

Uranus Aspects to Mars

Being accident-prone often stems from a propensity for taking risks, particularly during stressful times. Mars symbolizes action and energy, while Uranus represents sudden and unexpected changes. Unless other elements in the horoscope suggest otherwise, a person may exhibit rebelliousness and a challenge to authority. Stressful aspects can also lead to a short temper. Be cautious with the conjunction, square, or opposition between Mars and Uranus, as temper may flare up abruptly. Uranus aspects can cause nervous tension, which might be channeled into direct action. In conflict, there may be a tendency to employ surprising tactics that can either utterly confound an opponent, leading to victory, or fail spectacularly, resulting in swift defeat. While the harmonious aspects are somewhat milder, any interaction between these two planets tends to foster impatience and a heightened interest in machinery and high-tech gadgets.

Uranus Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter represents our capacity to understand broad principles, influencing the philosophies that guide our lives. Uranus symbolizes the unconventional and the startling. Individuals with this astrological placement are often drawn to ideologies and thought systems that challenge societal norms. Those with harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) may be seen as pioneering and avant-garde. In contrast, those with challenging aspects (square and opposition) may be viewed as eccentric, or in more extreme cases, as dangerous radicals.

Uranus Aspects to Saturn

If Saturn and Uranus were personified, they would be at odds. Saturn embodies tradition and conservatism, while Uranus represents innovation, shock, and the unconventional. Their slow orbits mean they can maintain an aspect for around a year, influencing all born in that period. When in stressful aspects, they resemble children vying for attention, each one’s needs causing the other to protest. Striving for normalcy and order invites Uranus to disrupt with restlessness and tedium, leading to an inevitable break from the status quo. Conversely, pursuing innovation triggers Saturn’s retribution through Murphy’s Law, where things tend to go awry. Balancing their demands requires simultaneous attention: embracing the new in a structured manner or revitalizing the old with a fresh approach ensures success. In harmonious aspects, this balance comes naturally, avoiding conflict.

Uranus Aspects to Ascendant

The conjunction may cause you to exhibit Aquarian traits such as independence, originality, and a tendency to be somewhat shocking. The sextile and trine present these characteristics in a more palatable and less startling manner, and they may also draw you to partners who are original and exciting. Conversely, the square and opposition are often associated with unstable partnerships or relationships with unpredictable individuals.

Uranus Aspects to Midheaven

Being self-employed, or at least having a boss who provides autonomy, is often preferable. Careers associated with Uranus involve electricity or high-tech fields, such as electrical engineering, television or radio, computing, and programming. Actors with this aspect usually find more success in television than in films. The boss in such careers may be highly independent, eccentric, or even a genius with unconventional methods. Similarly, at least one parent may exhibit these traits: independence, eccentricity, or unusual behavior. It’s common for there to be an above-average number of abrupt changes in one’s childhood, like frequent relocations.

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