Sun in taurus

The sign of the builder

The Archetypal Taurean: Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit. Never changing, despite his many adventures, he forever longed for the comforts of home.
Key Quote: “Give me a firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth”

April 20 - May 21

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Mode: Fixed
Symbol: The Bull
Qualities: Feminine/Negative/Introvert
House Association: 2nd
Symbol: Bull’s Horns
Colour: Madonna blue, violet, cream, emerald green
Gemstones: Diamond, emerald, coral lapis lazuli, jade
Metal: Copper
Perfume: Storax
Day: Friday
Number: 6
Keywords: Possessively, permanently, practically
Rules: The Second House (personal and material resources, possessions and attitudes towards them).
Positive traits: Practical, reliable, patient, persistent, solid, determined, industrious, strong-willed, sensuous, affectionate, warm-hearted, trustworthy
Negative traits: Lazy, possessive, self-indulgent, dull, inflexible, unoriginal, unimaginative, greedy, stubborn, resentful, hidebound by routine
Compatibility: Virgo, capricorn Sexual partner:
If you are female: LEO Passionate and erotic
If you are male: LIBRA Sexual magnetism
Parts of the body ruled: Neck, throat, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords
Glands, nerves & Arteries: Jugular vein, tonsils thyroid gland
Acupuncture meridian: Triple generator
Possible ailments: Earache, goitres, gout, laryngitis, obesity, tonsilitis, swollen neck glands, throat inflammation, constipation Beneficial foods: Beans, celery
Diet: A high fibre, low fat diet, with emphasis on plenty of cooked or raw vegetables.
Flowers, herbs & spices: Carnation, foxglove, rose, periwinkle, almond, apricot, ash, beans, cloves, colt’s foot, cowslip, ferns, grape, groundsel, lily, lovage, mint, pecan, primrose, sorrel, spearmint, tansy, thyme, violet, wheat
Trees/shrubs: Apple, elder flower, red cherry, gooseberry
Healing with herbs: Elder, lovage, spearmint
Comfortable surroundings: Taureans favour shades of green, pink or pale blue, as well as other hues taken from nature. They have a good sense of colour.
Stress areas: Change of plans, success/publicity, moving home, public speaking, divorce, holidays
Attitude to shopping: Routine-loving, practical
Objects: Antique furniture, china and glass, jewellery, perfume, musical instruments, silverware
Party costumes: Billy Bunter, Downstairs maid, bullfighter
Sports/Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, cookery, flower arranging, gardening, interior design, music, pottery, singing, sculpture, soft furnishings, woodwork, wrestling
Professions/Trades: Accountant, architect, financier, art dealer, banker, builder, civil servant, farmer, horticulturist, jeweller, model, property dealer, sculptor, singer, surveyor.
Countries: Iran, Iraq, Ireland
Cities: Lucerne, St Louis

Archimedes Mythology

To woo and win a mortal woman named Europa, Zeus transformed himself into a white bull. He carried her away from her home in Tyre to Crete, where he revealed his true identity and made love to her. She gave birth to three sons from him. Zeus honored their union by creating a constellation in the shape of the bull.


Taureans have an earthy, solid and enduring personality. They persist with determination even when others give up. However, they can also be stubborn and resistant to change, clinging to old and conventional ways of thinking. They appear stable and loyal, but sometimes stability can become inertia. They may gain some extra weight as a result. Taurus is a fixed earth sign with a lot of patience. They see creativity as a long-term process and may take years to finish a project. They enjoy working with their hands and creating beautiful and lasting works of art. They are faithful lovers who do not impress with flashy gestures, but rather with romantic gifts. They are ready to commit and stay loyal once they fall in love. They look forward to consummating their love after getting married. They are uncomfortable with jealousy and may try to suppress it at first, but if they have a good reason to be angry, their temper can flare up and last for a long time. They need time to calm down and trust again.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taureans are passionate and romantic, but they like to take their time and enjoy the process of falling in love. However, some signs may misinterpret their slow pace as a sign of disinterest. Taureans have a strong sense of aesthetics and pleasure, and they want their love affairs to satisfy their refined tastes. They love indulging in fine dining, cultural events, luxurious fragrances and fabrics. Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac, and they are drawn to people who are attractive, well-dressed and fragrant. Their ideal bedroom would have a king-sized bed with satin sheets, and room service to cater to their appetite. Taurus is also a stable and loyal sign, and they value security in their relationships. They don’t rush into marriage, but when they do, they take it very seriously and tend to have lasting unions.

