Key to the Subconscious Mind

Neptune governs the individual’s imagination, aesthetic sense, and intuitive abilities. It influences the way in which one creates mental images and engages in artistic and intuitive processes. Individuals with a strong Neptune influence may possess a highly developed imagination, capable of drawing inspiration seemingly out of thin air.

Neptune Positions

Neptune, often associated with both deception and spiritual enlightenment, holds sway over society’s marginalized and abandoned individuals, the outliers and misfits. On a loftier plane, Neptune governs visionaries, those exuding glamour and charisma, and embodies spiritual ideals and mysticism. Personally, Neptune’s placement in your astrological chart, along with its aspects to other planets, delineates your spiritual inclinations, abstract thinking patterns, encounters with illusion and disillusionment, and areas of life where reality may not align with appearances.

Neptune’s domain extends to themes of derangement, guilt, persecution, and potential experiences involving confinement, abandonment, and addiction, including susceptibility to substance abuse. In mythology, Neptune, known as Poseidon to the ancient Greeks, was the son of Saturn and brother to Jupiter and Pluto. He reigned as the god of the sea and horses, symbolizing power over maritime realms and equine domains. Despite Neptune’s mythological masculinity, some modern astrologers attribute a feminine influence to the planet, possibly due to its association as an octave of Venus.

Neptune’s influence in society often introduces ambiguity, veiling reality and creating illusions that diverge from the truth. It excels in deception, acting as the master of disguise. Governing realms such as oil, liquids, solvents, and even makeup, Neptune typically operates beneath the surface, although it can rise to prominence during significant transits from the visible planets.

Recent events, such as the oil crisis and various natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and storms, highlight Neptune’s impact as it exacerbates or catalyzes these occurrences. As one of the outer transpersonal planets, Neptune spends approximately thirteen years in each astrological sign, completing its journey through all twelve signs over roughly 164 years. Given the significant gap between individuals born during its transit of a particular sign and those born during its return, Neptune’s influence is often considered generational or historical in nature.

Neptune in Aries

Your imagination is infused with fervor and a sense of urgency, which lends you an impressive presence. You may embody a religious fervor, driven to proselytize and advocate for peace, albeit in a manner that can paradoxically incite conflict in a religious context. Your inspiration and drive are evident, fueled by fiery energy and an active disposition. Fearlessly, you initiate endeavors that are sparked by your vivid imagination.

On the downside, you may find yourself deceived in matters that captivate your excitement and passion. Nonetheless, you possess the potential to transcend personal barriers and achieve remarkable feats beyond the ordinary.

Neptune in Taurus

Your dreams are imbued with refinement, particularly concerning possessions, possibly focusing on clothing and food. You may exhibit a passive demeanor initially, but once motivated, you become deeply entrenched in your fantasies, particularly in matters of romance, exhibiting traits of fixed determination. Clarity regarding personal property may elude you, yet your fantasy life maintains a practical grounding, influenced by an earthy sensibility.

Despite challenges related to personal finances, you possess the ability to surmount obstacles and extend beyond conventional boundaries, achieving remarkable success.

Neptune in Gemini

You exhibit a versatile and adaptable approach, particularly in realms involving communication, education, and childcare. There’s a tendency to idealize these domains, envisioning yourself as a skilled communicator or educator. However, your fervent idealism might lead to occasional deception in these areas, as you are deeply impassioned by your ideals and dreams.

Your inherent belief in the fundamental goodness of others fosters harmonious relationships, allowing you to connect well with people. In the realms of thought and communication, you possess the potential to surpass conventional boundaries, achieving remarkable success.

Neptune in Cancer

You possess a natural inclination to refine and protect matters pertaining to the home and your foundational aspects, encompassing family, community, and personal development. Your imagination and dreams are deeply intertwined with concepts of home, belonging, and personal growth. Caring for your roots and family heritage likely stirs your emotions and fosters a protective instinct.

However, there’s a risk of becoming deluded by these beliefs if emotional control is not maintained. Nonetheless, you have the potential to break down and dissolve unwanted early experiences, family traditions, and ethnic origins, transcending conventional expectations. This ability stems from your powerful imagination and emotional depth, enabling you to create new experiences and forge your own path.

