House Cusp Aspects

The cusp of a House is the point where it begins. A House ends at the cusp of the following House. In the horoscope chart, the Houses (and the Signs) appear in counter-clockwise order, and Houses are numbered from 1 to 12. The cusp of the First House is always shown at the midpoint on the left side of the chart, similar to where 9 would appear on a clock face. Thus the cusp of the Second House would be where the 8 appears on that clock, the Third House cusp at the 7, and the cusp of the Twelfth House at the 10. The Fourth House cusp is always at the very bottom of the chart, the Tenth House cusp always at the highest point. The cusp of the first Sign (Aries) may begin at any point, because the Houses are fixed and the Signs move in a clockwise direction (but are numbered in a counter-clockwise order).

Mercury Conjunct 1st House Cusp

The way to communicate and the flow of messages that comes from you is a key part of your personality. As such, the quality of what you articulate, says a great deal about you. Shallow remarks or blurting out the first thing that comes into your head is only going to lower your self-image. You can chatter all right, but your thoughts need to be cultivated through education or need the authority being well-informed or acquiring expertise on a particular subject. Then and only then, will your opinions carry the weight for you to be able to talk and be listened to. Your opinions are what makes you special, not the way that you say them. You very much want to be seen as being clever, and you know you have the intellectual capacity to live up to this image. You do find yourself, your life, your encounters or the book you are currently reading most interesting, or at least you can make them sound like they are. This comes from your constant self analysis, your irrepressible curiosity and your ability to observe all that goes on around you. You thrive on the stimulating exchange of ideas, but your span of attention is not long. Conversation must be lively and varied and books must have a fast pace. If your environment does not change around you, you are off changing your surroundings on a short trip or errand

Neptune Conjunct 2nd House Cusp

On a more personal level, you tend to be rather impractical and idealistic in your attitudes to money and material values. This can lead you into a financial muddle, either through neglecting basic realities like your bank statement; living on the “never never”; ill-advised purchases; or even rip-offs. Once you have mastered the forces at work here, you will no longer feel so out of touch. Sort out your own material values between the extremes of worshipping mammon, or donating all your worldly goods to charity. Your values aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Whilst you may neglect certain possessions, you do have an eye for acquiring works of art, beauty and can earn a living through your own gifts in music, the arts, or your healing abilities. Equally, you can make money through shipping, wines and spirits and pharmaceuticals.

Saturn Conjunct 11th House Cusp

Having looked at how you turn your fears into strength, we now look at where in life you encounter your greater lessons and vulnerable points. The issue of friendship and groups is also part of your Achilles heel. Though you yearn to be able to be amusing or at ease in an informal group, you feel self-conscious and inhibited. The more people you are surrounded by, the harder it can be to express yourself. Often you feel the odd person out in a crowd. Difficult experiences may have made you cynical of people, and eager to put down certain social circles as false or pretentious. Your problem is that you find it hard to treat people as your equal and you are oversensitive to slights. If you are expecting to be rejecting by a social contact, you will be rejected. But it isn’t merely a passive response on your part. With people you consider to be ‘real’, you can be a genuine and loyal friend. Of the elite who do become friends, many are older. Because you take the role with groups so seriously, you have considerable skill as a guide, or an instructor, or an exhibition organiser.

Pluto Conjunct 12th House Cusp

There is a latent force like a raging storm within your psyche that threatens to erupt and possess you. However, an interest in psychology, the occult or meditation may help you to confront and tune into this inner power. You have remarkable insight into people and you are so often instinctively aware of a person’s strength as well as their weaknesses.

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