Moon Aspects

Moon Aspects to Mercury

Moon conjunct Mercury
You are easily able to say just what you mean. Usually very accurate when it comes to perceiving and expressing feelings, you have an affinity for psychology, different cultures, and history. You find support from many sources when it comes to mental activity, writing, speaking, and all forms of communication.

Moon opposed Mercury
You may think and speak in a way that others find challenging. You don’t always listen to your own feelings, so you may say things that don’t even feel right to you. Things you say might antagonize others and undermine your support. You could be involved in public debates.

Moon trine or sextile Mercury
Your ideas and beliefs about tradition, history and the environment around you, make it easy for you to work with and teach others. You understand and perform well with younger people and know what it takes to create a supportive environment. You handle words and tell stories with consummate skill, and others love to hear you speak or entertain.

Moon square Mercury
You have difficulty expressing your emotions and tend to say things that are unrelated to what you may actually be feeling. You blurt out things that you don’t really feel, and have trouble putting your real feelings into words. Thus you may not find a lot of support from others for what you think. You don’t give a lot of thought to your surroundings, and history or tradition probably are not high on your interest list. You may upset others with things that you say. You could tend to argue with women.

Moon quintile Mercury
You have a gift for expressing emotions and communicating feelings. You are probably a very talented poet. You gain much support through your brilliance in communicating, and may find numerous creative ways to express this exceptional ability. You are a fascinating conversationalist.

Moon septile Mercury
Your communication of feelings will shape your destiny; there is an element of fate or divine guidance involved in your issues of emotional security and the expression of feelings. You are likely an avid reader, and the things you read will shape your life choices. Especially in later years, in retrospect you may see that your education and life path have been guided by an invisible force.

Moon quincunx Mercury
You find it easy to express your emotions and affections, and yet doing so may have unexpected effects on your emotional security and support system. You find it difficult to maintain a comfortable balance between emotional comfort and security, and the need to express yourself. There is a felt paradox in this dynamic, and frequent adaptations and adjustments are required.

Moon Aspects to Venus

Moon conjunct Venus
You have a natural love of history, different cultures, and your own past. You can appreciate the emotional and psychological side of life, and working with the public will be highly successful for you. You have a strong sense of what the public likes, wants or needs. Others value you for your sense of appreciation and love.

Moon opposed Venus
You might have trouble appreciating or feeling comfortable with your emotions, especially when sharing them with others. Your particular set of values may separate you from others. You can’t change how they may be feeling, and they may not be very supportive of some of your values. You are not especially attuned to or appreciative of your surroundings, including the environment you live in. You don’t care much for psychology, customs or traditional values in general.

Moon trine or sextile Venus
You have a natural appreciation for the past, personal as well as world history and tradition. You find it easy to work with music, colour, fabric, and the arts, anything that is beautiful and genial. You would make a superb home decorator. You appreciate and can instinctively create moods and emotions, especially in a group setting. Younger people, the helpless, and the needy can always find comfort in your understanding presence. Your gentle grace is a balm.

Moon square Venus
You don’t feel comfortable with emotion and sentiment, in particular when expressed within a group situation. Despite this, you may feel that your own feelings are unappreciated. Your disdain for demonstrations of affection may find you unable to appreciate or show love to someone who supports and provides for you. Your system of values tends to go against group norms, and may at times alienate you from others. Tradition, the past, and history in general have little that interests you.

Moon quintile Venus
You are a charmer. Your gentleness and warmth will captivate and enfold people in your influence. You would be talented at any role involving working with people; you are gifted at creating an ambience of comfort and safety. People trust you, and rightly so, as you are kind-hearted and a good listener. You would also be gifted in theatre or public performing. Your softness is very appealing.

Moon septile Venus
You have an etheric beauty which makes people see you as special. You very likely create compelling art, with exceptional depth. Of a devout or spiritual nature, your path is devotional, your nature passionate. Your heart is as big as the world, and your love encompassing. A spiritual mother in some form.

Moon quincunx Venus
The things (situations or people) that give you security and support may have little or no connection with the things you value and feel drawn to. You may yearn for beauty, pleasure and harmony, and yet feel that if you choose that you will sacrifice security or support. Attempting to find a compromise between these seemingly incompatible elements in your life will require many adjustments and adaptations.

