The November 14, 2003, discovery of Sedna marks an acceleration in our knowledge of the outer planet makeup of the solar system. At approximately 1,000 miles (about 1,600 km) in diameter Sedna for now is the largest planetary body to be found in the Solar System since Pluto was discovered in 1930, pushing the recently-discovered Quaoar out of that spot. Located in a highly elliptical 10,500-year orbit so far away that the Sun looks smaller than the head of pin, Sedna is the most distant solar system object ever discovered, at least so far, three time further away from the Sun than Pluto is. 

For astrologers this signifies yet another distant transpersonal planet to join with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Quaoar, and Orcus. Our whole way of looking astrology is undergoing a fundamental shift, and will reshape the way we think about ourselves, our spiritual evolution, and our place in The Universe.

Sedna Astrology

Sedna in Signs

Sedna in Aries

Keep a tight grip on what you want and recognize the consequences of your personal actions.  Being too impulsive with selfish motives will have serious payback.

Sedna in Taurus

Greed and materialism will have consequences.  How do you make yourself miserable with your wants and needs for creature comforts?  Do you go into debt deeper than you can possibly dig out of without assistance and then expect someone else to bail you out? 

Sedna in Gemini

Appreciation of your neighbourhood, daily errands, neighbours, and education as well as the learning experiences you’ve experienced. 

Sedna in Cancer

Are you assuring your own misery by wanting or expecting too much, either of family members or perhaps by demanding a big, fancy house?  How do you use and take advantage of your family members?  Do you have an ulterior motive in all your actions and practice emotional blackmail?

Sedna in Leo

Are expectations of your children, creative endeavours, ego gratification and romantic encounters too self-centered?  Do you expect far more from others than you’re willing to give?

Sedna in Virgo

Is work a four-letter word to you?  What is your attitude toward productivity?  Do you expect top pay for shoddy work?  Do you expect to have good health without practicing good diet and exercise habits?

Sedna in Libra

What are your expectations in relationships versus what you’re willing to give?  Are your expectations unrealistic?  When they’re not met, do you martyrize over the lack rather than appreciating what you have?

Sedna in Scorpio

Greed and selfishness with regard to sex, death, or other people’s money are possibilities as well as transformational experiences due to traumatic events in these areas.

Sedna in Sagittarius

What is your attitude toward other cultures or people different than yourself?  Do you have unrealistic expectations or entitlement?  Are you stuck on your own beliefs?  Close-minded?  Snooty?  Look down on others?

Sedna in Capricorn

Are you willing to work hard to achieve ambitions? What is your attitude toward authority figures?  Are you a name dropper?  Do you expect preferential treatment?  Will you blame your failures on lacking the right connections or help?

Sedna in Aquarius

Do you expect more from your friends, coworkers, or group associations that you give back?  Are you a “joiner” for personal gain and the connections you make?  Do you exploit your friends?  Are you rebellious?  Are your hopes and wishes purely selfish?

Sedna in Pisces

Are you a martyr when your demands aren’t met?  Do you put others at risk in some way then, at the last minute, swoop in to save them and expect to be considered a saviour?  Do you practice forgiveness or retribution?  Dark or light?  Learn and grow or wreak revenge?  How frequently do you indulge in “pity parties?”

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