Sun in Capricorn

The sign of the Achiever

The Archetypal Capricorn: Dick Whittington, the poor youngster who went to London to make his fortune and rose to become Lord Mayor.
Key Quote: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – Proverb

December 22 - January 19

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Sea-Goat
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 10th
Colour: Black, grey, brown, navy blue
Gemstones: Jet, onyx, garnet, tiger’s eye, sapphire
Metal: Lead
Perfume: Musk
Day: Saturday
Number: 8
Keywords: Rationally, prudently, determinedly
Rules: The Tenth House (ambitions, career, public recognition, status, authority figures, the dominant parent).
Positive traits: Reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, prudent, disciplined, patient, hard-working, persevering, far-sighted
Negative traits: Rigid, harsh, ruthless, cold, over-exacting, pessimistic, over-conventional, miserly, licentious, a ‘wet blanket’.
Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo Sexual partner:
If you are female: VIRGO Slow sensuality
Parts of the body ruled: Bones, knees, joints
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Skin
Acupuncture meridian: Gall bladder
Possible ailments: Arthritis, rheumatism, skin complaints, knee injuries, bone diseases, depressions, eczema Beneficial foods: Cabbage, kale
Diet: Count calories for reliability and steady weight loss. Keep spirits up with music
Flowers, herbs & spices: Pansy, carnation, foxglove, fuschia, Bella Donna (Deadly Nightshade), hellebore, mace, snowdrop, willowherb, hemp, knapweed, barley, beech, burdock, comfrey, elm, holly, ivy, onions, spinach, willow, yew
Trees/shrubs: Aspen, cypress, hemlock, beet
Healing with herbs: Comfrey, hemlock, beet
Comfortable surroundings: Capricorns tend to favour rather subdued colours such as browns, greys and blacks
Stress areas: Family problems, change of plans, accident/illness, public speaking, loss of job, pregnancy, divorce, holiday
Attitude to shopping: Well-researched, economical
Objects: Antiques, clipboard, clock, classic shoes, designer labels, large ornaments, vintage wine, watch, wellington boots
Party costumes: Old Father Time, Mad Hatter, Clown
Sports/Hobbies: Collecting, investing, jogging, knitting, gardening, music, rock-climbing
Professions/Trades: Administrator, antique dealer, architect, builder, civil servant, dentist, engineer, farmer, head teacher, musician, politician, scientist, surveyor
Countries: Afghanistan, Bulgaria, India, Lithuania, Mexico
Cities: Brussels, Oxford

Archimedes Mythology

Capricorn is a constellation named after Amaltheia, a fish-tailed goat who nursed Zeus when he was a baby. Zeus had to hide from his evil father Cronos, who wanted to devour him. When Zeus became the Lord of the gods, he took one of Amaltheia’s horns and made it into the Cornucopia – the horn of Plenty, which could produce anything its owner wished for. As a token of his appreciation, Zeus placed Amaltheia among the stars.


Capricorns value preserving their resources and uphold traditional and conventional views. Their main motivation is security. They may become rigid moralists who resist anything that challenges their worldview. However, they are also renowned for their generous nature. Capricorns move with efficiency and purpose, regardless of their body shape. Their eyes reflect their keen intelligence and careful deliberation before taking any action. The orderly, pragmatic earth energies of Capricorn blend with its planetary ruler, Saturn, to create a solid, creative energy that maintains structure and form.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which means it has a strong creative impulse and a desire to produce something valuable. Capricorns are rational and careful in love, and they only marry when they are completely sure about their partner. They are not very adventurous or spontaneous in romance, but they are loyal and trustworthy. They seek security and stability in love. Their wedding may not be extravagant, but it will be of high quality. They get jealous easily, and they take it as a sign of trouble in their relationship. Capricorns are not superficial or playful in love. They do not flirt casually, but only when they are serious about someone. They want a long-term commitment that will allow them to have fun and be themselves later on. They may seem independent, reserved and in control, but they are actually very romantic at heart. They need a partner who can make them feel safe enough to show their hidden side, which is joyful, spontaneous and humorous. Capricorns are cautious about sex as well. They may need more time than other signs to relax and enjoy it, but once they have a solid relationship, they can express themselves more freely and reveal their great sense of humour.