Neptune in Leo

You possess the ability to craft captivating and imaginative realms, whether in the realms of fashion, film, theater, or entertainment at large. Your creative endeavors may have a mesmerizing effect on others, drawing them into your vivid dreams and imaginative worlds. Your influence is inspirational, infused with a magical quality that enchants those around you.

Furthermore, your loyalty to friends is unwavering, and you may even hold a belief in the power of universal love, fostering deep connections and bonds with others.

Neptune in Virgo

You possess idealistic tendencies when it comes to matters of work, health, and nutrition. Your perspective on serving others and addressing their needs in these domains may be imbued with lofty ideals, and you likely exhibit a sensitivity towards the challenges people face in these areas. However, your idealism may sometimes cloud your perception of the practical realities involved in noble work, healing, and the benefits of proper nutrition.

Your approach is characterized by versatility and adaptability, yet you may also harbor a critical stance towards those who don’t share your views, albeit not necessarily expressing it directly to them. Balancing idealism and imagination with attention to detail can be a challenge, particularly as Neptune’s influence in this regard can lead to a tendency to focus on isolated details and imbue them with profound significance out of context.

Nonetheless, you possess the capacity to dissolve obstacles stemming from excessive criticism or an obsessive focus on details, ultimately finding success in these domains.

Neptune in Libra

Your demeanor tends to be diplomatic and harmonious, expressed in a refined manner in your interactions with others. You may find yourself dreaming about matters related to fashion, music, and the promotion of peace, embodying ideals of universal love and notions of freedom, justice, and equality.

Being involved in forging new, idealized relationships among others may also be a prominent aspect of your life, reflecting the cardinal influence. However, it’s worth noting that some individuals with similar placements may seek solace in substances like alcohol or drugs, particularly as a means of coping with interpersonal challenges or emotional issues.

Ultimately, by addressing and dissolving issues related to interpersonal problems, you have the potential to achieve remarkable results in fostering harmony and understanding among people.

Neptune in Scorpio

Individuals with placements like yours often find themselves drawn to matters of a secretive and profoundly deep nature with intense passion. This could manifest as a keen interest in mysticism, hypnosis, and sexuality, as well as a desire to explore religious or cultish organizations in search of profound truths about life and death.

You may also be intrigued by phenomena such as spirits, UFOs, vampires, and other mysterious and ambiguous subjects. However, it’s important to be cautious about blindly believing in things simply because they seem mystical or profound.

Internally, you may experience conflict between selfish tendencies or possessiveness and a more self-sacrificing nature. Finding a balance between these opposing forces and dissolving deep-seated issues into a sense of universal oneness could lead to greater refinement and personal growth.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Your approach to knowledge and philosophy involves refining and distilling ideas in a free and tolerant manner. You may find yourself drawn to mystical and uncertain aspects of knowledge, perhaps embracing beliefs without engaging critical thinking.

Your sensitivity to matters of freedom, especially in foreign contexts, and your tolerance towards others are notable traits. However, this tolerance might stem from overlooking certain details and becoming enamored with idealistic dreams of a better world.

Despite these challenges, you possess a powerful ability to overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful solutions. Through introspection and a balanced approach to beliefs, you can navigate these complexities and contribute positively to the world around you.

Neptune in Capricorn

In a prudent and reserved manner, you refine matters related to power, control, success, and fame. You dream of attaining power and wealth, yet you may find yourself somewhat confused about the path to success, potentially neglecting the necessary work and details.

Individuals with this placement often take an interest in glamorous industries or the helping professions. Despite occasional confusion, your vivid imagination enables you to turn even unconventional ideas into practical and profitable ventures, generating wealth in the process. With diligence and focus, you can harness your imaginative capabilities to achieve your aspirations effectively.

Neptune in Aquarius

You tend to dream of freedom and independence, harboring unconventional aspirations typical of Aquarius. However, you are undeterred by societal norms and restrictions. In fact, you can be fiercely idealistic and rebellious against anything or anyone that seeks to diminish freedom and independence.

