Key to the Need for Regeneration

Pluto indicates the manner in which fundamental and irrevocable changes come into the individual’s life.

Pluto, the lord of the underworld, symbolises the forces of deep transformation in our lives. A slow-moving outer planet discovered in 1930, Pluto’s influence is in general most clearly noticeable as it distinguishes one generation from the next. In our personal lives, Pluto’s significance is found in its house position and the aspects it makes to other planets in the chart. The psychological process is one of being faced with obstruction, struggling to overcome it and being transformed in the process, leading to a regeneration of the area affected by house, aspect and sign. Pluto rules intense energy, signifying the areas in which we consciously or subconsciously seek to exercise power or control. Linked to our karmic responsibility, Pluto also indicates those areas where we need to gain the deepest level of understanding. Transits of Pluto, especially to the Lights can last for three years or more and are exceedingly potent, signifying massive, long-term changes in life. Many modern astrologers consider Pluto the planetary ruler of Scorpio, but that is controversial and disputed. The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars. My own view is that Pluto may be considered a co-ruler of Scorpio, but definitely a secondary influence to Mars with regard to the Scorpion.

Located in the heart of the Kuiper belt and until recently the outermost known planet in our system, Pluto completes his journey through all twelve signs in around 248 years. Pluto has now been shown to be effectively a double planet, for the diameter of its “moon”, Charon (discovered 1978), is greater than half Pluto’s diameter; by comparison, our own Moon has slightly more than one quarter of the Earth’s diameter. Interestingly, in June 2006 the Hubble telescope seems to have distinguished two more tiny moons, entitled Nix (mother of Charon) and Hydra (a many-headed, poisonous monster dispatched by Hercules). Pluto may also have rings, like Saturn, though on a much smaller scale. [This information was first released by NASA at the 2005 New Moon in Scorpio, just after Jupiter entered Scorpio, giving ammunition to those who hold that Pluto has a Scorpio orientation.]

The period Pluto spends in each sign can vary from twelve years to thirty-two years, due to the eccentricity of his orbit. Pluto, marker of generations, entered Capricorn on January 26th, 2008, after spending some thirteen years in Sagittarius. A retrograde phase began on April 2nd, and on June 14th, Pluto revisited Sagittarius to tidy up matters from the past that had not yet been resolved. This phase lasted until November 28, 2008, when Pluto returned to Capricorn for a long stay before moving to Aquarius in January 2024.

Pluto in Aries

You transform in an energetic and urgent way your basic beingness. You probe into the deepest levels of your existence and forcibly assert your independence, for yourself or your group. You may try to get rid of past identities (fire) and how others might see and treat you. You can relinquish past identities and create a new life with new beginnings.

Pluto in Taurus

You seek to transform in an enduring and possessive way in matters related to personal wealth, You make changes slowly (Pluto in detriment, fixed unchanging sign) in a controlled way in increasing your wealth. You are a materialist (earth) and tend to ignore or be unaware (resistance to change) of forces that are acting below the surface (Pluto) which may make radical transformations. People under this sign might have strong sex impulses.

Pluto in Gemini

You delve below the surface in a versatile and variable manner in matters dealing with communication, thinking, ideas and relationships (air). You are interested in hidden matters (secrets of life and death) which you might seek to communicate in a versatile and variable manner (mutable), perhaps in books, or whatever form is appropriate in your time (22nd Century)

Pluto in Cancer

You transform in an instinctive and protective manner matters related to the “home”. You reach out into the world (or into the depths of the mind) (cardinal) in order to protect those things which are important to you as your roots, country, ethnic group, where there may be radical drastic changes. You do this in a sensitive, emotional, sympathetic way (water), which is nonetheless transforming. 

Pluto in Leo

You transform in an impressive and creative way in matters related to pleasure, children (eternal), romance and entertainment. You tend to hang onto your childhood and youth (fixed). And you are enthusiastic and optimistic (fire) about life. You may speculate or gamble, risking everything to preserve your individuality, against impressive and oppressive power. 

