Sun in Capricorn

The sign of the Achiever

The Archetypal Capricorn: Dick Whittington, the poor youngster who went to London to make his fortune and rose to become Lord Mayor.
Key Quote: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – Proverb

December 22 - January 19

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
Symbol: The Sea-Goat
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 10th
Colour: Black, grey, brown, navy blue
Gemstones: Jet, onyx, garnet, tiger’s eye, sapphire
Metal: Lead
Perfume: Musk
Day: Saturday
Number: 8
Keywords: Rationally, prudently, determinedly
Rules: The Tenth House (ambitions, career, public recognition, status, authority figures, the dominant parent).
Positive traits: Reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, prudent, disciplined, patient, hard-working, persevering, far-sighted
Negative traits: Rigid, harsh, ruthless, cold, over-exacting, pessimistic, over-conventional, miserly, licentious, a ‘wet blanket’.
Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo Sexual partner:
If you are female: VIRGO Slow sensuality
Parts of the body ruled: Bones, knees, joints
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Skin
Acupuncture meridian: Gall bladder
Possible ailments: Arthritis, rheumatism, skin complaints, knee injuries, bone diseases, depressions, eczema Beneficial foods: Cabbage, kale
Diet: Count calories for reliability and steady weight loss. Keep spirits up with music
Flowers, herbs & spices: Pansy, carnation, foxglove, fuschia, Bella Donna (Deadly Nightshade), hellebore, mace, snowdrop, willowherb, hemp, knapweed, barley, beech, burdock, comfrey, elm, holly, ivy, onions, spinach, willow, yew
Trees/shrubs: Aspen, cypress, hemlock, beet
Healing with herbs: Comfrey, hemlock, beet
Comfortable surroundings: Capricorns tend to favour rather subdued colours such as browns, greys and blacks
Stress areas: Family problems, change of plans, accident/illness, public speaking, loss of job, pregnancy, divorce, holiday
Attitude to shopping: Well-researched, economical
Objects: Antiques, clipboard, clock, classic shoes, designer labels, large ornaments, vintage wine, watch, wellington boots
Party costumes: Old Father Time, Mad Hatter, Clown
Sports/Hobbies: Collecting, investing, jogging, knitting, gardening, music, rock-climbing
Professions/Trades: Administrator, antique dealer, architect, builder, civil servant, dentist, engineer, farmer, head teacher, musician, politician, scientist, surveyor
Countries: Afghanistan, Bulgaria, India, Lithuania, Mexico
Cities: Brussels, Oxford

Archimedes Mythology

The constellation of Capricorn takes its name from the fish-tailed goat, Amaltheia, who suckled the baby Zeus while he was in hiding from his evil father Cronos. Later, when he became Lord of the gods, Zeus took one of the Goat’s horns. This was the fabled Cornucopia – the horn of Plenty, said to overflow with whatever its fortunate owner desired. Amaltheia was raised to the heavens by Zeus as a reward for her kindness.


Most Capricorns are in favour of conserving assets and are firm supporters of all things traditional and conventional. Capricorn’s basic motivation is security. They can also become fanatical moralists, opposing anything that contradicts their view of the world. But they are also widely known for their generosity of nature. No matter what shape the body is, Capricorns give the impression of great economy of movement, even when they are in a hurry. Capricorn eyes also have a look of intense intelligence and seem to be weighing up the options before deciding on what step should be taken next and how best to go about it. The methodical, practical earth energies of Capricorn combine with its planetary ruler, Saturn, to form a stable, creative energy which seeks to conserve structure and form.