Taurus is a sign that resists change and tries hard to preserve a relationship. Breaking up is the last option, and Taureans may suffer for years rather than end a partnership that has no future. Taureans are not motivated by competition; they do not rush to achieve their goal before anyone else. But they are also determined and focused. They often succeed by being more persistent than their rivals. Taureans seek security even in their fantasies, and they dream of becoming wealthy. They admire King Midas, who could turn anything into gold, and they wish they had his power. Taureans struggle to adapt to change and avoid it whenever possible. When change happens due to external factors, Taureans feel very stressed and take a long time to adjust.

Taureans handle success with ease. They usually react calmly, even when they achieve something remarkable. A slight smile is their only sign of satisfaction, even if it results from years of hard work. Taureans tend to resist new ideas, partly because they fear changing their perspective or habits. They need to keep an open mind, or they risk becoming dull and rigid; they should at least consider new ideas that could benefit them. Taurus is a sign that measures its worth by what it owns, so acquiring personal possessions can become a lifelong goal. The more they have, the more powerful they feel. They tend to protect whatever they achieve. Although Taureans avoid taking risks, they may show their adventurous side in the kitchen. They enjoy experimenting with exotic cuisines, herbs and spices; just don’t expect them to pack their bags and leave on a whim. As the sign of the builder, most Taureans would love to design their own home. It would be sturdy and practical, built from natural materials, and harmonize with its environment.

Taurean bosses are quite formal in their day-to-day work. They value punctuality and smartness, and they set a high standard for themselves and others. They do not tolerate sloppy work or insubordination, and they can get very angry if they encounter them. However, they usually keep their emotions under control in the office. They may relax and enjoy themselves at the Christmas party, with all the food and drink available, but they will resume their usual professionalism after the break. Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac and does not easily comply with anyone else’s wishes. However, this apparent independence of spirit comes more from a reluctance to change their fixed ideas than from taking any new initiatives.

Taureans are down-to-earth and dislike abstract or sudden ideas. They like to stick with what they know and make other signs’ ideas come true. They are reliable, honest and responsible, and they can grow by focusing on the practical aspects of their work. This gives them a solid foundation and ensures their financial and emotional security. They enjoy hosting and sharing their home, but they also value their privacy at times. Other flatmates should respect this and not surprise them. The hardest decisions for them are those that involve their possessions. They find it hard to let go of what they have earned, which can prevent them from making positive changes in their lives. Their way of dealing with crises is to resist as much as possible. First, they try to ignore or act unaffected by the problem, hoping it will go away. If that fails, they dig in and endure. They can withstand almost anything for a long time. Only Capricorn and Scorpio have enough patience or determination to break them. They are probably the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, and they don’t adapt well to change. This can be a problem itself, and it can also stop them from making the changes that some situations require. The lesson is to be more flexible. They have the temperament and the stamina to handle anything that life throws at them! But they also need to embrace change when it is necessary, especially during the outer planet transits.

