Sun in taurus

The sign of the builder

The Archetypal Taurean: Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit. Never changing, despite his many adventures, he forever longed for the comforts of home.
Key Quote: “Give me a firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth”

April 20 - May 21

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Bull
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 2nd
Symbol: Bull’s Horns
Colour: Madonna blue, violet, cream, emerald green
Gemstones: Diamond, emerald, coral lapis lazuli, jade
Metal: Copper
Perfume: Storax
Day: Friday
Number: 6
Keywords: Possessively, permanently, practically
Rules: The Second House (personal and material resources, possessions and attitudes towards them).
Positive traits: Practical, reliable, patient, persistent, solid, determined, industrious, strong-willed, sensuous, affectionate, warm-hearted, trustworthy
Negative traits: Lazy, possessive, self-indulgent, dull, inflexible, unoriginal, unimaginative, greedy, stubborn, resentful, hidebound by routine
Compatibility: Virgo, capricorn Sexual partner:
If you are female: LEO Passionate and erotic
If you are male: LIBRA Sexual magnetism
Parts of the body ruled: Neck, throat, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Jugular vein, tonsils thyroid gland
Acupuncture meridian: Triple generator
Possible ailments: Earache, goitres, gout, laryngitis, obesity, tonsilitis, swollen neck glands, throat inflammation, constipation Beneficial foods: Beans, celery
Diet: A high fibre, low fat diet, with emphasis on plenty of cooked or raw vegetables.
Flowers, herbs & spices: Carnation, foxglove, rose, periwinkle, almond, apricot, ash, beans, cloves, colt’s foot, cowslip, ferns, grape, groundsel, lily, lovage, mint, pecan, primrose, sorrel, spearmint, tansy, thyme, violet, wheat
Trees/shrubs: Apple, elder flower, red cherry, gooseberry
Healing with herbs: Elder, lovage, spearmint
Comfortable surroundings: Taureans favour shades of green, pink or pale blue, as well as other hues taken from nature. They have a good sense of colour.
Stress areas: Change of plans, success/publicity, moving home, public speaking, divorce, holidays
Attitude to shopping: Routine-loving, practical
Objects: Antique furniture, china and glass, jewellery, perfume, musical instruments, silverware
Party costumes: Billy Bunter, Downstairs maid, bullfighter
Sports/Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, cookery, flower arranging, gardening, interior design, music, pottery, singing, sculpture, soft furnishings, woodwork, wrestling
Professions/Trades: Accountant, architect, financier, art dealer, banker, builder, civil servant, farmer, horticulturist, jeweller, model, property dealer, sculptor, singer, surveyor.
Countries: Iran, Iraq, Ireland
Cities: Lucerne, St Louis

Archimedes Mythology

Zeus disguised himself as a white bull to court and seduce a mortal woman named Europa. He carried her from her home in Tyre to Crete, where he made love to her before changing back to his normal form. Europa bore him 3 sons. Zeus commemorated the event by placing the form of the bull among the stars.


The typical Taurean personality is earthy, solid and enduring, continuing with dogged persistence long after everyone else has given up. However, Taureans can be particularly resistant to change, unable to adapt to new and innovative ways of thinking. There is a reassuring air of stability about the Taurean’s appearance, which is evidence of their loyal, steadfast natures. Sometimes, however, stability can turn into inertia and, physically, this shows in a tendency to put on a few pounds in weight. Taurus is the fixed earth sign with endless patience, so Taureans view creativity as a long-term activity, sometimes taking years to complete a project. They will find deep contentment in working with their hands to create beautiful and long-lasting works of art. A faithful mate, although they do not sweep prospective lovers off their feet, Taureans are incurable romantics and shower their loved ones with gifts. Once in love, they are prepared to make a commitment and remain very faithful. Safely married at last, the thoughts of the Taurean bride or groom will turn to love consummated. Jealousy makes Taureans feel uncomfortable, and to begin with they may try their best to control it, but if their legendary temper has been aroused with justification, it could be weeks, even months, before they simmer down and learn to trust again.

Passionate Taureans draw their romanticism from their ruling planet, Venus, but even so, they prefer the build up to love to be slow and deliberate. Unfortunately less patient signs may not appreciate their slow overtures, mistaking them for lack of interest. The perfect affair for a Taurean would have to be deeply satisfying to their highly developed senses. Prospective lovers need to save up – this sign adores delicious, the opera, exquisite perfumes and expensive perfumes and expensive fabrics. Taurus is by far and away the most sensual of the signs. Both sexes are attracted to well-dressed, perfumed and beautiful people. The ideal Taurean bedroom would have a king-sized bed and satin sheets, with room service to satisfy the Taurean appetite. Taurus is a sign which is noted for its stability and which values security, so Taurean marriages are usually very enduring, particularly as most Taureans take a long time to decide to marry and, when they do, they take it extremely seriously.