Your loyalty extends not only to your beliefs but also to your friends, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to your ideals. While your eccentricity may set you apart from other generations, you attract associates who are equally unconventional, perhaps even artistic or musically inclined.

Your sensitivity and idealism, combined with a passionate nature, drive you to implement your aspirations. You break down conventions and overcome barriers in unique ways, often yielding unexpected results that challenge the status quo.

Neptune in Pisces

You refine matters related to religion, service, and selflessness in an impressionable and inspirational manner. Your aspiration is not just to serve others physically but also spiritually, aiming to transcend barriers and unite humanity as one. Your attitude may embody a saintly, self-sacrificing demeanor, driven by a desire for religious ecstasy.

However, in your quest for spiritual fulfillment, you should be cautious of being led astray by drugs and alcohol. Instead, you have the potential to refine these tendencies and channel them into avenues for helping others and achieving transcendence.

Neptune in 1st House

With Neptune close to the Ascendant, you may express yourself artistically and emanate a gentle, sensitive, and dreamy aura. Your sensitivity to your surroundings is acute, and others may perceive you differently based on their own projections. This chameleon-like quality in your appearance and mannerisms can intrigue and allure others, drawing them to you as they feel understood in your presence.

However, you may struggle with a lack of a strong sense of identity, feeling impressionable and absorbing the moods of those around you like a sponge. Your powerful imagination and easygoing demeanor may lead you to adopt a “what will be, will be” approach to life, sometimes escaping or feeling sorry for yourself when faced with problems. Despite these challenges, your peace-loving nature and subtle allure make you someone others are naturally drawn to.

Neptune in 2nd House

With Neptune in the second house, you may have a nuanced relationship with money and material possessions. While you may not attach too much value to money and prefer a non-materialistic philosophy, this attitude could lead to practical challenges and financial instability if taken to an extreme. It’s essential to seek financial advice and ground your ideas in reality to avoid potential pitfalls.

You might make money through artistic endeavors or intuitive hunches, but there’s a risk of being overly idealistic about financial matters. Daydreaming about wealth or having faith that money will come to you one day can be counterproductive if not balanced with practical considerations.

It’s crucial to have faith in your own self-worth and not undervalue yourself, as this could contribute to recurring money problems. When Neptune is well-placed in the second house, you may feel wealthy regardless of your material possessions, and this faith can attract abundance. However, if Neptune is challenged, you might overlook practical details and struggle to hold onto money.

While you may be generous, be cautious not to put yourself in situations where you’re taken advantage of financially, as this could lead to resentment. Striking a balance between idealism and practicality is key to managing your finances effectively and ensuring financial stability.

Neptune in 3rd House

With Neptune influencing your intellectual pursuits, you may find traditional academics challenging to engage with due to your preference for visual and holistic learning styles. You have a perceptive and dreamy nature, often lost in your own thoughts and imagination, which can sometimes cause you to overlook important details. Sticking to schedules and managing daily tasks can be difficult, leading to tardiness or missed appointments.

In communication, you have a natural ability to put others at ease and express yourself creatively and imaginatively. However, you may struggle with being too vague or ambiguous in your speech, leading to misunderstandings. Your charm and intuitive understanding of others can compensate for this, but it’s essential to strive for clarity in your communication to avoid confusion.

In learning environments, you may face challenges due to a lack of discipline or difficulty in staying focused on less creative or engaging subjects. Finding ways to incorporate your imaginative and visual learning preferences into your studies can help you overcome these challenges and excel in your intellectual pursuits.

Neptune in 4th House

Your childhood experiences were likely complex and influenced by a sensitive, absent, preoccupied, or confusing parental figure, leading to a lack of groundedness and identity. Home life may have been chaotic, leaving you yearning for a stronger sense of home and nurturing. You may seek to create a sense of family with non-relatives or take on a nurturing role yourself, seeking unconditional love and validation. However, be mindful not to become a doormat, and set healthy boundaries. You may also find solace in solitude, sometimes isolating yourself to recharge. Strive to see your family realistically, avoiding idealization or exaggerated difficulties, and aim for balanced perceptions.

