Unaspected Planets

Opinions differ over the interpretation of unaspected planets. It is best to learn from experience, but the following guidelines are useful. First, the planet may be difficult to express. The principle it represents may be badly integrated with the rest of the personality and may even be neglected. In complete contrast, the lack of aspects may mean that the planet is unrestrained by other planets and therefore assumes an exaggerated importance.

An unaspected planet is generally one not forming at least one of the five major aspects (see Aspects) to any other planet in the birthchart. It used to be thought that unaspected planets were somehow weakened. Today, however, Astrologers recognize that the potential of an unaspected planet is enormously enhanced, but it always lies in some degree beyond your control and is thus in need of especially careful handling.

With the potential for both a constructive and less constructive expression, unaspected planets work very strongly most of the time, then by turns don’t function at all.

Unaspected Sun

When the Sun is unaspected in your horoscope, much of your time is spent discovering who you are. You seem confident and creative, but inside feel lost, uncertain and alone. Women can have big trouble with the men in their lives, beginning with the influence of their father, or whoever played this paternal role for them. You need to balance strength with receptivity in any potential partner and until then veer between the two, choosing stronger people one minute and weaker ones the next. Men can have issues finding out what it means to be a man, while again relationships are the most probable battleground.

Unaspected Moon

If the Moon is unaspected in your birthchart, then your feelings are strong and need acknowledgement. However, this powerful expression coexists with a colder and more calculating approach, because the Moon represents your emotions and in an unaspected state, these either forcefully demand an outlet or by turns, seem not to be there at all. Similarly, while in full flood the majority of the time, your emotional responses veer from wholesome and constructive, through to more unhelpful and even quite damaging on other occasions.

A difficult experience of your maternal figure, also ruled by the Moon, is typical and leads to issues surrounding domesticity and family life, two further connotations. Relationships with women, especially for men and often from a romantic angle too can prove fraught, while both sexes experience concerns around femininity and in coming to accept their own loving and nurturing feelings.

Unaspected Mercury

Mercury rules your mind and your logical thought processes, leading hopefully to intelligence, great communication skills and to a talent for putting your thoughts across, especially in speech or in writing. When this planet is unaspected, these abilities certainly are present, but the opportunity to use them constructively is prone to fluctuate and often when you least expect it.

Sometimes you seem brilliant while at other times largely inarticulate, and while you stun everybody with your devastating logic on a good day, on a bad one people have a job to figure out whatever made you do the things you did. Better than average brainpower is not always a blessing and can lead to loneliness and isolation, especially at school and when growing up with people your own age. Sometimes, you won’t stop talking while at other times you don’t say anything at all. Nervousness and anxiety are never that far away.

Unaspected Venus

Venus is the planet of love, so issues covering the whole range of relationship interaction are almost inevitable. But currently, Venus is the Planet of Taurus and of Libra and as such connects with both material security and affection, plus your feelings about the two. Having an unaspected Venus might mean you’re madly in love one minute and then couldn’t care less the next. You cultivate situations for years and can destroy them on an impulse, a similar approach is demonstrated when it comes to the reinforcing structures and safety nets that surround you.

Venus promotes harmony and hence you hate discord, arguments, rows and confrontations, yet regularly seem to have to deal with more than your fair share of these. This placing benefits particularly from the passing years and from learning through your mistakes though.

Unaspected Mars

With an unaspected Mars you’d expect your energy levels to fluctuate, but mainly they are high for much of the time. Positively you are assertive and energetic, so you could do well in the business world for example, where your ambitious and competitive nature finds a constructive and lucrative outlet. Otherwise you might enjoy sports, or relish some other physical activity and you will always respect hard work. Less favourably an unaspected Mars definitely will on occasion bring out the downside of this planet, with traits like impulsiveness, rudeness and aggression: something you’ll need to guard against. You have lots of drive, but can lack patience, diplomacy and tolerance in stating your view of the law.

Unaspected Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, so wherever you find it in your horoscope you can expect much more of whatever it is highlighting. The downside of Jupiter involves going to extremes, overeating, overdrinking, overspending, taking too much for granted and not thinking about the consequences. When Jupiter is unaspected, it is freer and more likely than usual to act without a framework or any constraint, resulting in enormous personal appetites of all descriptions, a disregard for risk and a complete lack of any realistic clue around knowing when to stop.

On a more constructive level, your optimism is admirable, you want to learn about the world, are keen to encounter other people from different walks of life and are probably very popular. Mostly, you are buoyant, exuberant and tolerant, yet at times feel strangely dejected as your confidence and enthusiasm evaporate.

Unaspected Saturn

Among other things, Saturn denotes structure and discipline, so when it operates outside the moderating control of more easygoing influences, it is not hard for matters to get out of hand. When Saturn is unaspected, your methodical and organised outlook comes and goes, sometimes in the form of a rigid, severe and highly disciplined approach, or during other moments through involuntary constraints on your personal behaviour such as anxieties, phobias and deeply conditioned responses.

Meanwhile, on the outside you seem calm and in control, although you feel very different inside. Saturn causes you to be pedantic and nit-picking over the smallest issues, but then when it comes to larger things you can be very cavalier indeed. You look like you don’t need anybody’s help but will seek advice of those you feel you can respect, appear as if you’re listening and then completely disregard whatever they had to say.

Unaspected Uranus

Uranus is the planet linked with individuality, so when it’s unaspected in your horoscope, the desire to be your own person is a strong feature. This makes you unusual, possibly eccentric and always ready to plough a different furrow from everybody else. Sometimes Uranus works more quietly than you might expect, because it’s your own judgment and opinion that matters to you, not a big show and what everybody else thinks after all.

This isn’t to say that other people don’t figure on your radar, because Uranus governs groups and the collective too. The needs of society or the parts of it you think are important will always feature for you, while this planet’s unaspected expression shows that sometimes you’re focused on your personal needs completely, while at other times almost exclusively on outside expectations. Usually you courageously pursue your own direction without doubt, then fitting in is all you’re wanting to do.

Pallas Aspects to Neptune

Neptune unaspected in your horoscope accentuates and amplifies this planet’s familiar traits, although remember that this can both be in a positive way and in a less favourable one as well. Constructive features include intuition, a sense of idealism and vision, compassion, a spiritual orientation and a creative inclination. you realise that people are only human and so long as everyone is ready and willing to give of their best, you are better off showing forgiveness, rather than acting judgmentally.

The downside of Neptune can mean a lack of clarity, a tendency towards over-compromise, personal confusion, disorganisation and deception, while by turns when it seems that this planet is not working at all, you appear excessively practical and over-concerned with trivia. At times like these, you might forget human frailty and its shades of grey, thinking life instead remains to be viewed in terms of some stark choices between black and white.

Unaspected Pluto

Pluto relates to power, to sex and to control issues, so when this planet is unaspected there will be strong links one way or another to all of these. Although not bad in themselves, you’ll always need to remember the rights of others and to be aware that they have their own issues and concerns as well. Of course the flip side of power is powerlessness, so you enjoy a good battle and definitely respect a stronger will. You can be surprisingly amenable with those you admire or perhaps more accurately, fear.

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