Pluto Aspects

Pluto is the planet of extremes, all or nothing at all, the highest or the lowest and nothing in between. It’s effects on other planets is as follows:

Pluto Aspects to the Sun

Gives power, intensity. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) mean that others will have an instant reaction to you. They will like you or hate you on sight and will not be able to say why. It’s just a gut reaction that this combination brings about. All Pluto aspects to the Sun will give you good ability as a healer (doctor or psychotherapist). They also can make you a good detective. No planet better than Pluto when it comes to finding out secrets.

Pluto Aspects to the Moon

Tends towards sudden, extreme mood swings. I ought to know. Two of my ex-girl friends had the opposition. Women with the stressful aspects have to be careful of other women who will get jealous and turn on them, even after years of “friendship”. No, this does not mean that EVERY woman in your life will do this, but you will get more than your share of such incidents, much more. The mother will tend to be a strong-willed, no nonsense type. Again, in the horoscopes of women, the mother will tend to be jealous of you and act accordingly.

Pluto Aspects to Mercury

Pluto is power and Mercury communications. People with this aspect seem to communicate more forcefully than others. This quality increases the chances of success in sales. It is also a good aspect to have for a therapist as your words can heal. Be careful though. They also have a stronger than normal ability to wound. If you are a popular song writer, this aspect increases the chance that your words will be heard and sung by millions, even after your death. John Lennon has the square between Mercury and Pluto, and both were stressfully aspected with the Moon at his birth. The Moon adds feeling, emotion. Linda Ronstadt has Mercury and Pluto in conjunction and both opposite the Moon to give the same effect.

Pluto Aspects to Venus

Stressful aspects of Pluto to Venus gives a tendency to lowered blood sugar (hypoglycemia). The other aspects that can do this are stressful ones from Venus to Saturn or Uranus. Doris Hebel first pointed this out in a 1976 lecture. With Pluto aspecting Venus, you don’t fall in love half way. It’s all or nothing. The highest or the lowest. I have seen several charts of prostitutes with this combination. No, this doesn’t mean that everyone who has this aspect will sell sex. It means that they have gone with the Pluto and rejected Venus. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, wants to be strong and in control. It loathes weakness. Venus is our ability to express our softer feelings as well as our capacity to experience pleasure and be happy. Go with the Pluto and you always want to be in control and dominate. You will do something nasty to those you love every time they make you happy because happiness is experienced as vulnerability. Of course, if you choose this route, you will never be happy. The other way is keep everything charming and in good taste, rejecting the volcanic emotions underneath. In that case, you will also tend to be attracted to seedy low-life types and hate yourself for it. And, of course, you will never experience passion.

Pluto Aspects to Mars

Those with the stressful aspects don’t fight half way. The effect is similar to having Mars in the sign of Scorpio. In any fight, their motto is “Win at any cost”. These people would probably do well in any profession that requires eliminating or destroying something. And, of course, they have to be careful of their temper, which tends to be on the volcanic side.The stressful aspects give a tendency to destroy whatever they are working on before it is finished. I know a beautician with this combination who switched to doing cellulite removal and became successful. The harmonious aspects give the strength without the stress.

Pluto Aspects to Jupiter

Doesn’t take ideas lightly. There is a strong tendency to totally change the principles one was brought up with.

Pluto Aspects to Saturn

Is a real drag to have when you’re a very young. It seems as if all the other kids in the neighbourhood can get away with mischief but you. You usually got caught and retribution was immediate.

Pluto Aspects to Uranus

Usually occurs during times of great social upheaval. The square came in the early 1930’s during the Great Depression. From 1965-67, with the Vietnam War raging, there was a conjunction between these two. Pluto adds power to the Uranus desire to do things differently. Pluto wants to destroy and eliminate. Uranus adds an urge to do it quickly. On the positive side, this combination makes it easier to adapt to rapid change and new technology, especially if either planet is also aspecting the Sun, Moon, or Mercury in your horoscope.

Pluto Aspects to Neptune

Will add plenty of zing to your imagination, especially if either one of these planets is also in aspect with your Moon.

Pluto Aspects to Ascendant

The conjunction of Pluto with the Ascendant can give you the ability to scare a mugger away by giving them a dirty look. The trine or sextile give strength too, but much more smoothly. You will be aware of your power, but in better control of it than with the square. The square and opposition can cause your power to run away with you. You really have to learn moderation if you have these aspects. Relationships of all sorts will tend to become power struggles. Try to keep from using thermonuclear weapons during minor marital disputes.

Pluto Aspects to Midheaven

If this is the closest aspect (harmonious or stressful makes no difference in this case) it will incline you towards any profession involving death or transformation, anything from medicine and psychotherapy, to working for a demolition company. Careers involving power are also favoured. Pluto wants to be the big boss. Venture capitalist (Pluto rules other people’s money) is also a possibility.

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