Selena - The White Moon

The Black and White Moons are fictitious planets that are thought of as accumulations of your dark and light karma. According to their location in the Zodiac signs it is possible to say what your most negative and positive acts were in your previous lives. In its simplified form, Karma means that you will be punished or rewarded for your previous deeds. But, in reality, things are little more complicated. And outcome will depend on position of Lilith in Sign and House. People with weak Black Moon, may not feel any influence at all. But, someone with strong Lilith, will feel it’s effect through variety of life situations. Because Lilith cycle takes approximately 9 years (8 Years and 311 days to be exact) to cross all signs and in each sign, Lilith stays for exactly 9 months, every time when it returns to the same potion it was at the time of birth in horoscope person will be put in the position to choose between accepting dark impulses, or fight them. If someone decides to commit any crime or on the lower lever simply have an affair, he will be collecting his Past Karma. However crime will be successful with a tragic ending. But If a person chooses not to give in, the dark forces will return in form of some punishment or tragedy for avoiding them. For example, simply try to remember what happened to you at the age of 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 etc.

If someone had bad luck, tragedies, devastation at any of these ages – it is proof that they are working out bad karma. Interesting is that it takes exact from, that your negative acts took in your previous life. If you were gossiping and were a thief, then you will be robbed or slandered. If you were not a righteous judge, then you will not be treated justly, killer-will be killed, etc. It is rare that a karmic debt will be paid at the age of 18. But at 27 years old, you might have been attacked. This means that in the past you did this to someone else. If you decide to take a revenge at this time, at the age of 36 you will most likely be in the similar situation again or worst. But if in the next years you did not attack anyone, at 36 years old you still going to have some downfall, but without tragic ending. And at 45 you will observed someone else’s fight without getting involved. This is how karma gets worked out. Basically, every 9 years certain inevitable and unavoidable situations happening in our lives, and what kind-depends on Lilith position in sign and house of natal chart. The cycle of the White Moon ( Selena) is 7 years. This is the lucky cycle, and the luck (if deserved) will come at ages of 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56 etc … In general Lilith represents one part of the female trinity: The original, earthy and unspoiled part, the female power as such. The ideal Lilith has her effect on the male chart by making him attracted and attractive to strong women.

Selena is as important as Lilith – The Black Moon, because they are of the same origin: both hypothetical, karma, connection with Moon… Selena represents positive karma and light forces, the sign of Selena in a chart represents a special talent. In short, Selena rules and Lilith sucks.

The cycle of Selena lasts for seven years. This period is needed for Selena to move through the circle of the zodiac. Astrologers still argue about the nature of this astrological point, which should express a man’s possibility to leave the time circle of karma and enter the eternity, the eternal world of the spirit. They argue which points of interaction of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth express and how they express Selena. Nevertheless they agree about the seven years cycle. The positions they indicate also reveal only slight differences.

Selena, the White Moon, has three levels of expression in the human life.

The first level
A person does not perceive, ignore, or confront the expression of Selena and the guidance of spiritual plans. He either does not feel when Selena is active or receives the reverses of fortune instead of support. This happens due to the process of purification.

The second level
A person starts experiencing Selena’s influence. He is able to make use of its inspiration. However, this happens usually on a superficial level, unconsciously, and intuitively. On some levels Selena’s expression is still unperceivable.

The third level
A person consciously perceives the spheres of Selena’s expression. He makes every effort to disclose its power. At the same time he aims to disclose the guidance of the spirit and the relation to the Creator. Selena inspires and provides him with success and power. His ability to transmit the light of the spirit delivered by Selena gradually covers more and more spheres. This ability becomes conscious and opens the cooperation with the spirit. It also helps to realize one’s mission, to leave the karma circle, and enter the eternal world of the spirit. 

