Eris is known as the asteroid of discord.

Eris was first captured in images in October 2003 and initially designated as UB2003. It was not until January 2005 that Mike Brown, filled with excitement, realized he had discovered a significant celestial body and informally named it Xena, with its moon dubbed Gabrielle. These names were inspired by the popular TV series ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ and her companion in the show. This symbol aids in self-understanding, shedding light on personal strife, needs, energy, conflicts, and discord. The Eris sign, along with the sun and moon signs, contributes to a deeper self-awareness. Eris, meaning ‘Discordia’ in Greek, has led to the development of an unconventional branch of astrology. Eris is notorious for causing trouble and is often linked to various challenges. Generally, it is associated with difficulties, disputes, confrontations, battles, envy, competition, and vengeance. However, it also has positive influences, such as vitality, ingenuity, the ability to remain composed during crises, and the desire to strive for contentment. As a very slow-moving planet, Eris’s effects are only noticeable in conjunction with the aspects it forms with other planets.

The solar system’s most recent addition, previously known as 2003 UB313 or Xena, is officially named Eris, pronounced EE-ris. Named after the goddess of strife, Eris lived up to her namesake by sparking a debate so intense over her classification that it led to the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet. Scientists, in a flurry of excitement, declared the discovery of Eris as the 10th planet in the Solar System on July 29, 2005, and gave it the provisional nickname ‘Xena’, inspired by the television warrior princess. At the time, Mercury was in retrograde, often associated with communication mishaps, which seemed to foreshadow the ensuing confusion. The moniker ‘Xena’ caught the media’s attention, but it was never meant to be permanent, as clarified by Michael Brown (who is not associated with this website), part of the discovery team at the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, California. This team has been credited with the discovery of several celestial bodies in recent years, including Quaoar, Sedna, and Orcus. Eris was first spotted on October 31, 2003, but the announcement was delayed nearly two years to allow for additional research by astronomers.

Ephemerides of Eris

Eris in Houses

Eris in 1st House

When Eris is in your first house, your mission becomes one of self-trust. You will hold opinions that diverge from societal norms and act differently from others. Pain and loss may occur here, as despite a desire to integrate into society, it is not possible. This is not a Uranian journey of discovering individuality; rather, the Eris process demands that your inherent values place you in opposition to society.

Eris in 2nd House

With Eris in your second house of resources, you are called to raise awareness about the misuse of resources. Your approach to managing money and wealth, which includes sharing resources, is quite unique. Despite others perceiving you as imprudent with your finances, you understand the importance of cooperative sharing. However, be cautious of the potential to use your resources to exert control over your social circle.

Eris in 3rd House

In the third house of communication, Eris endows you with a potent voice that may clash with the collective’s harmony. You possess the intellect to identify imbalances and elements that do not serve society’s interests. While you should be cautious not to impose your views on others, it is your duty to share your insights with the broader society.

Eris in 4th House

When Eris is present in the fourth house of your home, it empowers you to discern how past conditions have influenced present challenges. Through your childhood experiences, you learn how imbalances in power distribution can create issues within the home. Wisdom lies in addressing these dynamics in your own life to prevent the recurrence of such bitter outcomes. Failing to do so may lead you to replicate your parents’ experiences.

Eris in 5th House

Eris in the fifth house of romance and creativity bestows upon you the ability to craft unique forms that spotlight societal issues stemming from unequal power dynamics. Your visuals, prose, and melodies have the potential to motivate others through the strength of your message. Conversely, if you misuse your talents, your art may degenerate into futile finger-pointing. It is crucial for you to strive to surmount this inclination in your life.

Eris in 6th House

When Eris is positioned in your sixth house, which governs health and service, it may challenge your authority and that of others in making healthcare decisions. This placement can lead to a healthcare crisis if not properly managed by your provider, necessitating clear thinking and personal intervention. It becomes essential for you to be your own most reliable health advisor.

Eris in 7th House

In the seventh house of partnerships, Eris may bring about scenarios where power is unevenly distributed, putting strain on relationships. It will be crucial to seek a partner who aligns with your aim of equally dividing both the responsibilities and pleasures of partnership, or face the repercussions of not doing so. Adhering to conventional male/female roles could result in the relationship losing its dynamism and sense of purpose.

Eris in 8th House

Having Eris in your eighth house, which symbolizes transformation, may lead to scenarios where you feel others are encroaching on your assets. Dealing with inheritances, insurance payouts, and loans can become challenging, particularly if you’re tasked with managing or distributing these funds. You might find yourself in a shared partnership role regarding the allocation of funds without having the ultimate authority over their final destination. Regarding sexual development, you may encounter unsatisfactory or incomplete sexual experiences if one partner seeks to dominate the encounter.

Eris in 9th House

With Eris in the ninth house, pertaining to law and education, you might encounter unconventional educational and travel opportunities. The traditional educational path may seem challenging due to a desire to follow your own course of study. Your travels could lead you to places that reveal the stark economic disparities of the world. Even a vacation to a sunny Caribbean beach may result in an unexpected detour through the slums.

Eris in 10th House

When Eris is in the tenth house, which symbolizes authority and power, it is a call to recognize your responsibility towards those with less power. If this role is not instinctively clear to you, Eris ensures you learn through the harsh reality of the ‘bigger fish eating the smaller fish.’ You will understand the principle of ‘survival of the fittest,’ and you may not always be the ‘fittest.’ As you gain wisdom, you will become an excellent guardian of the people’s needs.

Eris in 11th House

With Eris in the eleventh house of organizations and friends, one may recognize the need for a cooperative role within a group. Situations may arise that temporarily position one as an outsider, highlighting the discomfort of exclusion. In a cooperative society, marginalizing individuals is counterproductive. Once this lesson is internalized, it becomes possible to educate others on the value of inclusivity and unity.

Eris in 12th House

In the twelfth house, which connects you with higher sources, Eris endows you with a voice to express that this dimension’s experiences do not fully reflect the entirety of reality. You possess a potent prophetic voice rich with wisdom and truth. You are able to channel the wisdom of higher planes and access the Akashic records independently, without the need for guardians from the other side. However, your voice often goes unheard, resonating out of sync with the rhythm of your era, much like Cassandra, known from the Trojan War.

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