Pluto in Virgo

You delve into deep hidden matters in an analytical and critical manner. You seek self mastery through work, health and service. You are variable and versatile and are concerned with information (mutable sign), and you may be obsessive about these things. You are practical, use common sense and enjoy visual pleasures, art, etc. (earth). You are likely to be influenced by external matters or other people or groups (passive), or by deep desires. 

Pluto in Libra

You transform in a diplomatic and harmonious way, matters related to relationships with others and partners. You may be obsessed with fairness and justice as it relates to others and to marriage partners. Relationships must be perfect or they are nothing. (extremes). You deal with these matters intellectually and through communication (air). You are motivated by your values (Libra) and while you are normally diplomatic, there may be explosions of anger (Pluto) at what you consider unfair. 

Pluto in Scorpio

You delve deep into the hidden secrets in an intense and secretive manner, in relation to sex, the mind, occult studies and death. There may be obsession in areas concerning genetic engineering, creating (and destroying) life, and cloning. You may be interested in occult studies. In various kinds of research (not only science), discoveries made during this period may not be made public (secret)

Pluto in Sagittarius

You transform in a free and tolerant manner matters related to higher education and philosophy, and in your vision of the future and your ideals. There may be significant changes in higher education in this time. There may also be transformations in your attitudes to freedom and tolerance. There may be greater long distance travel during this period to foreign places, perhaps even in space. This generation are obsessed with foreign travel, and about life on other planets. 

Pluto in Capricorn

You transform in a prudent and reserved manner in areas related to power, business and careers. This generation may be against authority and wish to become independent of some authority (powerful country, convention, etc). You delve beneath the surface in matters related power over others and in a practical, common sense way seek to remove it (earth). You may move out into the world to make changes (cardinal) and you are motivated from the outside (passive), which might be social conventions. The transformation is resisted because of a tendency to cling onto the old and a tendency to carefully and prudently make changes, which tends to make them even more powerful when they break through. 

Pluto in Aquarius

You transform in an indifferent and unconventional way in matters related to friends and humanitarian matters. There are likely to be drastic changes in these areas: social, intellectual and relationships (air) between groups for this generation. These changes are likely to persist (fixed sign), and be intrinsically motivated (active). This could be a time of drastic social changes which could reach to the very depths of belief, and threaten the foundations of society.

Pluto in Pisces

You transform in an impressionable and inspirational way matters to do with transcendent beliefs, such as religion and spiritual matters, including universal love and sympathy. You delve into secret matters involving feeling and emotions, and deeply held secrets, perhaps by humanity, may rush to the surface, perhaps increasing psychic ability. In the search for (religious) ecstasy, and to escape the emotional pressures, there may be a danger of an increased use of pleasure-producing, psychic drugs in this generation.

Pluto in 1st House

You radiate intensity, and others’ first impressions of you tend to be strong, one way or the other. You might often intimidate others with your manner. You can be very protective of your privacy, yet you generate much intrigue and interest with your strong presence. You might struggle with fears of being overpowered, rejected, or minimized, yet few are able to guess that you could be anything less than confident. Your first instinct in new situations is gutsy and determined, defensive and intense. You rarely accept the obvious or the surface of matters — instead you look through situations in order to read any information on hidden levels. Strive to avoid getting your back up or viewing life as a battleground.

Pluto in 2nd House

When it comes to building your resources, your instincts are powerful. You might find it hard to let go of things, attaching much sentimental value to your possessions or holding on to them because you fear poverty or because you fear a feeling of helplessness and wanting. You might feel a powerful need for control over your money and possessions. You could be driven to make money. Others taking something from you without asking, even right in front of you, could be especially irritating to you. It’s not about being stingy–you simply have a strong sense of ownership and prefer that you are asked. You may experience some form of loss in your life in order to learn lessons of change, and that strength, worth, value, and wealth come from within. You are excellent at strategy and planning when it comes to finances, and you are able to spot a good deal or objects of value instinctively. Your advice on these matters can be invaluable to others.

Pluto in 3rd House

You rarely accept what you hear or what you read as truths. Your mind is very analytical and you instinctively search for hidden meanings. You can be exceptionally persuasive in the way you express yourself, whether through the spoken or written word, simply because you communicate with authority, conviction, strength, and decisiveness. You tend to learn through observation rather than by asking questions. In fact, you may be somewhat resistant to learning directly from others, preferring to be self-taught. You might fear the loss of self through self-expression, and thus you might choose your words carefully as to avoid letting others know too much about you.