Capricorn is a sign that values conformity to unwritten social rules. One of these rules is marriage, which Capricorns regard as a fundamental institution that supports society and its moral standards. Capricorns take marriage very seriously. They are also committed to their responsibilities and obligations, and they do not abandon a long-term relationship easily. Even if they are unhappy, they will stay out of a sense of duty, unless they have a very good reason to leave. Like their opposite sign, Cancer, Capricorns may inherit or get involved in family disputes, often over property or legal matters. These conflicts can last for a long time and become a tradition that the Capricorn would be better off breaking.

Capricorns value status and often fantasize about being extremely wealthy, because they think it would give them social standing and prestige. They also desire the symbols of wealth, such as a big house and a Rolls Royce. Capricorns like to be in control. They get very stressed when life surprises them or when things don’t go according to their plan or are beyond their control. They struggle to let go and trust in life and others, but they need to learn how to do that. For Capricorns who are driven by money, success means having a lot of it. They don’t feel accomplished until they have money in the bank, and they care more about fortune than fame. Nothing can distract Capricorn from their main goal: to become a successful millionaire. Capricorns are also very conscious of their roots, with strong attachments to their heritage, ancestors and family hierarchy.

They cherish the past and value history and traditions. They tend to become more conservative as they age. They have a strong ambition for power, but they usually achieve it later in life. When they are in charge of their situation, they feel happier. They may also discover some playful qualities that they lacked before, such as relaxation or humor. Capricorns crave security, both financially and emotionally, so they are not fond of risks. They prefer to take a gradual and careful approach to life, which often pays off. Capricorns have a long-term perspective and rarely act impulsively. Capricorns like to live in a sturdy and elegant home, either an old-fashioned or a modern one. They appreciate natural materials, especially stone. They also enjoy a cool temperature in their house.

If you work for a Capricorn boss, don’t expect any jokes or casual chats. They follow the rules of office life strictly and keep a formal distance from their subordinates. They also respect the hierarchy and won’t tolerate anyone who crosses the line. They will put them in their place without mercy. Their aim is to achieve self-reliance and stability through status and wealth. They have a deep fear of depending on anyone else, especially for money, and they will work very hard to secure their finances. They never live beyond their means. The Capricorn mind is logical and careful, and always considers all the options before making a decision. They also have a remarkable ability to eliminate anything they consider irrelevant or unnecessary – a quality that makes them seem cold and calculating. They reach their potential by working hard and overcoming any challenges or difficulties along the way. Although some signs may not appreciate their ambition for power and influence, few people will deny them the material rewards of their lifelong efforts.

Capricorn is a sign that values doing things ‘properly’ and following convention in their living arrangements. They like to have their lives well organized and under control, and most will adhere to society’s standards by marrying rather than cohabiting. They are meticulous and thorough in gathering all the facts of a situation, and they often proceed cautiously towards their decisions one step at a time. This approach may seem unnecessarily slow to faster, more impatient minds, but it shows how seriously they take the whole process of decision making. They anticipate crises. They are part of the job, as the old saying goes, and if there were none, they would suspect that something was wrong. Goats do not enjoy crises the way Scorpios do, but they handle them effectively nonetheless – by being stronger than the problem. Strength is a Capricorn trait, and a strategy too. Crises, for this sign, cannot be resolved by avoiding them or devising clever moves that bypass them. They must be confronted directly, probably alone, and by doing what is required exactly according to the rules of the game. This approach is certainly character-forming – and that’s just how they like it.

People born under this sign are conservative and logical, but they may lack creativity. As a cardinal sign, they should not be afraid to take some risks and initiate changes. They may feel burdened by life until they experience a Saturn transit or a Uranus opposition, which can free them from negative influences and start a new cycle. Capricorn children act maturely and responsibly, often caring for their siblings and friends. They have a warm heart and a dry humour, but they need a lot of encouragement and reassurance to express these qualities.