Neptune in 5th House

You possess a vivid imagination and a flair for drama, making you well-suited for creative pursuits like acting or teaching. You crave appreciation, especially in romantic and creative endeavors, often leading to fantasy-driven perceptions in your love life. Your relationships may involve unusual or chaotic circumstances, particularly if you feel spiritually unfulfilled. You might be drawn to partners who seem in need of saving, but this can result in relationships with confusion or emotional dependence. Balancing your idealism with realistic expectations will be key for fulfilling relationships.

Neptune in 6th House

With Neptune in the sixth house, you may tend to overlook the details of daily tasks and responsibilities, preferring to focus on the bigger picture. However, neglecting these practical matters can lead to confusion and guilt. You may have a tendency to be overly accommodating to others at work, sometimes to your own detriment. Setting boundaries and asserting yourself can be challenging but important for maintaining balance. You may also struggle with health issues that are difficult to diagnose or related to sensitivity to medications or allergies. Alternative health methods and a compassionate approach to caring for animals may resonate with you.

Neptune in 7th House

With Neptune in the seventh house, you may have a tendency to idealize your partners and relationships, seeking a soulmate connection and wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to selecting a partner. Your perceptions in relationships may not always be accurate, as you are strongly drawn to finding a psychic or intuitive connection with your partner. However, this can lead to confusion and disappointment when reality doesn’t match your romantic ideals. You may be attracted to relationships where you feel a need to save or be saved, but this can result in partnerships that are noncommittal, confusing, or overly dependent.

It’s important for you to step back and see your partners and relationships for what they truly are, rather than what you wish them to be. Developing discipline, discrimination, and clear communication in relationships is key to avoiding misunderstandings and fostering healthy connections. While you may be accommodating and creative in negotiations, it’s essential to maintain your own power and boundaries. Ultimately, you have the ability to bring out the best in your partner if they are appreciative and willing to grow together.

Neptune in 8th House

With Neptune in the eighth house, there is a deep spiritual longing and a heightened sensitivity to psychic phenomena. You may experience deja vus or other intuitive experiences, and you pay close attention to your dreams, finding meaning in their symbolism. Sexual fantasies and role-playing may be significant themes in your life, and you yearn for a soulful, spiritual connection on a sexual level.

In relationships, you may feel a sense of imbalance, either giving more than you receive or seeking partners who are exceptionally giving sexually. This can lead to disappointment or confusion, as your idealized expectations may not match reality. It’s important to be discerning when choosing sexual partners, as there may be a tendency to overlook flaws or deceive yourself about their true nature.

Financially, there may be challenges related to shared finances or investments. You may be overly trusting or generous, leaving yourself vulnerable to deception or fraud. It’s important to take responsibility for your finances and establish clear boundaries in partnerships to avoid being taken advantage of.

Despite these challenges, you possess a strong creative and imaginative energy, particularly in matters of sexuality. You are accepting and understanding of diverse preferences and styles, and you have the ability to explore and express your desires in unique and fulfilling ways.

Neptune in 9th House

With Neptune in the ninth house, you possess an extraordinary faith in the universe and believe that anything is possible. This faith can be a source of inspiration and motivation, but it’s important to balance it with practicality and discipline. You may have a tendency to overlook important details or neglect practical responsibilities in favor of pursuing lofty ideals.

Your spiritual beliefs are well-developed, and you are open to exploring unconventional or avant-garde concepts. However, you may sometimes be led astray by ideas or beliefs that are not grounded in reality. It’s important to maintain a sense of discernment and critical thinking when exploring new philosophies or spiritual practices.

In matters of education, you may encounter some confusion or chaos, but with discipline and focus, you can achieve success in your studies. You may excel in promotion and marketing, as you have a creative approach to persuasion and communication. Teaching or sharing your knowledge in a compassionate and creative way may also be fulfilling for you.

Overall, strive to keep your larger plans and goals realistic while maintaining your ideals and spiritual beliefs. With a balanced approach, you can harness the power of your faith to manifest positive outcomes in your life.

Neptune in 10th House

With Neptune in the tenth house, you possess exceptionally strong intuition when it comes to understanding current trends, business opportunities, and the desires of the public. Your career path is likely to be infused with creativity, vision, and an artistic sense. This position is favorable for careers in the arts, media, helping professions, and charity work.