Pluto in 4th House

Early experiences may have led you to feel self-protective or to be secretive about yourself. A parent might have been secretive or ashamed, for example, and this pattern is deeply ingrained in your psyche. You might feel a sense of guilt for where you came from, even if most of you feels proud of your roots. A parent might have encouraged you to look beyond the surface of matters, and might have encouraged in you a love for psychology. A parent might have been very protective of you and attempted to shield you from negative experiences, and you subsequently grew to fear change. Or, your early experiences might have included a shocking, intense, or scary event that lives within you. Alternatively, you might have absorbed the strong fears or obsessions of a parent.

Pluto in 5th House

You possess powerful creative impulses, and you might invest much energy and passion into the creative arts, romance, or child-rearing. You take much pride in, and invest much of your ego into, whatever it is you produce. Romance for you needs to be intense, passionate, and deeply intimate–nothing superficial or light attracts. You have an “all or nothing” attitude in love. If you are not “owning” this attitude, then you may be meeting Pluto energies through your lovers, and thus attracting intense, controlling, or passionate romantic partners. A deep-seated fear of loss or betrayal can be behind any jealous, obsessive, or controlling behaviour in fifth house areas, including romantic involvements, child-rearing, and creative endeavours. Your attitude towards play, entertainment, and recreation is also intense–rarely lighthearted. While you may yearn to throw your soul into your creative endeavours, fear might prevent you from doing so completely.

Pluto in 6th House

You are a hard worker and can be quite protective or private when it comes to your work output. You are excellent at analysis, but you can also easily become obsessed with finding an answer to problems, perhaps even finding problems that others overlook. You “come alive” when presented with a problem that requires research and analysis. Work can become an obsession for you, and you are able to work almost tirelessly. You might be private or insular when it comes to your work, and you might also feel overly attached to what you do even to the point of paranoia. Fear of criticism might run high when it comes to your work output. Directing your own work or working for yourself may be the best route for you to take, as you can easily resent others controlling your schedule and the work that you do. You are likely very interested in areas of health and self-improvement, as well as explorations of the mind-body connection, and you instinctively seek alternative therapies for healing. Some of you are excellent researchers in these areas.

Pluto in 7th House

With Pluto in the seventh house of the horoscope, power struggles in close personal relationships are themes. This can play out in a variety of ways. You might simultaneously fear and desire complete absorption in a close one-to-one relationship. You might find yourself both drawn to and resistant of close partnerships, fearing loss of control over your own life. You might be drawn to people who are intense, jealous, possessive, or obsessive, or possibly who you feel are powerful. On the other hand, your own resistance can bring out control issues in a partner, who fears the loss of you or your betrayal. In fact, you might bring out the “worst” in others by your relationship behavior — you tend to be the catalyst for others to discover their more primal instincts and fears. Never underestimate your role in this interplay, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are simply a victim. You also discover your own power through your relationships, and this may or may not be comfortable. How you deal with it determines outcomes. You might feel trapped in a difficult relationship, or have a hard time finding the deep connection that you crave. Obsession in your interactions with partners can be a big theme in your life. Watch that you don’t project your own urge for control onto your partner. Strive to come to terms with your own intense and deep-seated fear of losing someone you love and fear of betrayal, or you will meet these energies repeatedly in your closest relationships.

Pluto in 8th House

You have a natural attraction to all that is hidden, taboo, or “dark”. This fascination can lead you to experience more unusual events than others. A natural psychologist, you are expert at cutting through appearances and getting to the heart of matters. You are endlessly interested in motivations and sources. You may be especially interested in hypnosis, healing therapies, occult sciences, as well as great mysteries and the darker side of life. Sexual relationships are very intense and perhaps complicated. You are both fascinated with and fearful of deep intimacy, and crave unusually deep, passionate, and intense experiences with others. This fascination can bring you intense experiences with others, and attraction to nontraditional sexual experiences, particularly those that involve domination and submission, control, and possession. If you are attracting controlling people into your experience and are uncomfortable with it, strive to examine and understand your own deep-seated fears regarding power and sharing issues. Some of you might engage in power struggles with money, particularly with a partner. Themes of control are quite possible with Pluto in the eighth house. You would likely be quite talented in the healing professions, especially helping others deal with crises and trauma.