For them, adolescence can be a difficult period. They face a world where they feel obliged to achieve something, but they may also doubt their own abilities. Moreover, their sober and serious capricorn personality may not fit well with their more lively peers. While being rule-abiding and compliant can benefit them in adulthood, teenagers may view such traits with mistrust. They may also become quite authoritarian in their later years – but with good intentions. They believe it is their responsibility to teach the younger generations about the traditional values, and many may join youth movements as mentors or instructors. This kind of capricorn will resist retiring gracefully, and will stay independent as long as possible.

They have struggled for years to achieve security and self-reliance, and they feel they deserve to enjoy it. Capricorn children seem to be aware of life’s dangers, and they can dampen the spirits of adventurous fire signs. They are the ones who turned off the light when you wanted to read in bed, and who took charge when no adults were around to set boundaries. However, you may have appreciated having such a sensible and responsible person nearby. The Capricorn father has trouble relaxing and having fun with his children, but this improves with age. He is likely to enroll his child in a prestigious school from birth. The Capricorn mother uses her great sense of humor to connect emotionally with her children. Capricorns value actions over words and believe that one’s true feelings are shown by their deeds. They do not express their emotions loudly, and you may not appreciate their friendship until they support you in a crisis. From then on, you will have a lifelong friend.

Capricorns consider owning a new car of their own (not a company car) as the ultimate luxury, but they are not impulsive buyers. They prefer reliable and durable brands that have proven their worth. They also favor black cars – the color of their ruler, Saturn. Sometimes, they are influenced by what their boss drives, as they envision themselves in the same position someday. But whatever the car, they make sure it has good brakes: Goats like to have control over their speed! Capricorns have a deep-seated belief that they need to achieve material success and status in the world, otherwise their lives will be meaningless. They are not less emotional than other signs – but they tend to suppress their feelings in their relentless pursuit of the top. Astrologers often emphasize their fondness for law and order – for following the established rules and methods and doing things the ‘right’ way or not at all. How come then, that many of this sign who have ‘made it’ in the world have secrets of deceit and trickery hidden in their closets? The simple answer is that for them, obsessed as they are with making a name for themselves, the end often justifies the means.

Capricorns have a realistic attitude towards winning and losing. They learn early in life that nothing comes easy, but they don’t give up – even when the odds are against them. They are not impressed by flashy victories that only bring short-term benefits. They want to succeed in life itself, and they don’t mind losing some battles to win the war. They like to have goals, whether they are trying to lose weight or planning their daily tasks. They often follow a schedule to organize their day. Having goals can help them with their weight loss, but they need to make sure they are achievable, so they don’t get discouraged by failure. They enjoy good food and drink, but they can control their eating habits better than some other signs. They have a lot of self-discipline, but they also tend to worry a lot. They might benefit more from relaxing a bit than from starting a very strict fitness programme.

Capricorns are serious and hard-working, but they may neglect their health if they work too long without a break. They should cultivate hobbies that make them happy and relaxed, and enjoy the benefits of playful activities that reduce stress. They value quality and durability in their clothing, and they are willing to pay more for classic styles and natural fabrics like wool, tweed, cashmere, linen and silk. They also take good care of their clothes, which makes them last longer. They have a natural affinity for high, rocky places, and they are agile on their feet. They enjoy the thrill of rock-climbing or fell-walking, and they feel proud when they reach the top of a mountain.

Social life is a serious matter for Capricorns, especially when they are young. They may spend most of their free time pursuing career goals and climbing the social ladder. However, as they age and achieve success, they learn to enjoy themselves more. You can find them in pubs or bars in the early or mid-evening, having a drink after a long day at work. They dress smartly and look solemn, chatting about work matters or financial issues. They may seem too serious for some, but for Capricorns, this is how they relax. They can combine business and pleasure and make any occasion festive and formal. They don’t throw parties often, but when they do, you will admire their quality, style and sense of occasion. When it comes to dining out, they are careful with money like their fellow earth signs. They know they could save money by cooking at home, but they still go to restaurants like everyone else. They often have a keen interest and knowledge of wine. This may be because wine is a good investment that requires careful selection, patience and maturity, which are all traits of the Capricorn nature.