Selena in Aries

Aries is an active sign, so you’re someone who must take action in your life. Letting things go on their own isn’t fitting for you! Stand up and take action. You can protect yourself and anyone around you, and other people may look to you to take charge, to show the way, and to be the guard. Aries is the sign of the warrior, so you may have some luck on your side when you’re fighting, but it needs to be for the right reasons, pursuing causes and missions that are for the good of all. Where you may pursue the fight and take action may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Taurus

Taurus is the grounded sign, so you’re someone who benefits from being grounded. Focus on building stability and security in your life, and take action in slow and steady ways. You can commit yourself to something once you get moving, and can see things through to the end. Taurus is very in the moment, so you can find some pleasure in everyday, mundane things. You can use resources in new ways to benefit yourself and others, and you may feel a strong spiritual connection to the Earth. Where you may focus on grounding and use resources may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Gemini

Gemini is the sign of the mind, so you can benefit from your mind and communications. Finding a way of properly expressing yourself can be important for you to feel secure. Information you need is always at hand, and people you need to talk to are always available when you’re manifesting this properly. Keep your mind open, and take on all of the knowledge you can so you can use that to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. You can share the knowledge you acquire with others. Where you may focus on taking on information and expressing yourself most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Cancer

Cancer is the sign of emotion, so you can benefit from strong emotional connections, both your own connection to your emotional self and the emotional connection you have with others. You can be incredibly nurturing and supportive of those you care about, especially family (even when they don’t deserve it!). Having a solid connection to your emotions can help you develop a strong intuition, and you can sense subtle energies, past experiences, and karmic baggage emotionally. Where you may focus your emotions most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Leo

Leo rules the heart, so you can benefit from connecting to your heart and expressing love and affection. Be warm, be caring, be giving, be kind. Creative energy can be strong, and expressing yourself creatively can help you feel stable and secure. You can turn up your inner light and shine that light on others to help them with their own path. You may have to work on being more self-aware, and this can keep you on the right path. Where you may focus love and creativity most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Virgo

Virgo is an analytical sign, so you can benefit from a reasoned, practical approach to whatever you do. You can implement order and structure, and this can help you do more. You can be a good worker, and can get others to work better with or for you. Tending to health and healing can be important for you, and you can help others to heal as well with the knowledge and experience you gain. You can uncover information that others may overlook with an uncanny eye for the details. Where you may focus on being practical, ordered, work hard, and heal may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Libra

Libra is the sign of relationships, so you can benefit from connecting with others. You may feel that the people in your life offer you the greatest opportunities and rewards, and you may want to help others. You can be an excellent diplomat, keeping everyone on the same page and helping them come together in the world. You can keep the peace, maintain justice, and size people up quickly. You can understand how best to get people to take action. Where you may focus on connecting, compromising, and keeping the peace may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, so you may benefit from transforming and evolving. You can learn important lessons from transformations, from defeats and failures, and you can rise in more powerful ways. You can make it through many ordeals and come out stronger. You can make good use of the power available to you, and work to help others find their own power. You can work on developing a strong spiritual connection. Where you may focus on transforming and using power may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Sagittarius

Sagittarius rules beliefs, so you may benefit from forging a strong connection to your beliefs and living according to them. If you live in hypocrisy, this can be exposed and keep you down. Live in your truth, and others will look up to you. You may be a natural teacher, and the experiences you have and wisdom you gain can be passed on to others that can benefit from it. Have confidence without ego and this can take you far. Where you may focus on living your truth and sharing your knowledge most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Capricorn

Capricorn governs goals, so you can strive to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and ultimately achieve them (though it may come after a long time of hard work and determination). This sign is also ruler of responsibility, and you may be someone who has to take on many responsibilities of others. You can do so of your own free will though, and understand that you can handle what others can’t. This can lead to rewards down the road, and you can show others the right way to do things. Where you may focus on goals and responsibilities most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Aquarius

Aquarius is the rebel, so you may benefit from pursuing the unconventional route. You can be true to yourself, and encourage others to do the same. You can embrace your independence, and may operate best when you’re free to be independent and innovative. You can pursue changes that benefit you, and you can show others how to push outside of tradition to something new and different. You can care a lot for the world and everything in it, and can be a champion. Where you may focus on being unconventional, independent, and a champion most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.

Selena in Pisces

Pisces is a highly intuitive sign, so you may benefit most when you forge a strong connection to your intuition. You may unconsciously tap into the subtle energies all around you, and can be guided without conscious awareness. Your compassion can run high, and you can help others who truly need your need, even when others won’t. You can also be very artistic and creative with an active imagination, and can use this as an outlet, a profession, or a way of helping others. Where you may focus on using intuition, being compassionate, and being creative most may be directed at the areas of life ruled by the house your White Moon Selena falls in.


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