Lilith - The Black Moon

Lilith - The Black Moon

The Black and White Moons are fictitious planets that are thought of as accumulations of your dark and light karma. According to their location in the Zodiac signs it is possible to say what your most negative and positive acts were in your previous lives. In its simplified form, Karma means that you will be punished or rewarded for your previous deeds. But, in reality, things are little more complicated. And outcome will depend on position of Lilith in Sign and House. People with weak Black Moon, may not feel any influence at all. But, someone with strong Lilith, will feel it’s effect through variety of life situations. Because Lilith cycle takes approximately 9 years (8 Years and 311 days to be exact) to cross all signs and in each sign, Lilith stays for exactly 9 months, every time when it returns to the same potion it was at the time of birth in horoscope person will be put in the position to choose between accepting dark impulses, or fight them. If someone decides to commit any crime or on the lower lever simply have an affair, he will be collecting his Past Karma. However crime will be successful with a tragic ending. But If a person chooses not to give in, the dark forces will return in form of some punishment or tragedy for avoiding them. For example, simply try to remember what happened to you at the age of 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 etc.

If someone had bad luck, tragedies, devastation at any of these ages – it is proof that they are working out bad karma. Interesting is that it takes exact from, that your negative acts took in your previous life. If you were gossiping and were a thief, then you will be robbed or slandered. If you were not a righteous judge, then you will not be treated justly, killer-will be killed, etc. It is rare that a karmic debt will be paid at the age of 18. But at 27 years old, you might have been attacked. This means that in the past you did this to someone else. If you decide to take a revenge at this time, at the age of 36 you will most likely be in the similar situation again or worst. But if in the next years you did not attack anyone, at 36 years old you still going to have some downfall, but without tragic ending. And at 45 you will observed someone else’s fight without getting involved. This is how karma gets worked out. Basically, every 9 years certain inevitable and unavoidable situations happening in our lives, and what kind-depends on Lilith position in sign and house of natal chart. The cycle of the White Moon ( Selena) is 7 years. This is the lucky cycle, and the luck (if deserved) will come at ages of 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56 etc … In general Lilith represents one part of the female trinity: The original, earthy and unspoiled part, the female power as such. The ideal Lilith has her effect on the male chart by making him attracted and attractive to strong women.

In astrology, the Dark Moon is representative of the darker side of our nature, the negative side. It is the hidden desires and thought that we know exist, but prefer not to admit. The Dark Moon is representative of the negative traits of guilt, shame, hatred, envy, and revengefulness, often brought about by personal wounds and hurts. The true dark side of things we try to hide. Carl G Jung, the famous psychoanalyst described something that he called the “anima”. The anima is a man’s image of the ideal woman and his feminine side. For a woman – it is the image of the ideal man and her male side of her personality. Lilith in natal chart connected to feelings of pain and agony. Lilith responsible for uncontrollable emotions, desire for revenge and frightening sides of sexuality in person. In general, Lilith is dominant in the charts of powerful, creative, personalities who live a life apart from social norms and conventions, quite successfully but yet vulnerable or sensitive in their feelings. They tend to have unconventional relationships or end up living as a maverick because they are not willing to make any compromise. Transit of Lilith in time often brings experiences of pain or loss: miscarriage, abortion, childlessness as well as acts of violence or fateful death. Lilith is also has very powerful effect on relationships. Relationships that began under the influence of Lilith usually can turn out to be a dangerous liaison, painful, intense, obsessive or strange love affairs. This kind of relationships we would call fatal attraction. And this is where Karmic effect of Lilith comes to the light. Lilith along with Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars and Lunar Nodes shows the degree of Karma effect on person’s life. The Keywords for Lilith in a chart interpretation would be: danger, darkness, deceit, destruction, devious, devouring, dreams, emptiness, enchantress, envy, fears, guilt, hatred, imagination, isolation, jealousy, magic, marriage-wrecker, mystery, night, poison, secrets, seduction, shame, the “other woman” who thinks a man needs rescuing from the “chains” of his partner, revengefulness. Natal charts from the sites I mentioned above shows Lilith position at the time of birth.

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