However, if Neptune is challenged in this placement, you may struggle to find a clear direction or sense of purpose in your career. You might fear committing to a specific profession out of concern that it won’t live up to your idealized expectations, or because of a fear of failure. It’s important to examine whether your expectations are realistic and to address any underlying fears or insecurities.

Confusing or chaotic messages in your childhood or from a parental figure may contribute to a lack of clarity or confidence in your career path. You might also face challenges in receiving recognition for your work or achievements, as others may take credit for your ideas or you may struggle to assert yourself. It’s essential to believe in yourself and your abilities, and to ensure that you are not undervaluing your worth.

Additionally, you may prefer to maintain a low profile or remain anonymous in your career endeavors. However, it’s important not to allow others to misperceive you or your capabilities. Strive to project yourself clearly and assertively, even if it feels uncomfortable at times. By embracing your talents and asserting yourself confidently, you can overcome challenges and achieve success in your career.

Neptune in 11th House

With Neptune in the eleventh house, you hold accepting, humanitarian, and idealistic views. Your idealism extends to your friendships, where you demonstrate adaptability and flexibility. However, there’s a risk of being overly accommodating, which may leave you vulnerable to deception or manipulation by others. Setting boundaries in friendships can be challenging for you, as you prioritize maintaining harmony at the expense of your own well-being.

You may struggle to identify your deepest wishes and desires, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction even after achieving your goals. Your idealistic expectations in friendships and group associations may leave you feeling let down or disillusioned when reality falls short. Despite this, you are drawn to artistic, sensitive, and unconventional individuals, and you have a strong empathy for those who are marginalized or overlooked.

To avoid feeling used or taken advantage of, it’s important for you to establish clear boundaries and communicate your needs openly with others. By maintaining clarity and honesty in your relationships, you can create more fulfilling connections and avoid confusion or chaos in your social interactions.

Neptune in 12th House

With Neptune in the twelfth house, you possess exceptional intuition and inner strength, although this may not always be apparent due to your easygoing and possibly timid demeanor. Despite your sensitivity, you may struggle to express your compassion directly, leading to feelings of guilt or vulnerability. Ignoring your spiritual nature can result in chronic discontent and difficulty coping with life’s changes.

However, your faith runs deep, and you have a reservoir of inner strength that surfaces when needed most. It’s essential to believe in yourself and confront challenges rather than resorting to escapist behavior. Some individuals with this placement may only fully embrace their spiritual inclinations later in life, or they may struggle to express them until they have developed a stronger sense of identity. Embracing your intuition and faith can lead to greater resilience and fulfillment in life.


Aspects between Neptune and other planets, whether harmonious or stressful, tend to amplify the imagination. However, stressful aspects can bring out the more negative manifestations of Neptune’s influence. Individuals with these aspects should be cautious of substance abuse and be wary of falling for manipulative tactics, as they may be easily swayed by sob stories.

In relationships, there may be a tendency to attract or be attracted to individuals who are irresponsible or prone to playing the victim role. This dynamic can lead to a pattern of either trying to rescue others or repeatedly finding oneself in situations where help is needed. This “Savior-Savee” syndrome can be draining and ultimately detrimental to one’s well-being.

Engaging in charitable activities can be beneficial for individuals with Neptune aspects, as it aligns with Neptune’s desire for selflessness and compassion. By channeling Neptune’s energy into positive outlets, such as helping those in need, individuals can find fulfillment and balance in their lives.


When the Moon is aspected by Neptune, there is a heightened need for imagination and escapism in emotional expression. Excessive daydreaming can be a risk, but it can also fuel creativity and innovation. It’s important to seek out opportunities that allow for the use of your imagination, and if that’s not possible, taking frequent breaks to indulge in creative activities can help.

Harmonious aspects between the Moon and Neptune may lead to others frequently offering assistance or doing things for you. While this can be beneficial, it’s important not to become overly reliant on others and to maintain a sense of independence.