Taurus is a sign that dislikes change above all else and will go to virtually any lengths to keep a relationship together. Separation is very much the last resort, and Taureans may endure years of misery rather than break up a partnership which is clearly over. Taureans are not spurred on by any kind of pressure; they will not hurry themselves in order to beat someone else to their goal. But neither will they be diverted or deflected. So they will often outlast their competitors and win through sheer persistence. Even in fantasy Taureans are searching for security, and Taurean daydreams centre on the acquisition of wealth. King Midas, who turned everything he touched to gold, appeals to the Taurean nature and Taureans would like to know what his secret was. Taureans do not find it easy to adapt to change, and go out their way to avoid it. When changes take place as a result of circumstances outside their control, Taureans feel extremely stressed and for them the process of adaptation can be a very slow one.

Taureans take success totally in their stride. Usually matter-of-fact, they respond impassively, even to winning in spectacular fashion. A modest smile is the only outward acknowledgement of triumph, even when it comes as the culmination of years of hard work. Taureans tend to resist new ideas, partly because they fear any change in their outlook or habits. Unless they keep an open mind, there is a danger of becoming stale and mechanical; they at least need to look at new ideas which could benefit them. Taurus is a sign which values itself according to what it owns, so accumulating personal possessions can easily become a lifetime’s work. The more they have, the more powerful they feel. Whatever they achieve tends to be guarded jealously. Although Taureans prefer not to take risks, their sense of adventure may well come to the fore in the kitchen. Trying out exotic cuisines, herbs and spices is very much to their tast; just do not expect them to drop everything and take off overnight. Being born under the sign of the builder, most Taureans would love to design their own home. As well as being solid and practical, it would most likely be built from natural materials, and would certainly blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

Day to day, Taurean bosses are rather formal. They are sticklers for punctuality and smartness, and will set an example which they expect others to follow. Sloppy work and insubordination are two things guaranteed to make the Bull see red, though explosions of rage in the office are usually kept under careful control. They may let their hair down at the Christmas party – especially with all that food and drink on offer – but after the break it will be back to business as usual. Taurus is one of the most stubborn zodiac signs and does not bend easily to anyone else’s demands. However, this apparent independence of spirit stems more from a determination to stick to rigid ideas than from taking any new initiatives.

Down-to-earth Taureans dislike ‘thinking for thinking’s sake’ and feel decidedly ill at ease with abstract concepts or sudden, daring brainwaves. They prefer to stick with what is known and safe, and take a delight in turning other signs’ ideas into reality. Reliable, honest and responsible Taureans can develop their potential by grounding themselves in the practicalities of their work. This gives them a firm basis to work on, as well as guaranteeing their financial and emotional security. Although they enjoy entertaining and sharing their home with other people, there are times when they value their privacy just as highly. It is important for other flatmates to respect this, and to avoid springing untimely surprises. The most painful decisions for them tend to be those which involve their own possessions. Having worked hard to get something they find it difficult to give it up, which often stops them making constructive changes in their personal lives. Their approach to crises is always to present the maximum possible resistance to any attack. Initially, this is done in the hope that whatever it is will go away if only they can pretend to be uninterested or unaffected. If this doesn’t work, the bull simply digs in and sits it out. They will endure almost anything, and for as long as it takes. Only Capricorn and Scorpio have anything like enough patience or determination to wear them down. They are arguably the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, and few of them cope easily with change. This in itself can be a problem, but it can also stop them making the kind of changes which some problems demand. The lesson is to take a more flexible approach. Very little fazes them: they have the temperament and the stamina to take everything that life can throw at them! Yet at the same time, they often resist necessary changes, and for this reason, the outer planet transits can prove difficult for them.

Taurean toddlers should be allowed to develop at their own pace; trying to rush them will be like banging your head against a brick wall. However, once they begin to gain momentum, their progress may well become a great source of pride. One way for them to gain a sense of their own individuality is to draw on the artistic talents bestowed on them by their ruler, Venus. Taking singing lessons or learning an instrument will give them a much-needed sense of structure, while allowing them to develop at their own pace. Music also gives them an outlet for emerging feelings which they might otherwise find hard to control. Under the right conditions, normally plodding Taureans can easily ‘take off’ during their teenage years, bringing on overwhelming sense of achievement as well as acceptance by their peers. As they reach the twilight years themselves, they can become a source of inspiration for those of younger generations who wish to follow in their footsteps. Whatever abilities they have developed during their lives they will be keen to pass on – preferably with their name attached for the sake of posterity! But even without this proviso, seeing their own creations recreated and regenerated through younger minds and bodies brings them a glowing sense of warmth and personal satisfaction. At the end of the day, it may be the one thing that makes them feel their lives have been worth living. The strong early bonding which Taurean sisters and brothers inspire generally turns into life-long affection. Sometimes they can be rather protective or motherly, especially if they are the eldest. They also expect support in return, and if you let them down, diplomatic relations may be cut off for some time. For all his innate conservatism, the Taurean father will share in the domestic life of his family with great aplomb. He may take pleasure in cooking, for example, and will relish bathing and changing the children while they are still in nappies. His patience is a sterling virtue, too. Even if his children make the same mistakes over and over again, he will resist becoming restless or irritable and plod on stolidly until that all-important breakthrough is achieved.