Pluto in 9th House

You are extremely attached to your opinions and belief system. Due to this attachment, debates might easily turn into arguments if you are not careful. At your best, you are persuasive and intelligent with a probing and incisive mind. Your opinions are strong and well-researched. You are able to back up your arguments, and enjoy doing so! At your worst, you can be obsessed with “converting” others to your beliefs. You are suspicious of new ideas until you’ve given them deeper thought. You may have a disdain for blind followers of belief systems and for hypocrisy. You may be considered “deep” or “profound” and you are likely to come up with some unusual and unique ideas that impress others. Your sense of adventure runs deep and can lead you to unusual experiences. You are likely to make an involved, captivating, and inspiring teacher, speaker, or lecturer. While you may not share your ideas frivolously, when you do express yourself, you do so creatively and persuasively. Some of your most intense and life-changing experiences may come through travel or in connection with other cultures.

Pluto in 10th House

There is something very unique about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. Your ambition may be well-developed, or you pursue your goals with great focus and determination. You might have a strong interest in research, making improvements, understanding how things work, and transformation, and these are qualities that you use most notably in your career or in your dealings with the public. Some of you could have a parent who is/was quite driven, or work(ed) in healing or research professions. Your personal presence is strong, and you may find that you might inspire love-hate reactions as a result, particularly in your professional experiences. Nevertheless, you can be very persuasive when you choose to be. You have an especially strong sense of commitment and responsibility, but you are unafraid of going against the grain or bucking traditions if you feel they are outdated. Sometimes with this position, there are deep issues that need to be confronted revolving around the relationship with the father. Many of you are perfectionists and especially detail-oriented, particularly on a professional level. You tend to naturally take the lead, and you don’t always enjoy being in the position of subordinate.

Pluto in 11th House

You may have a deep aversion to groups, associations, clubs, or organizations of any kind. Any such group you become involved in is likely to be either for intense personal growth, change, and healing, or centered around social change and revising society in some manner. Circumstances impel you to change, ready or not. Sometimes you feel you must listen to a lot of other people’s dreams and follow them. It is important to weigh their urgings against the inner voice of your own desire. With Pluto in your 11th House, you may meet many of your power issues within the social sphere, particularly around special interest groups or when dealing with political processes. You’re not the women who enjoys sitting on the sidelines if you’re part of a group, especially if something could be done more effectively. If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. But once you’ve awakened to your own ideals, drives and directives, you can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself.

Pluto in 12th House

You have a deep interest in secrets, the underworld or unconscious, and anything hidden and mysterious. Psychoanalysis, investigating your dreams, and other methods of uncovering secrets are very interesting to you. You may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically. Your emotions and subconscious energies are complex, and periodic transformations and personal crises are sprinkled liberally throughout your lifetime. Death has played a large part in creating doubt about your abilities. Use private time to examine your present knowledge and skills, and you may find that confidence replaces doubt. You need the quiet moments to build your power. Since you have Pluto in your 12th House you may be tempted to repress your emotions, particularly those which have to do with those deep needs which spring from the shadowy side of yourself. You may even have problems with depression or addictive behaviours which create a kind of emotional trap until you learn to delve into the depths of your being and clean out the ghosts and dragons from your past which still haunt your dreams. Old resentments can also act like a potion which poisons your imagination and undermines your ability to trust your inner self. Once you’ve conquered your own demons, you may feel driven to help others confront their own, and can become an extremely effective healer.

Pluto Aspects

Pluto is the planet of extremes, all or nothing at all, the highest or the lowest and nothing in between. It’s effects on other planets is as follows:


Gives power, intensity. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) mean that others will have an instant reaction to you. They will like you or hate you on sight and will not be able to say why. It’s just a gut reaction that this combination brings about. All Pluto aspects to the Sun will give you good ability as a healer (doctor or psychotherapist). They also can make you a good detective. No planet better than Pluto when it comes to finding out secrets.


