Minor Aspects

The sextile and inconjunct are often regarded as the “border” aspects bridging major and minor ones. While most astrologers classify the sextile (60°) as a major aspect, a significant subset considers the quincunx aspect (150°) to be major, and only a very small minority views the semi-sextile (30°) as major. Together with these three “border” aspects, all major aspects are collectively referred to as the “Ptolemaic aspects.”


The quincunx (or inconjunct, abbreviated as Inc) represents an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360° ecliptic. Typically, a separation of 150±2° is considered a quincunx. This aspect is believed to exert a moderate but somewhat unpredictable influence, often bringing strain. It signifies difficulty and stress arising from the forced integration of incompatible elements. The quincunx may indicate areas of self-neglect in a person’s life, particularly concerning health, or the imposition of obligations. While this aspect is sometimes referred to as the inconjunct, technically, such usage is incorrect.


The semi-square (abbreviated as SSq) represents an angle of 45°, equivalent to half of a square (90°). Typically, a separation of 45±2° is deemed a semisquare. This aspect is regarded as a milder form of the square and suggests somewhat challenging circumstances. It is also occasionally referred to as the octile or semiquartile.


The sesquiquadrate (abbreviated as Ses) represents an angle of 135°, which is the combination of a square (90°) and a semisquare (45°). Typically, a separation of 135±2° is regarded as a sesquiquadrate, indicating somewhat stressful conditions. It is considered to have a similar influence to the semisquare. The sesquiquadrate is also known as a sesquisquare, square-and-a-half, quartile-and-a-half, and/or trioctile.


The semi-sextile (abbreviated as SSx) denotes an angle of 30°, equivalent to half of a sextile (60°). Typically, a separation of 30±2° is regarded as a semisextile. This aspect suggests a mild strain associated with decision-making and highlights an area of life where a conscious effort to maintain positivity is necessary. Alternate names for this aspect include confinis and inconjunct.


The quintile (abbreviated as QNt or Qui) represents an angle of 72°, which corresponds to the angle of a regular pentagon. Typically, a separation of 72±2° is deemed a quintile. This aspect is somewhat akin to a semisextile, suggesting moderately beneficial influences, yet it does not require effort to yield its benefits. The quintile indicates talent and vaguely fortunate circumstances.


The biquintile (abbreviated as BQt or BQn) denotes an angle of 144°, which is twice the angle of a quintile (72°). Typically, a separation of 144±2° is regarded as a biquintile. This aspect is deemed similar to a quintile in its influence.

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