As Capricorn is also a cardinal sign, there is an active urge towards releasing this inner creative energy and producing something worthwhile. The head rules the heart for Capricorns and they never marry without being totally sure about their partner. They are steady and careful in love rather than being full of surprises, and usually prove to be faithful and trusting lovers. Their ultimate goal in love is to feel secure. At their wedding, wine may not flow from the fountains, but what there is will be first-class. When Capricorns feel a stab of jealousy, the emotional alarm bells begin to ring. When it comes to affairs of the heart, Capricorns could never justly be accused of being superficial, or of toying with other people’s affections. Flirtation – if they ever get round to it – is the first step on a long journey to a serious, lasting relationship. The frivolity and fun come later – once they can be absolutely certain that their heart is in safe hands. Capricorns may appear to be independent, reserved and totally in control of any situation, but beneath this facade lurks the heart of an out-and-out romantic. The perfect affair is one which allows them to feel safe enough to be able to express this side, and to unlock their hidden capacity for joy, spontaneity and humour. Capricorns are particularly cautious in matters related to sex. They may take longer than many signs to become totally relaxed, although once they have an established relationship, the more expressive side of their nature can be revealed and they will also disclose their great sense of humour.

Capricorn is a sign that sets great store by conforming with unwritten social rules. One of the conventions that it is most in tune with is that of marriage. Indeed, to Capricorns marriage is one of the foundations which underpin society and which upholds its moral standards and they take it very seriously. Capricorns take their responsibilities and obligations seriously, and once they have taken the decision to enter into a long-term relationship, they are unlikely to withdraw. Even when this sign is far from happy, an inherent sense of duty will ensure that the relationship is not terminated without very good cause. Like people born under their opposite sign, Cancer, Capricorns have a tendency to inherit, or to involve themselves in, family wrangles, often over property or legal matters. These feuds may become very long-lasting and can develop into a tradition that the Capricorn would be better off without.

For Capricorns, status is important and one of their strongest fantasies is that of being extremely wealthy, because of the social standing and position to which they feel this would entitle them. They also dream of the trappings of wealth – the big house and the Rolls Royce. Capricorns like to be in charge. So when life brings unexpected events, or when things do not work out according to plan or are out of their control, Capricorns can feel extremely stressed. They find it very difficult to let go of the reins and to trust in life and other people but they need to learn to do this. For financially motivated Capricorns, success is money, and lots of it! No Capricorn feels any sense of achievement until there is money in the bank, and fame matters to them far less than fortune. Very little is allowed to interfere with Capricorn’s prime objective: to be a highly successful millionaire. Capricorns tend to be highly aware of their background, with strong feelings for their heritage, ancestors and family hierarchy.

The past is very important to them; they have a sense of history and like to carry on old traditions. They are also very conventional, and often become steadily more so as they grow older. They aspire to positions of power from an early age, but rarely achieve such status in the first half of their lives. Once in control of their environment, they become much happier. They may also begin to develop more playful qualities which were once sadly lacking – for example, the art of relaxation, or a jolly sense of humour. Security, both financial and emotional, is deeply important to Capricorns, so adventure tends to be low down on their list of priorities. Slowly but surely is the way to win, they think, and they are often right. Capricorns take the long view in life, and as they look before leaping, they seldom leap at all. The ideal home for a Capricorn is likely to be somewhat substantial – either an attractive old building, or a well designed and solidly built modern house. Capricorns love to have natural materials in their home, with stone a particular favourite. In addition they do not like the house to be too hot.

Working for a Capricorn boss is no laughing matter. They tend to play office life like everything else – by the book – and their relationship with those below them will never be anything but formal. They also have strong sense of hierarchy, and anyone who oversteps the mark will be ruthlessly cut down to size. Their goal is to become independent and self-sufficient through status and material wealth. This sign has an innate fear of relying on anyone but themselves, particularly when it comes to money, and they will work extraordinarily hard towards achieving financial security. Living on credit is certainly not in their nature. The Capricorn mind is rational and cautious, and will always weigh up all the options before coming to a decision. The also have an almost ruthless capacity for cutting out anything which they regard as irrelevant or surplus to requirements – a trait which often leads them to be described as cool and calculating. They achieve their potential by sheer hard work, and by facing up to any challenges or difficulties along the way. Though their determination to achieve a position of power and influence may not be appreciated by some signs, few people will begrudge them the material rewards of a lifetime’s toil.

