Mercury Aspects

Mercury Aspects to Venus

There is a strong talent for writing poetry, composing lyrics, pleasing verbal expression, and personal charm. Most people born with this placement have artistic ability and a sense of beauty. Ugliness and anything seriously unpleasant can have a very negative and deep lasting effect upon them, quite similar to those who have Mercury/Neptune and Venus/Neptune aspects. This aspect is good for singers, and gives a naturally pleasing voice. Many composers and songwriters have this aspect. They have the ability to communicate things that are unpleasant in a positive manner and are excellent mediators. This aspect makes one social.

Mercury Aspects to Mars

This person has a mouth. They are frequently sarcastic, along with a sharp intellect and wit. The humour is often dark, sarcastic and to the point. They are excellent at argument and debate. Very outspoken, they are never at a loss for words and often instigate arguments with others. People with this aspect, especially the conjunction, square, and opposition, have a gift for honing in on the weaknesses of others and when provoked, they use this in verbal confrontations, regardless of whom they might offend. They are straight to the point, blunt and often tactless in their communications. This is an excellent aspect for reporters, journalists and others, as it gives verbal aggression.

Mercury Aspects to Jupiter

These people often acquire good educations, and are life long students. They are talkative and intellectual, enjoy travel, and have a sense of humour. This aspect inclines one to exaggerate things, and those with this aspect often have big ideas. These people may study many different subjects at the same time, as they have a very wide variety of interests [unless the chart shape is in a bundle configuration]. People with Mercury/Jupiter aspects, especially the hard aspects are quite talkative. They are often know-it-alls and believe they are in the right regardless of the situation. This aspect gives speaking ability, along with a gift for inspiring others through their communications. Hard aspects often bring extensive travel in the life.

Mercury Aspects to Saturn

This placement gives a tendency to pessimism, depression, and worry. Often the person’s education was not finished or not sufficient in some way. These people are hard working and thorough in regards to study and learning. They are sceptics by nature and often can only see the negative side of life. In some cases, there can be problems with hearing, vision, and communications, but one must look to other factors in the chart to verify this. They are worriers by nature, and can tend to have anxiety concerning the future. There are often problems in regards to the affairs of the houses ruled by Gemini and Virgo and also the house containing Mercury.

Mercury Aspects to Uranus

I have seen this aspect in the charts of geniuses, meaning the IQ is above 180 [extraordinary intelligence], which is like one in a million. In one case, the Mercury/Uranus aspect [exact square], lined up on the same degree with the ascendant/descendant axis, and with the other, the aspect was exact and lined up with the chart ruler on the same degree. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. There s a natural ability for the sciences, with mathematics and all advanced areas of study. The ideas are original and often way ahead of their time. This aspect nearly always gives superior intelligence along with a rebellions nature. The new and unusual fascinate these people. They tend to get bored easily and can be of a high-strung temperament.

Mercury Aspects to Neptune

These people make excellent liars, and in rare cases, if Neptune is prominent and other factors in the chart support this, there can be an inability to separate truth from lies, with a tendency to pathological lying [though this is not too common]. Sometimes secrets are accidentally revealed. The mind is disorganized; one is scatterbrained, and prone to frequent daydreaming without focus. Mercury Neptune aspects make it difficult for one to focus and concentrate. There can be tendencies to dishonesty, and this aspect is often seen in the charts of thieves. These people can be elusive and deceptive, especially if Neptune is prominent. Mercury/Neptune aspects give psychic ability and a talent for telepathic communications. These people have a need and a love for music. They need to listen to music that they enjoy to balance their psyche and to calm their nerves.

Mercury Aspects to Pluto

These people enjoy snooping into other people’s business, as they are nosey by nature. This aspect bestows the ability to concentrate, and is excellent for the workings of magick. These people have very powerful and penetrating minds. They have a talent for investigating things and enjoy solving mysteries and other enigmas. They are naturally strong willed and many have an ability to dominate others, just through their thoughts and feelings, especially if Mercury and Pluto are in hard aspect to each other with a tight orb. This is one of the best aspects for mages/sorcerers.

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