Capricorns often enjoy leisure activities that reflect their serious and disciplined personality, influenced by their ruling planet Saturn. They may appreciate classical music, literature and science-related hobbies, which are also socially respectable. Capricorns tend to align their preferences with those of their superiors. They may work too hard and neglect their need for relaxation and exploration. They should realize that travel can benefit their health and productivity, as it can refresh their body and mind. Capricorns are also interested in property, which gives them a sense of security and stability. They have a strong sense of duty, especially towards their family, but they should avoid being too rigid and domineering. They should use their social status to achieve their purpose, as indicated by the Nodes. They may need to learn how to empathize with the emotional needs of others, as well as their own practical needs. This can enrich their lives with more meaningful and rewarding experiences.

Capricorns are prudent with their resources, make smart investments and reap the rewards in their later years – unlike some other zodiac signs who may regret not planning ahead. Capricorns know their strengths and weaknesses and can maximize their potential. They often achieve financial success, but they also fear losing it, so they tend to save and accumulate their money and possessions. ‘I build’ is their motto, but they may become stingy and greedy if they cling too much to their building blocks. They have a knack for collecting things that appreciate and grow in value over time. For instance, they might enjoy having a ‘cellar’ of fine wine that they bought cheaply and then waited for it to mature into something valuable. They prefer a sturdy, spacious home in a well-established area. The exterior will be modest – even plain – with a wide, paved driveway leading to the double garage that has everything they need. They will have plenty of gardening tools, and the garden itself might be designed or shaped. The interior design will aim to impress the boss, which is fitting, since the boss probably lives there.

In the workplace, they regulate their emotions strictly and do not let their feelings interfere with their objectives. They often leverage their social life to advance their career; they have a skill for building friendships with colleagues who can benefit them in the future. They are very ambitious and always have a clear and attainable goal in mind. They excel at patience and self-discipline, and have the wisdom to change what is possible and accept what is not. They embrace responsibility and challenge. They may be interested in astrology, if it can be shown to have practical applications, or in other subjects that have some authoritative backing or a long history, such as herbalism, yoga and homeopathy.

Capricorns are security-conscious and tend to keep their emotions hidden. They may appear cool, calculating, or sarcastic, but they are actually sensitive and easily hurt. They care a lot about their reputation and stability, and they are wary of anything new or untested. They prefer to stick to what has proven successful over time. They need to learn to be more open to new influences, which could help them achieve their goals. They are not very quick-witted, and they may miss the point of a joke at first. However, they can laugh at themselves once they understand it. They may enjoy watching comedy shows more than once, as they feel more confident in their comprehension. They like traditional and useful animals, such as working dogs, goats, hens, and rabbits. Their animal symbol is the goat, which reflects their practicality and perseverance.

They value good quality in their possessions, as they expect them to be durable and reliable. They prefer products that have a classic design and a reputable brand. They always complete their warranty forms diligently and know their rights as consumers.


ARIES: Rams may have potential, but when it comes to trying to tame them, you really have your work cut out. A good job you thrive on challenges.
TAURUS: Taureans are sensible and reliable – just what you need in any kind of relationship. You get along happily together.
GEMINI: You probably find Twins both witty and attractive, but essentially there is little real understanding between you.
CANCER: Crabs are interesting, but so full of emotional ups and downs. And their logic definitely leaves something to be desired.
LEO: Plenty of potential here! But oh dear! – the way lions gamble and give all their money away is enough to drive you round the bend.
VIRGO: A stable, practical relationship. It may seem a touch chilly to others, but you two know precisely what you are doing – and when to do it.
LIBRA: No matter how attracted you may be to this sign, the fact that both of you want things all your own way all of the time cannot be hidden for ever.
SCORPIO: You don’t really understand Scorpio’s emotional torment, but you can put up with it. The rest of the time, it’s great.
SAGITTARIUS: Archers accuse you of being a wet blanket, but whenever you try to copy them and take a chance, you fall flat on your face. Infuriating!
CAPRICORN: Good for friendship but uninspiring in love. As business partners, forget it – you’re both too busy angling your way to the top.
AQUARIUS: It is worth your while taking a little time out to listen to Aquarians – they could provide new solutions to old problems.
PISCES: No matter how much you complain, you have to admit you find their company rejuvenating. But try not to feel so responsible.

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