Capricorn is a sign that is very concerned with doing things ‘properly’ and few Capricorns are comfortable flouting convention in their living arrangements. They prefer to have their lives well organized and under control, and most will seek to uphold society’s standards by marrying rather than living together first. In their need to be aware of all the facts of a situation, they often plod laboriously towards their conclusions a step at a time. This approach may sometimes appear unnecessarily long-winded to quicker, more impatient minds, but it reflects how seriously they treat the whole business of decision making. They expect crises. They go with the job, as the old saying goes, and if there weren’t any, they would feel that there was something wrong. Goats do not thrive on crises the way Scorpios do, but they deal with them effectively all the same – by being tougher then the problem. Toughness is a Capricorn characteristic, and a method too. Crises, to this sign, cannot be solved by ignoring them or thinking up smart moves which get round them. They must be met head-on, probably alone, and by doing what has to be done exactly according to the rules of the game. This approach is certainly character-building – and that’s just how they prefer it.

Their conservative nature means that although people born under this sign can be relied upon to find the most logical solutions to problems, they may not always be the most inspired. They should remember that as a cardinal sign, they can afford to take the odd risk in the interests of getting things moving. The ‘burden’ that they seem to be born with may well disappear during one of the saturn transits. If the weight on their shoulders has not been lifted by the time their Uranus opposition comes round, then the mid-life crises is sure to eliminate all the negative Saturn influences and begin a more positive cycle. Almost from the word go, Capricorn children give the impression of being more like young adults, and will often be seen taking responsibility for brothers, sisters and friends. They can be warm-hearted, with a wry sense of humour, but they will need plenty of encouragement and reassurance if these qualities are to be brought out.

Adolescence can be a testing time for them. Confronted by a world in which they know it is their duty to make a name for themselves, they may still be hampered by a sneaking feeling that they are not quite up to the challenge. Added to this, the rather subdued and serious capricorn nature does not always go down too well with their more boisterous classmates. Playing by the rules and toeing the line can be great assets in adult life, but teenagers tend to regard such ready willingness to conform with deep suspicion. They can often become quite tyrannical in their twilight years – but for the best of reasons. They regard it as their personal duty to see that younger generations are instilled with traditional values, and many may become involved with youth movements in some sort of training capacity. This type of capricorn will stubbornly refuse to retire into graceful old age, and will make their presence felt by remaining independent for as long as they can. After years of struggling to become secure and self-sufficient, they are likely to feel they owe it to themselves to do so. Capricorn youngsters always seem to be aware of the dangers in life, and can be the ultimate wet blanket as far as risk-taking fiery types are concerned. This is the child who turned the light off when you wanted to read in bed, and who automatically took charge when there were no adults around to impose restrictions. Even so, there must have been times when it felt reassuring to have such a sensible, responsible person around. The Capricorn father finds it difficult to relax enough to enjoy his children, although this becomes easier with age. He will probably have his child’s name down at public school from birth. The Capricorn mother uses her great sense of humour as the emotional meeting point with her children. Capricorns believe in deeds rather than words and that you can tell someone’s true feelings by their actions. So they do not make a big fuss about their emotions, and you may not realize what true friends they are until you experience their support in a time of crises. From then on, you will know that you have a friend for life.

Capricorns look upon owning a new car of their own (as opposed to a company car) as the height of luxury, but that is not to say their choice will be frivolous. They go for the tried and trusted makes that promise reliability and endurance. They also like their cars to be black – the colour of their ruler, Saturn. Sometimes, their choice is influenced by what the boss is driving, as they can imagine themselves in the same position in a few years’ time. But whatever the car, you can bet the brakes will be good: Goats like to know they can stop before they start! Deep inside every Capricorn lurks the belief that unless they achieve material success and status in the world, their lives will be wasted. It is not that their feelings run any less deep than those of other signs – just that their emotions are the first things to get trampled on during their remorseless struggle to the top of the heap. Astrologers make much of their fondness for law and order – for sticking rigidly to what is tried and tested and doing thing the ‘right’ way or not at all. Why then, do so many of this sign who have ‘made it’ in the world have skeletons of deceit and trickery rattling in their cupboards? The simple answer is that for them, obsesses as they are with making a name for themselves, the end very often justifies the means. The Capricorn approach to winning and losing is nothing if not realistic. Most Capricorns discover relatively early on in life that nothing is handed to them on a plate, but that doesn’t stop them from trying – even if the cards are stacked against them. Members of this sign are not interested in quick, showy victories that produce short-term gains.