The Taurean mother can be rather possessive, and may find it well nigh impossible to cut the ties as her children grow up. To her, they will always be children, and she will still be treating them in this way when their hair has turned grey. The same character trait may predispose her to monitor her children’s friends with a wary eye. But no matter – she gives fabulous birthday parties! A Taurean friend has much patience and it takers a great deal to irritate him or her. You will manage to do this, however, if you fail to phone when you say you will, forget an appointment, change your plans too frequently or contradict them in public. Comfort, quality and reliability are what they look for in a car – though if money is no object, traditional elegance will be added to the list. Leather seats, walnut dashboards and fold-down armrests were made for this sign, which has little concern for what lies under the bonnet as long as it doesn’t guzzle too much petrol. Unusually for a possession, they are happy to trade in a car after a year or so. Although it pains them to part with so much cash, the idea of breaking down on a cold night in the middle of nowhere is infinitely worse.

Taureans can avoid putting themselves in sticky situations by learning from their opposite sign of Scorpio. They, too, like to take things slowly and hang onto what they’ve got, but at the same time, Scoepios are not afraid to look deep into their inner selves and periodically cut out the dead wood. Once Taureans can appreciate that control over themselves is just as important as control over their possessions, they will be much happier. They will also be a lot easier to live with. ‘Crime doesn’t pay’ is a suitably Taurean motto which could apply equally to any form of cheating. And if this makes them sound too good to be true, this sign nevertheless has good cause for thinking that way. In an unstable world, rules are there to hold things together. If we all behaved much as we pleased, what would there be to stop them falling apart? For most Taureans, the question does not bear thinking about. They would far rather stay within the familiar postures of the law, safe in the knowledge that no one is likely to disturb their peaceful lives.

Taureans want to win as much as the next person, but not at any price. For them, a bird in the hand really is worth two in the bush, and bulls would never dream of jeopardizing what they have on the off-chance of gaining something more. If they can find a form of exercise which can be practically fitted into the daily routine, then they have the ability to stick to it. So, like the tortoise, they may end up fitter in the long run than the hare-like, more energetic signs, who quickly tire of a regime. The throat is traditionally a vulnerable point for them, and problems here represent a refusal to change. Typically, they need to learn to look critically at their habits and understand that they alone can alter their health patterns for the better. The advantage of a high-fibre diet is that they can still enjoy large portions, so they do not feel too deprived. In addition, the fibre means they feel full for longer, and it also prevents the problems with constipation which can affect this fixed sign. The tweed skirt, cashmere sweater, Burberry trenchcoat and silk headscarf is a typically Taurean look for women, while the men go for tweed jackets and trousers and big, Aran sweaters, or, for more formal wear, classic, well-tailored wool or linen suits.

Earthy Taureans need to make contact with the soil; most will have at least a few pot plants to care for, or more probably, a carefully tended garden that occupies a great deal of their leisure time. This sign has ‘green fingers’ and can make anything grow. During the office lunch hour, Taureans are often to be found in cosy, country-style hostelries checking out the pub grub and real ale. It will come as no surprise to find them with exactly the same crowd of people they were with yesterday – probably in the same seats around the fire – for bulls are creatures of habit. Those who need a clear head for the afternoon working session will stick firmly to mineral water; the others will be seen issuing the first of many yawns. They go in for the ultimate in good taste, and may not be keen on occasions which are overcrowded or too noisy. This, however, does not mean they dislike entertaining. Inviting a few select guests to a dinner party, with good food and excellent wine, suits them. Wining and dining, along with the inevitable weight-watching, take up the spare time of many of them. But although they may be down at the Health Club one night, it will not be long before they are back at home, entertaining in style. Despite their earthy love of food and undoubted adventurousness in the kitchen, eating and eating out mean two very different things to them. Going to a restaurant for the sake of spending a pleasant evening with friends may well strike them as pointless when, for less than half the cost, they could produce a bigger and better meal at home. Their kitchen is usually traditional. They tend to stick to well-tried utensils and methods, and may sing the praises of good-quality classic french knives and a solid chopping board which they regard as a necessity in the kitchen.