Moon Aspects to Mars

Moon conjunct Mars
You can be a real moving force in the lives of others. A natural group leader or trainer, your vitality and drive are communicated to all those you contact, especially younger people. Your enthusiasm is so strong that it can sometimes be a little too much, making others uncomfortable. You put a lot of energy into the people around you, and also into your home environment.

Moon opposed Mars
You may have trouble getting the support you need because of the way you come on; your basic energy and drive could be overwhelming to others or be perceived as pushy and intrusive. You tend to set yourself against those who care for you most, and somehow seem to challenge or threaten those around you. Your rashness might undermine your security and alienate those who would otherwise support you. You are not sentimental, and tend to ignore sentiment in others. You may have little regard for the feelings or needs of others.

Moon trine or sextile Mars
You find it easy to work with other people and tend to pour a lot of energy into those around you. Your home and surroundings reflect this. When it comes to teaching or coaching younger people, you are a natural, always able to nurture while you motivate and inspire. With your powerful spirit, you enjoy your strong emotions and have an active social life as well.

Moon square Mars
Your forcefulness and drive can make it difficult for others to offer you nourishment and support. You can be too harsh to allow any real sentiment and feeling to flourish. You tend to ignore personal history and any display of emotions. You probably had conflict with the mother, and have a tendency to carry that over into relationships with women in general.

Moon quintile Mars
You are gifted as a motivator, you know how to reach people at an emotional level and get them excited about whatever. You have an instinct for using emotional energy to accomplish your goals. You have a passionate nature and are very creative in your expressions of it. You can make anything seem like play.

Moon septile Mars
You are deeply emotional, spontaneous and impulsive. You may often surprise yourself with your responses. You are passionate, thrive on strong interaction and feel a sense of mission or destiny in the expressions of your emotions. You may act for the group or family, being, in some sense, a pioneer or explorer. You probably have a deep interest in history.

Moon quincunx Mars
Your need for action, excitement and spontaneity seem incompatible with your security needs, and however you try to balance the two, constant adjustments are needed. It will feel paradoxical at times, as if it were a riddle you must solve. Yet the process is highly creative and instructive.

Moon Aspects to Jupiter

Moon conjunct Jupiter
The public loves you, and it feels easy and natural for you to work with and for others. The path for you involves working with people. Your confidence is contagious; people perceive you as genuine and giving and tend to trust you on sight. Your ability to advise others is excellent, and you are often sought out for counsel. A natural leader, others find it easy to take instructions from you and tend to follow your example. You enjoy helping others solve their problems.

Moon opposed Jupiter
It may be hard for you to get support from family on career and vocational decisions. You tend to go against the norm, taking the road less traveled by. You seldom do what’s popular, preferring to follow your own path. Your home and surroundings may suffer as the result of some of your career choices. You stand firm in your decisions and tend to brush off questions of sentiment, whether of your own or others.

Moon trine or sextile Jupiter
You have a knack for finding support in whatever career choices you decide to make. Your ability to rally support makes a public career of one kind or another quite probable. Success is indicated in education, politics, religion or law. You are a natural leader, confident and optimistic, and know instinctively how to approach and solve problems, whether personal or public. Chances are, the level of your social skill makes you popular with almost everyone, and you may have a following, being in the role of teacher or leader.

Moon square Jupiter
The path (spiritual or career) that you take may go against your family’s wishes, and thus sometimes be a lonely one. Their support will be hard-won, if it comes at all. There is also some danger that you could overextend, making decisions that go against your own feelings and best interests. Career choices might come at the expense of home and the comfort of familiar surroundings; perhaps success requires that you move or travel a lot. Your emotional security is often at stake. Difficult choices have to be made.

Moon quintile Jupiter
You are a born leader; very charismatic, you magnetize people to you. Everyone trusts you; you elicit great devotion and loyalty. A gifted public speaker, you know how to arouse and manipulate people’s emotions. You could be a professional, political or spiritual leader (if so most likely in a feminine or devotional tradition). A natural mentor, you nurture, guide and inspire.