The game Capricorns want to win at is life itself, and they are not afraid of losing battles to win the war. Whether they are slimming or planning their day’s activities, they like to set themselves goals, and often plan their day by the clock. Setting targets can be very helpful when they are slimming, but it is important that they set realistic ones so that they do not fail and become despondent. Although they enjoy good food and drink, they do not find it as difficult as some of the signs to moderate their eating habits. With all their natural discipline, plus a tendency to worry, they may benefit most by relaxing a little more rather than embarking on too demanding a fitness programme. Serious Capricorns can get bugged down in long periods of work which may gradually erode their health. Instead, it would be wise for them to develop interests involving a complete change of mood, and to realize the healing properties of playing just for play’s sake on a regular basis in order to combat stress. They expect their clothes to last and do not mind paying extra to ensure good quality. As their natural preference is for traditional styles and natural fabrics like wool, tweed, cashmere, linen and silk, this is not difficult. They also look after their clothes well, which helps them to get the most out of them. They have an affinity for high, rocky places, as well as being nimble on their feet. Many of them find the challenge of rock-climbing or fell-walking exhilarating and feel a great sense of achievement when they succeed in scaling a peak.

Capricorns tend to take their social lives rather seriously, particularly in youth. When young, they may dedicate their leisure hours almost exclusively to social climbing and furthering their career prospects. But as they grow older and their efforts are crowned with success, they become more relaxed about having fun. Early to mid-evening is the time to spot Capricorns of both sexes, when they drop in for a pint or a gin and tonic after another long day at the office. Smartly dressed and rather serious looking, they stand near the bar talking shop or discussing the latest change in mortgage interest rates. Other signs might wonder why they bother, but to Capricorns, this is the perfect way to relax. The have the knack of mixing business with pleasure and bringing a festive air to the most formal of occasions. They may need a good reason to throw a party, but when they do you will be more than a little impressed with the quality and style, and sense of occasion, it will have. When it comes to eating out, they share their fellow earth signs’ sense of fiscal restraint. They know that on a multitude of occasions they could easily have produced a meal at home for less, but they do not – they go to restaurants like everyone else. They are often particularly interested in, and very knowledgeable about, wine. Perhaps this is because the idea of buying carefully for the future, and waiting patiently for the wine to reach its peak, whilst at the same time making a good financial investment, is so much in tune with the Capricorn nature.

Their leisure tastes often reflect the serious and rather controlled nature of their ruler Saturn. Classical music, literature and scientific hobbies are typical of the kind of activities that appeal to them, and have an added advantage in that they are all eminently socially acceptable. Capricorns tend to like what the boss likes. They can easily become chained to their office desks. They may find excuses not to take off valuable time making what they sometimes consider to be wasted journeys. They need to realize that travel, because it recharges their body, can improve their ability to work hard and resourcefully on their return home. Property is of great interest to them: and the security offered by property satisfies their need for life to be firmly rooted in the ground. They have a strong sense of duty, especially about their home life, but need to curb a sometimes stern and unbending nature which can be somewhat overbearing. They must use their stature in society to fulfil their destiny as defined by the Nodes. Learning to understand the emotional needs of other people as well as their own practical requirements may take time, but it has the potential to open up a whole new world of interesting and satisfying experiences.

