Mars Aspects

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Mars Aspects to Jupiter

Jupiter enhances Martian traits such as risk-taking, aggression, assertiveness, and impatience, particularly in challenging aspects. The Mars/Jupiter combination can balance out other aspects that may lead to low self-esteem, shyness, and a lack of confidence. This aspect contributes to athletic prowess and can bestow energy, vitality, and robust health. However, it may also lead to impulsiveness and a propensity to act without thorough consideration. Notably, the challenging aspects of Mars/Jupiter also endow military talent and aptitude.

Mars Aspects to Saturn

When this aspect, particularly the challenging ones, appears in the charts of men, it can lead to insecurities about their masculinity, feeling they are never masculine enough. In extreme cases, it may result in sexual impotence. Mars/Saturn challenging aspects are commonly found in the charts of individuals with military careers and high ranks, as it bestows significant aptitude in this domain. Such individuals may come across as stern, strict, and severe. The harmonious trine or sextile aspects foster patience and an excellent sense of timing. Conversely, the square, opposition, or inconjunct aspects may predispose one to accidents. There’s an affinity for martial pursuits, including working with weapons, explosives, martial arts, and sports. Conflicts, and sometimes violence, with paternal figures and other authorities may occur. All Mars/Saturn aspects contribute to a robust sense of self-discipline.

Mars Aspects to Uranus

Freedom holds significant value for those who possess this trait. They may exhibit traits of being high-strung, rebellious, and revolutionary. Often, they have a knack for working with electricity and mechanics, and this trait endows them with considerable charisma and personal magnetism. However, there may be a propensity for accidents. Such individuals typically have an intense need for excitement due to a tendency to become easily bored. Frequently, they act on impulse without contemplating the potential repercussions of their actions, diving into situations without forethought or planning. This trait can exert pressure on the nervous system, potentially leading to overtaxed nerves if one is subjected to excessive stress for extended periods.

Mars Aspects to Neptune

Mars Neptune aspects tend to a lack of energy and vitality. There can be allergies, poor health, and a lack of energy. These people are often impractical, and have unrealistic goals. They are impressionable, and open to deception. This aspect often gives a talent for the spiritual. The psychic nature may be well developed and there is much sensitivity. Quite often, these people are pessimists and are too quick to admit defeat. They get frequently discouraged and are escapists, and quitters. Mars/Neptune weakens the will and character.

Mars Aspects to Pluto

There is a remarkably strong facet to the personality: a do-or-die determination. Such individuals uphold the principle of ‘death before dishonor.’ They are fearless and intense, often exerting excessive force. When this trait is present, a significant amount of energy is channeled into the matters of the house it influences. Those with this characteristic can become formidable adversaries, capable of harboring grudges for years before seeking retribution. Their anger can erupt violently, sometimes even physically. Their willpower is exceptionally strong and well-developed. Should other elements in the chart concur, it may lead to conflicts with men. This trait endows a person with a very firm, unyielding will and considerable self-discipline.

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