Moon septile Jupiter
You live with a faith you can’t explain or understand, and yet you are unwavering. You know there is a higher force at work in your life; you feel it, and as you look back you recognize its guidance throughout your life. Your knowing can inspire others, and you may be regarded as a sage or wise one. Your attitude is typically quite positive.

Moon quincunx Jupiter
Your chosen beliefs or life path may cause you to feel disconnected with your family and tradition. They may be fundamentally incompatible or non-validating of each other, and however you try to balance them, constant adaptations and adjustments are required. In some way this can be creatively resolved by remaining fluid and honoring both, while deciding in full consciousness how you can fashion a blend of the best of both. You may feel that emotionally you live with a foot in two disparate worlds. You have a sense of paradox, like there is a riddle or koan you must solve.

Moon Aspects to Saturn

Moon conjunct Saturn
You are very reserved emotionally and find it difficult or distasteful to be emotional. You may have felt a lack of nurturing in your early life, and hence find it hard to give. You are a natural teacher and leader, and an exacting one, always extracting the most and best from others, especially within a group. Your no-nonsense approach does not always endear you to others, but it sets a standard of excellence, and it gets the job (whatever it may be) done. You have exalted standards for yourself and others and will not accept mediocrity. You probably have a natural tendency to seek solitude.

Moon opposed Saturn
Your approach to discipline and responsibility does not often consider the needs and feelings of others. You have little patience for sentiment, tradition, and history. Your occasional loss of control over your own feelings can result in real arguments. One result is that you may not have the support of those around you. You sometimes have to go it alone.

Moon trine or sextile Saturn
Your sense of responsibility is so well developed that you usually end up managing any situation you become involved in. You are disciplined, work hard, and are good at getting others to work with and for you. Perhaps a little too serious and frugal, you enjoy a somewhat spartan lifestyle. Essentials are what count. Voluntary simplicity is your language. You keep to yourself and tend to avoid a lot of socializing. Others may prefer keeping some distance too, as you seem rather unapproachable.

Moon square Saturn
Your sense of organization and self-discipline may exist at the expense of your emotional security and feeling supported. Others might feel cut off by your matter-of-fact approach and not be as supportive as you would wish. This could result in your being somewhat of a loner.

Moon quintile Saturn
Your parents somehow inspired or stimulated in you the ability to creatively accomplish whatever you want. You have a unique gift for getting emotions to fuel your achievements. Your parents most likely fought and played together, and had an exciting, if sometimes bumpy, relationship. You learned much from them about how to creatively resolve issues and how to have fun doing it. And you learned how to apply those lessons to your life.

Moon septile Saturn
There is an element of fate in your relationship with your parents and in their relationship with each other. The support and nurturance you needed and the lessons of discipline and responsibility probably seemed to be provided or guided by an invisible force. Just by being who they are, your parents set you on a path toward your destiny. The issues of security and achievement have a strange dynamic in your life.

Moon quincunx Saturn
Your parents were likely not very connected; either they lived separate lives or were literally separated. You might have had to make constant adjustments and adaptations to keep good relations with both. The same dynamic is encountered in all your issues of emotional security and support versus goals, responsibility and authority (either your own or others). They feel incompatible or disconnected, and there is a felt paradox involved in this dynamic.

Moon Aspects to Uranus

Moon conjunct Uranus
You may have an unconventional family life and tend to surround yourself with a group of independent and eccentric friends. You tend to be emotionally erratic, unconventional and unpredictable. Your approach to psychology, history, and groups is novel, unusual. Your emotional security comes from personal freedom and a higher vision, and you respond to life’s situations by viewing them from an expanded perspective.

Moon opposed Uranus
You have little interest in tradition, history or the past. The future is what excites you, and you are very idealistic. Your need to express your individuality and your unconventional attitudes tend to overlook the feelings and needs of others. You have little regard for sentiment. You seem to enjoy the shock effect, and go out of your way to challenge whatever is traditional and customary. You may not receive support from those around you, as they perceive you as unpredictable or difficult to understand.

Moon trine or sextile Uranus
You are very original when it comes to your home and the environment you create for yourself. Your mother may have been quite eccentric or your upbringing somehow unconventional. When you have breakthroughs, they often come as insights about your support system and emotional security issues. This aspect could also manifest in your finding new and different ways to make a living. You may have unique ideas about the past, both personal and collective. You enjoy surrounding yourself with what is new and different.