Tends towards sudden, extreme mood swings. I ought to know. Two of my ex-girl friends had the opposition. Women with the stressful aspects have to be careful of other women who will get jealous and turn on them, even after years of “friendship”. No, this does not mean that EVERY woman in your life will do this, but you will get more than your share of such incidents, much more. The mother will tend to be a strong-willed, no nonsense type. Again, in the horoscopes of women, the mother will tend to be jealous of you and act accordingly.


Pluto is power and Mercury communications. People with this aspect seem to communicate more forcefully than others. This quality increases the chances of success in sales. It is also a good aspect to have for a therapist as your words can heal. Be careful though. They also have a stronger than normal ability to wound. If you are a popular song writer, this aspect increases the chance that your words will be heard and sung by millions, even after your death. John Lennon has the square between Mercury and Pluto, and both were stressfully aspected with the Moon at his birth. The Moon adds feeling, emotion. Linda Ronstadt has Mercury and Pluto in conjunction and both opposite the Moon to give the same effect.


Stressful aspects of Pluto to Venus gives a tendency to lowered blood sugar (hypoglycemia). The other aspects that can do this are stressful ones from Venus to Saturn or Uranus. Doris Hebel first pointed this out in a 1976 lecture. With Pluto aspecting Venus, you don’t fall in love half way. It’s all or nothing. The highest or the lowest. I have seen several charts of prostitutes with this combination. No, this doesn’t mean that everyone who has this aspect will sell sex. It means that they have gone with the Pluto and rejected Venus. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, wants to be strong and in control. It loathes weakness. Venus is our ability to express our softer feelings as well as our capacity to experience pleasure and be happy. Go with the Pluto and you always want to be in control and dominate. You will do something nasty to those you love every time they make you happy because happiness is experienced as vulnerability. Of course, if you choose this route, you will never be happy. The other way is keep everything charming and in good taste, rejecting the volcanic emotions underneath. In that case, you will also tend to be attracted to seedy low-life types and hate yourself for it. And, of course, you will never experience passion.


Those with the stressful aspects don’t fight half way. The effect is similar to having Mars in the sign of Scorpio. In any fight, their motto is “Win at any cost”. These people would probably do well in any profession that requires eliminating or destroying something. And, of course, they have to be careful of their temper, which tends to be on the volcanic side.The stressful aspects give a tendency to destroy whatever they are working on before it is finished. I know a beautician with this combination who switched to doing cellulite removal and became successful. The harmonious aspects give the strength without the stress.


Jupiter is cheerful and expands whatever it touches. Neptune is dreamy, idealistic, and other-worldly. The harmonious aspect tends to make you idealistic, and the things you imagine seem to have practical application more often than not. The stressful aspects increase the chance that you will be just plain gullible. Remember, things are real when they exist, and not just because you imagine them. Take a course in logic.


Is a real drag to have when you’re a very young. It seems as if all the other kids in the neighbourhood can get away with mischief but you. You usually got caught and retribution was immediate.


Usually occurs during times of great social upheaval. The square came in the early 1930’s during the Great Depression. From 1965-67, with the Vietnam War raging, there was a conjunction between these two. Pluto adds power to the Uranus desire to do things differently. Pluto wants to destroy and eliminate. Uranus adds an urge to do it quickly. On the positive side, this combination makes it easier to adapt to rapid change and new technology, especially if either planet is also aspecting the Sun, Moon, or Mercury in your horoscope.


Will add plenty of zing to your imagination, especially if either one of these planets is also in aspect with your Moon.


The conjunction of Pluto with the Ascendant can give you the ability to scare a mugger away by giving them a dirty look. The trine or sextile give strength too, but much more smoothly. You will be aware of your power, but in better control of it than with the square. The square and opposition can cause your power to run away with you. You really have to learn moderation if you have these aspects. Relationships of all sorts will tend to become power struggles. Try to keep from using thermonuclear weapons during minor marital disputes.


If this is the closest aspect (harmonious or stressful makes no difference in this case) it will incline you towards any profession involving death or transformation, anything from medicine and psychotherapy, to working for a demolition company. Careers involving power are also favoured. Pluto wants to be the big boss. Venture capitalist (Pluto rules other people’s money) is also a possibility.

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