Makemake is the second new planet to be named after an indigenous people’s creator god, in this case the indigenous people of Easter Island. Several years prior Quaoar was named after the creator god of the Tongva peoples in what is today southern California. Two new planets named after creator gods creates a fascinating astrological field of inquiry for both mundane and natal astrology, which will be explored below in brief. Makemake (pronounced maki-maki) is the third largest Kuiper belt dwarf planet, slightly smaller than Eris (the largest) and Pluto (who was demoted by astronomers to dwarf planet status following the discovery of Eris). Makemake has an eliptical orbit of about 309 years around the Sun, and unlike Eris and Pluto, Makemake appears to have no moon(s). The teaching in western astrology is that when a new planet is discovered and named, the archetype of that planet becomes available for everyone. For the three years after Makemake was discovered in 2005 to its naming in 2008 it was known by the astrological designation of 2005 FY9 Some authorities associate Makemake with war and warriors, a warrior god. Human sacrifices were made in his honour and the material part was consumed by the priests. About all we can say for sure is that Makemake was the mythological god who created humanity.

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