Moon square Uranus
Your insistence on being different and the general nonconformity you display might result in your being alienated from those who would otherwise support you. You are insistent on your independence, which often creates a lot of emotional tension. Expressions of individuality are often at the expense of your emotional security. Your need to be different can cause hurt feelings or misunderstandings.

Moon quintile Uranus
You have a natural talent for bringing out the individuality in others and supporting their expressions of uniqueness. Your own independence and uniqueness will be supported by those around you, and the results will be highly creative. You are a natural meditator, and have frequent insights and breakthroughs.

Moon septile Uranus
Your path of personal growth will be highly unusual, with many breakthroughs and insights that will alter your destiny. The early influences in your life strongly supported your individuality, and you feel quite comfortable following your inner spiritual guidance to your highest fulfillment. You find much support for your unique, individual path, though it might often be invisible support.

Moon quincunx Uranus
Your emotional security needs often seem to be incompatible with your expressions of individuality and independence. You have a very innovative and unconventional side, the expression of which can adversely affect the stability of your home situation, or simply not fit into your life style without sacrificing the support of those you depend upon. Your attempts to resolve this dilemma will require frequent adjustments and adaptations.

Moon Aspects to Neptune

Moon conjunct Neptune
You find the past, tradition, and history very intriguing, and you tend to romanticize the past. You are most imaginative when it comes to exploring spirituality or psychology. Others find you mysterious and entrancing, and you are easily able to draw them into your world of visions and dreams. You can inspire them with your ideals. You are a dreamer, with strong psychic abilities and probably given to visions.

Moon opposed Neptune
Your ideals and dreams may be maintained at the expense of your home life and emotional support. Others may challenge or find themselves opposed to your ideals or the visions you believe in. Your faith and your interest in spirituality may not be supported by those closest to you.

Moon trine or sextile Neptune
You have an innate sense of what the public wants and can inspire and intrigue with your idealism and expansive vision. You find it easy to relate to the emotions and feelings of others, and deal with emotional and spiritual realities very imaginatively. Excellent at creating atmosphere and ambience, you are skilled at working with groups. You are also very creative when it comes to your home and surroundings. You may be perceived as glamorous or mysterious.

Moon square Neptune
Your dreams and ideals tend to clash with those in your environment. You may insist on perfection at the expense of your personal emotions and feelings. Others may see you as unrealistic or deceptive, and withhold the emotional support you need and deserve. You struggle to find some compromise between ideals and actuality, and are faced with very difficult choices.

Moon quintile Neptune
You have a gift for supporting and nurturing dreams and spiritual experiences in yourself and others. You are highly intuitive, possibly empathic if water signs are emphasized. You may be a gifted poet or musician, you give sensitive and poignant expression to emotions. You may be consciously attuned to a very cosmic level of awareness.

Moon septile Neptune
There is a need in you which you may not quite understand but you feel impelled by. Spiritual or psychic experiences and insights will alter your life path, and in retrospect you will see that your path has been guided by destiny or by some invisible force. You have powerful dreams which deeply affect you. You must learn to let go of resistance and go with it.

Moon quincunx Neptune
You often feel that your emotional needs and commitments are not compatible with your highest ideals and dreams. You are constantly required to make adjustments to one or the other of these to keep your life in balance. There is some sense of a paradox or a mystery here, it may be like a living koan. The attempt to resolve these issues will promote great personal growth, but no stasis can be found, it is a dynamic balancing process.

Moon Aspects to Pluto

Moon conjunct Pluto
You always manage to reach the essential truth in group situations. Penetrating psychological insights are your forte. You are perceived as intense and charismatic; your presence in a group has a very profound effect. Others may feel that nothing is a secret from you, yet your own deepest feelings are kept hidden. You may have political or financial power and influence.

Moon opposed Pluto
You tend to be very private about your own emotions, and assiduously avoid matters of personal sensitivity. You don’t mind getting into the personal business of others, however, sometimes provoking some heavy confrontations. Those close to you don’t always appreciate your personal probing, and they let you know it.