Their ‘bull-in-a-field’ approach to life is often reflected in their taste in humour, which tends to verge on the slapstick or farcical and is often very basic. ‘Carry on laughing’ really is a Taurean motto as far as entertainment is concerned. Easily bored by tedious journeys, they prefer to read or talk to pass the time rather than looking out of the window. Their need always to feel comfortable means that they may sometimes miss out on new experiences which might otherwise be enriching. Stubborn, determined and loyal are good Taurean adjective. Because the family is very important to them, they will go to any lengths to make sure that they want for nothing. They spend generous sums on their home when they can afford to. They must use their practical skills and appreciation of natural resources to fulfil their life’s purpose. Directing them towards developing the North Node’s message will bring greater peace of mind and perhaps a better lifestyle. Because they appreciate the finer things in life, they will devote a great deal of time to achieving their goals. Their success often has little to do with luck, but can be put down to hard work and wise investments and they are often long-term speculators. They are stable, constant and true to themselves. Possessions provide their security, and life is spent in pursuit of what they regard as the good things. ‘I have’ is what they say. But sometimes they get carried away be sheer greed. Their possessions are almost always of excellent quality; although money is important, they are prepared to pay for the best. This sensuous sign also appreciates colour and texture – especially soft leather, rich textiles and well polished words. A traditional country cottage with all mod cons might well be their idea of domestic bliss. First to catch the eye would be the garden, overflowing with flowers and vegetables ready to be popped into the tasty, filling meal that would round off a perfect day spent pottering around outside. Pride of place inside would go to the panelled dining room and its splendid polished table groaning with delicacies. Throw in a good wine cellar, and the only difficulty would be persuading them to venture beyond the front gate! They have no great objection to being told what to do, so long as whoever does the telling makes it quite clear what they expect. When the goalposts get moved in mid-stream, they feel a sense of frustration which may cause them to become rigidly uncooperative. They love to feel secure and will be quite content to comply with the prescribed boundaries of their work. They will not overstep the mark and will respect those in authority. What they lack in vigour will be compensated for in dogged persistence. The countryman’s ability to predict the weather is a typically Taurean phenomenon. Subconsciously, they often take note of many signs and symbols, such as the number of berries on trees or the lateness of the season, and quickly learn how to interpret these. Taurus is a fixed sign that sets great store by personal integrity and by being trustworthy. So secrets can safely be shared with them, and they will hold on to them forever with typical tenacity. This makes them excellent ‘father-confessors’. They fear anything which looks as if it might undermine society or their place in it. At heart they are deeply conservative, and nothing is likely to rouse the fearsome Taurean temper so much as the thought that their way of life is under threat.

Sometimes Taurean humour will display flashes of its opposite sign, Scorpio. This darkens their wit – sharpening it with a biting edge. Black comedy may then appeal to them, although they rarely cease finding life’s more basic moments exceedingly funny. They tend to choose traditional pets and breeds – they are not ones for the unusual and exotic. They prefer working breeds of dog, such as the Welsh corgi, boxer and bull mastiff. Male Taureans may go for an even more powerful breed, such as an Alsation. They tend to get into a routine with their shopping. They like to go to the same shops on the same day of the week, and they will probably always take a list of their basic requirements. Once they have found a shop or a brand which suits them, they stick to it.


ARIES: You feel Aries has a lot to learn from your tolerant attitude, but there is a limit to the frustrations even you can endure.
TAURUS: Patience is indeed a virtue, but with this combination, you could wait for ever for the other to make the first move!
GEMINI: A little Taurean envy could creep in here. Secretly you, too, wish that you could take life a little more light-heartedly.
CANCER: At last, someone who understands the true depth of your feelings – and a person you can trust not to go broadcasting them around town.
LEO: Nobody can make you feel quite such a minion as this regal sign, but if you really feel you need somebody to boss you around….
VIRGO: You get along so well – and with the minimum of effort, too. A harmonious relationship to last a lifetime.
LIBRA: Yes, you do find Libra charismatic, but you don’t quite understand why. The intriguing part of this relationship is finding out.
SCORPIO: It is definitely all or nothing here. You can love them or hate them; either way, the feelings will be intense and compelling
SAGITTARIUS: You might be fascinated by what Archers can teach you about the mysteries of life, but oh dear! – they are so unreliable.
CAPRICORN: For romance or for an easy working relationship, the Goat is hard to beat. You are mentally, emotionally and physically compatible.
AQUARIUS: Their unreliable ‘all talk, no action’ behaviour challenges you to pin them down. But is it worth the effort?
PISCES: An understanding emotional confidante. Even when you disagree you can do it amicably, creating strong bonds of friendship. fering superiors. Brilliance and great originality are usually shown in the work. 

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