Stressful aspects between the Moon and Neptune can manifest in attracting individuals, particularly women, who may be emotionally draining or spacey. This dynamic can start with the mother figure, who may have been preoccupied with her own fantasies and neglectful of emotional nurturing. It’s crucial to set boundaries and avoid getting entangled in relationships where you feel emotionally drained or obligated to “save” others.


With both stressful and harmonious aspects between Neptune and Mercury, there is a strong influence on the imagination and memory. The stressful aspects can lead to unusual memory patterns, such as recalling things that are typically forgotten while forgetting more mundane details that are usually remembered. This can result in a memory that seems to selectively retain certain information while overlooking others, creating a unique cognitive experience.


Both favorable and challenging aspects between Venus and Neptune can lead individuals to perceive romantic situations through a lens of personal desires and ideals. Particularly with stressful aspects, there’s a risk of quickly idealizing partners as potential soulmates, only to move on to a new infatuation shortly thereafter. This pattern stems from an unrealistic expectation of finding a perfect love that aligns precisely with their ideals. Consequently, individuals with Venus-Neptune connections may often seek solace in self-pleasure.


The conjunction of Neptune and the Sun can indeed enhance charisma, as seen in historical figures like Napoleon and Bill Clinton. This aspect can make people naturally gravitate towards you, even if they can’t articulate why. However, the square and opposition aspects may introduce challenges, leading to a sense of drifting or being pulled in unexpected directions, akin to the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Despite these challenges, Neptune’s influence can still imbue a sense of magnetism and allure.


Jupiter is cheerful and expands whatever it touches. Neptune is dreamy, idealistic, and other-worldly. The harmonious aspect tends to make you idealistic, and the things you imagine seem to have practical application more often than not. The stressful aspects increase the chance that you will be just plain gullible. Keep in mind that reality is defined by existence, not merely by imagination. Take a course in logic.


The combination of Saturn and Neptune can indeed create a complex interplay between pessimism and illusion. Stressful aspects between these two planets, such as the conjunction, square, or opposition, may amplify tendencies towards expecting the worst and harboring unrealistic fears. However, it’s important to note that the majority of worries may never materialize, and those that do often appear exaggerated.

On the positive side, Saturn/Neptune aspects can enhance the ability to turn dreams into tangible realities through persistent effort and practical application. Despite the challenges, these aspects can foster a resilient mindset and a capacity to navigate between the realms of dreams and reality.


Indeed, aspects between Saturn and Neptune can have a profound impact on entire generations, shaping their collective ideals, dreams, and illusions. When combined with Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, the influence becomes even more pronounced. Uranus’s emphasis on freedom and independence aligns with the idealistic and imaginative qualities of Neptune, often leading to a generation characterized by a strong desire for change and innovation.

This combination can inspire movements for social progress, challenge traditional norms, and foster a spirit of rebellion against established structures. While it may bring about positive changes and advancements, it can also lead to disruptions, instability, and unexpected outcomes as the generation navigates the tension between idealism and reality.


The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune can indeed imbue an individual with a dreamy and ethereal aura, often leading others to perceive them as having a Piscean quality, regardless of their Sun sign. This aspect may manifest as a tendency to drift between different directions, struggling to find stability or concrete footing in life.

Given Neptune’s association with escapism and Saturn’s influence on boundaries and limitations, indulging in alcohol or drugs may have particularly adverse effects on individuals with this aspect. Instead of seeking refuge in substances, channeling the imaginative power of Neptune in constructive ways can offer a healthier outlet for navigating the challenges of reality.


The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune can indeed introduce twists and turns in one’s career path, often leading to unexpected changes or shifts in direction. Individuals with this aspect may find themselves drawn to professions that involve creativity, imagination, and a sense of compassion for others. Careers in the arts, particularly film, dance, and music, are often favored, as are roles that involve caring for the less fortunate, such as medicine or social work. Additionally, occupations related to the sea or marine environments may hold a strong appeal.

However, the influence of Neptune can also bring about confusion or uncertainty regarding career choices, leading individuals to struggle with finding a suitable path or feeling unfulfilled in their chosen profession. Moreover, parental figures may exhibit characteristics ranging from idealism and artistic talent to irresponsibility or struggles with substance abuse, which can further shape one’s career aspirations and experiences.

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