Moon trine or sextile Pluto
You have natural psychological insight, in particular regarding the public mood. You handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) fearlessly. People sense this about you and trust you with sensitive matters, inner worries, and questions of personal identity. You have a real mission and a sense of purpose.

Moon square Pluto
You keep your feelings and emotions to yourself and resent any attempt to analyze or probe into them. Your home and surroundings are traditional and unrevealing as well. However, you don’t mind probing into and dissecting the lives of others, and are not above using vulnerable feelings to manipulate or control others. This inevitably produces strain in your relations, and you probably get strong reactions. These two parts of you, the need for security and acceptance and the need to probe into and influence or control others most vulnerable feelings, cause constant tension.

Moon quintile Pluto
You could be a gifted counselor, you can create an atmosphere of nurturance and safety in which people are ready to expose their most vulnerable inner selves. You can support and nurture self-empowerment in yourself and in others. You have an instinct for the moods and needs of the public, and might well attain considerable wealth by utilizing that insight in some professional way.

Moon septile Pluto
You are deeply attuned to some ineffable force, some divine imperative that directs your life. You are probably very charismatic, partly due to your passionate zeal. You could have great influence over public feeling. There is a sense of destiny guiding all your choices, whether consciously or not. Your presence is intensely powerful.

Moon quincunx Pluto
Your needs for emotional security, acceptance and support seem quite incompatible with some deep, impersonal need for absolutes. You may have gnarly power struggles within relationships because of the conflicting needs within your psyche. You have an inexorable sense of mission, and are willing to sacrifice anything or anyone that does not serve the goal. You may display a very obsessive drive for influence and power.

Moon Aspects to Chiron

Moon conjunct Chiron
You instinctively understand the mind/body connection and the role of emotions in illness and healing. You are challenged to heal yourself of a deep, emotional wound, possibly based in the experience of maternal rejection. Your healing process is supported by those close to you, and becomes a journey of spiritual awakening. You will gain much understanding and find keys that you can share with others. Avoid giving your power away to medical practitioners. Your healing must come from within.

Moon opposed Chiron
You are often in the role of maverick, pursuing a unique path dictated by inner knowing and unusual experiences. You may find yourself unsupported in this journey, and may at times seek comfort in your traditional roots, but the truth you have discovered will continue to intrigue and beckon you, and you inevitably choose to risk safety for the wisdom that is offered.

Moon trine or sextile Chiron
You have an innate ability to gain profound understanding of the healing process, and may find yourself in the role of healer and teacher, likely beginning with the challenge to heal yourself. Many opportunities will be presented for you to learn and teach holistic healing principles and methods. You are strongly supported in your exploration of non-traditional healing methods.

Moon square Chiron
You are drawn to follow a non-traditional path for self-healing, and may find that those closest to you do not understand or support your choice in this matter. Your emotional comfort and security will sometimes be at stake, and the choices will be difficult for you. Nevertheless, you know that your only true healing must be holistic in nature, and that you must not compromise by giving away your power to outside practitioners.

Moon quintile Chiron
You are gifted as a healer and teacher of spiritual wisdom, with very special ability to perceive the deepest level of need. Your journey of self-healing becomes one of finding keys that may be shared with others, and you instinctively know how to connect at an emotional level and are very original and creative in inspiring faith in others’ ability to heal themselves.

Moon septile Chiron
You intuitively know many things that go against cultural traditions, especially with respect to holistic healing methods. Your knowledge may be carried over from previous life experiences, and you are guided by Spirit to find and share keys of healing and spiritual knowing. It may require sacrificing emotional support and acceptance at times, and you may be considered a maverick and feel like a stranger in your own land, but you cannot and will not question the rightness of what you know.

Moon quincunx Chiron
You experience a strange paradox with respect to your attempts to heal yourself. You know intuitively that true healing comes from within and must be holistic. Yet this non-traditional path is not supported nor even recognized as valid by those closest to you. It may be difficult to find or implement the methods you know are best, and it may be at the cost of your emotional security. It seems to be a riddle you are challenged to solve, yet much wisdom and spiritual growth are gained in the process.