Capricorns consolidate their resources, invest wisely and enjoy the fruits of their labours in later years – just when certain other zodiac signs may begin to regret their lack of similar forethought. Aware of their limitations and also their potential, they are usually able to utilize their talents to the full. The can be very successful financially; but because they are afraid that the good times will not last, they often squirrel away their money possessions. ‘I build’ is what they tend to believe; but fear of losing their building blocks may turn them into misers and hoarders before too long. They have an instinct for collecting possessions which will improve and increase in value with time. A good example might be a ‘cellar’ of vintage wine; they positively relish the thought of picking up a bargain and then waiting patiently for it to mature into something of real practical worth. The ideal home for them is a solid, substantial residence in surroundings which have evidently stood the test of time. The outside will be reserved – even austere – with a large, paved driveway leading up to the well equipped double garage. Gardening equipment will be much in evidence, while the garden itself could be sculptured or landscaped. The decorative scheme shouts ‘impress the boss’ from every wall, which is just as well, since the boss probably lives there.

They keep a strict control on their emotions in the workplace, and never allow their feelings to stand in the way of their aims. Often they use their social life to help advance their career; they have a knack of cultivating friendships with colleagues who have the potential to be of use to them in the future. They are the most ambitious of people and tend to have a definite and achievable goal in mind at all times. They are masters of patience and self-discipline, and possess the shrewdness to change what they can, and accept what they cannot. This sign welcomes responsibility and challenge. Subjects such as astrology, which can be demonstrated at a practical level, may appeal to the more open-minded of this sign. They are also often intrigued by subjects that are linked with some respected authority, or that have proved themselves through the test of time, such as herbalism, yoga and homeopathy.

Emotion is a secret, hidden area for the security-conscious Capricorn, who finds it difficult to express feelings and may hide them behind a ‘cool and calculating’ facade or a flip remark. If they are hurt or left high and dry they will keep it secret. Guarding appearances at all costs is basic to their security. They have a tendency to fear anything new, for unless something has stood the test of time – and is therefore by definition successful – it is viewed as a threat to their stability. They, above all else, need to learn to be more receptive to new influences – it might even help their steady climb to the top of the ladder! Not the quickest of signs, it can take them a while to see the point of a joke. But realization dawns they will be heartily amused. Repeats of comedy shows may find them laughing much more the second time around, secure in the knowledge that they have got the point well and truly in their minds. They tend to go for traditional types and breeds of animals. They favour working dogs, ranging from sheepdogs to St Bernards. They also like goats – their animal symbol – which make themselves useful by trimming the lawn as well as producing milk. Hens and rabbits also fall into this ‘usefulness’ category.

Good quality is important to them, because what they want from their possessions, above all else, is that they will last well. They like traditionally designed, well-made goods from a well-known manufacturer. They always fill in their guarantees carefully and are aware of their shoppers’ rights.


ARIES: Rams may have potential, but when it comes to trying to tame them, you really have your work cut out. A good job you thrive on challenges.
TAURUS: Taureans are sensible and reliable – just what you need in any kind of relationship. You get along happily together.
GEMINI: You probably find Twins both witty and attractive, but essentially there is little real understanding between you.
CANCER: Crabs are interesting, but so full of emotional ups and downs. And their logic definitely leaves something to be desired.
LEO: Plenty of potential here! But oh dear! – the way lions gamble and give all their money away is enough to drive you round the bend.
VIRGO: A stable, practical relationship. It may seem a touch chilly to others, but you two know precisely what you are doing – and when to do it.
LIBRA: No matter how attracted you may be to this sign, the fact that both of you want things all your own way all of the time cannot be hidden for ever.
SCORPIO: You don’t really understand Scorpio’s emotional torment, but you can put up with it. The rest of the time, it’s great.
SAGITTARIUS: Archers accuse you of being a wet blanket, but whenever you try to copy them and take a chance, you fall flat on your face. Infuriating!
CAPRICORN: Good for friendship but uninspiring in love. As business partners, forget it – you’re both too busy angling your way to the top.
AQUARIUS: It is worth your while taking a little time out to listen to Aquarians – they could provide new solutions to old problems.
PISCES: No matter how much you complain, you have to admit you find their company rejuvenating. But try not to feel so responsible.

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