Taurean toddlers should be allowed to develop at their own pace; rushing them will only frustrate you. However, once they start to grow, their progress may become a great source of pride. One way for them to express their own individuality is to use the artistic talents given to them by their ruler, Venus. Singing lessons or musical instruments will provide them with a sense of structure, while letting them learn at their own speed. Music also helps them cope with emerging emotions that they might struggle to manage. Under the right conditions, normally slow Taureans can easily ‘take off’ during their teenage years, bringing a strong sense of achievement and peer acceptance. As they reach their later years, they can inspire younger generations who want to follow their path. Whatever skills they have acquired during their lives, they will want to pass on – preferably with their name attached for posterity! But even without that, seeing their creations reproduced and renewed through younger minds and bodies gives them a warm and satisfying feeling. At the end of the day, it may be the one thing that makes them feel their lives have been worthwhile. The strong early bond that Taurean siblings form usually lasts for life. Sometimes they can be protective or motherly, especially if they are the oldest. They also expect support in return, and if you disappoint them, they may not talk to you for a while. Despite his innate conservatism, the Taurean father will enjoy the domestic life of his family. He may like cooking, for example, and will happily bathe and change the children while they are in diapers. His patience is a valuable quality.

A mother born under Taurus may be very protective of her children and may struggle to let them go as they grow older. She will always see them as her babies, even when they are old and gray. She may also be cautious about their friends and who they associate with. But on the bright side, she throws amazing birthday parties! A friend born under Taurus is very patient and hard to annoy. But you will get on their nerves if you don’t call when you promise, miss a meeting, change your plans too often or disagree with them in public. They value comfort, quality and reliability in a car – and if they can afford it, traditional elegance as well. They love leather seats, walnut dashboards and fold-down armrests. They don’t care much about the engine as long as it is not too wasteful of fuel. Unlike most of their possessions, they are willing to trade in a car after a year or so. They hate spending money, but they hate the idea of being stranded on a cold night in the middle of nowhere even more.

Taureans can learn from their opposite sign of Scorpio how to avoid getting into trouble. Scorpios also like to take things easy and keep what they have, but they are willing to explore their inner selves and get rid of what is not working for them. Taureans will be happier and easier to live with once they realize that self-control is as important as having control over their belongings. ‘Crime doesn’t pay’ is a fitting motto for Taureans, which also applies to any kind of dishonesty. And even though this may make them seem too virtuous, they have a good reason to think this way. In a chaotic world, rules are needed to maintain order. If everyone acted as they wished, what would prevent everything from collapsing? Most Taureans don’t want to think about that question. They prefer to follow the law and live peacefully, knowing that no one will disturb them.

Taureans are competitive, but they value stability more than victory. They prefer to secure what they already have rather than risk losing it for something uncertain. They are not impulsive or reckless, but rather steady and consistent. They can maintain a regular exercise routine if it suits their schedule and lifestyle. They may not be as fast or energetic as other signs, but they have more endurance and persistence. Like the tortoise, they can outlast the hare in the long run. Their throat is their weak spot, and any issues there indicate a resistance to change. They need to examine their habits and realize that they have the power to improve their health by making positive changes. A high-fibre diet is ideal for them, as it allows them to enjoy large meals without feeling deprived. The fibre also keeps them satisfied for longer and prevents constipation, which can trouble this fixed sign. For women, a typical Taurean outfit is a tweed skirt, a cashmere sweater, a Burberry trenchcoat and a silk headscarf. For men, it is a tweed jacket and trousers, a big Aran sweater, or a classic wool or linen suit for formal occasions.

For earthy Taureans, connecting with the soil is essential. They usually have some pot plants to look after, or even better, a well-maintained garden that fills up their free time. This sign has a knack for gardening and can make anything grow. At lunchtime, Taureans often visit cosy, rustic pubs to enjoy the food and the beer. They are likely to hang out with the same group of friends they had yesterday – perhaps sitting in the same spots by the fire – because bulls are creatures of habit. Those who want to stay alert for the afternoon work will stick to water; the others will start yawning early. They have a refined taste and may avoid places that are too crowded or loud. However, this does not mean they don’t like hosting. They enjoy having a few chosen guests over for a dinner party, with delicious food and fine wine. Many of them spend their spare time between eating and dieting. But even if they go to the Health Club one night, they will soon be back home, entertaining in style. Although they love food and are adventurous in the kitchen, eating and dining out are not the same for them. They may find it pointless to go to a restaurant just to have a nice evening with friends, when they could make a bigger and better meal at home for much less money. Their kitchen is usually traditional. They rely on proven tools and techniques, and may praise high-quality classic french knives and a sturdy chopping board as indispensable in the kitchen.