Moon Aspects to Ceres

Moon conjunct Ceres
You are a natural nurturer, a true Earth Mother type, likely having a strong interest in growing and preparing food. You have very close bonds with your children, whether of the flesh or of the heart, and will go to any lengths to provide for their needs. You might suffer the pain of separation from them at some time, and feel devastated by the loss. You have a big heart and may come to feel that all people are your children.

Moon opposed Ceres
You are a nurturer by nature, and this role may sometimes work against your best interests if it creates a co-dependent situation. A deep sense of separation, loss and grief may result in a sacrifice of your ideas of how things should be, and require compromises that feel huge. The role of mother or provider will bring forth profound transformation in your emotional being.

Moon trine or sextile Ceres
Nourishing and nurturing those around you is a natural response for you, and a role which you enjoy. You would be an excellent parent, very understanding and supportive. You are deeply caring and will go to great lengths to provide for the needs of your children or those dependent on you.

Moon square Ceres
You feel impelled to provide for the needs of your children and/or those under your care, yet sometimes to do so means to sacrifice your own need for emotional security and support. You might feel that their dependence upon you is not healthy, and feel it is best to limit or withhold support in order to foster independence. Difficult choices face you in regard to when and how much to nurture.

Moon quintile Ceres
As a provider and nurturer you are naturally gifted, finding original and creative solutions to meeting people’s needs and providing a secure and comfortable support matrix. People turn to you for support and understanding, and they are never disappointed. You are resourceful, warm hearted and giving, and everyone feels nurtured and supported by your presence.

Moon septile Ceres
Providing a nurturing and secure environment is an essential part of your destiny, and embodying the role of Earth Mother is a divine imperative in your life experience. There may be a karmic situation requiring completion in this experience, and separation and loss could be an integral element in the unfolding of this pattern.

Moon quincunx Ceres
Continuous adjustments are required in your efforts to provide a secure and supportive environment for yourself and to provide for the needs of those who are dependent upon you. It may seem to be a paradox, or a riddle you must solve. Your attempts to create balance and address both needs adequately will be a journey of growth and creative solutions, though it may feel frustrating at times.

Moon Aspects to Pallas Athene

Moon conjunct Pallas Athene
You are emotionally independent and enjoy relying on yourself. Your instinctive response to life’s situations is intellectual and resourceful, and you pride yourself on your originality. You are the champion of the underdog, nearly always ready to defend the downtrodden or those who cannot defend themselves. You are an upholder of justice and freedom.

Moon opposed Pallas Athene
Sometimes your independence undermines your emotional fulfillment or support. You seem somewhat unapproachable, or appear not to need anyone. You may believe it yourself, but you do wish for the comfort of a safe zone or a support matrix. You may often find yourself having to choose between love and pursuit of your artistic expression. This is always a difficult choice.

Moon trine or sextile Pallas Athene
You find a lot of support for your artistic and intellectual creativity. Many opportunities will be presented for you to pursue these activities, and you may in turn be a mentor or support creativity in others. You could be a very effective and successful political activist. You are an excellent public speaker and a passionate upholder of justice.

Moon square Pallas Athene
Your intellectual side wants to be beyond emotional needs. Your desire for independence tends to undermine your emotional fulfillment or support. You seem somewhat unapproachable, or appear not to need anyone. You may believe it yourself, but you do wish for the comfort of a safe zone or a support matrix. You may often find yourself having to choose between love and pursuit of your artistic expression. This is always a difficult choice. It is best to find a creative way to satisfy both needs.

Moon quintile Pallas Athene
You have a remarkable ability to creatively express exactly what the public wants or needs, and this talent may bring much fulfillment into your life, as well as many changes. You are a defender of the defenseless, protector of the helpless and disenfranchised. Many may be found under the fold of your protective wing.

Moon septile Pallas Athene
There is some element of destiny, or a sense of divine imperative in your role as protector of the helpless, defender of justice and supporter of art. You are independent and creative, highly resourceful in your unfolding mission, whatever it is. It may be hard for those around you, sometimes even for yourself, to understand why you must do what you do. The answers lie beyond logic, perhaps beyond knowing.

