Mars Aspects

Mars Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter amplifies the Martian tendencies towards risk taking, aggression, assertiveness, and impatience, especially with the hard aspects. Mars/Jupiter can offset other aspects that tend towards low self-esteem, shyness and a lack of confidence. This aspect gives athletic ability, and can give energy, vitality, and good health. There is a tendency towards impulsiveness and taking action before thinking things through or giving any consideration. Mars/Jupiter, especially the hard aspects also give military talent and aptitude.

Mars Aspects to Saturn

When this aspect, especially the hard aspects is in the charts of men, there can be hang-ups about their masculinity in that they never feel manly enough. In extreme cases, there can be sexual impotence. Mars/Saturn hard aspects are often seen in the charts of those with military careers and high rank, as it gives a strong talent in this area. These people can be mean, strict, and hard. The trine/sextile aspects give patience and a good sense of timing. The square/opposition/inconjunct aspects can give a tendency to having accidents. There is a talent for anything martial, such as working with weapons, explosives, a talent in the martial arts and in sports. There can be disagreements and even violence with the father, and other authority figures. All Mars/Saturn aspects give a sense of strong self-discipline.

Mars Aspects to Uranus

Freedom is very important to those who have this aspect. They can be high strung, rebellious and very revolutionary. There is a talent for working with electricity and mechanics. This aspect also gives much charisma, and personal magnetism. There can be a tendency towards having accidents. These people often have a strong need for excitement, as they are easily bored. In many cases, those with this aspect are impulsive and do not consider the possible consequences of their actions. They jump into situations without thinking or planning ahead. This aspect can place a strain on the nervous system, where one’s nerves can get overworked if one is pushed too hard for too long.

Mars Aspects to Neptune

Mars Neptune aspects tend to a lack of energy and vitality. There can be allergies, poor health, and a lack of energy. These people are often impractical, and have unrealistic goals. They are impressionable, and open to deception. This aspect often gives a talent for the spiritual. The psychic nature may be well developed and there is much sensitivity. Quite often, these people are pessimists and are too quick to admit defeat. They get frequently discouraged and are escapists, and quitters. Mars/Neptune weakens the will and character.

Mars Aspects to Pluto

There is an incredibly strong aspect to the personality; a do or die will. These people believe in death before dishonour. They are fearless, intense, will use excessive force. With the conjunction, tremendous energy will be directed towards the affairs of the house in which it is placed. People with this placement make extremely dangerous enemies. They will wait years to exact their revenge. Anger will explode in violence, and this can even be physical. The willpower is very intense and developed. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be problems with men. This aspect gives a very strong, stubborn will and much self-discipline.

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