Sun Aspects

The Sun must shine; it yearns for attention and thrives on creativity rather than routine. With the Sun, one has the opportunity to engage in activities that are close to the heart and soul.

Sun Aspects to the Moon

Increased moodiness can result from having a conjunction, which is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Your external persona and internal feelings align, enhancing consistency but potentially narrowing your perspective. The sextile and trine aspects are generally more laid-back, requiring other chart elements to provide energy. These harmonious aspects are believed to fortify the body and extend life. Conversely, stress aspects suggest a conflict between your inner desires and outward behavior. The Sun reflects the needs of your ego for fulfillment, while the Moon represents your emotional and ‘unconscious’ needs. Stress aspects indicate these needs are met by opposing forces. For example, with an Aries Sun, you’re driven to take immediate action, but a Cancer Moon means your inner self is sensitive and cautious, only acting when conditions feel right, thus preventing life from becoming monotonous.

Sun Aspects to Mercury

The only significant aspect that can occur is the conjunction, as Mercury never strays more than 28 degrees from the Sun. This aspect is known for bestowing a bit of extra mental steadiness and can enhance communicative skills. It’s important to note that any planet in conjunction with the Sun will endow the individual with characteristics of the sign(s) ruled by that planet. For Mercury, this means Gemini and Virgo, both of which are adept at handling information.

Sun Aspects to Venus

The primary aspect to consider is the conjunction, given that Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun. A planet in conjunction with the Sun imparts the personality characteristics of the sign it governs. In the case of Venus, this typically results in a blend of Libra’s charm and Taurus’s sensuality.

Sun Aspects to Mars

Traits that square or oppose the Sun often reveal characteristics we deny or cannot believe we possess, yet they exist within us. Mars represents anger and energy. Consider a woman with a tense Sun-Mars aspect who had an abusive father; she found herself in similar relationships. When asked about her lack of energy, she was surprised by the insight. Rejecting the negative qualities of a planet means losing the positive ones as well; they come as a whole. As Jung suggested, by denying her ‘Mars’ traits, she externalized them, attracting aggression and depleting her vitality. Conversely, some individuals may become overwhelmed by ‘Mars’, displaying volatile anger. Sun-Mars stress aspects can lead to defiance, especially if Mars is dominant. However, mastering this aspect harnesses boundless energy. The conjunction, the simplest form of stress aspect, involves no projection, resulting in straightforward assertiveness, sometimes confused with an Aries Sun-Sign. Harmonious aspects temper aggression and facilitate action, aiding achievement.

Sun Aspects to Jupiter

The reputation of being the quintessential “good-time-Charlie” doesn’t always hold true. For John D. Rockefeller Sr., the square between these two only heightened his yearning for more. His strong placement of Saturn likely curbed his spending, preventing him from squandering his wealth as quickly as it accumulated. Jupiter is known to instill optimism, a perpetual belief in “Of course I can do it.” As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Jupiter endows you with the confidence to take risks and the “luck” to support them. However, even with favorable aspects, there’s always the risk of pushing your luck too far.

Sun Aspects to Saturn

Harmonious aspects tend to make a person practical, conservative, and organized. When Saturn forms harmonious aspects, it appears to bestow benefits reluctantly, which are primarily concerned with the stabilization of the elements indicated by the planet it aspects. However, it is the STRESSFUL aspects where Saturn truly exerts its influence. Stressful aspects from Saturn to the Sun typically indicate paternal challenges: (1) absence due to extensive work hours, separation, divorce, or death, (2) presence but with a demeanor so detached and cold that it’s as if he’s not there, (3) presence coupled with chronic illness, or (4) presence with a strict and disciplinarian approach.

Sun Aspects to Uranus

It fosters independence and a penchant for doing things “differently.” In its positive form, it can manifest as brilliance bordering on genius. Conversely, in its negative aspect, it may lead to becoming an eccentric who revels in shocking others or to being perceived as simply insane.

Sun Aspects to Neptune

Both harmonious and stressful aspects can enhance imagination. Stressful aspects may reveal Neptune’s darker side, necessitating caution against substance abuse and exploitation of your sympathies, as you may be vulnerable to sob stories. The men in your life may tend to be unreliable. Be wary of the “Savior-Savee” syndrome, where you’re either constantly rescuing others or being rescued. Engaging in charitable activities can be beneficial and satisfy Neptune’s influence.

Sun Aspects to Pluto

It endows power and intensity. The challenging aspects, such as conjunction, square, and opposition, often lead to immediate reactions from others towards you. They may instantly like or dislike you, unable to articulate the reason—it’s simply an instinctive response elicited by this astrological combination. All aspects of Pluto to the Sun enhance healing abilities, whether as a doctor or psychotherapist. They also contribute to making you an effective detective. There is no planet more adept than Pluto at uncovering secrets.

Sun Aspects to the Ascendant

The conjunction may cause you to exhibit Leo-like qualities, such as being theatrical, inventive, and somewhat egocentric. The square aspect requires you to adopt good manners and fairness to counteract a propensity for dominance. The opposition aspect often draws a partner who possesses Leo characteristics. It also suggests that you’re more articulate in the presence of a partner. The trine and sextile aspects are typically the most harmonious, enhancing charisma and promoting a benevolent disposition.

Sun Aspects to the Midheaven

One doesn’t mind the nature of the career, as long as it commands ample respect, attention, and indeed, authority. This is particularly suitable for stage actors, but regardless of the profession, with the Sun aspecting the Midheaven, it’s always a show.

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