Moon quincunx Pallas Athene
Your artistic and intellectual pursuits are not likely to be supported or perhaps even acknowledged by the ones who are closest and generally most supportive to you. You may find it frustrating or paradoxical that however you try, you don’t seem to be able to combine those two elements of your life. Adjustments are constantly required to keep a balance between them, but this pattern can be highly creative in terms of personal growth.

Moon Aspects to Juno

Moon conjunct Juno
You may be driven by the urge to merge, possibly being in love with love. You are not emotionally secure or comfortable on your own, and are likely to use all your seductive talents to assure a mate in your life. You are overly concerned with the institutions, forms and appearances of a relationship, perhaps as much or more than the emotional content, and may be jealous to an extreme. You can be a formidable foe to any interloper.

Moon opposed Juno
Your emotional comfort and security and your need for a socially acceptable primary relationship may be at odds, and striking a balance is probably difficult, but is very important to your happiness. You may have to choose between being happy or being proper; pleasing society or finding emotional fulfillment. Rather than seeing it as an either/or situation, it is advisable to make room for both in your life somehow. This is an area where compromise is to be encouraged.

Moon trine or sextile Juno
You thrive in relationship, and find it essential to your emotional security and comfort. Many opportunities and advantages may come to you from your primary partner or as an indirect result of your partner (as in friends or connections). Marriage enhances your situation in life as well as being the most natural and comfortable way for you to live.

Moon square Juno
The institutions and trappings of marriage may be a threat to your emotional security and comfort, and you will likely have some difficult choices to make here. You may be pressured to marry when it doesn’t feel right to you, or you may find that marriage and/or your partner separate you from other sources of emotional comfort and security, such as family and friends.

Moon quintile Juno
You have a gift for being an ideal partner, you know how to keep a relationship exciting and stimulating. You can be playful, restless, unpredictable, romantic and expressive, and have a knack for keeping your lover intrigued. You are quite creative in this particular art form, and it fulfills a great need for you. Your emotional fulfillment is grounded in this interplay.

Moon septile Juno
There is an element of destiny, karma or divine intervention involved in your marriage (or equivalent) relationship. The bond is very deep, possibly spanning several life experiences, and it is compelling. You may not understand why you are together, it may defy logic or be outside social norms, yet you feel there is no other choice for you, it is a divine imperative.

Moon quincunx Juno
Your spouse may not connect well nor blend in with your family and friends, there might be a feeling of no connection, not even a mutual acknowledgement between them. This can be quite frustrating and seem paradoxical or ironic. You could also feel an aversion to marriage in general, feeling it has no relevance in your life. No easy balance is to be found between marriage and emotional comfort, yet the attempt or need to try can be quite creative and productive of personal growth.

Moon Aspects to Vesta

Moon conjunct Vesta
Your nature is highly devout, and your emotional security comes from being dedicated. You are probably deeply spiritual or psychic, holding an ideal of purity that you are vigilant to uphold. You might feel married to Spirit, or at least, deeply devoted to home or church.

Moon opposed Vesta
You will likely have some difficult choices to make with respect to your emotional security and support matrix in general, and your devotion to your religion or cultural tradition. These two elements of your life are not always easy to balance. Try to avoid seeing the choices as either/or, but rather seek a way to compromise so as to satisfy both in your life.

Moon trine or sextile Vesta
You have great emotional depth, your devotion and dedication are instinctive and passionate. You uphold the sacredness of the altar and of the hearth, and create and uphold an environment of security and devotion. You may find success, opportunities and support in some clerical or religious role. You well might choose a life in a spiritual profession, as a minister in some fashion.

Moon square Vesta
Your choices of religion or spiritual path might put you at odds with family, friends and those who generally support you. Your devotion to a truth, or in some cases to an apprenticeship or a special relationship, can create a need for some difficult choices. Try not to see it in terms of either/or. Both are valid needs within your being. Make the effort and take the risk to find resolution to the apparent dilemma, and great strength and stability can come of the effort.

Moon quintile Vesta
You have a devout nature and a gift for making your home a sanctuary. You honor the sacredness of the altar and the hearth, and your devotion is likely passionate and unwavering. You have an emotional restlessness that needs to be searching, discovering and creating, and the artistic expressions of this dynamic can be quite remarkable. There is an element of genius to your creative expressions.