Taurus people often have a ‘bull-in-a-field’ attitude to life, which shows in their sense of humour. They like slapstick or farcical comedy that is simple and fun. They enjoy laughing and having a good time. They get bored easily by long trips and prefer to read or chat instead of looking at the scenery. They value comfort and may avoid new experiences that could enrich them. Some words that describe them well are stubborn, determined and loyal. They care deeply about their family and do everything they can to provide for them. They like to spend money on their home when they have it. They have practical skills and an appreciation of nature that help them fulfil their life’s purpose. They can achieve more peace of mind and a better lifestyle by following the North Node’s guidance. They have a taste for the finer things in life and work hard to reach their goals. Their success is not based on luck, but on hard work and smart investments. They are often long-term planners who are stable, consistent and true to themselves. They find security in their possessions and pursue what they think is good for them. They say ‘I have’. But sometimes they are too greedy. They always buy high-quality items; they value money, but they also pay for the best. They also enjoy colour and texture – especially soft leather, rich fabrics and polished wood. They might dream of living in a cozy country cottage with modern amenities. The first thing to notice would be the garden, full of flowers and vegetables ready to be cooked into a delicious, hearty meal that would end a perfect day spent outdoors. They take pride in their home.

They are willing to follow instructions, as long as the expectations are clear and consistent. They get frustrated when the rules or goals change suddenly, and they may react by becoming stubbornly uncooperative. They value security and stability, and they respect the boundaries and authority of their work. They are not very energetic, but they make up for it with their perseverance. Their ability to forecast the weather based on subtle clues, such as the number of berries on trees or the seasonality, is a typical trait of Taurus. They have a subconscious knack for interpreting these signs and symbols. Taurus is a loyal and reliable sign that prizes personal integrity and trustworthiness. They can keep secrets forever with their characteristic tenacity. They are good listeners and confidants. They are afraid of anything that might disrupt society or their status quo. They are inherently conservative, and nothing will anger them more than the threat to their way of life.

Taureans may sometimes show a glimpse of their opposite sign, Scorpio, in their sense of humour. This adds a dark and biting edge to their wit. They may enjoy black comedy, but they also laugh at life’s simple moments. They tend to pick traditional and working breeds of pets, such as Welsh corgis, boxers, bull mastiffs and Alsations. They are not fond of exotic or unusual animals. They like to follow a routine when they shop. They usually go to the same shops on the same day every week, and they always have a list of essentials. They are loyal to the shops and brands that they like.


ARIES: You feel Aries has a lot to learn from your tolerant attitude, but there is a limit to the frustrations even you can endure.
TAURUS: Patience is indeed a virtue, but with this combination, you could wait for ever for the other to make the first move!
GEMINI: A little Taurean envy could creep in here. Secretly you, too, wish that you could take life a little more light-heartedly.
CANCER: At last, someone who understands the true depth of your feelings – and a person you can trust not to go broadcasting them around town.
LEO: Nobody can make you feel quite such a minion as this regal sign, but if you really feel you need somebody to boss you around….
VIRGO: You get along so well – and with the minimum of effort, too. A harmonious relationship to last a lifetime.
LIBRA: Yes, you do find Libra charismatic, but you don’t quite understand why. The intriguing part of this relationship is finding out.
SCORPIO: It is definitely all or nothing here. You can love them or hate them; either way, the feelings will be intense and compelling
SAGITTARIUS: You might be fascinated by what Archers can teach you about the mysteries of life, but oh dear! – they are so unreliable.
CAPRICORN: For romance or for an easy working relationship, the Goat is hard to beat. You are mentally, emotionally and physically compatible.
AQUARIUS: Their unreliable ‘all talk, no action’ behaviour challenges you to pin them down. But is it worth the effort?
PISCES: An understanding emotional confidante. Even when you disagree you can do it amicably, creating strong bonds of friendship. fering superiors. Brilliance and great originality are usually shown in the work. 

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