Moon septile Vesta
You are likely a born mystic, of a deeply spiritual and devotional nature. Your life seems directed by invisible forces, you have experiences of divine intervention in your life. You are emotionally fulfilled through expressing your relationship with Spirit in your daily life. It seems you are destined to be a nurturer, and you find the role uniquely fulfilling.

Moon quincunx Vesta
The ideals and truth you are dedicated to seem oddly unrelated to your family, friends and other sources of emotional security. Trying to find common ground is frustratingly elusive. This seems like a paradox or riddle in your life. Frequent adjustments must be made in order to find a balance, and even as you do, it can’t be maintained for long. You learn to adapt to the disparity and accept that there is little or no mutual acknowledgement between them.

Moon Aspects to the Ascendant

Moon conjunct Ascendant
You are comfortable and at ease entertaining or speaking in front of a group. You are very open about your emotions and find it natural to spontaneously express them. Others sense that you are nurturing and caring, and people trust and confide in you.

Moon opposed Ascendant
Your love of groups and socializing may make you less concerned about your personal feelings and expressions than about relationships of all kinds. Others find you very open to sharing and cooperation. Be careful not to sacrifice too much of your own needs for the sake of acceptance.

Moon trine or sextile Ascendant
You always come off well in a group and manage to express your ideas easily. You often find yourself at center stage, under the spotlight. You have the knack for expressing what others are feeling or what they most want and need to hear. Your caring nature and support for the needs of others makes you quite popular.

Moon square Ascendant
Your close ties with home and family, plus your career concerns, may curtail your social life and personal expression. Others may find you somewhat preoccupied and lacking in social graces. You may feel some regret or tension from this situation.

Moon quintile Ascendant
You have a natural gift for gaining support through the realization and expression of your personality. You are very creative at expressing your identity through your home and environment, and find this activity quite satisfying. You thrive on change in your surroundings, so you are never finished creating your home.

Moon septile Ascendant
You have a very unique relationship with your mother (or equivalent), there is an element of destiny or a divine imperative at work here. You may find that your greatest growth or guidance comes through activities or persons within your home environment. You feel compelled to fulfill some role within the support matrix that has a reason or source quite beyond ordinary logic or personal need.

Moon quincunx Ascendant
Your need for emotional security and support will often seem at odds with your need to express your identity. There seems to be some mystery or paradox here, and constant adjustments are required to reconcile or balance these needs. Those closest to you, in particular your mother, may not see you as you see yourself. Your sense of identity and self worth may be affected by this misperception. This challenges you to be more and more clear about your self-expression.

Moon Aspects to the Midheaven

Moon conjunct MC
You are expert at perceiving or anticipating the public mood. Your instinct for group psychological dynamics may place you in the role of leader or facilitator in group situations. You have deep insight into feelings and emotional needs. Recognition for you will be for your role as nurturer or nourisher.

Moon opposed MC
You are most happy when you are at home with family or those with whom you enjoy mutual support. You relationship with your mother is very important to you, and is a life-long bond. You tend to avoid the spotlight, and you aren’t particularly motivated by fame or fortune, but rather focus on emotional security and providing comfort and safety for those you love.

Moon trine or sextile MC
Your career or vocation is supported by your family and those closest to you. Many benefits come to you through women and those in your support matrix. You seem to understand and anticipate what the public needs and desires, and could do very well in marketing or sales.

Moon square MC
You might neglect your home and family or your career (or both) in favor of a busy social life. Your primary focus is relationships, working with other people, and making a good appearance.

Moon quintile MC
You are gifted at public relations and being able to read the public mood and anticipate its trends. Those closest and most supportive to you may often inspire or stimulate the creativity for which you are given recognition. You could be considered exceptional, restless and sometimes driven, but always original.

Moon septile MC
Your drive for achievement and recognition has its roots in your early environment, and was likely strongly influenced by your relationship with your mother. There is an element of destiny or a divine imperative that makes you continually strive to reach your highest potential.

Moon quincunx MC
There is a paradox in your life regarding your home life vs. achievement and recognition. Your ambitions seem incompatible with your need for emotional security and support. You make many adjustments to bring these elements into balance, but a lasting harmony seems to elude you. The process can be highly creative, though sometimes stressful.

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